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51 Beautiful Wedding Aisle Decor Ideas

Make your wedding aisle a thing of beauty with our guide to the best wedding aisle décor ideas and finishing touches for every kind of ceremony - from rustic chic to sleek and contemporary

Greenery garland decorating wedding aisle chairs

The wedding aisle is at the heart of your day. It’s where you'll walk towards the person you love most in the world; it's where you'll take your first walk together as newlyweds. And yet it's easy to overlook wedding aisle décor. We say, take some time to make this special space as beautiful as it can be.

You don't have to bust the wedding budget to do so - sometimes all you need are a few finishing touches, such as a wedding aisle runner and lanterns. Of course, if you want to go all-out with some amazing wedding aisle flowers, we're totally on board with that, too! 

Emma Philpot from wedding design company JF Styling, gave us an insight into 2022's biggest wedding aisle décor trends, commenting: "Floor florals are a big thing this year, as are long runners, small displays on the ground next to chairs and fresh flower posies tied to chairs. Fresh foliage is also playing a big part too for upcoming weddings this year, along with botanical feels and natural tones which complement this."

Wherever you’re saying ‘I do’ - church, barn, beach or anywhere else - we've curated the best wedding aisle décor ideas. These beautiful decorations cover every budget and style, and are easy to make your own, so you can take inspiration for your own unique day.


1. Choose Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossom lined wedding aisle in a grand wedding venue

A tree-lined aisle is a wonderful way to bring the outside in. For extra romance, we love flowering cherry blossom trees. If you or any of your guests suffer from hay fever, good quality artificial trees are available to hire from suppliers like Twilight Trees.

2. Festival Ready Flags

Orange and blue flags lining a wedding aisle

Festival wedding venues are on the rise, involving a more casual affair and relaxed décor. Bring some bohemian spirt to your special day with these fun flags from The Event Flag Hire Company

3. Whimsical Wisteria 

Wedding aisle decorated with white wisteria

There's something so romantic about a wedding aisle decorated in white wisteria (and it's giving us major Twilight wedding throwbacks). You don't have to buy the real deal - save money with this affordable white artificial wisteria from Ginger Ray.

4. Bring in Balloons

Wedding aisle decorated with large white balloons

Balloons inject a sense of playfulness into your wedding ceremony. Bubblegum Balloons create bespoke balloon installations like these gorgeous oversized inflatables that will have all your wedding guests talking. 

5. Rustic & Relaxed

Rustic wedding aisle with wooden chairs and branches

If you're getting wed at a rustic wedding venue it's easy to give your wedding aisle a shabby chic upgrade with the addition of wooden chairs, fairy lights and branches. 

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6. Introduce Pampas Grass

Pampas grass decorating a wedding aisle

Pampas grass has become one of the hottest décor trends for weddings, so if you want to give your aisle a contemporary feel, this is how you do it.

7. Add Elegant Floral Vases

Wedding aisle decorated with floral vases

Bold and beautiful, these column flower vases would suit a wedding at a manor house perfectly. They add a gorgeous luxe touch that glamorous couples would adore. 

8. Use Flowers to Line the Aisle

Flowers lining a wedding aisle

Having flowers all the way along the edges of the aisle is a lovely way to add colour, fragrance and texture. We recommend sweet peas, jasmine and freesia for a soft and romantic scent. 

9. Scatter Petals

Wedding aisle decorated with trees and white petals

If you'd prefer to keep your wedding aisle simple, a generous scattering of petals is a pretty pick and can easily be made DIY. 

10. Line With Logs 

Wedding aisle with rustic logs and florals

These log platforms give the illusion that they're growing straight out of the ground at this alfresco ceremony. They're a lovely, natural way to create a wedding aisle. 

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11. Light it Up

Wedding aisle with a neon sign saying 'better together'

Wedding aisle décor ideas don't come much cooler than a neon sign. We're predicted some pretty amazing photographs next to this nifty prop. 

12. Drape the Chairs or Pew Ends

Wedding aisle chairs draped with blue fabric

Draped fabric adds a luxe feel without costing the earth. This baby blue hue would be ideal for a spring wedding, paired with peach, green and yellow. 

13. Think Seasonally

Wedding chairs with fur covers and white bows

Use a colour palette and texture that speaks to the season - these beautiful bows, twinkling trees and fluffy covers immediately say winter wedding.

14. Green Trees Add Freshness

Wedding aisle decorated with green trees

Trees on either side of the aisle feel so fresh and they'll also draw the eye straight to the end of the wedding aisle to the happy couple. 

