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Maisie Peppitt

Maisie Peppitt

Content Writer

Maisie is an experienced lifestyle journalist with an adoration for weddings. She has over four years’ experience writing for different audiences, ranging from new parents and young women to luxury shoppers. In the past, she’s written for leading UK publications including the Stylist, HELLO! Magazine, HELLO! Fashion, Wedding Ideas and Baby Magazine.

Maisie's Experience:

After interning for publications including Harper's Bazaar, Country Life, and Baby Magazine, Maisie developed an appetite for writing thoughtful, brand-focused content that platforms premium products and experiences. She began contributing to the editorial section of Wedding Ideas, which is where her love for the bridal industry first began. 

After university, she worked as an Editorial Assistant for DK at Penguin Random House. Here, she grasped the foundations of the publishing industry before moving on to join Yoto as a Junior Producer, where she helped to bring children's stories to life. After two years, she joined HELLO! Magazine’s advertising team, working across their digital and print advertorials. During her time here, Maisie also conducted fitness and lifestyle experiments to create editorial long-reads for their digital website. Before joining Hitched as a Content Writer, she also wrote for the Stylist magazine’s Strong Woman section, where she explored the importance of women’s physical and mental health. 

Maisie has also freelanced for Jamie Oliver as a Social Media Copywriter, and she enjoys working alongside food vendors at Hitched to create creative and valuable content to help pair each couple with their perfect wedding menu.

Maisie's Areas of Expertise:

Having worked with food in the past, Maisie has a soft spot for discovering new, dynamic ways to cater for guests at weddings. Whilst she enjoys writing across all areas of the wedding industry, she loves to discover different flavours, cuisines and presentation styles when connecting with new and existing wedding food vendors. 


Maisie's Favourite Thing About Weddings:

Whether you choose to get married at home or somewhere brand new, Maisie thinks that weddings are a wonderful way to showcase not just the people getting married, but everyone that the area has to offer. From asking the town’s favourite restaurant to provide a unique menu for the big day, to seeking out local garden centres or boutique designers to make bespoke floral and table arrangements - making the most of what the area has to offer is what makes a wedding memorable.

Maisie's Favourite Part of a Wedding:

Maisie is always most excited for the moment that the bride walks down the aisle - and not just for the heavily anticipated dress reveal. Most of all, it’s to hear the music that the couple has chosen for their special day. She thinks it’s a wonderful way to set the tone for the occasion, as the aisle song is often selected to reflect the relationship between the couple getting married, and their story. From an orchestral choir to 90’s rap, no couple is the same! 

Maisie's Best Piece of Wedding Advice:

Speak up! If you feel like plans are being decided for you, whether it’s by friends, family or even hired help, Maisie believes couples shouldn’t be afraid to take back control. Sure, they might have more experience than you when it comes to planning a big event, but this day is about you and your partner. If you feel pressured into making a snap decision, or going with a suggestion that you aren’t happy with, you have every right to ask for some time and space to think about it. Then get out there and do your own research! After all, everyone can be a wedding expert with Hitched…

Maisie's Proudest Career Moment to Date:

Maisie’s proudest career moment to date is the editorial article she wrote for the Stylist magazine about women’s mental and physical health. By sharing her own story, carrying out tests, and gathering insights from professionals around the world, her article went on to stimulate a global conversation online about encouraging women to do what feels right for them. She wants to bring this positive and supportive energy to the wedding planning industry.

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