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Beautiful Wedding Arch Inspiration & Advice On How to Make Your Own

From floral fantasies to rustic wooden creations - these wedding arches will transform your wedding ceremony in an instant!

Newlyweds sit within their rustic wedding arch

As wedding trends go for this year and the next, creative ceremony backdrops and wedding arches are top of the list. From lush hanging greenery to statement sculptural arrangements, the wedding arch is getting a fresh new facelift, and we cannot get enough of it.

If you've got plans to enhance your wedding reception décor or make an impact with your ceremony space, we've got the low down on everything you need to know about wedding arches along with some seriously stunning inspiration. 

On top of that, we've enlisted the expertise of Sophie Mekhael and Hannah Harsent - owners of eco-friendly boutique event design agency Living for Tomorrow - to help you craft your very own stylish wedding arch. What can be more timeless than a sustainable ceremony backdrop that exudes luxury while being kind to the planet?

25 Sensational Wedding Arches That Will Transform Your Wedding Decor

So before you get started designing or enlisting a wedding arch worthy of transforming your venue into something truly spectacular, we've gathered a few inspiring ideas to get your creative juices flowing, with some clever twists for those eager to push against tradition.

Floral Wedding Arches

1. Art Deco Floral Wedding Arch

Kick-starting our inspiring list is this lavish outdoor wedding arch by Living For Tomorrow. Somewhere between Gatsby glam and classic elegance, its heady mix of pastel pinks and white flowers adds a seriously stylised look.

It's a stunning creation that beautifully captures Sophie and Hannah's favourite on-trend aesthetic: "We are currently being drawn towards more modern designs, elevated sculptural arrangements using either semi-circle shapes to create a beautiful backdrop or free-standing floral pillars that are slightly abstract." Just gorgeous. 

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2. Blossom Tree Floral Wedding Arch

Blossom trees are a must if you have plans for a dreamy romantic ceremony. Just look at this enchanting floral arch in Gosfield Hall's Grand Salon suite. Taking inspiration from the venue's surrounding gardens, this stunning canopy fits in beautifully with the regal interiors while its shape and style instill the visual delight of an elegant woodland border.

Candles and green foliage dotted along the aisle complete the look, transforming this iconic historic setting into something akin to a fairytale. Breathtaking. 

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3. Round Floral Wedding Arch

An inverse play on the above idea, this lush round wedding arch by Sospecial Occasions Weddings and Events is a fabulous example of how to bring a touch of decadence to an outdoor garden wedding venue. Awash with string lights, metal accents, and weddingcandles, we can only imagine how this exquisite design will look come sunset. 

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4. Sparse Floral Wedding Arch

A more demure take on the outside-in floral arch, this unique wedding arch by Wedding Flower Company pays homage to the modern asymmetrical style sweeping to-be-weds off their feet. Enhanced by well-placed matching centrepieces and table arrangements, it's a subtle splash of elegance that fits well within well-decorated rooms. 

5. Bright Blossom Tree Floral Wedding Arch

If you can't get enough of the blossom tree aesthetic, we're right there with you. We love this striking autumnal variation at the uber-chic Bunny Hill Weddings. In perfect keeping with the secluded barn-style venue, the rich red hues of this tree wedding arch are striking against the venue's more neutral tones.

Not only do the succulent wedding flowers and hanging candles tie the look together seamlessly, they're a sustainable option with a whole lot of give. As Sophie and Hannah explain, "Plants and succulents are becoming more popular for arches as they need little maintenance, come in all shapes and sizes for sculpting and can then be reused in your garden/home in beautiful pots." 

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6. Floor Floral Wedding Arch

A fresh take on the floral wedding arch, Sara's Events demonstrates beautifully why the grounded floral wedding arch is fast becoming one of the most popular trends.

It's a surprisingly flexible look that suits any season, wedding colour scheme or theme. The best part? They give you all the elegance and beauty of a natural floral arch without obstructing your chosen mountain, ocean, (or in this case) riverside views.  

