Zoe Burke

Zoe Burke

Social Media Editor

Zoe is responsible for all the social media output across Hitched’s channels - you might recognise her from a Reel or two! She creates content designed to engage with and inspire couples as they spend time scrolling. An absolute geek for stats with style, Zoe loves nothing more than seeing a fun wedding meme take off, or helping couples to plan the perfect day for them by sharing useful articles and tips via our Instagram story, then studying all the info in our analytics. Zoe spent the first 18 years of her life in Birmingham but has lived in the south ever since leaving to attend university. She now lives in London with her partner and daughter. When she’s not frantically firing off inspiration via Instagram, she loves reading, writing and escaping the city - exploring the coast or skiing down a mountain are her favourite things to do!


Zoe joined the Hitched team in 2012 as an intern, just two days after finishing her degree. She completed her year’s internship before becoming Assistant Editor of Hitched. After four years in that role, she left for a little while to work on a number of different projects, including as Digital Editor of bridal trade publication Bridal Buyer, and as Editor of Confetti.co.uk. However, when a job opening focusing on social media became available at Hitched, she had to apply. What could be better than a job that combined her favourite medium and her favourite brand? Luckily (or perhaps thanks to some quite relevant experience), Zoe got the job and is back home at Hitched.


Zoe graduated from university in Southampton in 2012 with a degree in Writing, Fashion & Culture. Prior to that, she studied English and Drama and Theatre Studies in Stratford-upon-Avon, believing she’d probably become a Shakespearian actor. If you’ve seen her Reels, you probably get that vibe. 

Hitched Q&A with Zoe: 

What Is Your Ideal Wedding Style? 

This is so hard to answer because it changes all the time! After a decade in weddings I’ve fallen in love with every style going - but neon signage and lots of greenery always make me save a post on social!

Dream Honeymoon Location? 

I am actually such a huge Ernest Hemingway geek, so it’s my absolute dream to visit Key West in Florida and Havana in Cuba to see more of the places he called home. 

What Was (or Would Be) Your First Dance Song? 

My first dance song would be ‘I Forget Where We Were’ by Ben Howard, but I know for a fact my partner would veto it...

Favourite Celebrity Wedding Look? 

I will always and forever have time for Fearne Cotton’s beautiful bridal look - it was so perfectly ‘her’. But let’s not forget Meghan Markle’s evening look too, which is up there in my all-time favourite style moments. 

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