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59 Unique Wedding Ideas Your Guests Will Love

From wedding newspapers and table arches, to unique venues and world-wide traditions, these wedding ideas are guaranteed to make yours a day to remember

a groom wearing a light blue wedding suit twirls a bride around in front of three pink velvet arm chairs outdoors

When it comes to planning a wedding, there's not one couple out there who isn't looking for the best wedding ideas to incorporate into their day. But with so many  to choose from - how can you possibly know where to start? The key is to consider what kind of wedding theme you want, what your priorities are, and what you can do within your budget. 

Whether it's May wedding ideas you're after, or something for a festive celebration, there's one thing that almost all wedding planning couples have in common - they want their wedding day to be different and unique. But it's important to remember that some of the best ideas for wedding celebrations are actually the tried and tested classics. 

For us, planning a stellar wedding celebration is all about pairing the classic wedding ideas that everyone knows and loves, and combining them with unique wedding ideas no one else would have thought of. Having a bit of both will guarantee a wedding to remember, but most importantly, a wedding that represents you as a couple! 

Wedding Ideas: 59 Perfect Ideas for Wedding Celebrations Your Guests Will Remember

Now, ideas for weddings come along in their thousands, but one common denominator that we hear a lot about is personalisation. Adding personalised touches to your day that are unique to you and your partner can really set your wedding apart from the rest. 

Before you venture into our roundup of the best wedding ideas out there, here are some super easy wedding ideas for people to incorporate:

And if you're keen to add those personal touches, but aren't sure where to get inspiration from, here are a few things that make great starting points: 

  • How you met.
  • Your engagement story.
  • Places you've traveled together.
  • Your wedding party and family.
  • Your heritage and backgrounds.
  • Unique hobbies or things you love to do.
  • Your guests! 

Hungry for more? Here are our favourite ideas for weddings that you will definitely want to include at your special day!

1. Have Bespoke Wedding Invitations

a couple on their wedding day smiling and holding up a wedding invitation which has a personalised sketch of their venue

Your save the dates and wedding invitations are the first glimpses your guests will get of your plans. Start as you mean to go on and make your stationery unique. The most expensive way to do this is to go fully bespoke and work with a professional designer  - although you may have a talented family member or friend who's willing to design your stationery suite as your wedding gift.

Customisable wedding invitations are a more budget-friendly option. This involves making changes to a pre-existing design - switching up colours, for example. You could also commission an illustration of you or your venue, or a relationship timeline, that can be used on your invitations. If you're into design, you could of course go DIY with your wedding stationery, for the ultimate unique look!

2. Make Your Invitations 3D

 a collection of bright pink, red and white wedding stationery with pink heart sunglasses, a disco ball and flowers around it

Give your guests something to talk about by having a 3D element to your wedding invitations. This save the date set is not only colourful and eye-catching, but the 3D heart folds out to reveal details of the wedding. If your day is set to be full of surprises, an invitation set like this is perfect to set the tone for your guests. Such a cute wedding idea!

3. Write Personalised Notes to Your Guests

Sommy Echezona from M.Fiore Events explains how one of her couples added a super sweet touch to their day, "I love how more and more couples want to personalised their weddings to make them extra special for their guests as well as themselves.

"One of my wedding couples have decided to add personalised notes to the place setting for each guests, thanking them for coming and a small note about their time together. It will be such a nice read for each guest as they take their seat and to reminisce on old memories."

On a similar note, wedding planner Alice Wilkes had a similar gesture in mind for bride Pixie Lott. She explains, "With Pixie, we commissioned personalised poems for each guest. The English poet wrote the poems based on Pixie’s memories and stories of that person. A bespoke scent was also added. Guests were then able to take the poem home at the end of the celebrations.

"All the unique touches carried the theme of a quintessentially English wedding."

4. Choose a Meaningful Location

a bride and groom hold their daughter who wears a bright red dress as they have just tied the knot and leave theyr outdoor ceremony

Where you get married really sets the tone of your entire wedding, so we love the idea of choosing a location that is really meaningful to you and your partner. The team at Atelier Weddings add, "If you want a truly unique wedding, consider a destination wedding or unique location. 

