The 49 Best Wedding Games for Your Wedding Reception

From outdoor wedding games to wedding table games and games for the kids, this selection of the best wedding games will leave you with plenty of ideas for breaking the ice between your guests...

I spy wedding game

I spy wedding game

It can be tricky to know how to entertain your wedding guests, particularly if your big day starts early in the morning.

If you’re looking for ways to make your wedding party unforgettable, you’ll not only need a killer wedding playlist, fabulous décor and delicious food, but a couple of fun wedding games too.

Wedding games are becoming more and more popular, especially at outdoor weddings or weddings where lots of children are in attendance. What better than a giant game of Jenga to add to your festival wedding vibe? If your day is being held inside, you might like to play one or two of our favourite wedding table games instead – they’re a great way to get everyone chatting.

Here, we’ve rounded up 49 of the best wedding games for your wedding reception that your guests will absolutely love to get involved in. Cameras at the ready!

NB: We have included third party products to help you navigate and enjoy life’s biggest moments. Purchases made through links on this page may earn us a commission.

Outdoor Wedding Games

If you’re planning a pretty outdoor wedding ceremony or reception, then a great way to entertain your guests is with some classic games that can be played outside.

Not only are they the perfect ice breaker, but you’ll get endless photo opportunities and all your guests will have so much fun! Here are our favourite outdoor wedding games that are suitable for every occasion…

1. Personalised Family Rounders – £59.50, Bespoke & Oak Co.

It can be tricky to know how to keep children entertained on your wedding day, so double check with your venue if you can host a game of rounders outside.

This is a fantastic game that will really get the competitive spirit going – and the adults can join in too! Make it extra special by buying this personalised wedding rounders set from Bespoke & Oak Co.

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2. Giant Jenga – £55, Uber Games

This traditional game is always tense, so a giant garden version would definitely take things to the next level. You could even attach dares or cute notes to the bricks!

This giant garden tumble tower is a must-have outdoor wedding game – just make sure your photographer snaps lots of pictures of your guests’ reactions when the tower falls.

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3. Prosecco Pong – £20, Hitched Shop

Beer pong has had a sophisticated new upgrade! Prosecco pong is the go-to drinking game now.

This fun game from the Hitched Shop can be set up in the grounds of your wedding venue. You’re sure to get some amazing wedding photos of all your guests having fun playing it.

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4. Customised Wedding-Themed Tennis Balls – £10.75, Price Of Bath

Okay, perhaps a full game of tennis is a little too much for your wedding day! But if you and your other half are big tennis fans then this super cute wedding tennis set from Price of Bath is a great purchase.

It’ll give you some great tennis-themed wedding photos if nothing else!

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5. Hula Hoops – £17.02, Hipnotic Hoopla

Granted, this is a slightly unusual choice of outdoor wedding game – but it’s a fun one nonetheless! Hula hooping is a great game to play at a summer or beach wedding, plus you can snap some great pictures of your guests doing their best hoola!

Buy a few hoola hoops in the same colours as your wedding colour scheme (how pretty are these sparkly hoops?!), and then turn it into a competition by seeing who can hoola for the longest.

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7. Giant Wooden Garden Dominoes – £47.69, Wood N Lots Of Love

This giant wooden dominoes set from Wood N Lots Of Love will be the perfect outdoor wedding game.

We love the vintage style look to this set and you can use it again and again after the big day.

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8. Vintage Skittles – £21.55, Rose Barbeapapas Shop

This wooden skittles set is the perfect lawn game for all ages. Show everyone your bowling skills and go for a strike!

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9. Giant Connect Four – £99.99, Amazon

Kids and adults alike will enjoy a game of Connect Four, and a giant outdoor version will take things up a notch.

Games like this take guests right back to their childhood, and you can get this fab wooden set on Amazon for £99.99!

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10. Twister – £12.99

This is an easy one to pull off if you’re looking for classic outdoor wedding games – you could even DIY your own mat and spinner.

If you already have enough DIY’ing to do, you can pick up this retro game cheaply on Amazon. Simply grab a Twister mat, kick off your shoes and get playing. We challenge you not to laugh as you watch all your relatives get tangled up!

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11. Swingball – £31.99

Forget the first dance – how about a first game of swingball as a married couple?

Your venue may be able to provide the swingball game, but if not then they’re fairly cheap to buy from various home stores.

