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93 Unique Ways to Entertain Your Wedding Guests

Make your wedding day one that your guests will never forget with these incredibly unique wedding entertainment ideas.

married couple having fun on an unusual wedding entertainment ride

With so much choice out there, it can be hard to choose the perfect supplier for to provide that eagerly anticipated unique wedding entertainment. When it comes to planning your big day, guests can have high expectations for your wedding entertainment and you want something that people will remember for a long time. Making sure your loved ones are experiencing the thrill and joy of your union right along with you is a natural desire - though it may feel like a lot of pressure.  

From keeping your guests amused during the cocktail hour, to ending the night with a bang, there are plenty of moments throughout the day where adding a little extra entertainment can make your wedding celebration even more special and memorable for everyone involved.

92 Incredibly Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas for Fun Couples

We don't like the idea of Hitched couples feeling the pressure, which is why we've done all of the research so you don't have to. We've rounded up some of the unusual and unique wedding guest entertainment ideas to keep spirits high throughout the entirety of your wedding. Read on to find the perfect entertainment pick for your day, whether you fancy wedding fireworks, outdoor wedding games, or an alternative food idea to make your day utterly unique (and memorable). 

Creative Wedding Entertainment Ideas

1. Photo Booth

There’s a reason why hiring a wedding photo booth for your is such a popular idea – they’re so much fun. They also provide your guests with a lovely memento to take home with them to ensure they remember your wedding day forever.

The Proper Booth allows guests to create photos and boomerangs which can be instantly printed, air-dropped or emailed to them. Think your traditional photo booth, but seriously jazzed up.

2. Palm Reader

One really unique wedding entertainment idea is to hire a palm reader. Guests will be queueing up to find out their future or see what answers the tarot cards have for them. It's a great bit of fun that'll have everyone wanting a turn.

3. Sports Day 

All those classic sports day games are great fun at an outdoor or summer wedding. Bring some playful competition to your reception drinks with a sack race, egg and spoon, and bean bag throw. It's also a great one to use if you're having lots of young families or children at your wedding as it's something everyone can get involved with.

4. Ceilidh

Whether you're Scottish or just have a distant link, all your guests will love dancing a reel at a classic Ceilidh. Whatever your guests' ages or dance abilities, it's the most incredibly fun activity for your reception, especially with a live band to guide you.

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5. Petting Zoo

If you’re having your wedding at a farm wedding venue, pay homage to your wedding theme by setting up a petting zoo.

Your guests (particularly any children you have at your wedding) will love to make friends with the local residents! Or how about an alpaca appearance? Believe it or not, there’s a supplier for that

6. Fire Performers

incredible fire circus performer

Bring the wow-factor to your wedding day and hire fire breathers to perform at your reception. Guests of all ages will be thrilled by their amazing, exciting (and sometimes dangerous!) routines and tricks.

Fire performers are perfect for an autumn or winter wedding when the night has drawn in or at a destination beach wedding. Gather guests outside and marvel at the show - it'll have people talking about your wedding for years to come. 

If you’re feeling convinced, check out Kat Collett's Circus Entertainment. Their 'Fire Show Extravanganza' will completely blow your guests' minds - that's a wedding entertainer they'll never forget!

7. Circus Entertainer

Speaking of circus-themed entertainment, there's plenty more incredible circus skills that an entertainer can bring to your wedding to wow your guests. Think amazing aerial and hoop performers, acrobats, stilt walkers, jugglers, mime artists, contortionists, tightwire dancers and more. If you want to put on a spectacle that'll rival Cirque du Soleil, hire circus entertainers to amaze your guests.

8. Limbo Competition

Such an easy bit of entertainment to set up and full of laughs, a limbo is awesome at an outdoor or festival wedding. The merrier your guests get, the bolder they go with the low bar so make sure to have some stain wipes on hand should anyone fall over onto the grass.

9. Glitter Bar

Hosting a festival-themed wedding? A glitter bar is a seriously cool idea - we love seeing guests end the night with beards full of sparkles, eyebrows in multi-colour splendour, dancing under the disco lights with fabulous, festival-style glitter on their face.

We love that Headblush Glitter Bar uses eco glitter that's biodegradable, so you don’t have to worry about harming the environment - all you need to focus on is getting as many of your guests as possible to have sparkly makeovers.