15. Don't Discount Greenery

Wedding aisle chairs decorated with foliage garland

Greenery is considerably less expensive than flowers but makes for fabulous wedding aisle décor that brings a natural feel. Learn how to make a DIY greenery garland that you can drape over chairs with our handy guide. 

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16. Make an Entrance... Literally

Wedding aisle with a foliage filled entrance

Creating an entrance to the wedding aisle makes your first steps feel even more special. Adorn with greenery, candles or even a wedding arch bursting with flowers.

17. Go Boho With Rugs

Wedding ceremony with an aisle decorated with boho rugs

Mismatched patterned rugs create an eclectic, boho feel. Plus, if you're getting married on grass, it'll stop heeled wedding shoes from sinking into the soil. Win, win!

18. Consider Your Seating

Rustic barn wedding venue with colourful seating

Your ceremony seating makes a big difference to the way your wedding aisle looks. Hay bales, for example, are great for a rustic celebration and colourful chairs add a playful feel to the room. 

19. Don't Be Afraid of Simple

Simple white wedding aisle décor

If your ceremony room is already beautiful, keep your aisle look simple - just a couple of chic floral arrangements will do the job. 

20. Think About Signage

Welcome sign at a wedding aisle

Have a sign at the entrance to the aisle - we really like the sentiment of this. Just remember you'll need to brief a wedding guest to remove it as you arrive!

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21. Play With Light

Fairy lit wedding aisle

Is your ceremony taking place in a darker space or are you having a twilight wedding? Embrace that! Use lighting to make the aisle the focal point.

22. Add Some Ribbons

Ribbon decorated wedding aisle

 Perfectly tied ribbons are a lovely way to add character to your ceremony chairs. We adore how this couple have also tied ribbons on overhanging tree branches. 

23. Drape Colourful Fabric

Wedding aisle draped in colourful fabric

Bring life to your ceremony space by draping vibrant fabric and garlands from the ceiling or beams. It'll make a serious statement and we're obsessed. 

24. Use Mason Jars

Flower filled mason jar attached to a chair

Mason jars containing a single bloom or a posy can look very effective, whether you attach them to chairs or hang them from stakes along the aisle.

25. Choose a Runner

Wedding aisle runner with a personalised design

You can get wedding aisle runners customised with your initials, wedding date or monogram for extra personalisation from Brides To Be

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26. Touch of the Tropics

Wedding aisle decorated with tropical leaves

Tropical botanicals don't have to be saved for sunny climes and coastal settings - placing them in a formal space as seen here will give a fresh feel. 

27. Hang a Fairy Light Curtain

Barn ceremony room with a fairy light curtain

When you're walking down a stone aisle you'll want to add some warmth and an easy way to do so is by hanging a fairy light curtain. Not only will it make for great photos, but will add a wow-factor without having to decorate the entire room. 

28. Be Generous with Candles

Barn ceremony room decorated with candles

Candlelight is always romantic and a favourite of wedding stylists. The lighting will be perfection if you use a mix of tealights, pillar candles and candelabras. 

29. String Lanterns

Wedding aisle decorated with hanging white lanterns

Add a cosy feel to the ceremony by tying strings of lanterns over the aisle. It's a great way to bring the wedding aisle to life without obscuring guests' views.

30. Match the Setting

Golden wedding aisle

When your ceremony room is as ornate as this one you can afford to scale back on décor and simply match your chairs to the main features. A few sprigs of greenery will add a romantic touch. 

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31. Fabulous Feathers

Wedding aisle decorated with feathers

Adorn the start of your aisle with two eye-catching flower arrangements - these ones have been taken to the next level with the addition of gorgeous white feathers. 

32. Fairy Tale Forest 

Woodland wedding aisle

Elevate a story book setting by scattering cherry blossoms down the aisle and decorating tree stumps with moss. Glass elements, such as these hanging baubles, also work particularly well as they will reflect light in the most ethereal way. 

33. Keep It Clean

White floral wedding aisle

If you love the look of all-white interiors this one's for you - a design that is all about sleek and contemporary luxury. 

34. Upgrade Your Lanterns

Wedding aisle with antique lanterns

There's definitely a place for plain lanterns, but for a more opulent effect, line your aisle with ornate, antique-effect versions. 

35. Line With Leaves

Leaves lining a wedding aisle

Adding design elements to the ground will draw attention down the aisle and give a relaxed atmosphere. It's also one of the most budget-friendly wedding aisle décor ideas!

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36. Ivy For Impact

Ivy decorated wedding aisle

To create a natural and romantic setting, entwine ivy vines overhead and up chair legs - it'll look like they've been growing there for years. We love how well these wooden chairs complement the rustic room. 