"We'd recommend couples opt for a location that is meaningful to them, such as the place where they met or the place where they got engaged. It will be a memorable experience for everyone involved and the location can continue to be a special place for you and your partner, as well as everyone who attends the wedding!"

Discover lots of unique UK wedding venues here.

5. Embrace the Seasons

a bride wearing a gold leaf flower crown and a groom wearing a green velvet suit and bright button hole

We love the idea of embracing the season you are getting married in, and there are so many unique wedding ideas you can use that really add to the theme. Alice Wilkes shares some of her ideas, "I love when couples are up for embracing the seasons with personalised moments!

"At one wedding we created bespoke hand embroidered place settings inspired by the seasonal, floral centrepieces. These were then framed for the guests in an embroidery hoop as a memento of the special event, doubling up as a thoughtful wedding favour. For a Christmas themed wedding, we personalised crackers, each filled with the guest’s favourite tipple."

Speaking of Christmas and all things winter, the team at Atelier wedding explain how they used the winter season to inspire one of their favourite weddings, "The couple wanted to create a magical and enchanting atmosphere, and they did just that.

"The entire venue was transformed into a winter wonderland, complete with snowflake decorations, an ice sculpture, and even a snow machine for the couple's grand entrance. The guests were greeted with warm blankets and hot cocoa upon arrival, adding to the cosy and festive vibe.

"The wedding was a true winter fairy-tale, and it was amazing to see the couple's vision come to life."

We love the way this bride had an autumnal flower crown that perfectly represented the leafy backdrop at her wedding. 

6. Have Pictures at Dusk

a couple in a wedding dress and blue wedding suit kiss under an outdoor pergola at dusk

Anyone who's anyone will know the absolute magic that 'sunset hour' does to the lighting in your pictures - so we can't think of any better time to have your couples photoshoot than at dusk when the sun is about to start descending. 

The romantic shadows, golden hue and fading blue sky will make the perfect backdrop for what's arguably the most important photoshoot you'll ever have as a couple. 

7. Go Bold With Your Seating

a groom wearing a lght blue wedding suit twirls a bride around in front of three pink velvet arm chairs outdoors

Wedding chairs can be decorated and spruced up, of course, but if you want a really unique wedding idea, consider going really bold with your seating. We love these pink velvet armchairs and sofas, they are eccentric in all the right ways and, paired with those blue floral arrangements, provide just the pop of colour you want at a fun wedding.

And you don't have to do this with all of your seats, you could have some unique pieces for just the top table, or in a small seating area where guests can retreat. They also make great backdrops for professional pictures. 

8. Arrange a Mini Date

two grooms wearing light blue suits and white shirts row a boat together across a lake with flowers on it at sunset

One of the biggest wedding regrets most couples have is the fact that they didn't get to spend any quality time together, because the day just went by so fast. If that's a fear of yours, why not add in a super short slot of just 20 minutes or half an hour for you and your partner to have a little date?

It could between the evening meal and party, or you could double it up as your photography time, asking your wedding photographer to just take natural shots of you both and be a fly on the wall as you take some time to just breathe and let it all sink in. 

We'd especially recommend this if you're getting married in a venue like Exceptional at the Lake where you have the most gorgeous setting to sneak off too. 

9. Invite Your Pets

a bride and groom kneeling down with their two dogs dressed in suit collars in front of a wedding arch and neon sign that says 'happily ever after'

Why have just humans on the guestlist when you could invite your pets, too? We love the idea of having dogs at a wedding, and (as long as your venue allows it!), we think it's something all dog-owners should embrace!

We love the way these two cute pugs have been smartened up for the day - how adorable!? 

10. Have More Animals

a bride wearing an off the shoulder wedding dress and fur shawl stands next to a groom as they pet two brown lamas

You could stop at just dogs, or you could take it even further and open up your wedding to even more animals. Fun fact, there are actually a number of llama-friendly wedding venues in the UK, Carrick Castle Estate being one of them. Just imagine how cute the pictures would be...

11. Add Colour to Your Balloon Arch

an outdoor wedding ceremony set up with a white aisle, cream chairs and a colourful square balloon arch with pink, blue, orange and yellow balloons

Balloon arches are a wedding idea that so many couples choose to have at their wedding, but the colour palettes are often subdued and neutral. Why not embrace your bright and bold personalities with a colourful balloon arch like this one at Brampton Grange Estates?

