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30 Fun Wedding Games Every Guest Will Enjoy

Whether you're after games to entertain children, ones the adults will love, or fun activities for everyone, we've got you sorted

Bride and groom on a funfair ride

It can be tricky to know how to entertain your wedding guests, particularly if your big day starts early in the morning, but we've got the best wedding games to inspire you.

If you’re looking for ways to make your wedding party unforgettable, you’ll not only need a killer wedding playlist, fabulous décor and delicious food, but a couple of fun wedding games too.

Wedding games are becoming more and more popular, especially at outdoor weddings or weddings where lots of children are in attendance. What better than a giant game of Jenga to add to your festival wedding vibe? If your day is being held inside, you might like to play one or two of our favourite wedding table games instead – they’re a great way to get everyone chatting.

The 30 Best Adult & Children's Wedding Games

You could even choose to marry at a wedding venue with its very own fairground! Yes, you read that right - Marleybrook House in Kent has the UK's largest private fairground on site, as well as offering vintage garden games for your drinks reception.

Here, we’ve rounded up 28 of the best wedding games for your wedding reception that your guests will absolutely love to get involved in. Cameras at the ready!

Wedding Table Games

You can’t go wrong with a good old wedding table game, so we’ve rounded up some of the best for breaking the ice. There are even a few downloadable games and PDFs thrown into the mix to make things super easy.

1. Treasure Hunt Game - Paper Ballards

wedding treasure hunt game on a rustic place setting

Treasure hunts are fantastic games to play, particularly if your reception space has lots of little nooks and crannies. Leave this treasure hunt on each of the tables and see which team can complete the hunt first.

It not only looks super pretty, but it doesn't cost a fortune either. At just 60p per card, and packs of up to 200 (or as little as just five), your guests can play amazing wedding games without it busting the budget…

From £3 | Shop Now

2. Wedding Ice Breaker Game - Luck and Luck

Wedding table with a small vase of flowers, glass of prosecco, and four small cardboard boxes, each with a selection of ice breaker cards

Couples who are concerned that their guests might not naturally spark up conversation should leave ice breakers on the table.

This fab set has a whole selection of cards - they’re also super pretty and chic, making them perfect for a whole host of wedding themes.

£12.55 | Shop Now

3. Wedding Shoe Game - Hey Lovely Co

wedding games

The wedding shoe game is one of our favourite games to play at wedding receptions because it gets everyone in the room involved.

When your guests sit down, hand them one of these wedding shoe game cards (or provide one per table). Everyone will need to guess the answers to each of the statements.

After the wedding speeches, the best man should get the happy couple to sit back to back in front of all their guests. Each partner holds one of their shoes and one of their other half’s shoes. The best man acts as the host asking the questions and the couple answer simultaneously by holding up the shoe that corresponds with their answer. Who will guess the most correctly?

£3.99 | Shop Now

4. Wedding Advice Cards - HPDx

Wedding advice cards

These advice cards make for a wedding game that is both simple and fun! Add one advice card to every place setting at your wedding breakfast and let the laughs commence.

Each advice card in this set comes complete with fun activities for guests to fill out including advice for the newlyweds and their future wishes.

£9.60 | Shop Now

5. Match the Songs & Films Wedding Game

If you’re hosting a Disney-themed wedding, your guests will love to match their favourite songs to the films they come from. We love that the kids will be able to get involved in this table game too!

Get the DJ or wedding coordinator to play a host of songs from famous films. Each table should have a buzzer sound and shout their buzzer when they think they've guessed the film correctly. It's a great way to get the party started from people's seats. 

6. Speech Bingo Wedding Game - Print Go Go

A bingo card for the wedding speech sits in a small wooden block. The card features various blue hearts with words or phrases to look out for in the speeches.

Add (even more) pressure to the speech makers by providing everyone with a copy of wedding speech bingo.

The first guest to shout out “bingo” (and totally throw off the best man just as he launches into a super embarrassing story) wins a prize.

All jokes aside, if you know some of your speakers are a little nervous, you could perhaps do this only for your first or last speech to spare certain people from being potentially put off. 

From £5.50 | Shop Now

7. Find the Guest Bingo - Hello Rose Paperie

wedding games

A game of find the guest bingo is a great way to get everyone at your wedding mingling.

Give each guest one of these pretty cards (which are instantly downloadable for you to print yourself, FYI) and watch as they find a person to match each of the clues. The first guest to shout “bingo” wins!

£3.73 | Shop Now

8. Date Ideas Guest Cards - Unmeasured Event

Date night ideas cards

Leave a jar or box out on your wedding reception tables labelled ‘Date Night Ideas’ and encourage your guests to add their own romantic, adventurous or exciting date night ideas for you to embark on.

It’s up to you whether you commit to doing all of them, but it’s a guaranteed way to make sure married life is full of fun.

£7.75 | Shop Now

9. The Guest Notebook Game

If you’re opting for table numbers, leave pretty notebooks like these marked with the matching number on your tables.

