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Wedding Table Names: 55 Fun & Unique Table Name Ideas

Trying to think of unique wedding table names? We've got 50+ brilliant wedding table name ideas that are so much more fun than numbers!

Photo wedding table name cards with a pet dog and a proposal

If you ask us, one of the most fun parts of wedding planning is coming up with table name ideas.

The table names at your wedding are a small detail, but they are an impactful way to personalise your big day, with zero cost - plus, it’s one of the first things the guests notice at the reception, so why not choose funny table names to get the conversation flowing?

Your wedding table names can reflect the theme of your wedding, or you could name your tables after places you love or have visited together, or favourite drinks or songs by your most-loved bands. The possibilities are endless!

Wedding Table Names: 55 Adorable Table Name Ideas For Your Wedding

Whether you choose wedding table names that embrace your wedding theme or opt for something silly to add even more fun to your wedding reception, let this list of 54 wedding table name ideas inspire you. We've split them by category to help you find your perfect one, but trust us when we say that all of these ideas are serious contenders... 

Oh, and if you haven't sorted out your seating plan yet, be sure to head to the Hitched wedding table planner. It'll help you avoid any wedding guest drama on the day!

Nature & Science Wedding Table Name Ideas

If you both love the outdoors, are having a botanical wedding theme or maybe share a passion for science, these nature inspired wedding table names will pique your interest!

1. Flower Wedding Table Names - Paper Willow

Colourful flower wedding table name cards

Keep your spring or summer wedding feeling super pretty with table names for a wedding that are named after all your favourite flowers – your top table could then be named after the main flower in your bouquet. These cards are available in A6 or A5 and can be single or double sided. 

There are 36 flower varieties to choose from, such as honeysuckle, tulips, sunflowers, poppies and foxgloves, so you're bound to find blooms that you like. If you're not sure which ones to go for, ask your wedding florist - they are experts and will definitely be able to advise you. 

£4 | Shop Now

2. Herb Wedding Table Names - Sophia Victoria Joy

Metallic basil wedding table name in a bouquet of flowers

Name your wedding tables after some of your favourite herbs using these personalised designs from Sophia Victoria Joy. You could even include your named herb as part of the centrepiece for each table to give it a fragrant finish. 

"These are perfect for my wedding! So elegantly done and well finished - I will most definitely be recommending to other couples who are planning weddings," says one reviewer.

You can choose from lots of different colours to match your wedding table decorations, including metallic and wood effect finishes. 

From £11 | Shop Now

3. Tables Named After Woodland Animals - Etsy

Woodland animal illustrated wedding table name cards

If you are planning a magical woodland wedding, then these printable watercolour cards are perfect. They have been designed using real watercolours and the downloadable file means you can print as many as you need. 

"They were perfect for our woodland wedding this Autumn," says one reviewer. "They are everything I could dream of and Jacqueline was amazing to work with."

£9.60 | Shop Now

4. Animal Breed Table Names

Are you a dog lover and planning on having your dogs at the wedding? Or are you more of a cat person? Why not name your wedding tables after your favourite breeds or animals? This would be particularly relevant if you're having some unique wedding entertainment that involves animals. Did someone say alpaca petting zoo?

5. Moon, Stars & Planet Tables - Etsy

Navy star decorated wedding table names

For a wedding table name idea that is out of this world, look to these moon, star and planet inspired options. You can have them as a digital file or as A5 or A6 single and double-sided cards. They would make the ideal addition to a celestial themed wedding day

From £1.10 | Shop Now

6. Tables Named After the Periodic Table - Etsy

Hydrogen periodic table name card

Get your geek on with a periodic table plan and these elements cards. These table names come as digital downloads and contain elements one to 20 but if the other 20 are needed they are also available.

They are a simple design so will fit into any wedding colour theme. "These were super cute and the perfect touch of science for our wedding," says one shopper. 

£5.23 | Shop Now

7. Zoo Animal Wedding Table Names - Etsy

Illustrated zoo animal wedding table name cards

Are you getting married at a unique wedding venue like a zoo? Then naming your tables after your favourite zoo animals would be a great idea. This safari set features elegant illustrations that will instantly elevate any setting. 

This is a downloadable template that can easily be printed at home. Couples who want to really live out this theme should check out our guide to safari honeymoons - they are so unique and worth every penny. 

