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16 Superhero Worthy Marvel Wedding Cakes

Massive superhero fans? Release your inner comic book nerd at your wedding reception with a Marvel wedding cake

A three tier marvel wedding cake with Hulk fist at the top

There’s something quirky and creative about a themed wedding cake and there's one particularly fun theme we've been spotting everywhere from Instagram to real weddings lately: Marvel wedding cakes.

Whether you both grew up reading the comics or have regular Marvel movie marathons at home, a Marvel wedding cake is a great way to inject your personality into your wedding reception.

If you’re worried a superhero style wedding cake might not look quite right sitting alongside your Pinterest-worthy, pastel hued wedding décor, why not opt for a half and half superhero wedding cake? You can keep one side classic and pretty and feature your favourite Marvel characters on the other – it’s the best of both worlds!

You’ll find plenty of half Marvel wedding cakes below along with some statement superhero cakes. From Spiderman-inspired bakes to hilarious Hulk cakes and Avengers treats, these brilliant bakes will have you feeling inspired.

Found a cake design you love? Make sure you read up on the questions to ask your wedding cake maker!

The Best Marvel Wedding Cakes

1. Two-Tier Marvel Wedding Cake

Two Tier Marvel Wedding Cake with Hulk Hand Topper

Want to go all out with the theme? Ditch the traditional side and have an entirely Marvel themed cake. We love the subtle touches that represent each of the couple’s favourite characters.

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2. Three-Tier Half Marvel Wedding Cake

Three Tier Marvel Wedding Cake with White icing on One Side

We love how the white royal icing on this three-tier bake seems to drape over the cake like a curtain, revealing Iron Man, Captain America and Spiderman designs. Finished with flowers and a rustic topper, this cake will fit right in with your theme from one side and provide a fun surprise for guests on the other.

3. Spiderman Half and Half Cake

Three tier wedding cake with white icing and ruffled blue icing at the bottom and Spiderman logo at the back

Sweet and simple from the front, we love the lattice etched icing and ruffled bottom – you can easily incorporate your wedding theme in the same way. We’re also huge fans of back of the cake, which reveals a striking webbing design and the Spiderman emblem.

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4. Two Tier Superhero Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake with Spiderman Tier and Superman Tier

Combining the Marvel and DC universes, we love how striking this wedding cake is. From the stars added to the sides to the Hulk fist bursting out of the top, every part of this cake has been designed to grab attention.

5. White Cracked Effect Marvel Cake

Five tier white wedding cake with Iron Man, Spiderman and Hulk Details

We love how the foundation of this creation is a classic five-tier white wedding cake which the designer has cleverly embellished with Marvel themed details. It’s as though the characters are bursting from within.

6. Marvel and DC Four Tier Cake

Four tier DC and Marvel Wedding Cake

Love both Marvel and DC? There’s no reason why you can’t mesh both universes together when it comes to your wedding cake.

7. White and Gold Movie Themed Cake

Four tier white wedding cake with gold and silver motifs

Proving that you can do a themed cake in muted shades, this design combines the couple’s love of Harry Potter, Disney, Star Wars and Marvel. We think keeping the colours coordinated is a great way to merge lots of themes and ideas without it looking OTT.

8. White Shirt Superman Reveal Cake

An all white wedding cake with section revealing Superman logo

Ok, so Superman is technically a DC character, but you could totally adapt this design with a Marvel character of your choice. How cool does the Superman emblem look bursting out from the icing shirt?

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9. Black and Gold Superhero Cake

A five-tier black and gold wedding cake with black and white superhero pictures on

On first glance, this cake looks like a sleek and stylish metallic bake but look a little closer and you’ll see black and white images of superheroes. This is a great way to subtly add the theme to your wedding cake.

10. Peach Reveal Four-Tier Cake

Four tier wedding cake decorated with peach flowers with Marvel and DC characters on the other side

This cake is truly the best of both worlds. Blending the wedding colours and flowers with Marvel and DC heroes, it gives guests plenty to look at.

11. Pastel Marvel Wedding Cake

Pastel toned marvel wedding cake

You don’t need to opt for red, white and blue. Have your cake maker fashion icing into the patterns and symbols of your favourite Marvel characters but keep them in muted shades for a subtle take on the theme.

12. Four-Tier Floral and Superhero Cake

Four tier half and half wedding cake with baby's breath

Thor, Batman, Superman and the Hulk are all represented on one side of this epic wedding cake while the other side features traditional icing and delicate florals – we love it!

13. Three-tier Half and Half Superhero Cake

Three tier half and half wedding cake with Marvel top tier

We love the eye-catching glossy finish of this Marvel and DC Cake. White icing is draped over one side of the cake with sugar flowers layered over the top for romantic vibes.

14. Hulk Single-Tier Cake

Single tier Hulk head cake

How fun is this Hulk cake? If you want to put a smile on your guests’ faces and make a statement with your cake, we think a bold and beautiful Marvel creation like this one is the way to go.

15. Superhero Cupcakes

Superman cupcake with Batman cupcakes either side

If you’re having a dessert table or cupcake tower instead of a traditional wedding cake, we think some cupcakes sporting superhero emblems is a fun way to inject your love of Marvel and DC into your big day. We can totally see some Spiderman bakes sitting amongst these Batman and Superman ones.

16. Cream and Gold Marvel Cake

A cream three-tier wedding cake with gold Marvel emblems

We love how this three-tier cream and gold cake combines classic wedding styling with a Marvel theme - it would fit in with just about any wedding colour scheme! 

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