10. Gaming4Weddings

If you are looking for the ultimate creative entertainment for your milestones, Gaming4Weddings offers nostalgia in spades. The first of its kind, the company provides a host of retro game machines for wedding events - the most welcome and social of which being their dance machine.

Playing against formal traditions, owner Chris Hignell offers the First Dance Package as a way of helping couples showcase their passion for each other by doing something they both enjoy as opposed to simply swaying through a song together. And the best part? As Chris explains, "It is a great crowd pleaser, and usually, the guests don't see it coming until the curtain is removed." It's a seriously fun alternative to the first dance that leaves newlyweds nerve-free and guests enthralled. Where do we sign up!?

11. Casino Tables

If a Las Vegas hen do was too much for the budget to handle, why not incorporate the buzzy theme into your wedding entertainment? Bring the glitz and the glamour of Las Vegas to your wedding day by putting casino tables out at your wedding reception. Lots of companies hire out the tables and provide a croupier to run the games so you can sit back and have fun. Guests win chips and you could have a prize for the person who gets the most.

12. Mini-Golf

If you’re hosting a summer wedding, set up a miniature golf course for guests of all ages to enjoy. Companies such as Clubhouse Mobile Mini Golf can provide a colourful option that will fit seamlessly into any open event space, providing endless entertainment in between wedding stages. 

As the married couple, why not go head-to-head or play the winners of your tournament?

13. Fireworks Display

What better way to end your wedding night than with a show stopping firework display? Not only are they the perfect end to a full day of celebrations but they lend themselves to a fantastic photo opportunity too.

It's not a good idea to start lighting fireworks yourselves after a day of, err, merriment, so opt for a professional firework supplier and let the experts create those magical moments for you! Komodo Fireworks, based in Leicestershire, are a great option, providing breathtaking shows for intimate and larger celebrations. From emotional pyro musical displays alongside your favourite song to colour-themed finales, they don't disappoint.

14. Bouncy Castle

Bouncy castles are always a good idea, especially if you’re throwing a summer wedding. They’re great fun for kids and adults and make for some fabulous pictures. Like the sound of it? Hire a wedding (and adult) appropriate bouncy castle here!

15. Bagpiper

Newlyweds embrace as a bagpiper plays

Make an unforgettable entrance to your wedding with a bagpiper playing you in. Skirls Aloud is an amazing bagpiper based in Dumbarton who also acts as your Master of Ceremonies - a role too many people forget about.

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16. Face Painting

You might think face painting is only for your younger wedding guests but we bet a fair few adults will want in on the action too. There'll be the classic butterfly, tiger and Spiderman looks for kids, but your older guests can rock some dainty flowers or a few leopard spots.

17. Children’s Colouring Stations

Colouring can keep kids occupied for hours: just cover a table in kraft paper and scatter it with wedding-themed colouring books or let them scribble away on the paper. You won’t hear a peep from them!

If you’d rather keep things contained to the wedding breakfast tables, pop one of these cute personalised colouring books on each child’s place setting. They’re so sweet.

18. Giant Jenga

Everyone is partial to a game of Jenga, aren’t they? Set up a game of giant Jenga in the garden of your wedding venue and watch the merriment unfold. A classic, easy source of entertainment that is sure to have your guests on tenterhooks!

19. Advice Cards

Set up a table with a post box and advice cards for your guests to fill in with funny words of wisdom. It's such a simple activity for guests to do, but brings a lot of laughs.

20. Virtual Reality Games

As part of your evening entertainment, you can hire Altered Reality Zone. They set up a VR party arcade where guests can fly through space, shoot lasers, solve puzzles and more.

21. Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is a great way to keep your young guests entertained. Provide them with a list of things to tick off, like spotting a person in a red outfit or a sign that has the word 'love' on. You could even get some of the wedding party involved in the treasure hunt, for example, one of the clues could be to find the best man/maid of honour and they'll be able to tell the kids a secret message or give them a clue to where a prize is hidden.

22. Space Hoppers

Space hopper racing is a wedding game both kids and adults can enjoy. Buy some bouncy hoppers that match your wedding colour scheme, set up a course and watch the laughter unfold. 