We love balloon wedding ideas and making them into an arch is one of our favourites, for sure. 

12. Embrace Draped Fabric, Everywhere

a rectangular wooden wedding arch with floral decor and a rust orange coloured drape across it

While we're on the topic of arches, we thought it'd be a great time to explain to you all just how much we love a bit of draping. Draped fabric can turn the simplest of wedding arches, table displays or window sills into the chicest feature. You can match it to your colour scheme, and it's also a great way to add a pop of colour without having to pay out for loads of flowers or decorations. 

Though draping can work for a number of themes, they really do suit boho and festival style weddings

13. Arrange Al-Fresco Drinks

n outdoor seating area with egg chairs and cushions that looks over the kent countryside  

If weather permits, having your cocktail hour outdoors is a lovely wedding idea, specifically for spring and summer weddings. Not only does it look pretty, but it also breaks up the day and gives everyone a bit of fresh air and more space to mingle and get to know one another. We love the set up here at Edenwood Place - just look at how beautiful that view is!

Some autumn and winter wedding venues will have the facilities to have outdoor drinks in a covered area, so you can get the fire pits going and still enjoy the beauty of the outdoors whilst being sheltered from any bad weather. 

14. Include Neon Signs

a round wedding arch with pampass grass on the corner and a neon sign that says happily ever after

Wedding signs are a brilliant way to decorate your wedding venue and they look amazing in pictures. You can get wedding signs in so many different styles these days, but neon wedding signs have to be our favourites. They add such a cool, modern flare to any style of celebration and work so well when contrasted against a rustic farm wedding venue or barn-type space. 

15. Have a Theme

a table set up with disco balls and draping table runner and 70s themed menu and place names

Having a wedding colour scheme is pretty common, but not all couples have a wedding theme. Now, you could go all-out and have a Harry Potter themed wedding, or a superhero wedding cake - but if you're after something chic and a little more subtle, there are so many options. 

We absolutely adore this 70s disco theme created by Miai Events - the groovy shape of the menu card and font for the wedding place names is both modern and giving us 70s vibes, and we love the disco balls - such a stylish nod to the theme.

16. Perform for Your Guests

a bride sings and performs on stage on her wedding day to surprise her guests

As well as hiring an epic wedding band or DJ, you could also become part of your own wedding entertainment by getting on stage and singing yourself. You could do this as a couple and plan a performance for the entire wedding party, or one of you could surprise the other with a performance.

Perhaps you want to get all the bridesmaids together to learn some backing vocals so you can sing a song to your new partner. And if you want to take things one step further, you could even write a song yourself!

17. Mix Modern & Classic

a rustic wooden tale with lilac chiffon runner, bright peach and red flowers and disco balls for decor

When it comes to wedding and table décor, mixing modern and classic styles can really work well. Here, Miai Events have combined cool, shiny disco balls with soft, lilac chiffon to create this tablescape, and the result is to-die-for. 

18. Have Embroidered Napkins

a wedding table set up with napkins that say 'je t'aime' on them in embroidered lace

One genius way to personalise your wedding is to add embroidered words or phrases to your napkins, just like these "Je T'aime" designs. You could embroider your names, the wedding date, the location or even each guests name onto the napkins, and doing so could make them double up as a keepsake and wedding favour for everyone. 

19. Choose Cool Table Names

a stylish display with table names named after cocktails and three glasses of aperol spritz

One of the cheapest ideas for weddings is also one of the easiest to carry out - having unique and personal table names. How sweet will it be if your guests turn up and see that each table has been named after a date location, a country you've visited, your favourite TV shows or, in this case, your favourite cocktails?

It costs next to nothing and is such a cute wedding idea. If you're inspired, we have some amazing wedding table name ideas to get your imaginations going. 

20. Have a Cake Display

a small brown table with botanical greenery hanging above and a three tier white wedding cake at the centre

If your wedding cake is the highlight of your day (who doesn't look forward to the wedding cake!?), consider giving it its very own table and display like this couple have done here. Not only does it draw attention to the cake itself, but it's also a great photo opportunity for both you and your guests. 