Encourage your guests to write messages in them, and you can then read those messages on the anniversary that matches the number on the book. This is a great alternative to the traditional guest book!

10. Guess Who

This is one for crafty couples who love a bit of DIY. Make your own Guess Who and replace the characters in the game with pictures of the wedding party or guests.

The game can get passed around the tables (if you don’t have the time to make more than one board) during the wedding breakfast and guests can have fun playing your personalised Guess Who game!

11. Wedding Speech Sweepstake - Print Go Go

White card for wedding speech sweepstakes sits on brown kraft paper envelope on a white fabric backdrop

Are your guests the gambling kind? Poke a little gentle fun by leaving out wedding speech sweepstakes for your guests to gamble with. They don’t have to bet money – it could be sweets from their favour boxes or a drink at the bar.

Make sure the rules are clear though – no one is allowed to check with any of the speech givers to find out how long their speech will be, and there must be a designated time keeper on each table who decides the winner.

This is a great alternative to speech bingo if you want to ensure no one interrupts people who are speaking. 

£2.99 | Shop Now

12. Place Card Find Your Match Game - Uptown Stationery

hand written calligraphy place cards with assorted coloured ribbons

If you see a wedding as the perfect opportunity to matchmake, don’t miss out on a chance to play Make Your Match.

On the back of each guests’ place card (we love these calligraphy place cards), write one half of a famous coupling.

It could be celeb couples or just well-known pairings such as gin and tonic or salt and vinegar. Your guests must then visit each of the tables to find their perfect match – if you have always thought your work bestie would be perfect for your partner’s football friend, now’s the time to set the wheels in motion…

From 75p | Shop Now 

13. Guess the Facts Game - Happy Paper Moments at Etsy

wedding games

Snap up these fabulous wedding table numbers and personalise them with two facts – one true and one false.

The guests on the relevant table have to discuss which fact is fake before you reveal the answers during the speeches! This is a great way to get your guests chatting and laughing together.

If you don’t want to reveal facts about yourselves, you could provide each of your guests with their own fact cards to fill in.

They should write down two true facts and one false fact about themselves before getting the rest of the table to guess which they’ve been lying about…

£8.42 | Shop Now

14. Truth or Dare Wedding Game

Mischievous  couples will love the idea of leaving dares out for their wedding guests. Have some fun writing truths and dares on pretty cards. Leave a card at everyone’s place at the breakfast tables and watch as guests have fun adhering to them.

Dares can be as silly or as cheeky as you like – just make sure there’s a suitable forfeit for those who bow out!

15. A Song and Dance Wedding Game

This is a great idea if you’re on the hunt for creative wedding table name ideas! Name your tables after your favourite songs and put a notice on each table revealing that they have to get up and dance when their song is played.

This is a great way to make sure the dance floor is full when the evening party gets underway. You could even award prizes for the best dancer from each table and for the most keen to get on the dance floor!

16. ‘What’s In Your Phone?’ Game - Tie The Knot Print Shop

wedding games

How addicted to their phones are your guests? Find out with a quick table game of What’s In Your Phone?

Guests can add up their points, and the person on each table with the highest score gets awarded a prize during the speeches!

£4.95 | Shop Now 

17. The Traitors 

If you haven't been watching The Traitors - where have you actually been? Play your very own game of The Traitors at your wedding by secretly assigning one person as the traitor. Combine the game with 'Wink Murderer' and have them wink at people to kill them. Every time someone is killed, the tale must vote for who they think the traitor is.

18. Mad Libs Game - Hey Lovely Co

wedding games

Mad Libs will definitely give you a giggle after the wedding day, and will be sure to make your guests laugh between courses.

Give each guest a Mad Libs card complete with blank spaces for them to fill in – you may be surprised with what they come back with!

£3.96 | Shop Now 

Wedding Reception Games for Adults

Are you having an adults-only wedding, or separating the kids from the grown ups? If so, here are some adult wedding games your guests will love playing. 

19. Prosecco Pong - Hitched Shop

Prosecco pong wedding game

Beer pong has had a sophisticated new upgrade! Prosecco pong is the go-to drinking game now, although, you can fill the cups with any drink you like. 

This fun game from the Hitched Shop can be set up in the grounds of your wedding venue. You’re sure to get some amazing wedding photos of all your guests having fun playing it.

£28 | Shop Now 

20. Word Search Wedding Game

If you’re all for a bit of wedding DIY, transform a chalkboard into a word search that your guests can try their hand at all day long. Write the letters in permanent paint and provide chalks only for circling words on the day.

Include names of people in the wedding party, names of places you’ve travelled to together and details about yourselves for your guests to find. Top marks for whoever finds the most words in the quickest time.

21. Dirty Emoji Pictionary - Oh Happy Printables

wedding games

Maybe not one if your grandma gets easily offended (or if there’s children at your wedding), but this fun wedding game of dirty emoji Pictionary brings things right up to the 21st century.