23. Giant Connect Four

giant wooden connect four games

If you’re installing garden games, this is a great choice. The kids and adults at your wedding will love playing Connect Four. We adore this giant wooden set from Etsy which you can personalise with your choice of colours and wedding date. Not only will it offer bags of nostalgia for your guests, but its gorgeous look lends itself well to a fun family heirloom. 

24. Pooh Sticks

Does your venue have a river with a bridge? You can play the classic game of pooh sticks where players drop a twig on one side of the bridge and run across to the other to see whose twig appears first.

If there's no bridge, what about a rubber duck race? Release rubber ducks into the water and see which crosses the finish line first. Just make sure to have a net set up to catch them at the end.

25. Pamper Packs

You might not think of this as an entertainment idea, but if your guests are anything like us, they'll love delving into a box of pampering goodies in the bathroom. As well as deodorant, hairspray and some spare toiletries, put a few extras in there like a perfume to spritz, mints, lollipops, blotting paper - heck you could even have a curling iron or hair straighteners if there's a heat-proof pad and someone to make sure it's safe.

26. Wedding Table Games

Avoid small talk and awkward conversations between your guests with a few well-placed wedding table games. They are a welcome surprise at the start of any wedding breakfast and even more so for attendants not keen on busting a move on the dance floor. 

We love this pack of icebreakers which includes a mix of conversation starters, dares and questions.

27. Table Pass the Parcel

Play pass the parcel around each of your wedding tables with icebreaker jokes and a little gift hidden between every layer. It sets the tone for a fun wedding reception and gets everyone in the mood for the hilarious groom speeches to come.

28. Axe Throwing

TimberJacks are a mobile axe-throwing business which will delight your guests with some unique entertainment. They'll bring their trailer to your event, which comes with two lanes, target boards, axes, festoon lighting and trained staff to guide your guests through the seriously fun experience. 

29. Outdoor Swing

Newlyweds relax on an outdoor swing with the ocean in the background

If you're as in love with garden swings as us, you'll love hiring a rustic, chic swing from The Wedding Swing Company. It's the perfect backdrop for photos, with drapes, flowers and lights. Every couple will want to have a turn.

30. Yoga Class

If you've got a whole wedding weekend planned, we love the idea of kicking off the wedding morning with some relaxing yoga for guests. Or how about putting on an afternoon session the day after the wedding once hangovers have been mopped up with bacon butties?

31. Magician

There are few things more entertaining than magic. It’s a skill that really gets the mind working, and your guests will be determined to figure out the secret behind the trick!

Magic Circle magician Phil Taylor will wander around as your guests are enjoying their reception drinks to perform tricks. This guy really knows his stuff.

32. Boat Trip

Bringing your guests to the venue by boat is a fantastic way to kick off your reception at a waterside or coastal wedding venue. Even if you don't use a boat for your arrival, if your venue is on a river or lake, you could hire a boat or barge to take groups of guests out on a quick trip. It's an unexpected activity that will leave loved ones feeling refreshed and relaxed for the evening ahead. 

33. Hangover Kits

A canvas bag with the words 'just in case' on the front in black, with sunglasses and body mousse on either side of the bag

At the end of the night, do your wedding guests a solid with a table packed with hangover kits. Etsy has a host of custom hangover bags you can choose from, which you can fill with things like a bottle of water, paracetamol, cereal bars, disposable ear plugs, Berocca, a coffee sachet, mini dry shampoo, face wipes, and more. It's a sweet final touch and a godsend for guests on the way home facing one hell of a morning after. 

34. Owl Ring Bearer

Owl flying down the aisle bringing the rings to the waiting groom

For a really romantic ring arrival, what about having them delivered by a barn owl?! The Barn Owl Ring Bearer team arrive discretely to keep the owl a surprise for guests until the ceremony, then the bird will silently swoop in to carry the rings to the gloved hand of one of the wedding party. The owl stays for an hour afterwards to entertain your family and friends.

35. Fairground Rides

Hosting a vintage-themed wedding? Fairground rides might be a bit extra, but boy are they a cool thing to have on your big day!

Marleybrook House in Kent offers a fairground wedding theme in the most incredible way. It has vintage rides and fairground games on-site - your guests will literally never want to leave!

