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Outdoor Wedding Games: 28 Fun Ideas from Giant Jenga to Prosecco Pong

Entertain your reception guests with these seriously fun outdoor wedding game ideas - from Giant Jenga to prosecco pong, your guests will have a blast

Wedding guests playing a sack race

If you’re planning a pretty outdoor wedding ceremony or reception, then a great way to entertain your guests is with some classic outdoor wedding games.

Not only is this a perfect ice breaker for friends and family who might be meeting for the first time, it’s also a brilliant way to get everyone involved and having fun – not to mention you’ll get loads of priceless photo moments. If you’re stuck for ideas, read on for our edit of fantastic outdoor wedding games that are suitable for every celebration.

Whether you want giant outdoor wedding games, or simple lawn wedding games that pair well with your welcome drinks, all these wonderful wedding game ideas are perfect for an outdoor setting and will allow your guests to get to know each other (and get competitive) whilst you have some time with your photographer. Just make sure you allow yourself some time to get in on the garden wedding games too - it'll make for some amazing pictures as you take each other on in Twister or have a giant Jenga competition. 

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28 of the Best Outdoor Wedding Games to Entertain Your Guests

Wedding Lawn Games

1. Boules - £47.90, Not on the High Street

Boules is a fun and easy wedding lawn game that is great for all ages. We love this gorgeous set from Harmony on the Home Boutique – it will be a perfect keepsake after the big day.

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2. Personalised Ring Toss - £2.49, Etsy

Ring toss game with wedding date and couple's name engraved on it

This creative personalised ring toss doubles as a wedding favour! We call that a win-win! Plus, it can be customised to include your wedding date and names, making it extra special. After more cheap wedding favour ideas?

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3. Rounders - £57, Not on the High Street

It can be tricky when you’ve got younger guests who will want to entertain at the reception, so double-check with your venue if a game of rounders can be held outside. This is a fantastic wedding garden game that will really get the competitive spirit going – and the adults can join in too! Make it extra special by buying this personalised wedding rounders set from Bespoak.

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4. Noughts and Crosses – £30, Not on the High Street

If you’re trying to think of outdoor wedding games that are suitable for wedding guests of all ages, then how about a good old game of noughts and crosses? This wooden noughts and crosses game from Not on the High Street is an oversized version of the original that would be great for playing outdoors.

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5. Skittles – £25, Etsy

This wooden skittles set from Little You Store is the perfect lawn game for all ages. Show everyone your bowling skills and go for a strike!

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6. Lawn Croquet - £22.99, Etsy

This classic outdoor game would be perfect for a wedding in the countryside, plus it’s easy to set up on pretty much anywhere that has grass. The Curradine Barns venue in the West Midlands is the ideal setting for a game thanks to its pretty gardens. This croquet set from Etsy comes with enough equipment for up to 4 players at a time!

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Wedding Garden Games

7. Customised Wedding Themed Tennis Balls - £10.75, Not on the High Street

Okay, so perhaps a full game of tennis is too much for your wedding day! But if you and your other half are big tennis fans then this super cute wedding tennis set from Price of Bath is a great purchase and you can have some really fun tennis-themed wedding photos.

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8. Prosecco Pong Game - £15.95, Not on the High Street

Beer pong gets a sophisticated upgrade by becoming prosecco pong! This fun game can be set up on the grounds of your wedding venue and you are sure to get some amazing wedding photos of all your guests having fun playing it.

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9. Number Piñata - From £22, Etsy

They’re fun to break, they’re full of sweets and they also add a decorative touch – we can’t see any downside to a game of ‘break the piñata’. This outdoor wedding game is perfect for giving your reception a summer party vibe, we adore these number piñatas. You could get creative and order your wedding date or another! It's also a great first dance alternative, if you're not feeling it. 

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10. Tug of War - From £12.83, Etsy

image of one side of a tug of war match showing the newlywed and their loved ones tugging in an outdoor wedding venue

Forget the first dance, how about a first tug of war as a married couple? You can play just the two of you, or recruit teams for even more fun. With this versatile outdoor wedding game, the possibilities and laughs are sure to be endless. Just watch out for grass stains!

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11. Twister – £10, Argos

Image of young people having a daytime party on a modern rooftop playing twister together

This is an easy one to pull off if you’re looking for classic outdoor wedding games and you can pick up this retro game cheaply from Argos. Simply grab a Twister mat, kick off your shoes and get playing. We challenge you not to laugh as you watch all your relatives get tangled up!

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12. Bobbing for Doughnuts Favor Bags - From £19.83, Etsy

Image of three personalised donut bags with freshly baked donuts on top of them

As if we need an excuse to eat doughnuts, this outdoor wedding game is both delicious and fun. It's simple: just tie each doughnut on a string and hang it from a tree. Then your guests need to keep their hands behind their backs and use their mouths to retrieve the doughnut (and eat it afterward of course).

You can even provide loved ones with these fun, personalised doughnut bags to store their winnings or to gift any extra sweet treats as wedding favours at the end of the celebration.

