Entertaining Your Wedding Guests: 36 Awesome Ideas They’ll Love

Make sure your guests have the time of their lives at your wedding by browsing these amazing wedding entertainment ideas


When it comes to planning a wedding, everyone’s expectations for entertainment are always so high.


From keeping people amused during the drinks reception to ending the night with a bang, there’s plenty of moments when hiring and entertainer or putting on a surprise can make your guests’ experience.

Whether it’s firework displays, photo booths or outdoor games, one way to make sure that all of your guests are impressed is to use one of these insanely entertaining ideas.

It’s basically a list of ways to throw the best wedding the world has ever seen – with wedding entertainment ideas for every budget!

1. Magicians


There are few things more entertaining than magic. It’s a skill that really gets the mind working, eager and determined to figure out the secret behind the trick. Hiring a magician for your wedding is the perfect way to keep your guests occupied – especially if the magician is as good as mind reader Forzoni. This guy really knows his stuff.

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2. Caricaturist


Give guests a wonderful keepsake of your wedding by hiring a caricaturist. Everyone will love this unique finishing touch to your big day and your caricutarist will have guests – old and young – queueing up for their go! Alive Network, who provide everything from DJs to circus performers, have an incredible range of caricaturists on their books so you’ll easy find one who captures the spirit of your big day.

3. Fire Performers


Want to have your guests talking about your entertainment for years to come? A spectacular fire performer will thrill guests of all ages with their electrifying routines! Entertainers Worldwide have a skilled selection of fire eating, spinning, juggling and body burning pyrotechnic performers to hire for the ultimate adrenaline rush.

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4. Bouncy Castles


Image: Benjamin Stuart Photography

Bouncy castles are ALWAYS a good idea, especially if you are throwing a summer wedding. This is something that can be such a laugh for both the adults and the children at your wedding – and makes for some amazing pictures.

5. Retro Arcade


The team at Fox and Braces in Essex offer a range of wedding entertainment services including 360 photography and DJ sets, but our favourite has to be their amazing retro arcade machine. Available to hire for weddings, their stylish custom-made arcade machine would really suit a vintage-themed wedding!

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6. Photo Booths



There’s a reason why hiring a photo booth for a wedding is so popular, because they are so much fun. Putting on props and taking hilarious photos is not just something that is fun in the moment, it also creates memories for your guests that will last a lifetime. We love the look of Airstream Studio, it’s such a stylish wedding photo booth.

7. Magic Mirror Photo Booths


If you want to be a little different and hire a photo booth with an added feature, a Magic Mirror is for you. Step up to the interactive screen, put on your props and watch the magic happen. Your guests will love to take home the prints and you get a digital copy too. We love Wonderstruck Magic Mirror‘s flower-framed one.

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8. Singing Waiters

One trend which seems to really be taking off when it comes to weddings is hiring singing waiters. The Singing Waiter Masters specialise in this type of act where you can hire professional actors and West End singers to surprise your guests with a showstopping performance that will blow your socks off.

9. Firework Displays


What better way to end your wedding night than with a show-stopping firework demonstration. It’s such a romantic finale to what will have been the perfect day. We love this incredible display put on by Phenomenal Fireworks.

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10. Wedding Nannies


If you’re one of those families with lots of little ones, why not hire a wedding nanny service to look after the children when they start to get tired and bored of wedding formalities? This can be such a life saver and gives parents the chance to let their hair down. Carousel Creche Company know all about keeping your little guests entertained.

11. Children’s Entertainment


If you can’t afford a nanny, Toy Box Tots offer a children’s toy rental service that will ensure all of the young guests at your wedding have the most incredible day.There’s a big range of different themes and age groups covered and each box comes with a book to take home. Ask your venue if they’ve got a private room just off to the side and set up a toy and DVD room.

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12. Ice Cream Stalls


Everybody loves ice cream and Chilly White offer a stylish, retro ice cream cart that can serve delicious, creamy scoops to you and your guests. Not only do they do ice cream, but candy floss, popcorn, hot dogs, doughnuts, waffles and more nostalgic treats. We love this summer wedding idea and have a funny feeling your guests will too!

13. Prosecco Drinks Vans


If you’re looking for ways to include even more Prosecco into your wedding day, let us introduce you to The Lovely Bubbly Co Prosecco van – a simply beautiful mobile drinks unit that will add the glam factor to your special day. Mocktails are available too so non-drinkers don’t miss out.

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14. Cocktail Cars


Prosecco not quite to your taste? How about the bold Cocktail Car Company. Their trained mixologists will provide you and all of your friends and family with the most insane cocktails – all from a vamped up 1980s VW van. Plus, hiring them is an amazing way to include Gin in your wedding.

15. Micro Pig Petting Zoo


Informative and unbelievably cute, Kew Little Pigs will bring their squeezeable collection of micro pigs to your wedding for your guests to pet and find out more about how to look after them. It’s completely unique, totally soothing and fun for guests of all ages.

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16. Dessert Tables


One way to make sure all of your wedding guests are entertained is to offer a dessert table. A whole platform of sweet treats is bound to impress your friends and family – you’ll want it to look something like this incredible spread by Emmy’s Brigadeiro, who specialise in the delicious Brazilian chocolate truffle treats.

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17. Wedding DJs


Hiring a DJ is one of the most popular and classic forms of wedding entertainment and we totally understand why. If there is one way to really get the party started at a wedding it’s an entertaining, engaging and lively DJ, just like DJ Knight.

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18. Live Bands

If DJ’s aren’t quite your style, why not opt for a live wedding band? This kind of entertainment can really transform your wedding reception into something really special. The Velvet Notes are a wedding band who are super passionate about wedding entertainment and making it a really incredible evening for the couple and the guests.