Guess the sex act from the emojis listed and keep an eye out for who knows the most…

£4.92 | Shop Now 

Kids Wedding Games

If there are lots of children in your family and you’ve decided to avoid a no kids rule on your big day, chances are you’re probably on the hunt for the best ways to keep them occupied.

Bored children do nothing for the chilled wedding vibes you’ve been dreaming of. Here are our favourite kids wedding games for your big day.

22. Giant Bubble Party Kit - Behemoth Bubbles

a man making giant bubbles in a field

This might not technically be a game, but it’s a great form of outdoor wedding entertainment which we thought necessary to include anyway.

Entertain the kids at your wedding with this giant bubble party kit – the photos you can capture with bubbles are beautiful and you can order the wands in a range of different colours. 

£24.79 | Shop Now 

23. Metallic Diamond Party Piñata - Pinyatay

wedding games

They’re fun to break, they’re full of sweets and they also add a decorative touch – we can’t see any downside to a game of ‘break the piñata’!

This outdoor wedding game is perfect for giving your reception a summer party vibe. We adore this sparkly gold piñata!

£35 | Shop Now

24. Personalised Children’s Colouring Books - Paper Ballards

wedding games

Colouring can keep kids occupied for hours, so scatter a table with wedding-themed colouring books and boxes of crayons.

If you don’t want a whole station dedicated to it, you could adorn the children’s place settings with these cute personalised colouring books!

£4.20 | Shop Now 

25. Beanbag Toss Wedding Game

Corn hole is the perfect vintage lawn game that the kids at your wedding will adore. It’ll feel like a cohesive part of your wedding décor and won’t stick out like a sore thumb, and it can also be made quite easily at home!

You’ll need an old piece of board, some paints to jazz it up and beanbags.

26. “I Spy” Game - Hitched Shop

I Spy Game

This is a great way to keep children entertained at your wedding, but the young at heart adults might enjoy it too. We love these versions from the Hitched Shop.

Provide the children with disposable cameras as cheap wedding favours and get them to capture the “I Spy” moments on the cards.

£1.30 | Shop Now

27. Children’s Books Emoji Pictionary - My Expression Invites

childrens emoji game

A much more PG version of the previously featured dirty emoji Pictionary, this downloadable game of children’s books emoji Pictionary is a great way to keep slightly older kids entertained.

Pop one of these sheets at each of their places at the table and watch as they try and figure out the names of their favourite story books.

£3.47 | Shop Now

28. Children’s Activity Books - Hitched Shop

Children's activity book

We don't think we've seen a prettier children's activity book!

Not only will it look stunning on your wedding table thanks to the gold foiling, it's packed with games to keep little ones entertained. 

£14 | Shop Now 

29. Scavenger Hunt Children's Game

Scavenger hunts are a brilliant way to keep children occupied at a wedding. Give them a sheet with objects they need to find, and use pictures if you have children who aren't old enough to read. Stick to simple things like wedding cake, wedding flowers, a suit and other easy-to-spot items and keep them busy for hours on end. 

30. Group Art Wedding Activity

If the children at your wedding are creatives, set up a room or space with a large canvas or sheet of card. Equip them with crayons, pens and pencils (or paints if you're not worried about mess!) and allow the kids to create a gorgeous piece of art. It may look a little abstract, but could make a lovely keepsake for you and your partner after the day is over. 

How Do I Make My Wedding Fun? 

When it comes to your wedding day, there are plenty of moments that can be injected with some good old fashioned fun! You can enquire with your wedding venue as to whether they permit firework displays, incorporate one of the wedding games above and outdoor wedding games, hire a photo booth, or get creative with some alternative food ideas

Feeling adventurous? Tie the knot at Marleybrook House and after your wedding breakfast, guests will head down to their fairground to enjoy two hours of thrilling fun. Who else can say they whizzed around a rollercoaster at a wedding? 

Check out these wedding entertainment ideas for even more inspiration. 

What Games Can You Play at a Wedding Reception?

There are tons of games you can play at your wedding reception. Classic games such as Jenga and croquet are fail-safe crowd-pleasers and if you are having younger guests they can get involved too. It is also a great idea to lay out some ice breaker games at your wedding reception as this is when your guests will mingle - if they don't know each other well, they will do after a round of truth or dare!

At Marleybrook House they have eight adult rides including dodgems, a roller coaster and helter skelter, plus vintage stalls such as hoopla and hook-a-duck. There are also four children's rides to keep little ones entertained, as well as a candy floss tricycle serving unlimited servings! 

Where to Play Games at a Wedding Reception?

If your wedding venue has outdoor space, setting up garden games outside will ensure everyone has ample room to play. Your wedding table games should be laid out as part of your wedding tablescape so that guests can play as they wait to be served or after eating. 

Now you’ve got your wedding games sorted, you’ll need to decide on the rest of the entertainment. We have some amazing wedding entertainment vendors on our marketplace to check out!