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It’s tradition for a bride to carry a bouquet of flowers down the aisle, so as soon as you’ve chosen a wedding date be sure to book a wedding florist to fulfill your floral needs and requirements.

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Blooming Haus - Wedding Flowers - Master Florist
Blooming Haus - Wedding Flowers - Master Florist
Hello Hitched Brides! Our artistic vision as one of London’s leading floral designers and a reputation for outstanding service and creative excellence in the bridal and event industries will bring you immersive floral experiences that will make you feel like you're daydreaming. How do we ... Read more

About Wedding Florists

A wedding florist will know exactly what flowers will be in season at the time you choose to get married along with what other types of flowers that you may need to buy for your wedding celebration. Your wedding florist will be able to coordinate flowers for your bridesmaids, buttonholes for your groom’s party, flowers for the ceremony and décor for the wedding reception and more. It’s advisable to book a wedding florist that will be able to get to your home or wedding venue to deliver and set up your floral decorations on the day of your wedding, so do your research, meet with your florist as soon as you can, and be sure to set aside a budget for your wedding florist early on in your wedding planning.