Unusual Wedding Favours: 47 Quirky Ideas

Surprise your guests with a wedding favour that's a little bit different


If you want to present your guests with some amazing wedding favours, then why not think outside the box and give them something that’s a bit different?


From personalised teabags to temporary tattoos, we’ve come up with 47 unusual wedding favours which are sure to go down a treat with your wedding guests.

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Flower Seeds

Your guests will adore these packets of seeds from Wedding in a Teacup that grow into beautiful Forget Me Nots. The packets have a charming design and your loved ones will be reminded of your wedding when their flowers start to grow.

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Harry Potter Potions

Harry Potter fans you are going to love this! These 30ml Harry Potter spell bottles from Mr Goods Emporium come empty so you can fill with whatever potion you desire!

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A Puzzle Piece

These custom puzzle pieces from Manta Makes are a sweet way of thanking your guests for being a part of your celebration.

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Gin Wedding Favours

If you are an avid gin lover then share your passion with your wedding guests – we adore these pretty little gin favours from Hearth & Heritage.

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Fortune Cookies

This wedding favour is a highly affordable option and you could even personalise them with your own message, we adore these pink favours from Little Cupcake Boxes.

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Personalised Lollipops

These lollipops from Holly’s Lollies are a cute and delicious favour idea for your guests and they can be personalised to include your initals and wedding date.

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Personalised Jam

Whether it’s homemade or shop-bought, jam is a perfect favour idea for a vintage style weding – particularly if you are having afternoon tea in place of a traditional wedding breakfast. We adore these little fabric covered jam pots from Suzanne Oddy Design.

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Tea Sachets

Everyone loves a good old brew, but you could mix things up a bit by handing out tea sachets that have unusual flavours – like English rose or toffee apple. We adore these ‘Love is Brewing’ personalised teabags from Wedding in a Teacup.

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Festival Wristbands

If you’re planning a ‘wedfest’ (a festival themed wedding), then make your friends and family feel like VIPs by handing out wristbands. We love these ‘Our Wedding’ ones from Not On The High Street.

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Fun Flavoured Lip Balm

Your guests will love these cute lip balms from Hearth and Heritage. You can choose from flavours like Prosecco or strawberry, pick your packaging colour and personalise with your initials!

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Temporary Tattoos

Who needs the pain of the real thing? Temporary tattoos may be unusual wedding favours, but they look amazing and you can go for gorgeous colours like silver and gold to match a metallic colour scheme. We adore these Bride Tribe tattoos from Emilie Rose.

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Give your guests little boxes of this much loved treat for them to take away. If you’re planning to have vintage wedding décor, then you could buy some cheap retro striped popcorn boxes and finish them with these fab personalised stickers from Sarah Burns Prints.

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We love the idea of giving your guests fun colourful sunglasses as a wedding favour – they will look awesome in your wedding photos and these ones from JcDezigns can even be personalised with your very own message.

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A Rubik’s Cube

Give your guests a real brainteaser of a favour with a Rubik’s Cube. This is a great favour idea for all ages and it will certainly keep little ones entertained if they have a long journey home. These mini cubes from Party Pieces are just 99p each!

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Name Badges

If you want to make sure your wedding favour isn’t left on the table then a name badge will be perfect as every guest will love to wear one! We adore these pretty pastel badges from Wedding in a Teacup.

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Olive Oil and Condiments

Mini bottles of condiments, balsamic vinegar or infused olive oil make great take home treats. Every guest will appreciate one of these fine Greek olive oil favours or, if they’re after something spicier, a mini bottle of sriracha. It’s a perfect taste of your upcoming honeymoon!

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Adult Colouring


No longer just a fun activity for children, colouring for grown ups is now all the rage. We guarantee that everyone will be hooked once they start scribbling away! Insignia Coloring Books on Amazon have a fantastic range of designs.

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Personalised Chocolate

Offer your wedding guests a sweet treat with these chocolate initial wedding favours from Morse Toad, we think they are super cute and your guests will love them!

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Personalised Nutella

Yes, this is a thing! If you and your partner are self-confessed Nutella addicts, you can order these mini pots with personalised labels for each guest and a thank you message on the back.

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Pick ‘n’ Mix


If one of you has a serious sweet tooth, fill retro jars with your favourite sweets and let your guests go wild packing cute paper bags with a sugary assortment. You could even add a vintage touch by hiring a sweetie cart for guests to choose their own pick ‘n’ mix.

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Grow Your Own Chilli Kit

If you’ve got something on your menu that has a bit of a fiery kick to it, why not give out chilli-growing kits as wedding favours. Be warned though, these favours might not be suitable for children or those with sensitive taste buds! Luckily Beecycle have loads of kits to choose from, including strawberries, basil, cherry tomatoes and more.

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Christmas Crackers

If you’re getting married in winter and are looking for Christmas wedding ideas to give a festive touch to proceedings, then why not hand out Christmas crackers as wedding favours? To make them extra special you could fill the crackers with a variety of small gifts, so that everyone will have the element of surprise when they open them. You could even get them personalised and double-up as place cards, like these ones from Twenty-Seven.

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Shot Glasses

All the adults can raise a shot to toast the happy couple with these personalised shot glasses, showing your initials and wedding date. Choose your favourite spirit and have a non-alcoholic option available.

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Yes really! Make socks cool by choosing a quirky design or you could even have them personalised with your names and the date of the wedding. These pairs from Etsy are fab and there’s lots of choice at Not On The High Street too.