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12. Limbo Set – £22.50, Bar Activity

If you’re lucky enough to be having a wedding on the beach, get the party going with a game of limbo on the sand.

This wooden limbo set is a fab choice – and it won’t break the bank!

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13. Garden Draughts – £29.99, Traditional Garden Games

A giant draughts game at your reception will be sure to draw attention from your guests.

Not only is the game fun to play, but the monochrome colours will make a nice decorative touch. There are lots of places online to buy a giant draughts board (we love this one by Traditional Garden Games), but it’s also worth asking your venue if they already have one.

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14. Giant Pick Up Sticks – £34.50

This classic outdoor game would be perfect for a wedding in the countryside, and it’s easy to set up pretty much anywhere – you don’t even need a lawn for it!

Drop the sticks on a flat surface then watch your guests have fun picking up the different sticks – which are worth various points – without moving the surrounding sticks around. Who has got the steadiest hand?

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15.  Doughnut Bobbing

As if we needed another excuse to eat doughnuts! This outdoor wedding game is both delicious and fun.

Tie each doughnut on a string and hang from a tree. Your guests then need to keep their hands behind their backs and use their mouths to retrieve the doughnut (and eat it afterwards, of course).

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16. Coconut Shy

Festival weddings are all the rage right now – if you’re having one then why don’t you add to the summery feel by having carnival-style outdoor wedding games? A coconut shy is a simple classic.

17. Space Hopper Race – £16.59

For a slight variation on the sack race, a space hopper race will provide similar laughs and is a wedding game that both adults and kids can enjoy.

Prizes should be arranged for the winners while the losers should do a forfeit decided by the couple. We love these space hoppers from Amazon.

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18. Ring Toss

A vintage-inspired classic garden game, ring toss will bring out your guests’ most competitive sides. This game is super easy to make yourself – it can even be done with painted coke bottles and twisted pipe cleaners as it has been here!

For extra fun, write names of your guests and wedding party on the bottles and the rings to see who gets matched with whom…

19. Croquet on the Lawn – £130, Uber Games

Encourage your guests to grab a mallet and play a quick game of croquet on the lawn. This game is perfect for a funfair themed wedding!

We love this croquet set from Uber Games.

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20. Wheel of Fun

Putting a giant wheel of fun somewhere in your wedding reception is a great way to make your wedding to stand out.

It might be a bit of a hefty DIY project (one for the father of the bride or groom, perhaps?), but it’s fun to add custom activities like “Show Us Your Best Dance Moves” to each side of the wheel. Major guest interaction is guaranteed!

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21. Word Search

If you’re all for a bit of wedding DIY, transform a chalk board into a word search that your guests can try their hand at all day long. Write the letters in permanent paint and provide chalks only for circling words on the day.

Include names of people in the wedding party, names of places you’ve travelled to together and details about yourselves for your guests to find. Top marks for whoever finds the most words in the quickest time!

22. Board Game Station

If giant lawn games aren’t really your thing, round up some of your favourite board games from the back of your cupboard and lay them on a table outside.

A board game station is perfect for guests with tired feet!

Wedding Table Games

You can’t go wrong with a good old table game, so we’ve rounded up some of the best for breaking the ice. There are even a few downloadable games and PDFs thrown into the mix to make things super easy.

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23. Scavenger Hunt Game – £2.05, The Bride Tribe Co

Treasure hunts are fantastic games to play, particularly if your reception space has lots of little nooks and crannies. Leave this scavenger hunt on each of the tables and see which team can complete the hunt first!

It not only looks super pretty, but it can be downloaded instantly making it super easy when you’ve got lots of other wedmin to be cracking on with…

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24. Wedding Ice Breaker Game – £8.50, Postbox Party

Couples who are concerned that their guests might not naturally spark up conversation should leave ice breakers on the table.

This fab set by Postbox Party has a whole selection of cards, including games, conversation starters and fun facts. They’re also super pretty crafted in silver, making them perfect for a whole host of wedding themes.

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25. Wedding Shoe Game – £3.90, Hey Lovely Co

The Wedding Shoe game is one of our favourite games to play at wedding receptions because it gets everyone in the room involved.

When your guests sit down, hand them one of these wedding shoe game cards (or provide one per table). Everyone will need to guess the answers to each of the statements.