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7. Orangery Floral Wedding Arch

We adore the botanical theme of this wedding arch at Kew Gardens. Considering their ceremony room is an actual glasshouse, we can think of no better way to decorate the interiors than bringing the outside in with flowers and greenery.

If you have windows or a glass wall that looks out over flowers or shrubbery, try to use the same plants in your wedding arch, so nature seems to flow through from outside.

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8. Neon Floral Wedding Arch

Take a page from Luna And The Lane's style guide, and add a modern flair to your industrial wedding arch. Pared-back flowers on a metal rectangular frame offer a minimalist aesthetic that fits well with any wedding theme or setting. We love the chic vibe of the custom neon sign, an easy way of adding tonnes of personality with minimal elements. 

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9. Industrial Floral Wedding Arch

Speaking of modern tastes, who says wedding arches are just for the ceremony? We adore this look by Lilac and Lace, which effortlessly combines the venue's distinctive rustic flair with metallic accents that exude sophistication. The addition of warmer hues and brimming arrangement makes this a fitting top table display for an autumn or winter wedding

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10. Church Floral Wedding Arch

Newlyweds kiss beneath a white floral arch at the church entrance

A floral arch as a church entrance decoration is definitely something to consider when booking a church ceremony. Not only does it add a personal touch to your traditional setting, but it also sets the tone for your guests as they arrive, giving them a taste of the theme that awaits.

This gorgeous lavish wedding arch by Bird Events effortlessly blends with the wedding bouquet resulting in an utterly picture-perfect moment. 

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Round Wedding Arches

11. Round Pampas Grass Wedding Arch

Functional and pleasing to the eye, this stunning round arch by Ambience Venue Styling not only serves as a ceremony backdrop but it also transforms into a reception entrance. It's a clever design which doesn't let its functionality take away from its elegant look. As chic creative arches go, this one is high on the list. 

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12. Gorgeous Crescent Round Wedding Arch

A round structure gives a different dimension to a floral wedding arch, allowing you to really experiment with other flowers and foliage. It’s almost like a spotlight frame on you. And set in the right location, like this exquisite creation by Westacott Weddings & Events, it softly hints at the journey still to come. 

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13. Semi-Circle Round Wedding Arch

This fabulous semi-circle wedding arch looks perfectly in place at the Guna Beach wedding venue in Naples. If a destination wedding is out of the question, you can still achieve this eye-catching look closer to home.

Sparklers aside, you can craft a similar night-time display by placing light bulbs inside the arch before decorating it with flowers to suit your theme. Lights can be combined with any décor, whether foliage or fabric. You could even hang lights down from the arch itself or around the surrounding perimeter.

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14. Round Balloon and Floral Wedding Arch

If you love the nostalgic effect of balloons and blooms, then something similar to this design by STR Creations may be just the thing. Starting in the centre, the balloons on this wedding arch get bigger down the length of the arch, while the other half is decorated with foliage and flowers.

Not only does it look pretty, it adds a festive feel while giving you the option to stand on either side for different wedding photo backdrops.

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15. Elaborate Round Botanical Wedding Arch

Not quite a stand-alone circular wedding arch, and that's precisely why we love this wreath-inspired design by Mrs T Weddings. Weaving lush foliage with the existing outdoor structure adds a carefully curated over-grown effect in keeping with the natural surroundings.

Incorporating the same design in intervals results in a romantic tunnel effect that sets the tone for an enchanting day. It's an excellent DIY wedding idea and can also suit those who wish to elevate their chosen venue. 

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16. Pampas Grass and Macramé Round Wedding Arch

Newlyweds embrace in front of a large circular wedding arch styled like a dreamcatcher

Why not skip the flowers and embrace your true bohemian soul with a circular wedding arch-turned-dream catcher? Country wedding venues like Marshwood Manor, which are set in the heart of private ancient woodland, are made for down-to-earth wedding arches like this.

Here, macramé takes centerstage with the added texture of pampas grass, palm leaves, and vintage carpets for the ultimate, sustainable wedding backdrop. What's more, it's easily replicated even if you are not the most creatively inclined. 