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Unusually Scented Candles

The votive candles from Yankee Candle are fairly small which makes them ideal candle wedding favours. Go for unexpected scents like their Strawberry Buttercream or Wedding Day candles for something a bit different. And if you’re wondering what Wedding Day smells like, it has floral and fruity undertones.

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Personalised Succulents


For a unique keepsake of your wedding day, choose one of these exotic succulents from The Gluttonous Gardener. They’re simple enough for even the least green-fingered to grow and come in these cute terracotta pots.

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If your guests use these on the day itself then you can guarantee some amazing wedding photos. Sparklers would give an amazing touch to an outdoor evening reception. These sparkler covers add a bit of fun and can be personalised with your names and wedding date.

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Personalised CDs

If you’re giving your guests the soundtrack of your special day to take home, then you could consider popping the disks in these personalised CD sleeves from Sixpence Paperie. They come in a pack of 10 and can hold up to 13 tracks – plus we love the sleeve’s bold font.

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Leave little bottles of spices or mulled wine spices on your tables as a thoughtful favour idea. If you want to go DIY, source the spices from markets or food shops and pour them into little jars. Finish by attaching a pretty bow and a personalised label.

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Cake in a Jar

Chocolate wedding favours are always a winner, so why not get creative and serve your guests a cake in a jar? A big trend at the moment is making cakes that fit in mugs, so why not have a go at making these yourself. If you aren’t at Mary Berry’s level just yet, you can order them too, like this one from Frostbite Bakery.

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Personalised Lego Figures

Lego wedding favours will be a big hit with all ages. Personalised figures of you and your partner are a nice touch. However, if you have a relatively small party and want to go the extra mile, go for personalised figures of each guest.

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Bottle Openers

A cute personalised bottle opener will be a fun wedding favour that your guests will use again and again.

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Funny Polaroids + Props

Grab your partner and get your pose on, then leave a silly picture of the two of you on everyone’s seat. Place a polaroid camera in the middle of each table or have a couple floating around with some fab photo booth props so your guests can return the favour and keep a thoughtful, fun keepsake for themselves.

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Matchbox Games

With 15 different brain-teasing designs to pick from, you’ll keep your guests entertained during any quieter moments during dinner (and little ones’ hands busy during the speeches!) with these best-selling matchbox puzzles from Nest.

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A Personalised Drinks Coaster

If you like a good tipple then a drinks coaster with personalised initials, a message or humorous quote is a perfect favour idea.

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A Coffee Stencil

Go all fancy with your favours and present guests with a coffee stencil so that they can take their hot beverage to the next level. These wedding themed stencils from Sophia Victoria Joy can be personalised with both your names or your guests names.

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Pancake Mix

We absolutely love this idea. Treat your guests to a top breakfast by giving out these packs of pancake mix from The Little Pancake Company. We like the sound of the raspberry and white chocolate mix but there are other choices available, such as rocky road and apple crumble.

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Unleash your inner Homer Simpson and give your guests a delicious doughnut. Pop them in individual boxes for a special touch – Krispy Kreme sell single boxes of doughnuts that would make amazing favours.

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Scrabble Pieces

Give a romantic nod to this board game favourite by handing out Scrabble pieces that spell out a cute message and combining with these amazing Scrabble place cards.

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Colourful Notebooks

A notebook is one of life’s essentials, so add a unique twist by picking one with a cool print or a glitter cover like this sparkly set of 48.

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Hangover Kits

Everyone will be enjoying a tipple or two on your wedding day so make that there are no sore heads after by handing out hangover kits. How cute are these bags – fill them with things like Lucozade, chocolate, paracetamol and eye masks.

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A Lottery Ticket

Feeling lucky? If you are then share your luck with your guests by giving them a lottery ticket. This is a fun and affordable favour idea that could lead to some big wins! Pop the tickets in these romantic ‘lucky in love’ paper holders from Wedding in a Teacup.

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Message in a Bottle

If your wedding has a nautical or desert island theme, then a message in a bottle favour is an easy way to follow this. You can make them yourselves or, if you have a bit more budget, how gorgeous are these photo messages in a bottle with a picture of you both and a message on the back!

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Mini Board Games

If your wedding guests have travelled from far and wide to be at your special day, then a retro game like snakes and ladders or Scrabble will keep them entertained on the journey back. Buy the games in a smaller, travel size to make them favour appropriate. This 4-in-a-row game is less than 60p a favour!

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Personalised Wine Cork Stopper

For an eco-friendly wedding favour, consider these 100% natural wine stoppers, made from beech and cork. They’re reusable, recyclable and super stylish looking. It’ll remind every guest of your day when they pop open a bottle.

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Mini Handmade Soap

These cute soaps in gorgeous scents make a perfect finishing touch to your wedding tables. You’ll get sent a random selection of scents, including honey & oatmeal, cocoa & shea butter and almond oil.

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Cake Pops

We know that you’re busy planning and won’t have time to give each guest an individual cake, so give them a cake pop instead! These treats on a stick can be made at home, or you can buy ones to fit your theme, like these amazing tea party cake pops that would work for a vintage wedding or have a hint of a Beauty and the Beast Disney theme too.

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If you need something stylish to pop your unusual wedding favours in, then check out our pick of unique wedding favour boxes – we love the glittery gold one!