 £1.10 | Shop Now

8. Tables Named After Trees

Be inspired by nature and name your tables after majestic trees. You could use your wedding venue grounds as inspiration, if they have a particular type that grow in the gardens, or perhaps the area you live in is synonymous with certain trees. One thing we are certain of is that a tree design will suit a botanical wedding theme perfectly. 

9. Under the Sea Themed Tables - Etsy

Illustrated whale wedding table name card

If you're tying the knot at a coastal wedding venue you could use words that relate to the beach like wave, seashell, mermaid. Or, you could get these beautiful under the sea creature cards that feature the likes of whales, jellyfish, manta rays and more. 

You have the choice of a smooth or linen finish in white or ivory and the wedding table names can be single or double-sided. 

From £1.25 | Shop Now

10. Tables Named After the Constellations - Etsy

Aquarius constellation wedding table name card

Was your relationship written in the stars? Then name your tables after star constellations. These wedding table name cards are printed on crisp and clean, fine-textured card and feature a gorgeous starry design. You can also order extra stationery to match, including menus and seating plans. 

Want to know which zodiacs are most compatible? Here's our ultimate star sign relationship guide.

£15 for 5 | Shop Now

Travel Wedding Table Name Ideas

Whether you're travelling abroad for your wedding, or you both share a love of travel, giving your wedding tables travel-inspired names is a great shout. 

11. Places in the Town You’re Getting Married In

Keep things local and name your tables after places and streets around your wedding venue. This works whether you're getting married abroad in a completely new area, or if you're tying the knot in a garden wedding venue close to home. 

12. Tables Named After the Places You Love - Etsy

New York pink map wedding table name cards

Locations are always a popular choice for wedding table names. Why not choose some of your favourite cities and places? These adorable destination table names allow you to add little anecdotes to each card which serve as sweet conversation starters. Choose to have them as a digital file, or printed on A5 or A6 single or double-sided card. 

Popular with travel fans, one customer said, "My wedding guests were so impressed by the creativity of the travel table names."

From £34.44 | Shop Now

13. Beaches Around the World Table Names - Etsy

Padstow wedding table name card with a gold frame

Do you just love a beach holiday? You could name your wedding tables after some of the most famous beaches around the world such as Bondi and Santa Monica.

These cards can be customised with different design and lettering colours and are handmade with sea salt and acrylic ink for a beach effect. And if you're planning to jet off to an incredible honeymoon destination, make sure you include a beach from there as well. 

£6.50 | Shop Now

14. Iconic Monuments Table Names

If you name your wedding tables after some of your favourite monuments, you could include places you have seen or places you plan to see. Whether that's locations you plan to visit on your multi destination honeymoon, or landmarks you've visited together throughout your relationship.

15. Ski Inspired Wedding Table Names - Rodo Creative

Ski lift wedding table name cards

Are you a couple that loves to ski - or perhaps you met at a ski resort? If so, this skiing inspired wedding table name from Rodo Creative would be perfect for you.

You can even personalise the two people at the front to look like you and buy the matching table plan, place cards, welcome sign and more!

£5 | Shop Now

16. Mountain Wedding Table Name Cards - Etsy

Black mountain range wedding table name cards

Let your love reach new heights with these gorgeous mountain table name cards from Paper Adventure Co. We love how chic the black card looks, but they can be personalised to match your wedding colour theme. Available as a digital file and printed as single or double-sided on high quality cards with a glossy finish. 

"I cannot wait for these to be placed on our wedding tables! They look great and exactly the little touch we needed," says one reviewer. 

£1.70 | Shop Now

17. Tables Named Using International Words for ‘Love’

Keep with a romantic theme by naming your wedding tables after the words 'I love you' in a variety of languages. You could include the French – J’taime, Greek – S’agapo, Italian – Ti amo.

18. Honeymoon Destination Wedding Table Names - Etsy

Watercolour location wedding table name cards

It's such a romantic idea to name your wedding tables after places relating to your honeymoon destination, such as its capital city and the area you are staying in. These watercolour location cards are hand-painted in a light illustrative style and will be completely bespoke to you. 

They're so beautiful that we would re-use them after the wedding like this shopper - "Lauren was beyond kind and created beautiful pieces of art of special locations for my fiancé and me. I can't wait to show these off at the wedding and frame them in our home post-wedding."

From £25 | Shop Now

19. Table Names Inspired by Countries - Etsy

Map country wedding table name cards with gold font

Wanderlust couples will adore naming wedding tables after their favourite countries or locations they have on their travel bucket list. These map signs are amazing and the colours can be personalised to match your table settings. 