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17. Woven Floral Round Wedding Arch

Embrace the unique and unusual with this double-ring wedding arch available on Etsy. Not only does it make quite the statement, the design allows you to express your creative flair as you wish. You could take inspiration from this tasteful look or strike out with a two-layer effect combining earthy florals or pampas grass with a sheer fabric. 

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18. Round Wedding Arch Centerpiece 

Again wedding arches aren't just for the ceremony. This elegant tabletop wedding arch at Hylands House and Grand Pavilion offers a wonderful idea for adding a personal touch to the wedding reception by adding miniature versions of your ceremony backdrop as thoughtful centrepieces. 

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Wooden Wedding Arches

19. Triangular Wooden Wedding Arch

Bring a festival vibe to your woodland wedding with a pampas grass-infused wedding arch like this one by Living For Tomorrow. Sophie and Hannah are all about minimalist architectural designs that reflect the beauty of nature and explain: "We absolutely love designs with muted, neutral tones for that understated, effortlessly romantic vibe." This boho wedding triangle is no exception.

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20. Woven Wooden Wedding Arch

Rustic wicker wedding arch

Bunny Hill Weddings finds its way back onto the list thanks to their gorgeous, willow-inspired wooden wedding arch. Exuding garden vibes, this chic wedding arch brings a polished flair to the typical grapevine arch aesthetic. While the white flowers and weaving foliage add a stylish element to this rustic wedding trellis, there is ample opportunity to make it your own.

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21. Tree Trunk Wooden Wedding Arch

When it comes to wooden wedding arches, au naturel is always the way to go. This silver birch iteration at Higher Holcombe does plenty to embrace the wedding venue's gorgeous woodland surroundings while also ticking off Sophie and Hannah's tried and true checklist for locally sourced, seasonal wedding arches.

By combining the striking vibrant blooms with colourful pampas grass, the couple pays tribute to their overall colour palette without compromising the raw beauty of their rustic wooden arch. 

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22. Dream Catcher Wooden Wedding Arch

This dream catcher wedding arch at Camp Katur is a must if you are looking for a clever way of instilling an unmistakable nature's child vibe to your wedding ceremony while staying mindful of your budget.

Here, the wooden wedding arch design is kept simple, allowing the surrounding woodland to have its due. For those nurturing a creative spirit, you could always enlist the assistance of your wedding party to craft dream catchers of your own, making your ceremony backdrop all the more meaningful. 

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23. Wooden Picture Frame Wedding Arch

This wooden frame wedding arch by Denise Jones Floral Design is an excellent example of how to get creative while staying within a budget. It's a simple idea that not only looks so beautiful but speaks volumes, forever framing the milestone moment you bound your lives together. Asymmetrical floral arrangements add an elegant touch which you can easily swap for soft blush material. 

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24. Quirky Wooden Wedding Arch

This whimsical rustic arch by Hanako Flower Shop gives us major vintage wedding décor vibes. Between the mismatched furniture, wildflowers, and eye-catching antlers, this entire ceremony set-up is a lesson in quirky wedding themes. If you are looking for inspiration on how to be unabashed in your love for re-purposed items, this triangle wedding arch is definitely for you. 

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25. Macramé Wooden Wedding Arch With Florals

Leaning more towards a festival wedding full of boho vibes and outdoor fun without the rustic aesthetic? You may just fall head over heels in love with this macramé wedding arch by Ink and Alder.

The venue may exude industrial vibes, but the knotting and textured fabric keep the Bohemian theme intact. We especially love the lavender draping and symmetrical flower installations that add a spring-time whimsey to the scene. 

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Wedding Arches: Experts Answer Your FAQs

A wedding arch with floral details and a fabric backdrop

Sophie and Hannah take us through the essentials of building a sustainable wedding arch in true Living For Tomorrow fashion - emphasising sustainability and luxury details for a truly timeless backdrop. 

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Wedding Arch Structure?