Wedding cake hoops are a great way to jazz up your cake display.

21. Wear a Black Wedding Dress

a bride in a black wedding jumpsuit is about to kiss a groom who is wearng a suit - they are stood under a wooden pergola

Black wedding dresses are set to be a huge trend in the coming years, and we can completely see why. Wearing a black wedding dress (or wedding jumpsuit, in this case!) makes a bold statement and is perfect for fashion-forward people who want to break the mould.

You could even wear a traditional white gown for your ceremony and change into a black gown later on in the evening if you still want a hint of tradition. 

22. Wear a Floral Dress

two brides wear floral wedding dresses about to kiss in the gardens of a wedding venue - one dress is white and pink and the other is light and dark green

Sommy explains what she'd like to see more of at weddings, "Nearlyweds are really finding their own style and not always picking the traditional dress. I'm seeing more floral wedding dresses which I am absolutely in love with and also love when things are personalised with someone's initial or date which makes it ultra chic."

And we couldn't agree more. If you love the romantic vibe that flowers bring, why not add that into your wedding dress and wear something floral? We love this as a May wedding idea, as it's a month synonymous with some of the most beautiful in-season flowers. Browse our May wedding flowers article here to see which blooms you could use as inspiration. 

23. Match Your Outfits

a groom n a beige suit holds a bride by the back as she bends backwards in her champagne wedding dress holding her bouquet

We love nothing more than when a couple choose to match their outfits - it looks so cool. Most couples tie something in, like the bouquet matching the accessories, but when a couple decide to really coordinate their looks, it makes for the most gorgeous pictures.

24. Choose 'You' Accessories

a bride with bright pink hair wears pink sunglasses and a pink leather jacket and a groom in a black suit with a black and beige hat on

Want to feel like you on your wedding day? If so, we love the idea of accessorising with unique garments that will ensure you still feel like yourself on the day. We love that this couple chose a bright pink leather jacket and black summer hat to accessorise their wedding outfits. They look effortlessly cool and added something truly unique to their aesthetic. 

Discover our favourite wedding jackets here.

25. Have an Ombre Bouquet

a rose wedding bouquet that has an ombre colour palette  going from light pink to dark red

There are a few wedding ideas for making your bouquet stand out, but styling it in an ombre fashion has to be our favourite. If you do it with the right colours, ombre wedding bouquets can be absolutely breath-taking. We are obsessed with this pink and red arrangement, but the same could be done with any colour, really.

26. Change Into Trainers

a bride and groom wearing trainers and feeding each other candyfloss at the fun fair on their wedding day

If you're after comfortable and stylish ideas for wedding outfits, we'd highly recommend getting yourselves some wedding trainers. Not only will your fete be thanking you, but they can actually look really cool with your fancy wedding outfits. Opt for matching styles or different ones and dance the night away whilst embracing your uber-cool footwear. 

Love the look of this fun couple's wedding location? We have more funfair wedding venues for you to browse here. 

27. Have a Suit Custom Made

two grooms walking hand in hand down their outdoor wedding aisle as guests throw confetti over them

For a totally unique look, you could have a bespoke suit made to your exact specifications. If that's outside your budget, look into custom services, that allow you to choose certain elements such as the lining colour. You could also look into getting just one aspect of your suit made bespoke, such as the jacket, and then buy ready-made trousers that match.

But if your wedding budget does permit - there's no better time to go all-out and get something completely tailored to you than your wedding day. 

28. Wear Traditional Garments

a bride getting her hair and makeup done with her bridesmaids standing around her - they are all wearing silver dresses and traditional african head wear

One of our favourite wedding ideas of all is embracing traditional attire and garments from yours or your partner's heritage and making sure they are a part of the ceremony. Whether it's a traditional Scottish kilt, a Ghanaian kente gown or an Asian wedding dress, embracing parts of your heritage and identity is the perfect way to ensure your wedding is personal to you. 

29. Personalise Your Drinks & Cocktails

Rather than just the usual house white and red, why not choose wedding cocktails and drinks that are meaningful to you. That could be anything from serving the wine you had on your first date or the champagne you opened when you got engaged, to choosing your favourite cocktails for the reception.