36. Hook-a-Duck/Coconut Shy

If you don't have the space for fairground rides, what about fairground games? We love hook-a-duck or a coconut shy to entertain guests.

37. Bus Tour

Are your guests from out of town? You could organise a tour of your city on an open-top bus with bubbles and a guide talking through the sights. It's a unique way to get wedding photos and a cool experience.

Golden Tours organise tours through the City of London, offering views of the London Eye, St Paul's Cathedral, Tower Bridge and Houses of Parliament. You could do it between your ceremony and reception or as part of a longer wedding weekend.

38. Confetti Canons

If you don’t fancy finishing your wedding night with fireworks (or if your wedding venue doesn’t allow it), why not consider letting off confetti cannons? We love these white biodegradable ones from Etsy.

39. Prosecco Pong

Everyone’s favourite party game of beer pong has got a sophisticated new sister... Prosecco Pong is a fun drinking game which could be set up anywhere in your wedding venue - just make sure your photographer knows to snap some pictures of your guests playing it.

This Prosecco Pong set comes with 12 plastic glasses and four pink ping pong balls, and can be snapped up for just £20!

Personalised Wedding Entertainment Ideas

40. Wheel of Fun

Putting a wheel of fun somewhere in your wedding reception will keep your guests entertained for hours. If you are already in DIY wedding mode, this could be a fun little extra to incorporate. However, if the project feels a little too hefty, this chic rustic wedding spin the wheel will blend into any venue.

Better yet, you are free to include custom activities that match your wedding theme. Whether you use it for presenting prices, breaking the ice, or starting a conga line is entirely up to you. 

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41. Helicopter Arrival

Any cool arrival will be greeted by 'ooohs' and 'aaahs', but nothing will impress like a helicopter arrival! Gather your guests on the lawn to watch you and your new spouse touch down in a chopper.

Not got the venue for a helicopter? How about a classic car, a horse and carriage, a tuk tuk, a VW campervan, a black cab, or even a tandem bike.

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42. Couples Quiz

This has got to be one of our favourite wedding entertainment ideas. See how well you and your new spouse know each other by going head to head in front of all your guests. Get guests to ask you questions while you hold up a paddle board to indicate who’s most likely to do it. We’ve got a whole load of fun couple questions here!

43. Custom Temporary Tattoos

Hands showcase custom temporary tattoos of the newlyweds

Temporary tattoos are such good fun for kids and adults to cover themselves with. You could even take it one step further and get custom ones of you and your partner's faces.

44. Live Painter

Capture the magic of the day with an artist doing a live painting as the magic happens. Your guests will love wandering by and watching the painting come together and you'll have the most stunning piece of artwork for your home at the end of the day.

45. Get Guests Painting

Alternatively, artist Emma runs Your Guest Canvas where she'll start a piece of contemporary art that your guests can join in with on the big day. Don't worry, the colour, style and size are all chosen with Emma's help before the wedding and then, on the day, she'll be there to guide guests as they add their creative touch and sign the back. It'll make a stunning and sentimental piece of art to show off with pride.

46. Choreographed First Dance

Give your guests the shock of their lives by learning a full-on dance routine for your first dance and performing it in front of everyone.

Couples who are well-known for having two pairs of left feet will be able to surprise their friends and family with their new-found talents if they book a dance lesson with First Dance Productions.

47. Personalised Crackers

Crackers are a brilliant Christmas wedding idea your guests will just adore. How about making yours even more special with personalised crackers for each guest at their table setting that contain a little note from you? You'll love seeing the smiles on their faces as they pull the cracker and realise what's inside. They can even double up as Christmas wedding favours.

48. Video Slideshow

During your wedding breakfast, why not have a video slideshow playing on screens in your venue. It's such a lovely touch that tells the story of your relationship, is full of happy memories and will make guests laugh and smile. 

49. Include Your Pet

Newlyweds hold their dog on their wedding day

Whether you bring them in for cuddles in your photos to have your pet as a ringbearer, everyone will be entertained by you including your furry best friend in the day. Amanda's Ark provides a chaperone service where your four-legged VIP will the attentive care of a qualified handler to keep them safe, calm, and tended to throughout your big day.

They even offer to kennel for the duration of your honeymoon so you can jet-set in bliss, knowing your fur baby is well taken care of. 

