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Choosing your wedding honeymoon destination is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning but with so many amazing locations around the world to choose from you might need a little assistance on deciding where to go. Whether you’re hoping to bask on a beach, snuggle in a ski lodge or head to the countryside for a staycation, the Hitched wedding honeymoon suppliers are on hand to help find and book your dream post-wedding holiday.

Why Do Married Couples go for Honeymoon?

A honeymoon is a holiday taken by newlyweds - typically immediately after they are married. Often celebrated in exotic and romantic settings it is a great idea to enquire with a wedding honeymoon supplier before booking your honeymoon as they will have local knowledge and experience in the country you wish to travel to. This will be especially important if you plan to jet off to a unique honeymoon destination or somewhere you are unfamiliar with. They’ll be able to advise you on honeymoon packages and the best places to travel depending on your taste, budget and the time of year.

Who Pays for the Honeymoon?

Traditionally, it is up to one partner’s family to pay for the honeymoon, but most couples today split the cost or ask for donations from guests towards the honeymoon on their wedding gift list. There is no set way to cover the cost of a honeymoon - it is up to each individual couple and their financial situation and what works for them.

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