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13. Wedding Bingo – From £2.99, Etsy

Image of a wedding bingo card against a wooden backdrop with botanical details

This wedding bingo card from Etsy is a fun way to help your guests get to know each other and create new memories together. It comes in three aesthetically pleasing design options and can be customised with the names of you and your partner. What's more, in case of inclement weather, this engaging game can easily be transitioned indoors and makes for a great wedding ice breaker.

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14. Cornhole Toss – £66, Etsy

Image of two customized wedding cornhole boards on a wooden floor

Do you love a bit of friendly competition? Spark joy and a touch of rivalry at your wedding reception with a game of cornhole. Better yet, you can even have your boards and sacks customised to fit your celebration's theme!

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15. I Spy - £4.03, Etsy

Image of a basket of i spy cards

Looking for an engaging, alternative way to preserve the moments of your special day? These customizable I Spy game cards are the perfect solution!

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16. Hula Hooping - £12, Etsy

Image of three striped hula hoops laying on grass

A slightly unusual choice of outdoor wedding game but a fun one nonetheless. Hula hooping is a great activity for a summer or beach wedding – plus, you can snap some great pictures of your guests doing their best hula! Turn it into a competition by seeing who can hula for the longest. Better yet, you can easily order colourful hoops from Etsy.

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17. Cocktail Making Kits - £24.14, Not on the High Street

Image of someone with painted nails holding an open box with mini ingredients for a dark and stormy cocktail

Why not turn your reception drinks into a fun outdoor wedding game? Have a cocktail-making station set up outside with personalised kits and challenge your guests to use their best mixing skills. The winner is the one who has the tastiest and best-looking wedding cocktail – so don’t forget to provide extras such as colourful straws, fruit and umbrellas. You can further customise creations with unique stirrers such as these.

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18. Macramé Making - From £16.50, Etsy

A DIY macramé star kit

If you’re planning a vintage-inspired wedding, choose a game to highlight the theme such as a macramé-making competition. Guests of all ages will love getting creative with their own bunting and they could even take it home afterwards as a wedding favour. For those who prefer boho-chic aesthetics, this DIY macramé star kit would be ideal!

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Giant Garden Games for Weddings

19. Wooden Dominoes - £58, Etsy

This giant reclaimed wooden domino set would be the perfect outdoor wedding game. We love the vintage look of this set, not to mention the option to personalise with your chosen family name. It really is the perfect pick if you're looking for giant garden games for your wedding that you would want to use again and again after the big day. 

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20. Giant Bubble Wand Kit - £100, Etsy

Newlyweds pose behind a giant bubble

Want to make your big day even more magical? Ideal for all ages, this giant bubble wand kit from Etsy is sure to captivate and inspire joy at your reception. The massive, rainbow-coloured bubbles will add to the enchanting ambience of your venue while also providing a touch of fun. Better yet, it's sure to be a hit with any kids attending your event, and will look amazing in your wedding photos too.

Here are some of our favourite ways to entertain children at a wedding.

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21. Giant Chess And Draughts Garden Game - £47.90, Not on the High Street

Who doesn’t love this classic game? If your summer wedding venue has a nice big lawn then you could set up your own giant chess and draughts game with this set from Harmony at Home Boutique.

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22. Giant Connect Four - £168, Etsy

Giant wooden connect 4

Kids and adults alike will enjoy a game of Connect Four, and a giant outdoor version will take things up a notch - everyone loves giant outdoor games at a wedding. Vintage games will take guests right back to their childhood and you can buy a wooden version on Etsy.

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23. Giant Toppling Tower – £85.99, Etsy

This traditional game is always tense, so a giant garden version would definitely take things to the next level. This customizable toppling tower is a must-have outdoor wedding game – make sure your photographer snaps lots of pictures of your guests’ reactions when the tower falls.

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24. Giant Chess – £200.80, Etsy

Image of a giant outdoor chess set

A giant chess set at your reception will be sure to draw the attention of your guests. Not only is the game fun to play, but the eye-catching monochrome colours will also make a nice decorative touch. There are lots of places online to buy a giant chess set, but it’s also worth checking with your venue to see if they already have this outdoor game.

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Outdoor Wedding Games for Hire

25. Girl Friday Games, Isle of Wight

Wedding guests playing a sack race

Providing handmade classic garden games, Girl Friday Games will set everything up in the morning of your wedding so it's all ready for you to enjoy later on in the day. Their list of games includes everything from a coconut shy and hook-a-duck to sack races and giant Jenga! 

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26. JS Fun Event Hire, London

Giant chess set

Based in the capital, JS Fun Event Hire work to entertain all ages at your wedding day. Whether you want a bouncy castle on the grounds of your venue, or fancy a giant game of chess, they have you covered. 

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27. Mobile Crazy Golf, Staffordshire

  Mobile crazy golf

Who doesn't love a game of crazy golf? A really popular choice with couples, Mobile Crazy Golf will entertain you and your guests with a portable mini golf course. It makes a great icebreaker if your guests are getting to know each other. 

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28. Gills Vintage Garden Games, East Sussex 

Bride and groom playing croquet

No vintage wedding would be complete without a few outdoor garden games. Gills Vintage Garden Games offers fail-safe classics such as croquet, limbo and boules. 

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