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50. Date Ideas Box

Banish the wedding blues by asking your wedding guests to provide date night ideas for newlyweds. We love this date ideas jar from Etsy which provides guests with folded hearts for them to write their best ideas on. Married life is sure to be full of fun!

51. Unusual Guest Book

Guest books have always provided guests with something to do in the quiet moments between your wedding breakfast and party. So how about inspiring your guests to be more creative with the messages they leave (and keep them entertained for longer) by using one of our alternative guest book ideas including this wooden wedding jigsaw guest book by Newport-based company Manta Makes. 

52. Surprise Performance or Appearance

Does your spouse love a certain celebrity? What about organising a surprise performance from their favourite singer? If that's a little off the cards financially (Bruno Mars reportedly costs about £3 million to hire for a wedding!), you could get a video message from their favourite star or even arrange a lookalike to take some fun wedding photos with. 

53. Bake Off Competition

A great DIY wedding idea to keep costs down is to hold a Bake Off competition. Ask guests to bring along a bake (if they want to) and hand out prizes for the best in different categories. You'll fill up a dessert table with loads of delectable treats and your guests will feel super proud of themselves when they go home with a medal.

54. Photo Scavenger Hunt

A framed wedding photo scavenger hunt card filled with items guests have to find and photograph

How about creating a photo scavenger hunt for your guests to complete throughout the day? From a snap of the couple's beautiful outfits to a group selfie, it’ll bring out everyone’s competitive sides. If you've got something unique at your wedding (like a suit of armour at your castle venue), make sure it's on your list! You could even encourage guests to upload their pictures to Instagram using your wedding hashtag.

55. Bespoke Poem

A wonderfully personal way to share your love story is through a custom-crafted poem, written especially for your wedding. There are lots of poets who will write a contemporary, relatable and super-personalised ode for your day - try reading it out during your ceremony or before the first dance.

56. Hire a Caricaturist

Give guests a wonderful keepsake of your wedding by hiring a caricaturist. Everyone will love this unique finishing touch to your big day, and you’ll have all guests – old and young – queuing up for their go.

We love talented artist Lucy Sheridan who runs Rubbish Portraits; she's the perfect alternative to a traditional photo booth, drawing ink portraits of all your guests.

57. Signature Cocktail Bar

Ask your venue or bar to whip up pitchers of a special signature cocktail for each of you. Add a whole extra level of fun with a garnish section where guests can add their own extras, like glace cherries, edible flowers and glitter, fruit slices, edible cocktail toppers and popping candy. Guests can upload a photo of their creation with a chosen hashtag and you can award a prize to the best cocktail.

58. Piñata

Have a bit of good old-fashioned fun and set up a piñata at your wedding venue. On Etsy, the sky is the limit between custom piñatas shaped to look like wedding cakes, unicorns, diamond rings, or even your faces. Alternatively, how about your initials or perhaps something related to a hobby you both love?

59. Sparkler Send-Off

Sparklers make for excellent photo opportunities. Putting them in a bucket with a DIY wedding sign is also a lovely wedding décor idea or you could add a more personal touch with custom individual tags

60. Personalised Magazine

A personalised magazine or newspaper is a great time-filler for guests to read while sitting waiting for the ceremony to start or dotted around the reception room. Dapper & Bride can make a magazine for the day or one for after your wedding to share the day's highlights. It's a fab memento of the day.

61. Escape Room

Did you know you can hire escape rooms for your wedding? If you're the kind of couple that love puzzles and team tasks, this is a fantastic and unique idea for wedding entertainment. 

The Gamelab has a mobile escape room in a converted horsebox that they can bring to your wedding and offer a 15-minute escape room experience for up to four adults. Their standard game is called 'Find the Rings' where the wedding bands have been taken, but you can choose your own theme, from horror, superheroes and wizards to a bespoke story.

Food and Drink Wedding Entertainment Ideas

62. Afternoon Tea

Newlyweds share scones and tea together in an outdoor country setting

For the ultimate English garden party atmosphere, an afternoon tea is a must. While a full afternoon tea can replace your wedding breakfast, you can also do a smaller version instead of canapes. Think outside the box with teapots full of gin cocktails and a scone and cupcake display instead of a wedding cake.

