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Wedding Decoration Ideas: 24 Beautiful & Affordable Ideas

From rustic wedding decorations to floral installations, here are our top tips for decorating your wedding venu

Wooden chairs and table laid with plates, napkins, coloured tapered candles, coloured glassware and flowers in glass bottles

Whether your wedding venue is a blank canvas or already comes with some decoration, there are so many amazing wedding venue décor ideas you can use to make the space personal to you.

We’ve picked 24 amazing wedding decorations ideas that’ll transform your space, with lots of DIY ideas to keep the cost down too. From rustic suitcases to Moroccan-style lounge areas, bunting to vintage bikes, lanterns to neon signs, the hardest thing you’ll have to do is pick between all these incredible wedding venue decoration ideas.

Don’t miss our wedding table decoration ideas too – there’s so much you can do there that we’ve kept this focused on just the decorations that are going to bring your venue to life!

Wedding Ceremony Decorations

Whether you're tying the knot in a rustic barn wedding venue or a glamorous hotel wedding venue, here are plenty of fun wedding décor ideas to jazz up your ceremony. 

1. Floral Hoops


Floral hoops have an almost fairy-tale, ethereal charm to them. They’re playful, whimsical and truly breath-taking when done right, just like this gorgeous hoop from The Old Dr Bells Baths. The colours of the green foliage and gold hoop complement each other perfectly, making this a gorgeous backdrop for exchanging your vows. 

You can also go for a wedding cake hoop to nail this trend on a smaller scale too!

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2. Fairy Lights

Interior of tipi set up for a wedding ceremony with wooden chairs, floral decor and fairy lights wrapped around wooden structural beams

From bedrooms to grand hotels, fairy lights are one of the best decorating ideas for a wedding to add atmosphere and ambiance to any space! These little lights can come in all shapes and colours, and are the ideal thing to add to your romantic wedding ceremony set up. We love the idea of wrapping them around wooden beams, just like The Gardens have done!

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3. Wedding Flags

Pink, blue and orange flags blowing in the wind

Whether you opt for indoor flags, outdoor flags, customised designs or colourful bunting, flags are a great addition to your wedding venue decoration ideas, especially if you're having a festival style wedding! And the best news is, The Event Flag Hire Company LTD offers them all. 

Nearlyweds can choose from a number of packages or else create their own. There are flags of all shapes, sizes and colours on offer here!

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4. Paper Lanterns

White room set for wedding ceremony with white chairs, white floral displays, white paper lanterns and a floral hoop

We're in love with this paper lantern display at The Old Dr Bells Baths in Leith. Using paper lanterns as one of your ideas for wedding decorations is a great way to make your ceremony stand out, especially when the lanterns appear to be floating in mid-air like the picture above! It's a really effective, cheap wedding decoration idea.

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5. Ceremony Backdrop

Wedding ceremony room with exposed hanging bulbs, hanging plants, exposed brick, white walls, plants, black chairs decorated with pink bows, floor-to-ceiling windows and macrame

Designing your own personalised ceremony backdrop is a great way to get creative with your wedding decorations ideas. There are plenty of ways you can go about this to match your wedding theme, from using fresh flowers to dried plants to anything you want! 

This backdrop from combines plants, macramé and gold structures for an striking effect that ties in perfect with the industrial theme of the venue. 

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6. Rugs

Bride and groom lie on top of a collection of vintage rugs

If you're throwing a boho wedding, then you *have* to check out these vintage rugs from Marauders! These gorgeous designs are the perfect finishing touch to any wedding ceremony set up - just imagine how amazing they'll look with a boho wedding dress when you walk down the aisle!

Marauders offer a range of preloved vintage-style furniture for hire, ideal for customising your wedding ceremony and reception. 

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7. Bicycle Welcome Sign

Black bicycle parked outside a wedding venue with a chalkboard wedding welcome sign

Want to introduce guests to your wedding in a rustic and quirky way? Then you can't go wrong with a vintage bike, perfect for setting the tone of your ceremony. 

Just look at how perfect this bike looks at South Causey Inn! The vintage vibes pair perfect with the stone exterior of the venue, and decorating the bike with hanging plants is the perfect finishing touch. 

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8. Fairy Light Trees

LED trees dispayed with pillar candles outside the entrance of a wedding venue

For a glamourous wedding, try dotting fairy light trees around your venue, just like these gorgeous white ones from Twilight Trees.

This wedding venue decoration idea is also the perfect addition to a winter wedding - not only do the white leaves create a gorgeous and wintery atmosphere, the lights can guide your guests during those early sunsets!

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9. Floral Canopy

Rustic room set for wedding ceremony with exposed brick walls, wooden chairs and a floral canopy

If you want to bring the outdoors indoors, then a floral canopy is one of the top wedding décor ideas for you! The floral canopy at South Causey Inn is a perfect example - the combination of leaves, hanging plants and orange and yellow colours just scream rustic. 

If your venue doesn't come with a canopy, take things into your own hands and get creative. You can match your display to your wedding theme and colour palette. 

