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Unusual Wedding Cars: 13 Quirky Options to Arrive in Style

Ditch the limousine; there’s a new car in town. Oil up your gears and get ready to arrive in style in an unusual wedding car

Bride and groom driving away in Fiat 500

Bride and groom driving away in Fiat 500

We all know the importance of making an entrance. Arriving at your wedding isn’t just an exciting moment - it can also set the tone for the entire ceremony, so it’s important to choose your wedding car hire wisely. Once upon a time, limousines and luxury cars were the only way to go, but now they’re taking the backseat to less showy and more unusual wedding cars

Cute compact cars, vintage vehicles and quirky throwbacks are all in right now. Not only are they more affordable than a Rolls Royce, they can also act as wonderful photo props - the perfect way to make your wedding unique and totally you. 

13 Unique Wedding Cars That Will Turn Heads

Whether you want something quirky, cute or downright weird, use our list to find the coolest unusual wedding cars near you. Cameras at the ready!

1. Fiat 500

Bride and groom stand in a vintage white Fiat 500 parked on a country lane

This Italian supermini is one of the top choices for affordable and unforgettable weddings. Compact cars are all the rage right now, and it doesn’t come any cuter than this! Try hiring an older model from Fiat 500 Hire for some gorgeous vintage models and remember: the best things come in small packages. 

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2. VW Beetle 

A bridge stands beside a bright blue VW Beetle parked on a cobblestone street

The VW Beetle is an excellent choice for any lovebugs with an old soul. This popular model is an instant way to transport guests back to the swinging sixties, when peace and love reigned supreme. Try reserving a custom Herbie ‘53’ model to make sure your arrival is fully loaded. 

3. Mini

A green-yellow mini decorated with greenery parked on the street outside an old building

From Steve McQueen to Charlotte Church, minis have enjoyed a range of celebrity owners across the years. Why not get Manor Wedding Cars to help you hop on the trend and add some VIP flair to your special day? It’ll definitely get you pumped up for your big day - Madonna put it best: “I drive my mini cooper/ and I’m feeling super-duper.”

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4. VW Campervan

A married couple embrace beside a white VW camper van

Marriage is a long-distance journey and there’s no cooler vehicle to begin this than the iconic VW Campervan. Loved by hipsters, surfers, campers and hippies since its creation, this groovy ride shows no sign of diminishing in popularity. Companies like White Van Wedding Company and Vanilla Moon are ready to help you add a sense of timelessness to your day. 

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5. Citroen 2CV

A white and red Citroen 2CV model with flowers and a small chalkboard beside that reads

Citroen 2CVs are the original little French wedding car. These punchy little vehicles are full of life and are guaranteed to get an 'ooh la la' from your guests. Try decorating it with bows, bunting or flowers for an extra special effect- 2CV Wedding Cars will be more than happy to sort you out. 

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6. Renault 4

A dark grey Renault 4 with a ribbon tied into a bow on the bonnet

Next up in the driving seat we have the Renault 4, a fierce competitor with the Citroen 2CV. Widely recognised as the world’s first hatchback, it’s a true French locomotive icon and a great way to arrive and 'dire un petit bonjour' to your guests. 

7. Smart Car

A navy smart car parked on a street and decorated with flowers with a sign on the back that reads

Here come the nearlyweds… in a smart car? Yes, you read that right. It may seem like an odd choice at first, but these fun-size motors will definitely start your ceremony with a bang. Bear in mind that it might be a bit of a squeeze, especially if you have a big wedding dress!

8. London Taxi

A married couple looking at each other perched either side of a traditional London black taxi cab

Taxi for two please! Adding a bit of traditional British flair is easy with wedding taxi hire companies such as White London Taxis and iDoTaxi. And it’s not just the iconic London black cabs on offer either; there are also white and even pink options to add an extra pop of colour to your day. 

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9. 1959 Cadillac

A groom helped a bride out of a pink 1959 Cadillac with flowers on the bonnet

It’s no secret that we’re currently in the midst of a Barbie revolution. Unleash your inner Barbie girl by arriving in her favourite car, a bright pink 1959 Cadillac. We hear it goes very well with a Barbie hen do...

10. Double Decker Bus

Guests grouped by a traditional red double decker London bus with a sign that reads

This offbeat choice is guaranteed to get people talking. Red double decker buses, one of the most iconic symbols of London, are available to hire from Routemaster Bus London, complete with a uniformed and conductor. Hopefully you won’t have any trouble finding a seat - all aboard the party bus!

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11. Mustang

A married couple embrace in front of an orange mustang parked on a country lane underneath trees

Another one for classic car fans. This quintessential icon of American Muscle is the perfect way to add a slice of Americana to your ceremony, as you arrive in style and drive off together onto the open road. The vibe here is timeless, romantic and definitely cool. 

12. Lorry

A white lorry with a pink ribbon on the front parked in a green field

Truckers, listen up - Wedding Car Hire Dorset has some original wedding vehicles just for you. Arriving in a lorry is a great chance for any diesel-heads to personalise their wedding and show off their unique personalities and interests. 

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13. TukTuk

A married couple holding drinks smile at the camera from the back of a tuktuk decorated with flowers on the beach

Finally, the most eccentric item on the list. Take a Tuk Tuk offers unique vehicles imported directly from Bangkok which can seat you and up to five of your wedding party. Not only will they help you make an entrance, guests are also more than welcome to go for a spin. 

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Want to see for yourself? Use our personalised search feature to find the best wedding cars near you.