63. Vodka Luge

A vodka luge is an ice sculpture with a hole drilled through for vodka to be poured directly into your mouth! It's an incredible centrepiece - the photos will look amazing - and it's so much fun to watch your guests take on the challenge of catching all the vodka as they get tipsier.

64. Rolled Ice Cream

You've seen it all over Instagram and TikTok - now it's time to serve it at your wedding! IcyCurls UK bring rolled ice cream to your wedding and their products are vegan so dairy-free and vegan guests can enjoy them too. Your guests can pick from six flavours including cookies and cream, raspberry ripple, mango, and seasonal options like mince pie.

65. Street Food

Wedding Entertainment Ideas

If you’re struggling to know what food to serve to your guests in the evening, keep them entertained with street food trucks. It’s a great idea for a festival-style wedding! From Thai and Mexican to burgers and pizzas, there are so many cool food trucks you could choose from.

How about Cardona & Son? They offer authentic American BBQ to wedding guests and it’s utterly delicious!

66. Midnight Feast

Your favourite childhood sleepover activity can get an adult makeover with pizzas, hot dogs, nachos, doughnuts, popcorn and more. If your venue is allowed to keep the music going till the early hours, you'll want some food at this point to fuel your guests on the dancefloor.

67. Waffle Stand 

Doesn't everyone agree that brunch is the best meal? Bring those breakfasty vibes to any time of your wedding day with a waffle stand, serving up hot, crispy waffles with all the toppings. It's a fab option for late-night food as guests can choose between a savoury topping like chicken and gravy or some sweet chocolate and ice cream.

68. DIY Cocktail Bar

What’s not to love about having a cocktail cart at your wedding reception? You can set up a DIY one if your venue has no corkage charge or hire a mobile bar service for the most insanely delicious spirits, cocktails and frozen cocktails. We love this self-service cocktail cart by husband-and-wife business Near And Far Mobile Bar

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69. Popcorn Stand

Super easy and super cheap—all you need are some retro stripy sweet bags and a few big jars filled with popcorn. You can pick up huge bags of popcorn from cash and carries. 

70. Chocolate Fountain

Our mouth is watering just at the thought of a delicious wedding chocolate fountain! Skip serving dessert (or don’t, the choice is yours) and lay out a chocolate fountain bar instead. You can snap one up from Argos for as little as £35!

71. Hot Chocolate Bar

If you’re hosting a winter wedding, a hot chocolate bar is a great choice. Guests could pimp their drinks with cream, chocolate flakes and marshmallows—or you could add Baileys or Disaronno for an alcoholic version. Why not take it a step further with a full-on mobile coffee bar courtesy of Cute Little Drinks Van and keep guests nicely energised for the evening festivities. 

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72. Whiskey and Cigar Bar

Do it like Don Draper and have a Mad Men-style whiskey and cigar bar in the evening at your wedding. You can create a little outdoor lounge with heaters where your guests can sip it on the rocks or in a cocktail and blow on a cigar. It's a really decadent addition to your night.

73. Ice Cream Stall

Everybody loves ice cream, so if you’re hosting a retro-inspired wedding day, why not hire an ice cream cart to pop up at your reception? We love the vintage ones on a bicycle—like this one by Delicious Dreams Ice Creams. Some can even serve candy floss, popcorn, hot dogs, doughnuts, waffles and more too! It's a brilliant summer wedding idea.

74. Prosecco Drinks Van

If you’re looking for even more ways to include Prosecco in your wedding day, reach out to Bubble Bar.

This converted drinks caravan will bring all the glam to your big day and serve Prosecco or Prosecco-based cocktails to your guests. Mocktails are also available, so non-drinkers don’t miss out.

75. Pimp Your Prosecco

Prove your love for Prosecco by taking things one step further and installing a ‘Pimp Your Prosecco’ bar at your wedding.

DIY a cool sign and offer your guests these shimmery Prosecco accessories.

76. S'mores Station

If your venue has outdoor fire pits (or space for you to hire some), then roasting marshmallows is a must. You can turn these easily into delicious s'mores by setting up a station with digestive biscuits and squares of chocolate for your guests to squidge together with a hot, melty mallow.

