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Cake Hoops: What Are They & Where to Get One for Your Wedding

A cake hoop can give your big day bake a chic upgrade! Our guide explains exactly what this stylish stand is and our favourite designs to shop now

Brides standing next to a dark coloured tiered wedding cake with a cake hoop stand that is decorated with foliage

Looking for an alternative way to display your wedding cake? A cake hoop could be the perfect finishing touch to your big day bake. Part wedding cake stand, part decorative piece, a wedding cake hoop stand typically has a base where your wedding cake sits and a large hoop that surrounds the sponge, creating a spectacular statement. 

"Cake hoops can help to create an extra special eye-catching feature of your wedding cake. They are an elegant addition and ensure the cake ties in well with your wedding décor," explains Olivia Roper, owner and baker behind Olivia Bakes

They are lots of designs to choose from, including crescent hoops and metallic finishes, plus you can decorate them to suit your wedding theme. Olivia says that "floral hoops are definitely becoming more popular", but you can also adorn yours with foliage and fairy lights. 

"Lots of couples like to add florals to match their wedding florals or allow their cake to do most of the talking by adding some simple dark green ruscus or eucalyptus to their cake hoop stand. One of my current favourite styles is to add a floral meadow around the base of the cake with some simple dark greenery adorning the hoop."

Our edit of cake hoops includes everything from floral hoops for a wedding cake to gold hoop wedding cake stands!

Wedding Cake Hoops to Shop Now

1. Cake Hoop Stand - from £30, Etsy

Black matte cake hoop stand decorated with green foliage with a white tiered cake decorated with florals

This design is perfect if you are planning a rustic style wedding day. The base is crafted from reclaimed timber and has a gorgeous finish to it that would tie into a barn wedding venue wonderfully. It is hand-welded and you can choose from a variety of metals, including copper, silver and gold.  

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2. Crescent Moon Hoop - from £35, Etsy

Crescent moon wedding cake hoop stand with a tiered cake decorated in pink flowers

For a fun twist on a wedding cake hoop stand, consider a crescent style like this pick. It is available in various metallic finishes and sizes, and is made from welded steel not just metal tubing for a luxury look. 

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3. Hexagon Cake Hoop Stand - from £85, Etsy

Hexagon wedding cake hoop stand with a wedding cake decorated with neutral dried flowers

We love the contemporary look this design will give your wedding cake display. Choose from gold, copper, silver, black or white to pair with the rustic reclaimed wood base. No two wedding cake hoops will be the same! 

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4. Double Ring Wedding Cake Stand - £73, Amazon

Gold double ring wedding cake hoop stand

Need your cake hoop ASAP? Head to Amazon for this gorgeous gold double ring design. It's a great style to decorate with fairy lights, flowers or foliage as the double hoop allows for easy attachment. It is light-weight meaning it can easily be transported. 

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5. Table Top Double Cake Hoop Stand - from £140, Etsy

Black double wedding cake hoop stand with a floral wedding cake with a ribbon

Cool couples who are opting for a simple wedding cake will adore this chic and stylish stand. It won't take away from the bake itself but instead elevate it to the next level with a trendy matte black finish and rustic wooden base. Gold, white, copper and silver is also available. 

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6. Wooden Rustic Wedding Hoop & Stand - £85, Etsy

Wedding cake hoop stand with a wooden base and foliage covered hoop

This stand is a really affordable option as it comes complete with the greenery garland so all the work is done for you! It pairs beautifully with the relaxed log slice base and would fit wonderfully into a laid-back celebration. 

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7. Hoop Swing Cake Stand - from £150, Etsy

Hanging cake hoop stand with a tiered wedding cake and dried flower decorations

Your wedding cake will certainly make a statement if you opt for this hanging cake stand! You can pick from a round or rectangular base and black, gold, silver, copper or white metal. It's a really unique idea that your wedding guests won't forget. 

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Wedding Cake Hoop Stand Suppliers

Some wedding cake suppliers offer wedding cake hoops to go with their designs that you can hire for the day. See a few of our favourites below.

8. Olivia Bakes, Hampshire

Dark coloured tiered wedding cake with a hoop stand decorated in foliage

Olivia Bakes specialise in buttercream creations that are ethically made. She only uses the highest quality materials and and her designs can be displayed on a beautiful wedding cake hoop stand. We're obsessed with the dark bake above that is paired with a foliage covered cake hoop. 

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9. Iced Images Cakes, Kent

Silver tiered wedding cake with a hoop stand a 'you're my lobster' cake topper

Your wedding cake hoop doesn't have to circle the sponge - this design from Iced Images Cakes is understated and subtle in the most beautiful way. The silver finish matches the marble icing perfectly and gives a modern look. 

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10. Cheryl Bottomley Cakes, West Yorkshire

White tiered wedding cake with a pink rose and foliage decorated cake hoop stand

How about matching the florals on your wedding cake to your hoop? This style is by Cheryl Bottomley Cakes and is super pretty. It shows that a wedding cake hoop can still look traditional and classic when decorated with beautiful blooms. 

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What is a Wedding Cake Hoop?

A cake hoop is a decorative piece that is used to display your wedding cake.

"This eye-catching stand can really enhance the visual impact of your wedding cake and you can attach florals or greenery to them to create a standalone feature," says Olivia Roper, owner and baker behind Olivia Bakes.

"There are lots of different styles, including smaller ones that can be attached directly to your cake, but my favourite is a broken hoop steel and reclaimed wooden one by the fabulous Bramble Sky." 

How to Attach a Floral Hoop to a Wedding Cake Stand?

If you already have a wedding cake stand and want to give it a floral finish, you can easily attach a floral hoop.

Olivia explains that "floral hoops usually come with a removable base that can be secured to the hoop part with re-useable zip ties or glue dots. Some designs rests comfortably in their wooden base and don't usually need to be secured."

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