For something truly unique, ask your venue if their barman can create a special wedding cocktail for you - you could even change the names to reflect your names or something else that's personal. 

30. Have Sharing Boards as Evening Food

a grazing board with charcuterie meats, cheeses and breads on it

You'll struggle to find a wedding guest that doesn't love a sharing board, and they have had quite the glow-up in recent years with vegan, vegetarian, meat options widely available. Giving guests food to graze on during the reception not only suits them, so they can pick on bits throughout the night, but it also gives your venue staff less to serve and provides more flexibility for the day itself.

And not to mention, they look really pretty in pictures, too. Inspired? Check out our roundup of the best grazing tables for weddings and receptions. 

31. Organise Cool Transport

a bride and groom sit on the front of a white vintage car on their wedding day

It's easy to overlook, but your wedding transport can be a fun way to show off your personalities and tastes. Think about how you're both going to arrive at the ceremony and how you'll leave as a married couple. Classic car? Quirky VW? How about a specially tricked-out tuk tuk or this beauty by Lil and Blue.

There are so many fun options - you can even hire movie-inspired cars like the Back to the Future DeLorean! Check out our wedding cars directory for ideas. Don't have room in the budget for fancy transport? See if a friend or relative has a set of cool wheels they'll lend you.

32. Create a Bespoke Chill-Out Zone

a barn which has been furnished with sofas, poofs, a grand piano, rugs and fairy lights to create a boho style seating area

Every wedding should have a chill-out zone, where guests can relax and chat when they want a break from dancing. Use cushions and blankets from your home to create a comfortable, unique indoor or outdoor seating area just like this one at Carrick Castle Estate.

If you'd prefer not to use your own homewares, you can get some bargains online with brands such as Dunelm, H&M Home and Wayfair.

33. Choose a Pretty Backdrop

an indoor wedding ceremony set up with dark chairs decorated with white chiffon and at the end of the aisle is open doors which look out onto a live waterfall

Getting married against a floral arch or beautifully decorated room is one thing, but getting married in front of a mountainous view, a serene lake or, in this case, a live waterfall really creates a stunning backdrop for your ceremony, one that your guests will never forget. 

At Newton Hall, you get a waterfall - who can compete with that?

34. Grow Your Own Wedding Flowers

 a bride holds a colourful rustic weddingbouquet complete with blue, yellow, purple and pink blooms

Imagine how lovely it would be to tell guests that you grew (at least some) of the flowers in your wedding arrangements. You'll need some gardening know-how, of course. If space is limited, consider just growing the flowers for your bouquet and buttonholes. Do have a back-up plan, just in case any don't bloom...

If growing your own feels like a bit much, florists such as Blooming Green offer a 'pick your own' service where you can visit them and pick your own wedding flowers from their home-grown stock. 

35. Decorate Your Aisle

a bride and groom stand in the middle of their wedding ceremony room looking at each other - the decor around them features a lot of foliage  

The best way to add drama and style to your wedding ceremony is by including as much wedding aisle decoration as possible. This couple choose to stick to a botanical and beige colour palette, and it works so well. But you could opt for anything - balloons, disco balls, florals, foliage - the only limit is your imagination.  

36. Have a Unique Guest Book

a woman writing on a white and gold globe that says 'congratulations' on it

An alternative wedding guest book doesn't have to involve a major DIY project - just get guests to sign an object other than a guest book, ideally that reflects your interests as a couple. 

37. Hire a Live Illustrator

wedding artist poses next to a couple, one of which he has just drawn a caricature of

Hiring an on-the-day wedding painter gives you something so unique to keep as a memento of your day, but you could take having a painter one step further and hire someone who can also provide your guests with something to keep. 

Artists like Barrie James Art can create hilarious and fun caricatures of your guests and also act as brilliant wedding entertainment as well. 

38. Mix & Match Bridesmaid Dresses

 bride and eght bridesmaids all in mix and match bridesmaid dresses varying in colour but allin warm tones

Mix and match bridesmaid dresses are a trend that has evolved throughout the years, but we love the fact that bridesmaids are now getting more freedom and couples are being more creative with what they put their crew in.