After the wedding speeches, the best man should get the happy couple to sit back to back in front of all their guests. Each partner holds one of their shoes and one of their other half’s shoes. The best man acts as the host asking the questions and the couple answer simultaneously by holding up the shoe that corresponds with their answer. Who will guess the most correctly?

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26. Wedding Advice Cards – £8.50, HPDx

This game is both simple and fun! Add one advice card to every place setting at your wedding breakfast and let the laughs commence.

Each advice card in this set comes complete with fun activities for guests to fill out including advice for the newlyweds and their future wishes.

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27. Match the Love Songs Game – £3.11, Pineapple Designs Co

If you’re hosting a Disney-themed wedding, your guests will love to match their favourite songs to the films they come from. We love that the kids will be able to get involved in this table game too!

This game is instantly downloadable meaning it won’t steal any of your precious wedding planning time.

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28. Speech Bingo Game – £4.58, Print Go Go

Add (even more) pressure to the speech makers by providing everyone with a copy of wedding speech bingo.

Black out random hearts on the sheet above to mix up the odds a bit more, then hand it out. The first guest to shout out “bingo” (and totally throw off the best man just as he launches into a super embarrassing story) wins a prize!

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29. Find the Guest Bingo – £3.32, Hello Rose Paperie

A game of find the guest bingo is a great way to get everyone at your wedding mingling.

Give each guest one of these pretty cards (which are instantly downloadable for you to print yourself, FYI) and watch as they find a person to match each of the clues. The first guest to shout “bingo” wins!

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30. Dirty Emoji Pictionary – £3, Oh Happy Printables

Maybe not one if your grandma gets easily offended (or if there’s children at your wedding), but this fun game of dirty emoji Pictionary brings things right up to the 21st century.

Guess the sex act from the emojis listed – whichever guest has the most correct answers is for sure the dirtiest…

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31. Date Ideas Guest Book – £15, Ench Moments

Leave a jar or box out on your wedding reception tables labelled ‘Date Night Ideas’ and encourage your guests to add their own romantic, adventurous or exciting date night ideas for you to embark on.

It’s up to you whether you commit to doing all of them, but it’s a guaranteed way to make sure married life is full of fun.

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32. Table Name Books Game – £12.95, Old English Co

If you’re opting for table numbers, leave pretty notebooks like these marked with the matching number on your tables.

Encourage your guests to write messages in them, and you can then read those messages on the anniversary that matches the number on the book. This is a great alternative to the traditional guest book!

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33. Guess Who

This is one for crafty couples who love a bit of DIY. Make your own Guess Who and replace the characters in the game with pictures of the wedding party or guests.

The game can get passed around the tables (if you don’t have the time to make more than one board) during the wedding breakfast and guests can have fun playing your personalised Guess Who game!

34. Wedding Speech Sweepstake – from £11.50, The Leaf Press

Are your guests the gambling kind? Poke a little gentle fun at the bridal party by leaving out wedding speech sweepstakes for your guests to gamble with. They don’t have to bet money – it could be sweets from their favour boxes or a drink at the bar.

Make sure the rules are clear though – no one is allowed to check with any of the speech givers to find out how long their speech will be, and there must be a designated time keeper on each table who decides the winner.

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35. Place Card Find Your Match Game – 80p, Em and Olive

If you see a wedding as the perfect opportunity to matchmake, don’t miss out on a chance to play Make Your Match.

On the back of each guests’ place card (we love these rustic place cards by Em and Olive!), write one half of a famous coupling. It could be celeb couples or just well-known pairings such as gin and tonic or salt and vinegar. Your guests must then visit each of the tables to find their perfect match – if you have always thought your work bestie would be perfect for your partner’s football friend, now’s the time to set the wheels in motion…

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36. Guess the Facts Game – £4.43, Happy Paper Moments

Snap up these fabulous wedding table numbers and personalise them with two facts – one true and one false. The guests on the relevant table have to discuss which fact is fake before you reveal the answers during the speeches! This is a great way to get your guests chatting and laughing together.

If you don’t want to reveal facts about yourselves, you could provide each of your guests with their own fact cards to fill in. They should write down two true facts and one false fact about themselves before getting the rest of the table to guess which they’ve been lying about…

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37. Wedding Dares – £5.99, Ginger Ray

Mischievous brides and grooms will love the idea of leaving dares out for their wedding guests. Have some fun writing truths and dares on these pretty cards by Ginger Ray, then cover your additions with the scratch-to-reveal stickers. Leave a card at everyone’s place at the breakfast tables and watch as guests have fun adhering to them.