Building the supporting structure of a wedding arch can cost anywhere in the region of £100 - £1000, and the cost is mostly dependent on the height, size and material used. What material you choose as a base as well as the shape (full or semi-circle, triangular or traditional arch) all affect the overall price point.

For couples keen to try a “DIY job”, these structures can be bought on various online platforms (or a professional carpenter can design and build one for you). Typically, a florist will use a stock arch from one of their supplies or build a bespoke structure, but this often incurs labour and material costs on top of the flowers themselves.

How Much Does a Flower Arch for a Wedding Cost?

We usually advise our clients to allow upwards of £600; the industry standard prices start from this and can increase to over £4,000 for a really large-scale statement piece. The overall cost depends on various factors, including the style and type of flowers and the density required to fill the arch to achieve the desired “look”.

There are plenty of ways to be creative while keeping costs down, such as using lots of foliage and greenery alongside blooms. These can be used as filler to create that abundant “wow” factor, with flowers entwined throughout. Specialty stems like roses and peonies can be triple that of foliage, so focusing on seasonal and locally grown flowers will often be better for your wallet and the planet!

How Can I Create a More Sustainable Floral Arch? 

Using branches as the arch's base is a brilliant biodegradable alternative to artificial materials, especially plastic. Not only would this be more sustainable, but the natural shape would provide a sculptural flow that is both elegant and beautiful. This can work very well for outdoor venues as it blends organically with the surroundings effortlessly. 

Being flexible and open about what florals to include is a win-win for both sustainability and cost. Seasonal blooms grown locally to your venue will help keep carbon emissions low and are usually more affordable. On top of this, seasonal flowers are grown and cut when they are naturally striving, so they tend to be stronger and at their most beautiful.

If you want a high, dense arch, swap materials such as oasis or floral foam for an eco-friendly hydration system of small cone-like buckets filled with water attached and hidden to the base and arch structure. 

What Are Some Sustainable Alternatives to Flowers?

Dried flowers are a fantastic way to include out-of-season blooms while avoiding some of the more wasteful aspects of the industry (such as long transportation routes and high carbon emissions). Look for florists in your area who recycle leftovers from past events by drying stems and then reusing them.

Fabric flowers are also a great budget-friendly and sustainable alternative and are often so realistic, you really can’t tell the difference! For the most eco-friendly blooms, we suggest looking for natural materials such as organic cotton or burlap.

They can be up-cycled or kept for many years to come as a great memento of your special day, and you can even mix them in with some real seasonal flowers at-home arrangements to great effect.

Plants and succulents are also becoming more popular for arches as they need little maintenance, come in all shapes and sizes for sculpting and can then be reused in your garden/home in beautiful pots.

Sourcing in-season locally grown greenery such as hazel in spring, oak in summer months and birch in autumn, as well as herbs, evergreens and other foliage, can also beautifully complement natural, flowing styles with organic design concepts and these act as a great floral filler.

Ready to Get Started? 

Indulge your DIY passions with our quick Hitched guide on how to build your own creative wedding arch: 

  • Decide what your theme will be – rustic or regal or a mixture of both? Would you like flowers to match the bouquet? Do you want something a little quirky, like lights or balloons incorporated?
  • If your venue already has an archway in place, find out what you’re allowed to tie or clip to it. If your archway is freestanding, make sure it's pushed fully into the ground or stabilise it with buckets of pebbles or sandbags.
  • As an added tip, incorporating lots of greenery into the base of your arch can help cover the plain frame while still adding an abundant look. You can elevate the design as you wish by intertwining flowers or soft fabrics. 
  • Wrap the foliage around the base and either choose a few sections to cover or go around the whole arch, using tie clips to pin them all in place. You can then start adding the flowers – mixing up the colours or grouping them into sections.
  • Don't be afraid to inject some personality into your archway by hanging lights, chandeliers, loose flowers or pearls. It’s your wedding – so any style goes!
  • For an added wow factor, Etsy is a great place to start when finding the frame, pampas grass, and even macramé for your wedding arch.

Still have creative energy to spare? Check out our list of DIY wedding decorations we are confident you can easily master.