They are printed on uncoated card and can be single or double-sided. 

£30 for 5 | Shop Now

20. Table Names Inspired by Street Names

Keeping with a location theme, why not get more granular and name the tables after roads and streets that mean something to you? You could choose the street where you had your first date, the one you met, the one you got engaged near and more. 

Personal Wedding Table Name Ideas

Go for something really personal to the two of you for an extra special touch when it comes to naming your wedding tables.  

21. Photograph Wedding Table Names - Etsy

Photo wedding table name cards with a dog

Get creative by forgetting words completely - your tables could be labelled with your favourite photos instead like these cute snaps from No Ordinary Emporium. Available as a digital file or printed cards, they have tons of glowing reviews.

"I ordered a bunch of photo table names for my wedding and they came out so well! They added a beautiful personalised touch to my wedding décor and it was super easy to upload and send images," says one reviewer. 

From £1.10 | Shop Now

22. Tables Named After Special Dates

Do you have some special dates that mean a lot to you? Name your tables after the date you met, the day you got engaged, the date you announced the engagement, your birthdays and other days that mean something special. The top table can then be your wedding date!

You could even turn this into a game with each group of guests having to guess what's significant about the date their table is named after.

23. Pet-Themed Wedding Table Names - Etsy

Pet portrait wedding table names

Let your precious pooches and pets in on the fun with an adorable pet inspired wedding table name - even better if you're hosting at a pet-friendly wedding venue. This digital file allows you to have up to five pets surrounded by a number of different floral and foliage decorations. All portraits are hand drawn with no templates or photo filters so they are bespoke to your wedding. 

"My husband and I wanted to incorporate our dog into our wedding without it being too over the top and this was absolutely perfect. The seller was so prompt with making the proof and then I was able to approve it and she sent me the digital version so quickly. It was wonderful and such a nice touch for our wedding," says one happy shopper. 

From £76.85 | Shop Now

24. Tables Named After Your Favourite Designers

Wedding fashionistas might love the idea of naming their wedding tables after their favourite designers, such as Louis Vuitton and Coco Chanel. If you're wearing a Berta wedding dress or a celebrity-inspired Ralph Lauren wedding gown, be sure to include their names, too. 

25. Wedding Table Names Using Places in the UK - Postbox Party

Wooden Cornwall wedding table name

If you've lived in a few different places in the UK or you are both from different towns or cities, then why not name your tables after these special places in your life? We love these personalised wooden designs by Postbox Party - they make for such unique and personalised table names. 

£13 | Shop Now

26. Wedding Tables Named After Colours - Amazon

One of our favourite table name ideas for a wedding is simply naming them after all your favourite colours. We love these pantone colour cards from Amazon - the top table could even be your main wedding colour! There are 100 cards to choose from so you'll have so much choice. 

£22 | Shop Now

Food & Drink Wedding Table Name Ideas

Are you both massive foodies? Or maybe you're marrying at a restaurant wedding venue. Being inspired by your favourite food or drinks is a great choice for more unique wedding table name ideas.

27. Gin Inspired Wedding Table Names - Etsy

Gordon's pink gin wedding table name card

Be inspired by naming your wedding tables after all different types of gin – you could then use the relevant gin bottle as a centrepiece for each table. These will go so well with gin alcohol wedding favours, too. 

These cards come single or double-sided on A5 white card and if the bottle you're after isn't on their list, you can pay an additional fee for a bespoke commission. 

£2.95 | Shop Now

28. Wine-Themed Wedding Table Names

This is our kind of table! From Pinot to Malbec, your favourite tipple is a great wedding table name idea. If you're getting married in a vineyard wedding venue, why not ask them for recomendations? 

29. Cocktail Wedding Table Names - Yellowstone Art Boutique 

Cocktail recipe wedding table name card

Keeping with an alcohol theme, maybe your tables could be named after your favourite wedding cocktails. These cards can be placed on the tables - perhaps along with the ingredients to make that cocktail as the recipe is outlined.

There are 13 cocktails to choose from, including Aperol Spritz, Pina Colada and Mojito, and each illustration is printed on watercolour paper made in the Lake District. 

£3.50 | Shop Now

30. Cheese Wedding Table Names - Etsy

Tables named after cheese would be so much fun. You could use these cheese markers from Rocket and Fox to name each of your tables. Discover more unusual wedding food ideas here.