Dares can be as silly or as cheeky as you like – just make sure there’s a suitable forfeit for those who bow out!

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38. A Song and Dance

This is a great idea if you’re on the hunt for creative wedding table name ideas! Name your tables after your favourite songs and put a notice on each table revealing that they have to get up and dance when their song is played.

This is a great way to make sure the dance floor is full when the evening party gets underway. You could even award prizes for the best dancer from each table and for the most keen to get on the dance floor!

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39. ‘What’s In Your Phone?’ Game – £4.43, Tie The Knot Shop

How addicted to their phones are your guests? Find out with a quick table game of What’s In Your Phone?

Guests can add up their points, and the person on each table with the highest score gets awarded a prize during the speeches!

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40. Kissing Menu Game – £3.73, Wishful Paper Boutique 

The Kissing Menu Game is sure to crack a few laughs among your guests – particularly if they go for the conga line or Macarena options!

Pop one of these cute kissing menus on each table and watch as the requests roll in.

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41. Mad Libs Game – £3.90, Hey Lovely Co

Mad Libs will definitely give you a giggle after the wedding day, and will be sure to make your guests laugh between courses.

Give each guest a Mad Libs card complete with blank spaces for them to fill in – you may be surprised with what they come back with!

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Kids Wedding Games

If there are lots of children in your family and you’ve decided to avoid a “no kids” rule on your big day, chances are you’re probably on the hunt for the best ways to keep them occupied.

Screaming, crying children do nothing for the chilled wedding vibes you’ve been dreaming of. Here are our favourite kids wedding games for your big day.

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42. Giant Bubble Party Kit – £89.99, Dr Zigs Extraordinary Bubbles

This might not technically be a game, but it’s a great form of outdoor wedding entertainment which we thought necessary to include anyway.

Entertain the kids at your wedding with this giant bubble party kit – the photos you can capture with bubbles are beautiful!

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43. Metallic Diamond Party Piñata – £35, Pinyatay

They’re fun to break, they’re full of sweets and they also add a decorative touch – we can’t see any downside to a game of ‘break the piñata’!

This outdoor wedding game is perfect for giving your reception a summer party vibe. We adore this sparkly gold piñata!

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44. Hop Scotch – €57, Little You

Create a play area where kids can let off steam without disturbing the rest of the guests.

Hop scotch mats will be great additions to this – they provide hours of fun and will ensure the children stay active without causing a commotion. We love this one from Little You.

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45. Personalised Children’s Colouring Books – £3.80, Paper Ballards

Colouring can keep kids occupied for hours, so scatter a table with wedding-themed colouring books and boxes of crayons.

If you don’t want a whole station dedicated to it, you could adorn the children’s place settings with these cute personalised colouring books!

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46. Beanbag Toss

Corn hole is the perfect vintage lawn game that the kids at your wedding will adore. It’ll feel like a cohesive part of your wedding décor and won’t stick out like a sore thumb, and it can also be made quite easily at home!

You’ll need an old piece of board, some paints to jazz it up and beanbags.

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47. “I Spy” Game – £1 each, Hitched Shop

This is a great way to keep children entertained at your wedding, but the young at heart adults might enjoy it too. We love these versions from the Hitched Shop and Modern Event Design Co. 

Provide the children with disposable cameras as cheap wedding favours and get them to capture the “I Spy” moments on the cards.

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48. Children’s Books Emoji Pictionary – £2.21, Nordic Fleur

A much more PG version of the previously featured dirty emoji Pictionary, this downloadable game of children’s books emoji Pictionary is a great way to keep slightly older kids entertained.

Pop one of these sheets at each of their places at the table and watch as they try and figure out the names of their favourite story books.

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49. Children’s Activity Books – £9 each, Hitched Shop

Children's activity book

We don't think we've seen a prettier children's activity book!

Not only will it look stunning on your wedding table thanks to the gold foiling, it's packed with games to keep little ones entertained. 

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Now you’ve got your wedding games sorted, you’ll need to decide on the rest of the entertainment. How about booking a surprise singing waiter act? We’ve got everything you need to know.

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