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10. Chair Sashes

Wooden chairs with pink sashes and small rose and leaf decoration

Elegance, style, visual appeal - these are just some of the advantages you'll get from using chair sashes. They're also a great way to tie any visual elements together, as well as complementing your wedding theme, colour scheme and desired ambience. 

Just look at how cute these pink sashes from Ambience Venue Styling Surrey are - we love the green leaves tying them at the back!

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11. Floral Arch

Arch made up of pink roses and green leaves displayed in front of a marble structure in a walled garden

A floral arch is an absolute must for any fairy-tale wedding ceremony. Can you think of anything more romantic than exchanging vows surrounded by your favourite plants and flowers?

This flower arch at Gileston Manor is an unmissable feature, with its blush pink roses turning romance levels all the way up. We love it!

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Wedding Table Decorations

12. Candelabras 

Wedding dining table set up in a glass-walled room with orange flowers, wooden chairs, table runner, glasses, cutlery and grand candelabras

Candelabras are one of the best decorating ideas for a wedding for adding a little Beauty and the Beast vibe to your wedding table decorations. Check out these ornate tall candelabras in the table set up at The Gardens which provide that perfect elements of fairy tale and old school glamour. 

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13. Tapered Candles

Table set up with printed menu, pink flowers, glasses and tapered candles

Using tapered candles as part of your wedding table decoration ideas is a great way to add character. These gorgeous candles at tie in so well with the floral table display, and are elevated even further by being displayed in long gold candlestick holders. 

Be sure to check that your venue is okay with candles being displayed on your wedding tables before investing!

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14. Lamps


These cordless lamps from TDC Cordless Lighting are a great alternative to floral centrepieces. Not only do the lamps look beautiful, but they also provide soft mood lighting perfect for creating an intimate atmosphere at your wedding breakfast. Use these at a winter wedding for some seriously cosy vibes. 

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15. Floral Table Runner

Large white room with long white tables dressed for a meal with cutlery, crockery, glasses and pink and green floral table runner. The room also features a baby grand piano and white balloons that say

Floral centrepieces aren't the only way to incorporate flowers in your ideas for table decorations for weddings! 

We *love* this floral table décor at Kindred. The burlap table runner and candles give a rustic feel to the table, while the green leaves and pink flowers give a pop of colour to the gorgeous white room. 

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15. Grazing Table


Not only are grazing tables absolutely delicious and a great way to include many different types of foods in your reception meal, they also look seriously impressive. 

This savoury grazing table by Worcestershire-based Little Grazing Company is an eye-catching display thanks to its variety of different colours and rustic bread boxes. They also provide brunch grazing tables, meaning that your guests and wedding party will be catered to at all times of the day!

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16. Coloured Glasses

Wooden chairs and table laid with plates, napkins, coloured tapered candles, coloured glassware and flowers in glass bottles

Glasses in mismatched jewel tones instantly brighten up a table and work so well with flower centrepieces. If you’re going for a very boho, relaxed vibe, these breathe a breath of fresh air into your ideas for table decorations for a wedding - take a look at how elegant these Luna and the Lane glasses look in the table display!

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Wedding Reception Decorations 

17. Doughnut Wall

Pink donut wall decorated with fresh flowers

Who doesn't love doughnuts? Not only are doughnut walls a great alternative wedding dessert idea, but displaying them on an Insta-worthy wall is guaranteed to grab your guests' attention. 

Sweet-toothed nearlyweds should check out the doughnut walls on offer at Kalm Kitchen - these fun wedding decorations ideas will definitely satisfy your craving!

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18. Table Plan

Navy blue seating plan with gold writing suspended on a gold grame with navy and white feather decorations

Just because something is informative, doesn't mean that it can't also be gorgeous! You can really let your creativity run wild when it comes to your table plan; check out this elegant dark blue and gold feature from Say It With Print for some inspiration. 

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19. Giant Letters

LED letters

Giant letters are one of the most popular ideas for wedding decorations with couples tying the knot. Companies like Light Up Love offer a range of different letter combinations - choose between classic signs like "LOVE" or "MR/S AND MR/S", or go for a more personalised approach and get your own initials. 

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20. Outdoor Wedding Games

A child throws a ball at a stack of tin cans in a venue's garden

If you're looking for something that's fun for all the guests and also creates a vintage funfair feel, then outdoor wedding games are the wedding addition for you. Perfect for some fun in the sun at an outdoor wedding reception, you can choose from a range of games. 

Classic garden games hire company Girl Friday Games offers everything from corn hole to croquet to giant Jenga and more!

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21. Neon Sign

Neon sign reading

One thing's for sure; if you see a neon sign, you know you're heading to a good party. Décor company Luna and The Lane offer a wide variety of neon signs - choose between some pre-made signs with snappy slogans, or personalise it by creating a sign with you and your partner's name on it!

Neon signs instantly create a party atmosphere - no wonder this is such a popular wedding décor idea!