37. Pop Of Colour

Wedding aisle with a pop of pink flowers

If you have a set colour scheme, keep it as a focal point to your wedding day by introducing it into your wedding aisle décor too. Your bridesmaids will look fantastic if they are dressed cohesively with the setting. 

38. Style With Sunflowers

Wedding aisle decorated with sunflowers

Sunflowers are particularly suited to weddings set in the countryside and as they are a large headed, relatively affordable flower, you can use them in abundance to create a real statement. Don't forget your matching sunflower wedding bouquet too!

39. Scale It Back for Impact

Simply decorated wedding aisle with a fireplace

You'd be surprised how much of an impact scaling back on your wedding aisle décor can have. All that's needed to bring this ceremony room together is a few pillar candles and a green garland. 

40. Keep It Cosy

Wedding aisle lined with fur seats

Planning a Christmas wedding? Keep your guests cosy (and comfortable) by draping faux fur throws over benches and popping a few twinkling fairy lights in the corner for atmosphere. 

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41. Look Up

Wedding aisle with a floral decoration on the roof

Talk about an epic installation! Take your wedding blooms to new heights by opting for hanging flowers in order to create an immersive and intimate scene - this idea will no doubt impress.

42. Make it Monochrome

Monochrome wedding aisle decor

An edgy take on tradition, this couple have given their wedding aisle a monochrome makeover. Black chairs and a dark wedding aisle runner create a stylish look. Oh, and those disco balls are simply dreamy. 

43. Bring in Bunting

Wedding aisle decorated with bunting

Did someone say summer garden soiree? If you want a country feel to your wedding, bunting can easily be made yourself with cuts of fabric and hung up from wooden beams. 

44. Rustic Plant Pots

Rustic plant pots lining a wedding aisle

Using potted plants means you can move décor from the ceremony to the reception which will save on your flower budget. Plus, they look stunning!

45. Source Unusual Glassware

Unusual glassware lining a wedding aisle

Popping unique and quirky vases at the end of chair aisles to display your flowers will mean you then don't need as many stems per vase to make an impact. Check out your local charity shops for some bargain buys.

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46. Natural & Chic

Weddinging aisle outdoors on a summers day

Keep the natural state of your wedding location in mind - in this case only two potted trees and a relaxed runner are needed to dress the aisle.

47. Embrace Neutrals

Wedding aisle decorated in pampas grass

A timeless look of creams, beiges and browns will never go out of style and create a peaceful atmosphere. Just what you need to calm any pre-vow nerves!

48. Opt For Taller Blooms

Tall white flowers lining a wedding aisle in a church

If you're getting married in a spectacular space such as this church, choose tall flowers that draw the eye up and complement the setting - delphiniums are a lovely pick. 

49. Beachy Touch

Wedding aisle on the beach decorated in palms

We love how dreamily serene this beach wedding set-up feels thanks to deck chair style seating and palm fronds. The end of the aisle has also been given a little lift to save any sinking. 

50. Pull the Look Together

Couple standing at a woodland wedding aisle

Work in harmony with your ceremony space - you don't need to add much when you have nature doing all the hard work for you. This woodland wedding venue has plenty of greenery which is mirrored in the floral arrangements. 

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51. Select Statement Blooms

Wedding ceremony area with large statement flowers

Rather than decorate the entire aisle, make a statement with huge blooms at the base. Clear ghost chairs are stylish while not distracting from the countryside surroundings.

How Should You Dress a Wedding Aisle?

Your wedding outfit and the season you are getting married in might make a difference to how you dress your wedding ceremony aisle.

Emma Philpot from wedding design company JF Styling suggests you should "always take into consideration the style of dress you will be wearing! If you have a big ballgown and lots of petals and candles on the floor, you could end up taking that up the aisle with you! Also, base your décor on the time of year as well. Don’t have candles in the middle of the summer as you won’t see the effect of these at all as it’ll be too bright!"

Should You Base Your Wedding Aisle Décor on Your Venue & Location?

Your wedding day is exactly that - your day, so although you should take into consideration the venue, décor is very much a personal choice.

"A lot of our couples try to portray their personalities through their décor for their weddings and aisle décor is no exception. Don’t pick something that is too over the top and extravagant if you are more minimalistic and prefer something simple and elegant. Don’t pick something that is very rustic if you are getting married in a stately home as this may not look right, but having said that, if you are more of a boho kind of couple, you would have picked a venue that complements your style. This is why hiring a stylist is a massive benefit to couples who wish to maximise the styling for their wedding and make sure it all fits in nicely, as we quite literally have seen it all," says Emma. 

As well as sorting your aisle style, make sure you get the music you want with our edit of the 120 best wedding ceremony songs.