77. Doughnut Bobbing

As if you needed any excuse to have all the doughnuts at your wedding. This unique wedding entertainment idea is both delicious and fun.

Tie a selection of different flavoured doughnuts to string and hang them from a tree in the gardens of your wedding venue. Then watch as your guests tie their hands behind their backs and use their mouths to retrieve the sweet treat.

78. Grazing Tables

A wedding grazing table filled with grapes, bread, cheese, and meat

Grazing tables are a popular wedding trend and a wonderful alternative food and drink idea for your evening reception.

As the name suggests, guests will love to spend hours grazing on the delicious food you’ve laid out. Prize for the guest who makes the most visits! You can make a DIY grazing table or hire a company like Little Graze Company to make a stunning one for you.

79. Doughnut Wall

Yay - another doughnut wedding idea. We love the cute doughnut walls you can buy which read “Hole-y Matrimony” or "I Dough". Funny and delicious.

80. Dessert Table

One of our favourite ways to entertain your guests is to offer a dessert table, like this one from Natalie cake studio. A whole table full of sweet treats is sure to impress your guests—and it’ll make for some great photographs, too!

81. Champagne Tower

If you're after show stopping wedding photos you need the drama of a Champagne tower. Guests will cheer you on as you pour bubbles down your tower of glasses - before they dismantle it to get a glass themselves.

Music Wedding Entertainment Ideas

82. Singing Waiters

Hiring singing waiters to perform at your wedding is a huge trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Singing Surprise are a group of West End performers who will dress up as staff at your wedding before bursting into song during your wedding breakfast. They’re guaranteed to have everyone up on their feet.

83. Hire a DJ

Perhaps a bit of an obvious one, but you’ve got to get people on the dance floor, and a wedding DJ is the best way to do that.

We love Mitch Matthews who will have your wedding guests dancing all night long.

84. Live Band

If you’re hosting a rustic wedding, you might prefer a wedding band to a DJ. Blue Lion Band are a customisable 3-15 piece band who play a whole range of music genres. Between them, they’ve played with some of the best artists in the world including Ellie Goulding, Jason Derulo and George Michael!

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85. String Quartet

Two women sitting in a vintage-style library room playing the violin and cello

Add a touch of sophistication to your wedding day by hiring a string quartet like Liquid Strings. It’s the perfect wedding entertainment choice for during your reception drinks or as your guests are waiting for the ceremony to start.

86. Acoustic Soloist

If your wedding theme doesn’t really lend itself to a string quartet, you could hire an acoustic solo singer instead. They’re likely to take requests of your favourite songs to personalise your celebrations.

87. Roaming Musicians

Roving musicians and walkabout bands add a completely different dimension to your wedding music. These live bands will get your feet tapping as they bring the entertainment up close and personal. From Mariachi bands to barbershop quartets and roaming saxophonists, there's so many types of roaming musicians you can hire.

88. Harpist

Wedding Entertainment Ideas

If you’re hosting a fairytale-themed wedding, consider having a harpist play during your reception drinks. It’d be such an elegant touch.

89. Silent Disco

If your circle of friends love to party, they’ll most definitely appreciate a silent disco as entertainment.

The atmosphere in a silent disco is one that cannot be matched by any other type of entertainment—and it’s a fantastic idea if your venue has a noise curfew.

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90. Karaoke

We’ve all endured a bit of drunk karaoke in our time and loved every bit of it, right? Bring all the fun of your favourite karaoke bar to your wedding with a pop-up karaoke booth. Your guests will love it.

91. Steel Drum Band

Hosting a tropical themed wedding day? A steel drum band will transport you straight to the Caribbean, even if you decided against a destination wedding.

92. Guest Playlist

Ask your guests to contribute a song to your wedding playlist when they send in their RSVP. You'll get a great mix of classic and modern pop songs, with a little something for everyone. You can add some healthy competition by instigating a dance off too! 

93. Tribute Band

ABBA, The Beatles, The Rat Pack, Ed Sheeran, Queen, Elton John, Michael Buble... Tribute bands bring so much fun to your wedding and will get everyone dancing along! 

Entertainment is not the only way to make your guests’ days better. Consider gifting them wedding favours, too. And don’t worry – we’ve got plenty of cheap wedding favours for under £1 that won’t break the bank.