Bride Speech Examples

If you're keen to give a bride speech, you've come to the right place. The bride speech is the perfect moment to thank your guests for coming and to say a special thank you to your new spouse and wedding entourage. Not sure where to start? We have lots of example bride speeches, tips and advice to help inspire you here.

Bride Speech Examples

“I may now be married, Dad, but you were the first man I loved” – Bride Speech by Amy

"I have never doubted whether I am doing the right thing marrying Jamie because I just know that this is the man I will grow old with and, at least as he is already bald, I am not in for any nasty surprises."

By, 29/07/17

Bride Speech Examples

Some of you think that the only reason I’m marrying Marc is for his Chelsea season ticket” – Bride Speech by Sally

"This may well be the last time Marc lets me speak before he does, so I'd better make the most of it."

By, 12/09/15

Bride Speech Examples

“It’s ironic that I am the first to speak, leaving my new husband to have the last word” – Bride Speech by Lisa

"It is fantastic to see so many wonderful friends and family coming together today to celebrate with us. I hope you are all having as brilliant a day as I am."

By, 25/04/15

Bride Speech Examples

“If I haven’t thanked you yet, it’s because you haven’t done anything” – Bride Speech by Jenny

"I would, therefore, like to propose a toast to our children and grandchildren. They don't know this yet, but later on, they're going to be doing the washing up."

By, 30/08/14

Bride Speech Examples

“I think you’re the best person on this planet” – Bride Speech by CR

"R and I have absolutely no hobbies or interests in common at all! In fact, we're pretty much complete opposites, but who needs stuff in common? It's over-rated!"

By, 22/08/14

Bride Speech Examples

“I found a diamond ring that I wanted and I let him know about it repeatedly!” – Bride Speech by Emma and Sam

Notes: My husband and I wanted to do a joint speech since he was really nervous about the prospect of doing one and since we'd be breaking many traditions on our wedding day anyway (we walked down the aisle together, for example).

By, 02/08/14

Bride Speech Examples

“Today I have my fairytale but its magnificence is beyond anything I could have imagined” – Bride Speech by Cerys

"I knew you were a gentleman when we didn't kiss until the second date, but I won't repeat what you said to me on the third!"

By, 26/04/14

Bride Speech Examples

“As I lose my old name, and take on the new, rest assured, I will always love you!” – Bride Speech by Cathy

"Dear Mum and Dad, I just want you to know, I can't thank you enough for helping me grow. From the day I was born, you've done all in your power to water my roots and help me to flower."

By, 11/01/14

Bride Speech Examples

“I never imagined that I’d meet someone who fits together with me so perfectly” – Bride Speech by Fiona

"This is the only man I've ever met who likes to regularly check that he's been charged enough for things."

By, 11/01/14

Bride Speech Examples

“I know it’s not very traditional for the bride to make a speech” – Bride Speech by Bethany

"Before I knew it, we were dating, and I felt, and still do feel, like the happiest girl in the world."

By, 24/11/13

Bride Speech Examples

“From the very first moment I looked at you, I knew this is the man I will love forever” – Bride Speech by Kimberley

"From that very first night out for a drink together in town, I knew the way you made me feel, you were the one!"

By, 29/06/13

Bride Speech Examples

“Now it’s my turn to talk; Mark, you’ll have to get used to this!” – Bride Speech by Bethany

"I told them that I have to be the prettiest on the day because I'm the bride and it does look like they followed that rule!"

By, 13/12/12

Bride Speech Examples

“Doesn’t my sexy, bald bloke scrub up well?” – Bride Speech by Rhoda

"Those of you who know me probably aren't surprised that I wanted to say a few words today - and those of you who know me really well will be surprised if it is only a few words!"

By, 28/09/12

Bride Speech Examples

“I have to say a big, big thank you to the internet” – Bride Speech by Jo

"From the moment I met T, leaning on the hoover, I've only understood about 50% of what he's said, but what I have understood has been welcoming to me and very supportive of us both."

By, 22/09/12

Bride Speech Examples

“He has inherited his Dad’s sense of humour, but no one is perfect!” – Bride Speech by G

"Without getting too soppy, you make me laugh with your stupid jokes, you save me from spiders, you look gorgeous in that suit, and I love you dearly!"

By, 23/06/12

Bride Speech Examples

“You don’t marry the man you can’t live with, you marry the man you can’t live without” – Bride Speech by Sofia

"I know it's not traditional for the bride to make a speech at her wedding, let alone before the groom, but anyone who knows me knows how hard it can be to keep me quiet and today is no exception!"

By, 11/05/12