Dogs at Weddings: 15 Times the Couple’s Pet Totally Stole the Show

Is your furry friend going to make a special appearence at your wedding? Then you'll love this round up of our favourite wedding dogs


How would you feel about extending your guest list to include your dog? According to new research from pet charity Blue Cross, one in 10 British couples are now offering a star role for their pets with more than 25% saying it helps them keep the wedding nerves under control.


With so many of you choosing to include your pups in your special day, we’ve rounded up a collection of our favourite dog wedding pictures that are sure to make you smile.

Our Favourite Dogs at Weddings

We love this. The couple are dressed beautifully with the bride in a traditional lace, cap sleeved gown and the groom rocking a stylish blue and floral suit and their adorable four-legged-friend is the cutest wedding accessory we’ve ever seen.

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Image credit – Wharfedale Grange

Trying to find something wrong with this picture is like trying to find a gold wedding dress we don’t like – impossible. Not only do the couple look gorgeous, their furry friend has some serious style goals going on too. This pup looks like it was born to wear a floral necklace and boy does it look good.

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Image credit – King & Allen, Liverpool Street

Sorry but…those eyes! Who could possibly say no to those eyes? This pretty puppy who attended a wedding at The Station Kitchen could give any groom or groomsman a run for their money with that stylish knitted bow tie and adorable polka-dot hanky.

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Image credit – The Station Kitchen by Sausage & Pear

We are obsessed with this adorable picture… From the cute floral collar to the pastel colour palette, there is nothing we’d change about this cute family and their wedding attire – and could that pup look any more proud to be standing front and centre? We think not.


Image credit – Story + Colour

This is potentially our favourite ‘you may now kiss the bride’ picture, like ever. There’s no love like the love between a dog and their owner and this picture really shows that – ugh it’s SO cute.

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Image credit – Kat Forsyth

Cassandra and Aaron got married at Calke Abbey in Derby and it was photographed beautifully by Paul Heathcote. Their beloved dog Busby was part of the groom’s party and he even had a red tie for the occasion!

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Image credit – Paul Heathcote

The Black Swan Hotel in North Yorkshire have put together this beautiful styled shoot featuring a gorgeous couple and a beautiful Irish red setter that completely steals the show!

Image credit – The Black Swan

Becca and Paul married at The Green Cornwall, photographed by EVOLVE and their dog Maisy made a special appearance at the reception!

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Image credit – EVOLVE

We love this beautiful husky and its super contagious smile – made even better by the fact he is wearing a bow tie, now that’s style!

Image credit – Maften Hall

Rebecca and Matthew tied the knot at Glangrwyney Court in Wales and their super cute dog Alfie was special guest for some of the wedding photos.

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Image credit – Lowri Pendrell Photography

We dare you to look at this cute couple and their furry friend and not smile! This gorgeous picture is literally amazing – it has such high levels of happiness and cuteness we’re struggling to cope.

Image Credit – Sam and Louise

Sophie and Christopher married at The Lavender House Hotel in Devon and their day was photographed by AVA Images. Their adorable dog Charlie joined Sophie as she was getting ready and wore his very own tuxedo.

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Image credit – AVA Images

We love that this gorgeous fluffy dog has his very own floral collar and it even matches the brides beautiful purple wedding bouquet -that’s coordination for you.

Image credit – Laughern Hill Estate

Wedding videographer Newlywed Films knows how to make us melt with this heart-wrenching pug in a veil, we just want to take her home.

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Claire and Mark had their wedding at Mark’s family home and their family pet just couldn’t help but join in all the fun.

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Image credit – Paul Welby Photography

Should you invite your dog to your wedding?

Are you thinking about including your dog at your wedding? Here are a few things to consider:

Ask your venue if they allow dogs

If you plan on bringing your pet to your wedding then check with the venue what their policy is – some venues may not allow pets on site, others will have stipulations on keeping them outside the building. Chat with your wedding co-ordinator and see what your options are.

How is your dog’s temperament?

Is your dog fairly social? Or is he/she likely to feel threatened by big groups of people? If you plan on having your dog at your wedding then first consider whether this is something your dog would enjoy. If you think your dog would love all that fuss and attention then go for it!

Make sure you appoint a dog sitter

Whether it’s one of your friends or a professional dog sitter, make sure one person has the responsibility of looking after the dog, making sure it has enough water and taking it away if it needs some space.

Decide when you want to the dog to be there

It might not be possible (or practical!) to have your dog sit through your ceremony, if you simply want to catch a few snaps with your beloved pet then ask your dog sitter to bring your dog to the reception drinks so you can have some fun photo opportunities and keep your guests entertained between reception drinks and wedding breakfast.

Think about the outfit

Nothing says awesome wedding like a dog in a wedding veil – there are tons of amazing companies out there that provide cute bow tie collars, doggy veils or even flower crowns.


Want to expand your animal wedding list to more than just dogs? Why not take a look at our favourite animals at weddings to give you some seriously crazy ideas!