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22. Balloons

A groom kisses a smiling bride on the cheek outside in front of a white and gold balloon display

Balloon installations are amazing to bring a simple space to life. Balloon companies like Bubblegum Balloons allow you to incorporate balloons into centrepieces or top table decoration, or have balloon arches and displays perfect for livening up your wedding photos. 

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23. Soft Play Area

Childrens' soft play area with teddies set up outside in a garden in front of a tree

If you're planning on having children at your wedding, it's important to find ways to keep them entertained throughout the day. This play area from The Little Bear Soft Play Company is the perfect way to make sure the little ones are still having fun, and its neutral colour palette and cute teddies make it a great aesthetic addition to your wedding reception. 

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24. Mismatched Chairs

Rustic barn wedding venue with exposed beams, wood panelling, floral displays, a neon sign and colourful mismatched chaurs

There are plenty of ways to break with tradition when it comes to your wedding venue decoration ideas. Using colourful and mismatched chairs will instantly give your ceremony a quirky, relaxed and boho atmosphere, just like this Luna and The Lane display above!

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What Decorations To Use For a Wedding?

When it comes to wedding venue décor ideas, there’s no one better to ask than the industry experts. 

Abi Shobowale, leading wedding and event planner and designer at Perfectevent4u, says: “Florals are the most common type of decoration for a wedding. They can either be fresh or silk in beautiful vases and stands. Florals on the ceiling are also another way of elevating your wedding décor. 

“Candles are becoming more and more popular these days and they honestly make your wedding look gorgeous, romantic and expensive. I would recommend tall multiple arm candelabras. Lanterns, ornaments, and super size balloons are also a great choice.”

Sommy Echezona, founder and director of boutique wedding and events planning company M.Fiore Events, also offers her advice: “Items that you can reuse! Silk florals for the aisle - reusing this for your tables is a cost effective way to keep to budget. Candles can be bought in bulk and create a romantic atmosphere when used for the ceremony and dinner.”

At the end of the day, how you decide to decorate your wedding ceremony and reception is entirely up to you. As Abi wisely says, “Remember, it's your wedding and it has to be your way.”

How Can I Make My Cheap Wedding Look Expensive?

When it comes to planning your wedding on a budget, there are lots of different ways you can get creative cutting costs without compromising on style, especially when it comes to your ideas for wedding decorations. 

Abi feels strongly that little details can make a big difference in your wedding décor. She says, "Luxury and expensive wedding is all about the details in your wedding style and the experience created for you and your guests. My suggestion is to spend more on little details such as the accessories on the tables.

"Candles create great ambience on the head table as well as the guests tables. Candelabras can make your wedding look expensive. Items like napkin rings, printed menus or thank you cards and budget favours make weddings look expensive. Writing thoughtful little notes on card, cardboard, wood and glass looks expensive. Hanging elements from the ceiling create an expensive look and feel."

Sommy also shares some ideas for table decorations for weddings, saying, "You can also think about the tablescape and adding texture to the table to add more depth. Adding a gauze table runner and napkins is a good cost effective way to add colour, texture and bring more vibrancy to the wedding." 

How Can I Decorate My Wedding DIY?

There are so many great do it yourself wedding decoration ideas out there, from rustic wedding ideas to fun touches for a winter wedding.  Whether you're a DIY aficionado or you just want to add some more personal elements to your day, getting hands-on and creative with your wedding venue décor ideas is a great way to make your wedding stand out from the crowd. 

Abi has a range of ideas for couples seeking to DIY their wedding venue décor: "Fold your napkins stylishly, spray paints old glass bottles to use as bud and flower vases. Spray paint old vases, stack books as centrepieces, use floating candles in cylinder vases and you can immerse a stem of fresh or artificial flower in the water."

She also suggests some great ideas for personalising wedding flowers: "Add some flowers to traditional or modern lanterns, adding just foliage across the length of trestle tables, making your own bouquet and pew ends flowers."

Sommy also offers some advice for DIY couples: "Make sure you have looked at the methods on how to make the items and whether you have time to make it.  Make sure you have the time and you have your wedding party help you so that you don’t feel rushed!"

Is It Cheaper to DIY Wedding Décor?

If you're planning your wedding on a budget, it can be tempting to go for do it yourself wedding decoration ideas as a cheaper option. However, Sommy points out a couple of things that couples need to take into consideration before busting out their paintbrushes: "Have you looked at the step by step method to make the items? Are you able to resell if you do not want to keep it?

"Who is going to set up the items for you on the day? Sometimes it can be cheaper if you are looking for smaller items and minimalistic décor."

Abi also offers up advice for creative couples thinking about DIY decorating ideas for a wedding: "Personally, I believe that it is not cheaper to DIY your wedding. You tend to spend more buying items that are not really needed. You might underbuy and then it's not enough to achieve what you want and end up not happy. You may overbuy and therefore spend more than you should."

If you want to decorate your venue in a way that's sustainable, check out our eco-friendly wedding ideas, packed full of ideas from the experts.