And trust us, mix and match dresses are a wedding idea that they will love just as much as you!

39. Rearrange the Ceremony Layout

 a wedding ceremony room where there are two rows of chairs set up in semi circles facing a fireplace

There's no reason why your wedding ceremony needs to be set up with straight rows of chairs with an aisle in the middle. If that's not you, change it up. We love this curved set-up at Newton Hall, where the couple will walk in from the side. Everyone gets a brilliant view and there's something about the curved layout that makes it feel really intimate and romantic.

40. Wear Embroidered Garments

a bride wears red lipstick, a strapess wedding dress and dainty gloves that are embroidered with 'to love and to cherist' and 'to have and to hold'

Want to make your wedding look completely unique? Choose a personalised wedding veil, or embroidered wedding gloves to add a really special touch. 

41. Choose an Unique Wedding Venue

a couple on their wedding day rowing through a wedding venue that has it's own lake

While we love a classic country house or rustic barn, there's no denying that it can be fun to give guests a wedding experience they won't have had before by choosing a unique venue. You'd be surprised at the spaces that host weddings, from vineyards and caves to theatres and cinemas. You can browse our favourite unique and unusual wedding venues here. 

42. Have a Dramatic Aisle Entrance

a cream coloured large marble staircase decorated with candles and very large eucolyptus installment from top to bottom

When it comes to wedding ceremony décor, most couples concentrate on the aisle itself. While that's important, we also suggest emphasising the entrance. It'll make both you and the guests feel special while taking to the aisle and it will look so good in pictures.

One of our favourite ideas for an aisle entrance is to have, well, an actual entrance - a door you open, a curtain you part, or, in this case, a dramatic floral staircase for you to walk down. It's a bit of wedding theatre guests are unlikely to have seen before.

43. Have Coloured Glassware

a wedding table set up with white linens, blue runners and blue wine glasses

One way to really highlight your wedding colour scheme is to have glassware that matches. Instead of doing the usual clear wine glasses and flutes, opt for a bright hue and match all of the tableware to it as well if you want to go that extra mile. 

We love this blue ensemble put together by Caribou Events

44. Be Creative With the Speech Order

a man is standing up gviing a speech at a wedding while guests look on listening to him

The traditional order of speeches at a wedding has the speeches at the end of the wedding breakfast - but that simply may not suit your unique wedding. Work out when you'd prefer to have them (if you even want speeches at all). Ideas include during the drinks reception, at the start of the wedding breakfast or after each course.

Remember, having the wedding speeches early means any nervous speakers can get them out of the way and enjoy their food.

45. Embrace Natural Decor

a long table outdoors on a lawn surrounded by four trees which have all been decorated with fairylights at night

If you're planning on getting married outside in summer early spring, take a look at what natural surroundings you can use to your advantage. We love the way that wedding planner Ella Hartig has wrapped fairy lights around these gorgeous trees to use them as outdoor décor for this intimate wedding breakfast. 

46. Switch Up Your Wedding Party

a group of wedding party members - two are wearing grey and navy suits and two are wearing alternative ombre bridesmaid dresses that go from white to sage green

Who says you have to have bridesmaids or groomsmen? What if you want a bridesmate, a man of honour or a best woman? We say include whoever you want in your entourages.

Want to expand your wedding party and make it unique? Check out our guide to inclusive wedding party roles.

47. Have Large Floral Instalments

a glamorous marquee with gold chairs and cream tables and in the centre is a large table decorated with a huge floral installment

Flowers aren't just for wedding bouquets and buttonholes. If you want something that will really stand out at your wedding, ask your wedding florist if they can create a large hanging flower instalment or flower table. It makes for such a gorgeous centrepiece for the room and really adds to the overall glamour of the event. Not to mention, nothing smells as beautiful as fresh flowers. 

48. Design a Unique Menu

a wedidng catering company putting together some mini canapes

Make your wedding menu special by ensuring it's all about you. This could be as simple as serving your favourite dishes, but you could also make it meaningful by asking your wedding caterer for elevated versions of your childhood favourites, for examples, or see if they can create food you loved on holiday together, or the cuisine of the country where you'll have your honeymoon.

