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52 Fun and Unique Wedding Table Name Ideas

Trying to think of unique table names for your wedding? We've got 52 brilliant wedding table name ideas that are so much more fun than numbers!

Star constellation wedding table name

Thinking up creative table names is a fun way to add personality to your wedding and to reflect you both as a couple. There's no reason why you can't just stick to numerical table names but with so many alternative options why not opt for something a little more unique?
It might seem like a small detail but it can make every difference - especially as the wedding table name is one of the first things your guests will notice at your reception and where they will spend a lot of their time. Your wedding table names might even act as an icebreaker and spark conversation among your guests, or you could create a game with your wedding table name.
Whether you choose wedding table names that embrace your wedding theme or opt for something silly to add even more fun to your wedding reception, let this list of 52 wedding table name ideas inspire you. Oh, and if you haven't sorted out your seating plan yet, be sure to head to the Hitched wedding table planner

Nature & Science Wedding Table Name Ideas

Travel Wedding Table Name Ideas

Personal Wedding Table Name Ideas

Food & Drink Wedding Table Name Ideas

Music Wedding Table Name Ideas

Film & Literature Wedding Table Name Ideas

Nature & Science Wedding Table Name Ideas

1. Flower Names

Keep your spring or summer wedding feeling super pretty with tables named after all your favourite flowers – your top table could then be named after the main flower in your bouquet.

2. Animal Breeds

Are you a dog lover? Or are your more of a cat person? Why not name your tables after your favourite breeds?

3. Herbs

Basil wedding table name

Name your tables after some of your favourite herbs using these personalised table names from Sophia Victoria Joy. You could even include your named herb as part of the centrepiece for that table to give a fragrant finish.

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4. Trees

Be inspired by nature and name your tables after majestic trees. 

5. Planets

For a wedding table name that is out of this world look to Project Pretty and their planet inspired options. 

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6. Periodic Table

Get your geek on with a periodic table plan – like this one from Rodo Creative. It’s a little more complex than your usual seating plan but we think it will look great in your photos.

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7. Woodland Animals

Woodland animal wooden wedding table names

If you are planning a magical woodland wedding then these rustic wooden wedding table names from Susanne Oddy Design are perfect. 

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8. Zoo Animals

Are you getting married at a unique wedding venue like the zoo? Then naming your tables after your favourite zoo animals would be a great idea!

9. Beach Inspiration

If you're having a wedding by the coast you could use words that relate to the beach – like wave, seashell, mermaid and more.

10. Star Constellations

Aquarius wedding table name

Was your relationship written in the stars? Then name your tables after star constellations like these ones from Peach Stationery Shop. 

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Travel Wedding Table Name Ideas

11. Cities

Locations are always a popular choice for wedding table names – why not choose some of your favourite cities.

12. Street Names

Road name wedding table name

Keeping with a location theme, why not get more granular and name the tables after roads and streets that mean something to you?

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13. Beaches Around the World

Do you just love a beach holiday? You could name your tables after some of the most famous beaches around the world such as Bondi and Santa Monica. 

14. Iconic Monuments

St Pauls wedding table name

If you name your tables after some of your favourite monuments, you could include places you have seen or places you plan to see and use these cards from Goldfinch Stationery.

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15. Places in the City of Town You’re Getting Married In

Keep things local and name your tables after places and streets around your wedding venue.

16. Ski Inspired

Ski inspired wedding table name

If you are a couple that loves to ski – or perhaps you met at a ski resort? – then this skiing-inspired table name from Rodo Creative would be perfect for you. You can even personalised the two people at the front to look like you.

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17. International Words for ‘Love’

Keep with a romantic theme by naming your tables after the words I love you in a variety of languages. You could include the French – J’taime, Greek – S’agapo, Italian – Ti amo.

18. Mountains

Mountain wedding table names

Let your love reach new heights with these gorgeous mountain wedding table names from Paper Adventure Co. We love how chic the black card looks but they can be personalised to match your wedding colour theme. 

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19. Honeymoon Destination 

It's such a romantic idea to name your wedding tables after places relating to your honeymoon destination, such as its capital city and the area you are staying in. 

20. Countries

Country wedding table names

Wanderlust couples will adore naming tables after their favourite countries or locations they have on their travel bucket list. These map signs from Woodlands Weddings are amazing! 

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Personal Wedding Table Name Ideas

21. Colours

Name your tables after all your favourite colours – we love these pantone colour cards from Amazon (and the top table could be your main wedding colour!).

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22. Special Dates

Date wedding table names

Do you have some special dates that mean a lot to you? Name your tables after the date you met, got engaged, your birthdays and other days that mean something special. The top table can then be your wedding date! These wooden date table names from Forget Me Not Wed are so cute.

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23. Your Favourite Designers

Bridal fashionistas might love the idea of naming their tables after their favourite designers, such as Louis Vuitton and Coco Chanel.