£5.25 | Shop Now

31. Sweets & Treats Table Names - Etsy

Fruit Pastilles wedding table name card

If you both love sweets, how about a different sweet table name with a bowl of them in the centre of the table? It's an easy wedding centrepiece idea too.

These cards are available in seven varieties, including millions, jelly babies and skittles, but if you have a special sweet packet you can request a bespoke design for an additional fee. 

From £7 | Shop Now

32. Naming Tables After Your Favourite Foods

Foodie fans this is for you. Name your wedding tables after all your favourite foods – you could even include foods that are on your wedding breakfast menu and ones you ate on your first date

Music Wedding Table Name Ideas

Choosing to name your wedding tables after your favourite bands or songs is a brilliant idea for couples who are big fans of music. 

33. Musical-Themed Wedding Table Names

You can't beat a good musical so why not name your wedding tables after some West End shows? What a wicked idea!

34. Tables Named After Your Favourite Songs - Etsy

Disco ball song wedding table name cards

If you love the idea of a music theme then how about naming your wedding tables after your favourite songs? You could include the song you walked down the aisle to and your first dance song. These cards have a playful disco theme to them and are fully customisable so you can have any song of your choice. 

Available as a digital file or printed single or double-sided on A5 or A6 card. 

From £1.10 | Shop Now

35. Musical Instrument Table Names

Show off your musical talent by reminding your guests of all the instruments you can play. You could even link this to music entertainment at your wedding if you're having a saxophonist, a harpist or another kind of artist. 

36. Tables Inspired by Bands & Singers

Band vinyl record wedding table name

Name your wedding tables after your favourite bands and singers. This vinyl style is perfect for lifelong music lovers with a taste for the classics. Choose a background colour for the labels, your names, wedding date and the bands. 

These are made from up-cycled vintage records and have loads of great reviews. "These are so cool! So glad we found them as we wanted something a little different for table settings," says one customer. 

£7.99 | Shop Now

37. Tables Named After Lyrics From Your Favourite Songs

If you’re a musical couple then lyrics from your favourite songs would be a unique take on a music theme and a brilliant wedding table name idea. 

38. Festival-Themed Wedding Table Names - Rodo Creative

Pyramid stage festival wedding table name card

festival wedding venue is asking to be named after stages. We adore the detail on these signs from Rodo Creative - they can be printed single or double-sided. 

£4.99 | Shop Now

Film & Literature Wedding Table Name Ideas

39. Tables Named After Books You Love - Etsy

Penguin book cover wedding table names

Are you a pair of bookworms? Then naming your tables after your favourite books is a fun idea - these book beauties are magical. If you look closely, you'll see the iconic penguins are a bride and groom. Bride and bride, groom and groom are also available. 

£10 | Shop Now

40. Tables Inspired by Your Favourite Poems or Poets

If you want to embrace the romance then choose writers of your favourite poems as your wedding table names and put a poem from that author on the back of each menu or place setting.

41. Famous Actors and Actresses as Table Names

How about the names of your favourite actors or actresses as an idea for your wedding table name? We are more than happy to be seated at the Nicholas Hoult table…

42. Tables Named After Disney Couples - Etsy

Disney couple wedding table name cards

Do you have fairytales and sparkle running through your veins? Planning a Disney honeymoon or a wedding at Disney? Then name your tables after your favourite Disney characters.

"These wedding table signs are amazing! I am a huge Disney fan and I can't wait to have these on our tables for our wedding reception," says one shopper. 

The silhouettes are super chic and they are available as single or double-sided, plus as a digital file. See more Disney wedding ideas here. 

£2.20 | Shop Now

43. Tables Named Using Children’s Books Titles

Name your tables after the favourite books of your childhood, we quite like the idea of being on the Hungry Caterpillar table. It's also a great way to entertain children at a wedding

44. Film-Inspired Wedding Table Names - Etsy

Film cinema ticket wedding table name card

Are you both movie buffs? Celebrate your love of the silver screen by naming your wedding tables after your all-time favourite films. We adore these fun table names that are printed onto high quality white or brown kraft card. 

From £35 | Shop Now

45. Use the Cast Names From Your Favourite Soap or TV Show

If you are serious soap fans then this idea will be so much fun. We love the idea of an Ian Beale table - maybe complete with fish and chip centrepiece?

46. Comic Book Characters as Table Names - Etsy

Marvel comic book characters table name cards

Whether you’re a Marvel or a DC fan, name your wedding tables after some of your favourite comic book characters. These handmade picks are printed on A6 card and you can personalise them with any character you choose.