For extra personalisation, put menus on the tables with an explanation of why you chose each dish.

49. Have a Champagne Tower

a couple pouring champagne into th top glass of a champagne tower in front of a brick wall

Or an Aperol tower, or a beer tower, or a drinks tower including whatever your favourite tipple is. Just have a tower, okay?

If it is Champagne you want, however, we have a complete guide to the best champagne towers to help you out. 

50. Have a Wedding Newspaper

two wedding guests sat in an outdoor ceremony reading a couple's wedding newspaper

One of our favourite wedding ideas ever is to have your very own wedding newspaper. You can have a newspaper as your invite, order of service, menu or just a general good read. Include things like your engagement story, pictures from your relationship, details on how you planned the day and a bio on all the key players in the wedding party.

Suppliers like Newspaper Club are experts in creating these and their designs speak for themselves. 

51. Provide Snacks

a bride wearing a strappy backless wedding dress stands in front of an ice-cream van waiting to order

Wedding food and puddings needn't be formal if you don't want them to be. Why not hire an ice cream truck or crepe station that your guests can enjoy throughout the evening? We guarantee it'll go down well. 

52. Build Arches Over Your Tables

a stunning autumnal wedding table with orange and red branches as arches which go over the table

We've all heard of wedding arches at the end of the aisle, but what about having floral arches over your table? Dale Alexander is a wedding planner with many talents, and it seems creating autumnal arches across wedding breakfast tables is one of them!

53. Include Traditional Elements

a bride and groom in traditional garments sittin gon the floor drinking tea and wearing traditional head wear

As well as your clothing, there are parts of your wedding day itself that can include a number of traditional elements and wedding traditions from around the world. Whether that be religious elements, traditions from your background or heritage, or just family traditions that are close to your heart - all of them can be embraced on your wedding day. It's your day, after all. 

54. Personalise Your Ceremony

two women wearing a red dress and red suit taking part in a hand fasting ceremony in front of their celebrant

Whether it's having a hand-tying ceremony, hiring a celebrant or doing things completely your way, personalising your wedding ceremony is the perfect wedding idea for couples who want to plan something different.

If you know you want a personalised, unique wedding ceremony, but aren't sure where to start with ideas, we'd recommend talking  to a wedding celebrant - they have so many cute wedding ideas you'll want to try yourself. 

55. Choose Personalised Readings

a groom sits next to  his wife and wipes a tear from his eye during the wedding breakfast

There are some wedding readings that come up time and again (Captain Corelli's Mandolin, we're looking at you). While there's nothing wrong with choosing something popular, to make your ceremony unique, try to find some suitable words your guests won't have heard before.

Cast your mind back to favourite books or poems from childhood, or think about any books you've read recently that really resonated with you. Songs, films and TV programmes can also be sources of inspiration!

56. Decorate Your Chairs

 selection of white cream wedding chairs decorated with light blue sashes made from fabric

Whether your wedding is indoors or outdoors, decorating your chairs is an easy (if time-consuming at larger celebrations!) way to make your look unique. Ribbons are a chic option, but look at other chair decoration ideas too, such as hessian wraps and foliage.

57. Create a Unique Playlist

a bride wearing a satin wedding dress smiles and laughs as she's pictured dancing

Ask guests to send in song requests with their RSVPs and ask your DJ to include these in the reception playlist. It's guaranteed to keep the party going all night long - or at least until the venue's noise licence runs to. 

58. Make it a Weekend Wedding

a group of guests gather around a tipi at a wedding venue called fforest

Need some wedding ideas on how to make the day last longer? Well, we can't make 24 hours stretch any further, but we can tell you where you can find the best weekend wedding venues. Imagine that - instead of just one day of celebrating, you could have two, three or more! We're talking day-before cocktail hour and morning-after brunch - your guests will love it, too. 

59. Exit in Style

a bride and groom leaving  their wedding walking hand in hand through a train station as their guests follow behind and a band play next to them

When it comes to leaving your wedding, whether that's to go to your honeymoon suite or jet off on your actual honeymoon, ensure you leave the party in style. 

If more wedding ideas are what you're after, you need to browse our wedding supplier section - these professionals know what they're talking about and have so many unique ideas to share.