19. Solo Musicians

Couples who have less of a budget but still want live music at their wedding should consider a solo musician. The ambiance that a solo musician can bring to your wedding ceremony, breakfast or even reception is so beautiful. Singer Joe Bailey has plenty of experience entertaining at weddings.

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20. Acoustic Soloists

Rustic weddings and elegant events are the perfect place for an acoustic musician’s to play. James McLean has the perfect, gentle voice that would make your first dance incredibly romantic!

21. ’80s Themed Bands


Are you an 80s’ couple at heart? Is Cyndi Lauper your guilty pleasure? If so, hiring an 80s’ themed band for your wedding reception is a great idea. The likelihood is, if this is your guilty pleasure, it will also be your guests’ secret taste – and what better way to party than to a band like Born in the 80s who really know how to rock your favourite classics?

22. Dog Sitters


As well as keeping all of your human guests entertained, for dog-loving couples it’s important to look after man’s best friend too. Dog’s usually aren’t on the wedding invitation list, but with companies like Amanda’s Ark, that can all change. This professional dog entertainer will make sure that the friendly canines are fully entertained and taken care of whilst the wedding celebrations and official ceremonies are underway.

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23.First Dance Performances


Give your guests the shock of their life by learning a full on dance routine for your first dance in front of everyone. Couples who are well known for having two pairs of left feet will be able to surprise everyone when it comes to debuting the final dance, especially if you book in with First Dance Productions.

24. Toast Masters


Toast masters are a tradition that a lot of couples love to incorporate into their wedding celebrations. They add a really traditional ambiance to weddings and also help to organise everyone throughout the day. We particularly love Stephen Eggleton’s style – he’s so smart and professional!

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25. Harpists


Nothing is more angelic and beautiful than the sound of a harp playing. Hiring a harpist for your wedding ceremony is something that we think would give your guests a form of entertainment that is elegant and totally calming – visit Nicola Veal’s listing to hear just how gorgeous it sounds.

26. String Quartets


If you love the idea of live classical music but want a big performance to impress your guests, consider hiring a string quartet – they really know how to make a lasting impression at a wedding celebration. As well as classical songs, Manor House String Quartet have a huge repetoire of rock and pop songs. Check out their amazing cover of Bruno Mars’ Marry You.

27. Silent Discos


Image: Silent Noize Events

If your circle of friends really know how to have a good time, they will most definitely appreciate a silent disco as entertainment. The atmosphere in a silent disco is one that cannot be matched by any other type of entertainment – it’s a fantastic idea if your venue has a strict noise limit or you’ve got a real diverse range of age groups. Silent Noize have 3 channels: have Motown on one channel for the oldies, chart hits on another for your mates and your favourite music genre on the third!

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28. Karaoke


If your friends will play along with a silent disco, they will definitely like the idea of wedding karaoke. We’ve all endured a bit of drunk karaoke and we’ve all loved every minute of it so what better place to relive those memories than on your wedding day? With SongShack, there’s 35,000 songs to pick from, you’ll even get a recording of your moment in the spotlight emailed to you and they also have a video option so you can make your music videos at your wedding!

29. Casino Tables


We totally love the idea of including casino tables in your wedding reception. It’s a fantastic evening activity that’ll really raise the stakes (with no risk of losing any real money!) and works so well at a glamorous or black tie wedding. Challenge everyone to see who can get the most chips and have a prize ready – we love the packages from GB Fun Casinos.

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30. Fairground Rides


Fairground rides might be completely extra, but boy, are they a cool thing to have at your wedding! Preston Court is one wedding venue that offers this theme in the most incredible way, with a vintage carousel and stalls on site. Their facilities and quirky style totally set them apart from other wedding venues!

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31. Dress Up Boxes


Image Credit: Halo Booth

Funfair’s not to your taste? What about a more low key entertainment tactic… Having a dress up box which suits whatever crazy wedding theme you’ve chosen is a great way to keep your guests busy and make the wedding photographs even more hilarious and memorable than you could ever imagine. Party Packs have a great value props set to buy.

32. Glitter Bar


Going for a festival themed wedding? Feather and Fox have the most Instagrammable retro glitter van they can set up to over sparkly makeovers to all your guests. The glitter is all biodegrable so you don’t need to worry about harming the environment – all you need to focus on is going willd with their glitter and jewels!

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33. Lookalikes and Celebrities


Do you or your partner have a crazy celebrity crush? You can hire a lookalike or impressionist (or even the real deal if you’ve got a huge budget!) to make an appearance at your wedding! Your guests will be totally taken aback by the effort you’ve gone to and it could also be an amazing way to surprise your other half on your wedding day. Alive Network have a huge selection, including Gordon Ramsay, David Beckham and Kate Middleton.

34. Archery


Fancy some sporting activities at your wedding? Archery is a great way to get your guests feeling competitive without having to organise a complicated competitive game. Xperience Archery are total experts in putting together this kind of activity at weddings, and making it suitable for every level.

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35. Garden Games


Brides and grooms throwing a sensational summer wedding should seriously consider having some outdoor themed games. Whether it’s giant noughts and crosses or a good old game of bat and ball, it will go down a storm with your guests and break the ice. If you don’t want to buy the games and then find new homes for them after the wedding, FeteStall Attraction offer traditional carnival games to hire! Think shoot-a-duck, table football, ring toss, bowling and more.

36. Unusual Guest Books


Move away from the traditional guest books and choose something totally different. Why not have a wall of polaroids which people write their messages and memories on which you then get to keep as you own unique guest book? The Voice Messaging Company bring an iconic red phonebox to your venue, which guests can enter and record their messages to you!

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Now you have the entertainment sorted, it’s time to choose the music. We have some really great ideas in our edit of the most modern wedding songs ever!