Oh, and don't forget to browse these Marvel wedding cakes - they look almost too good to cut into. 

£6 for 4 | Shop Now

Unique Wedding Table Name Ideas

After something a bit more unique? These unusual wedding table names are guaranteed to surprise your guests.

47. Tables Named After Football Clubs or Players

Football t-shirt wedding table name cards

Football fans – this is one for you. If you are a lover of the beautiful game then naming tables after football teams (or the players from your favourite team!) would be a great idea.

Available as a digital file or printed single or double-sided on card, this option has the choice of Liverpool, Manchester United or Tottenham but you can have other teams for an additional fee - perfect if you are getting married at a sporting wedding venue.

From £1.80 | Shop Now

48. Tables Named After Months of the Year

Are you having 12 tables? Why not name your tables after months of the year, with the top table being the month of your wedding?

49. Pub-Themed Wedding Table Names - Project Pretty

The Red Lion wedding table name cards with floral design

Cosy and cute, naming your wedding tables after pubs that are significant to you and your partner is a lovely idea - your favourite local could be the top table. These cards have a gorgeous floral design and can be personalised with your chosen names. 

£4.50 | Shop Now

50. Christmas-Themed Wedding Tables

Are you planning a winter wedding? Then naming your tables after festive words – such as elf, snowflake, and holly would fit beautifully with your theme.

We have more Christmas wedding ideas for you to explore here. 

51. Retro Games Table Names - Etsy

Monopoly Mayfair wedding table name card

If you love retro board games then why not name your tables after them? Think Cluedo, Monopoly, Operation or Connect4. These fun Monopoly cards are seriously unique! 

£15.50 for 5 | Shop Now

52. Vintage Inspired Wedding Table Names

What about words such as lace, pearl and birdcage for a vintage themed wedding?

Funny Table Names

Show off your light hearted side with funny table names at your wedding - nobody said table names have to be serious! In-jokes between you and the guests could be a fun way to get people talking on their tables, or opt for comedy TV shows you and your partner love. Schitt’s Creek, anyone? 

53. Pun-Inspired Table Names

You could go for some table-inspired puns such as 'Clark Table' (Gable), The Table Guy (cable) or Vince Table (Cable), if that's your style of humour!

54. Bingo Names

If you both love a bit of bingo, be inspired by a bingo caller and use bingo slang for numbers - One Little Duck for table two, Man Alive for table five etc. You could even tie in a wedding icebreaker game of bingo!

55. Wedding Themed Puns

There are so many wedding puns to play with out there - Tie the Knot works well at a coastal wedding venue, You're Deer to Me if you're in a country estate etc. 

How Real Couples Picked their Wedding Table Names

Still stuck for wedding table name ideas? There’s no wedding inspiration quite like real couples who have been there, done that. We asked newlyweds and nearlyweds for the stories behind their wedding table name ideas - prepare to be inspired.

Sophie Murphy and her partner John shunned traditional wedding tables names, instead opting to name their wedding tables after different world currencies, as John is an FX Trader. “The top table was naturally pound sterling,” Sophie told us.

Kiran and Sophie Macleod, who got married in 2022, had an English and and an Indian wedding, so they both had their say when it came to choosing table names. Sophie opted for Taylor Swift songs, while Kiran chose names inspired by the video game The Witcher.

Film lover Neel and his partner Lizzie named their tables after movies they both love - with the top table called Jurassic Park, as it’s a flick they agree is among the best.

Along the same lines, another couple we spoke to named their tables after all of their favourite rom coms, with Love Actually as their top table.

Amanda Pauley and her husband-to-be, Danny, named their tables after places they’ve visited together, with the top table named after their honeymoon destination.

Do You Name a Top Table at a Wedding?

If you are naming your other tables, keep it consistent by naming the top table too. The top table is where you and your partner, along with close family and friends will be seated, so go for a table name that is very special to you. It could be the place you met, your favourite song or game or even your favourite holiday destination. 

“Naming your top table makes your table plan look much more cohesive,” says Jessica Ghansah of Occasion Queens, an on-the-day wedding coordination company. “Also the top table is the most important table! It deserves a name. Naming the top table acknowledges the importance of your closest friends and family members who are seated there.”

Once you’ve decided on your wedding table names, you can get working on the table plan. Don’t miss our selection of the most beautiful wedding table plan ideas