Must-Have Wedding Signs for Your Big Day

From romantic sayings to wedding hashtags, take a look at some of our favourite wedding signs


Wedding signs are one of the latest big day must-haves. Whether you want to say something funny, something romantic or simply point your guests in the direction of the drinks, wedding signs are the perfect way to do it. A wedding sign will also give you some fantastic photo opportunities so if you have splashed out on a sign then make the most of it and have some great wedding pictures taken with it.


If you love the idea of a wedding sign as part of your décor then take look at our pick of the best wedding signs out there.

Welcome to Our Beginning

How romantic is this wedding sign? We love the idea that your wedding date isn’t your happily ever after, it’s the very beginning of your story and this wedding sign from Etsy sums that up perfectly.

Welcome to Our Wedding

This black and white Welcome to Our Wedding sign is a lovely way to say hello to your wedding guests and you just know they’ll be snapping away on their phone taking photos of your stylish wedding sign.

Personalised Welcome

This handpainted welcome sign is perfect to have outside your wedding venue – ready to welcome your guests and let them know they are in the right place. We love that this sign is handpainted to order so you can choose a colour and style that will suit your big day.

Choose a Seat Not a Side

If you’re planning a relaxed wedding day and you don’t want the formal seating arrangement of everyone seated on certain sides of the ceremony then this Choose a Seat Not a Side sign is a perfect way to get your message across. We also love the chalkboard style!

Welcome to Our Unplugged Ceremony

Are you planning an unplugged ceremony? Many couples are choosing to shun social media and have a phone-free celebration where their guests can really just enjoy the moment and not be distracted by technology – or even worse – upload pictures of your wedding to social media before the evening guests have even arrived! This unplugged ceremony sign gets the message across in a polite and pretty way.

Cards and Gifts

Your card and gift table doesn’t have to be a plain table stuck in the corner – this beautiful cards and gifts sign will sit proudly on your gift table and add some serious style. Sit it alongside your chosen wedding post box and make sure your wedding photographer gets a photo!

Happily Ever After

Does your romance just feel like a fairytale? Then this Happily Ever After sign captured at Wilderness Wedding Venue in Kent is just perfect for you! We love the pretty font and the wooden style means it’s perfect for a rustic themed wedding day.

Polite Request

Social media etiquette at weddings can be a minefield – especially because each couple probably has a different wish or expectation. If you’re happy to have photos on social media but you just want your guests to hold off until your evening guests have arrived then this polite notice is a pretty way to get your point across.

Cocktails and Dancing This Way

We think this Cocktails and Dancing This Way sign is the perfect way to point your evening guests in the right direction – and lets them know that the party’s just getting started!

Share Your Snaps 

Are you a social-media savvy couple? Then you might want to create your very own wedding hashtag. Let your guests know it’s ok to post their pics on social media by having a pretty sign like this hanging at your reception.

We Decided on Forever

We adore the sentiment on this boho wedding sign – as well as being a beautiful addition to your wedding day,we love that you can also hang this in your home as a romantic reminder of your special day.

Love is Sweet

If you are having a sweet table at your wedding then why not turn it into a beautiful photo opportunity by placing a chic sign about it. We love this elegant gold wedding sign that reads “Love is sweet, take a treat”.

Rustic Arrows

How gorgeous are these boho style arrows? If you are planning a rustic-inspired wedding day then these wooden  arrow signs will look perfect and can be dotted around your wedding venue to point your guests in the right direction.

Let Love Sparkle

If you’re having a winter wedding or your venue doesn’t allow confetti then sparklers could be a magical alternative. Make sure your guests know to pick up a sparkler and what time your sparkler send off will take place by using a beautiful sign like this.


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