47 Vintage Ideas for Your Wedding

If you’re planning your nuptials with a vintage twist, check out 47 fantastic and unique ideas for a retro-themed wedding day to remember

Gone are the days when the sure sign of a vintage wedding was shabby chic decor and handful of birdcages. Couples are taking the vintage wedding trend and running with it, incorporating different eras, different styles and a huge array of vintage ideas to use throughout their wedding.

If you’re looking for vintage wedding inspiration, consider these fabulous vintage wedding ideas as a starting point: 47 unique ways to turn your big day into a unique, retro-themed celebration.

1. Hire a hot wedding dressmaker to turn a jaded vintage wedding dress into a timeless masterpiece

2. In the run-up to your wedding, scour charity shops and car boot sales for mismatched china/crockery from your era – you can use the crockery to display floral centrepieces or to serve your wedding breakfast to your guests


Image credit: Pretty Pieces Perfect Days

3. Set a vintage dress code for your wedding guests

4. Choose a venue that’s already furnished with relevant vintage pieces – then it’s much easier to turn it into your ideal vintage setting

5. Fold-up wooden wedding chairs look great at a vintage ceremony

6. There are so many unusual wedding transport ideas to pick from. Choose a funky vintage mode of transport like a classic Mini, VW Camper Van, Daimler or Ford Zodiac


Image Credit: Ross Hurley Photography

7. Hire vintage bicycles that (suitably dressed!) guests can ride from the church to the reception on


Image Credit: Lillibrook Great Barn

8. Wedidng bunting adds an instant vintage vibe – hang it in the trees outside the venue rather than inside the reception room or marquee

9. On a summer wedding day, provide the ladies with beautiful lace parasols so they don’t get sunburnt – headscarves and sunglasses work too, for a funkier retro look

10. Pom-poms look spectacular if you have enough of them hanging on chairs/from the rafters – you can make them yourself to match the colour scheme

11. Fill vintage tins and glass jars with flowers or sweets (collect them via eBay in the run-up to the wedding)


Image Credit: Pretty Pieces Perfect Days

12. Stick to one statement flower for a vintage floral twist – hydrangeas look amazing and you could even include them in a floral wedding cake.

13. Vintage props – like record players or typewriters – can look cool as decor or table centrepieces


14. Shabby, old watering cans come to life filled with flowers – particularly if you put them outside the venue

15. Fill a vintage wheelbarrow with ice and champagne bottles

16. Hire a mixologist who specialises in fun wedding cocktails – or can create bespoke recipes to suit your vintage theme

17. Use a large chalkboard for the table plan – and once guests are seated, wipe it clean and let the kids doodle on it

18. Put the favours in brown paper favour bags with a vintage print

19. Use baker/butcher twine around vases, favours and napkins…

20. …or tie frayed ribbon around your napkins and cutlery for a classic shabby chic vintage look

21. Paper doilies are cheap and cheerful – use them on every table

22. Simple flower arrangements in vintage teapots make awesome centrepieces

23. Vintage books look great as props stacked around the venue – even better if you have chosen a library wedding venue

24. Hire large apothecary jars as classic centrepieces

25. Dried flowers always look elegant at a vintage-themed wedding

26. Treat guests to a retro drink (think Babycham or snowballs) upon arrival

27. Hire your hair and make-up team for the whole day and have them vintage-up guests with retro hair make-up

28. Serve vintage treats at your sweetie bar…

29. …and add vintage scales and paper bags for authenticity


Image Credit: The Solent Hotel and Spa

30. Simple fairground games like “hook a duck” make a cool feature

31. Vintage deck chairs make a cool touch at a seaside venue – or lined up on the lawn of your country house hotel

32. An ice cream van is a classic vintage touch, but add a twist by hiring one that sells lollies and ice cream from when you were kids, giving the guests a nostalgic treat…

33. …or consider an ice cream bike (particularly if it will be difficult to park a van outside the venue)


Image Credit: Hopthorne Hall Wedding Venue

34. Hire a red post box or an American-style mailbox (depending on your chosen era) for guests to post their cards

35. Have a dress-up box for grown-ups filled with vintage props (great for photos)

36. Old picture frames make a great prop for a vintage-style photo booth

37. Vintage photo walls always go down well (guests love nothing more than sticking their heads through a hole!)

38. Create a “film set” corner where guests can pose for portraits: a chaise longue or 60s/70s couch surrounded by suitable vintage props could look amazing

39. Inflatable Chesterfield-look sofas look brilliant on lawns on in a marquee

40. Collect classic, second hand books from your era to give out as favours

41. Serve a decidedly retro wedding breakfast

42. Afternoon tea immediately injects vintage etiquette into your day

43. Use a big screen as a reception backdrop and show vintage movies or TV shows from your favourite era

44. Book a specialist DJ who only plays songs from your chosen era…

45. … or a vintage tribute band (think Beatles, Stones, ABBA, Duran Duran)

46. Put tea lights in mismatched vintage sherry glasses to create a stunning light display

47. Hire a jukebox so guests can create their own soundtrack

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