24. Photos

Photo wedding table names

Get creative by forgetting words entirely – your tables could be labelled with your favourite photos instead like these cute snaps from No Ordinary Emporium. 

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25. Pets

Let your precocious pooches and pets in on the fun with an adorable pet inspired wedding table name - even better if you're hosting at a pet-friendly wedding venue

26. Your Favourite Places in the UK

Wooden Cornwall wedding table name

If you have lived in a few different places in the UK or you are both from different towns or cities then why not name your tables after these special places in your life? We love these personalised wooden table names from Postbox Party.

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Food & Drink Wedding Table Name Ideas

27. Wine

This is our kind of table! From Pinot to Malbec, your favourite tipple is a great wedding table name idea. 

28. Gin

Be inspired by naming your tables after all different types of gin – you could then use the relevant gin bottle as a centrepiece for each table.

29. Cocktails

Moscow Mule wedding table name

Keeping with an alcohol theme, maybe your tables could be named after your favourite cocktails. These cards from Plain Sage Designs can be placed on the tables – perhaps along with the ingredients to make that cocktail.

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30. Cheeses

Tables named after cheese would be so much fun. You could use these cheese markers from Rocket and Fox to name each of your tables.

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31. Sweets and Treats

If you both love sweets then how about a different sweet table name with a bowl of them in the centre of the table? It’s an easy wedding centrepiece idea too! Think wagon wheels, bon bons and flying saucers to get your started.

32. Fruit and Vegetables

Fig wedding table name

Fresh and pretty, these floral fruity wedding table names from Tavern Creative are simply gorgeous! 

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33. Your Favourite Foods

Foodie fans this is for you! Name your tables after all your favourite foods – you could even include foods that are on your wedding breakfast menu.

Music Wedding Table Name Ideas

34. Your Favourite Songs

If you love the idea of a music theme then how about your favourite songs? You could include the song you walked down the aisle to and your first dance song.

35. Musical Instruments 

Show off your musical talent by reminding your guests of all the instruments you can play! 

36. Bands and Singers

Wooden Oasis wedding table name

Name your tables after your favourite bands and singers. This pretty wooden table name from Ivy Cottage Homeware shows how you can make any table name fit with your theme.

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36. Lyrics From Your Favourite Songs

If you’re a musical couple then lyrics from your favourite songs would be a unique take on a music theme.

37. Musicals

You can't beat a good musical so why not name your wedding tables after some West End shows? What a wicked idea!

38. Festival Stages

Festival stage wedding table names

A festival wedding venue is asking to be named after stages. We adore the detail on these signs from Rodo Creative

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Film & Literature Wedding Table Name Ideas

39. Your Favourite Poems or Poets

If you want to embrace the romance then choose writers of your favourite poems as your table names and then put a poem from that author on the back of each menu or place setting.

40. Famous Actors and Actresses

How about the names of your favourite actors or actresses? We are more than happy to be seated at the Tom Hardy table…

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41. Books You Love

Book wedding table name

Are you a pair of bookworms? Then naming your tables after your favourite books is a fun idea - these book beauties from Paper Adventure Co are magical. 

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42. Your Favourite Disney Films

Do you have fairy tales and sparkle running through your veins? Then name your tables after your favourite Disney films, characters and words.

43. Children’s Books

Name your tables after the favourite books of your childhood, we quite like the idea of being on the Hungry Caterpillar table!

44. Your Favourite Films

Movie wedding table names

Are you both movie buffs? Celebrate your love of the silver screen by naming your tables after your all-time favourite films. We adore these elegant wreath style table names from Clouds and Currents, perfect for a rustic themed wedding day.

45. The Cast Names From Your Favourite Soap or TV Show

If you are serious soap fans then this idea will be so much fun! We love the idea of an Ian Beale table (maybe complete with fish and chip centrepiece?).

46. Comic Book Characters

Whether you’re a Marvel or a DC fan, name your wedding tables after some of your favourite comic book characters.

Other Wedding Table Name Ideas

47. Football Clubs or Players

Football fans – this is one for you! If you are a lover of the beautiful game then naming tables after football teams (or the players from your favourite team!) would be a great idea.

48. Months of the Year

Are you having 12 tables? Why not name your tables after months of the year, with the top table being the month of your wedding.

49. Christmas

Christmas wedding table name

Are you planning a winter wedding? Then naming your tables after festive words – such as elf, snowflake, and holly – would fit beautifully with your theme.

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50. Vintage Inspired

What about words such as lace, pearl and birdcage for a vintage themed wedding. 

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51. Pubs

Pub wedding table name

Cosy and cute, naming your wedding tables after pubs that are significant to you and your partner is a lovely idea - your favourite local could be the top table. 

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52. Retro Games

If you love retro board games then why not name your tables after them? Think Cluedo, Monopoly, Operation or Connect4.

Once you’ve decided on your wedding table names, you can get working on the table plan. Don’t miss our selection of the most beautiful table plan ideas.