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You deserve a wedding that’s as unique as you, which is why we have thousands of inspirational wedding planning ideas to personalise your day. From décor inspiration to the latest trends, wedding themes to wedding favours, dates ideas to gift ideas, you’ll find everything you need to know about wedding planning here.

Planning Essentials

6th Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide: 32 Iron & Sugar Gift Ideas

If you're fast approaching your 6th wedding anniversary and not sure what to buy your other half, then fear not - our 6th wedding anniversary gift guide, packed with iron and sugar inspiration, is here to help.

By Lucy Addicott, 13/05/21

Planning Essentials

12 Things No One Told You About Being a Maid of Honour

You've been asked to be a maid of honour, congratulations! Here are 12 things no one told you about your new important role... how prepared are you?

By Zoe Burke, 13/05/21

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43 Cheap Wedding Favours for £1 or Less

You can still have fabulous favours if you’re on a tight budget! We've rounded up 43 beautiful and cheap wedding favours that cost £1 or less

By Lucy Addicott, 11/05/21

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Coronavirus: The Latest UK Wedding News & Rules Explained

Weddings will restart with 30 people from 17th May and could resume in England with no restrictions this summer. Here's what we know so far about the future of weddings in 2021 around the UK

By Hannah Davies, 11/05/21

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What Is Name Blending and Why Are Couples Choosing It?

How do you decide which surname to use after getting married? One option to consider is name blending - either double-barrelling or creating a whole new name. We asked the experts at NameSwitch to explain the process

By Hannah Davies, 11/05/21

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6 Top Tips for Planning a Stress-Free Asian Wedding

Planning any wedding can have its stressful moments - but there are challenges that are particular to Asian weddings. We asked planner Rohita Pabla to share her tips for making the process of planning an Asian wedding as stress-free as possible.

By Hannah Davies, 11/05/21

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The 20 Best Sex Toy Shops Online: Where to Buy Sex Toys

Want to expand your toy collection? These online sex toy shops guarantee fast, discreet delivery across the UK. If you're not sure where to start, read on for our pick of the best vibrators, fetish gear, luxury brands and fun accessories

By Helen Pye, 07/05/21

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The 35 Best 10th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas Your Other Half Will Love

Whether you go for the traditional 10th wedding anniversary gift of tin or the modern alternative - diamonds - we have picked out the best gift ideas your other half or the happy couple will adore.

By Lucy Addicott, 07/05/21

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11 Questions with... Mark Niemierko of Niemierko Weddings

Mark Niemierko is the event planner of choice for stylish couples. He's the architect of some of the UK's most sumptuous weddings; now he reveals the secrets of his success in this month's 11 Questions.

By Hannah Davies, 06/05/21

Planning Essentials

These Couples Share a Royal Wedding Anniversary: Here's What They've Learned in 10 Years of Marriage

Meet the couples who got married in the same month as Kate and Wills and discover what a decade of marriage has taught them…

By Anna Lao-Kaim, 28/04/21

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Everything You Need to Know About a Disney Wedding

Get married at the place where dreams come true and fairy godmothers come in the form of expert planners, ready to grant all of your wedding wishes. Here's everything you need to know about planning and hosting a Disney wedding!

By Emily Deane, 20/04/21

Planning Essentials

Planning a Wedding with a Chronic Illness: My 6 Top Tips

Fashion and lifestyle influencer Ali Hemsley has learnt to navigate life with a chronic illness - but how would it impact her wedding planning? She explains what she discovered about lowering stress levels as she put together her big day

By Ali Hemsley, 20/04/21

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Meet the Couples Who Preferred Their Small Covid Weddings

Scaling down your wedding? These couples did just that and found that their small Covid weddings were more special than they could have imagined. Here’s why and their tips for enjoying an intimate wedding to the full…

By Anna Lao-Kaim, 20/04/21

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Will You Be My Best Man? 34 Brilliant Ways to Ask Your Mate

Whether you’re playing it cool or planning a dramatic proposal, here are some seriously creative ways to ask your best mate to be your best man, many of which you definitely won’t have thought of…

By Anna Lao-Kaim, 19/04/21

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Maid of Honour Duties Explained

Being a maid of honour is both a privilege and a responsibility. Here's everything you'll need to know to be the best right-hand a bride could ask for...

By Lucy Addicott, 15/04/21

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32 Unusual Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

These anniversary gifts for your boyfriend will go down a treat – just thank us later. Whether he’s a foodie, sporty, green fingered or partial to an at-home facial, we’ve got gift ideas for every kinda guy

By Anna Lao-Kaim, 15/04/21