Maid Of Honour / Best Woman Speech Examples

If your best friend is getting married and they've asked you to be their maid of honour or best woman, then giving a speech can be a really nice touch on the day. Giving a maid of honour speech is a great way to say a special thank you to the couple for asking you to play an important role in their wedding.

The maid of honour speech should be light-hearted, fun and have just the right amount of sentiment to allow for some aaahs! The guests will love to hear some funny stories about the bride; maybe some anecdotes of how you met or a special milestone that you both shared. Try to include a poignant message; say something from the heart. This is a great opportunity for you to tell the bride how much she means to you!

In your maid of honour speech, you should thank the other bridesmaids for their help in making the day wonderful for their friend and for being a big part of the special day. You’ll find plenty of examples to help you create a memorable maid of honour speech speech here. Please feel free to send us a copy of yours to help others!