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8 Celebrity Wedding Trends & How to Recreate Them

From alternative wedding roles and Italian adventures, to embroidered quotes and sten dos, these are the most popular celebrity wedding trends right now

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash embracing each other in their wedding clothes in a field
Chelsea White Photography

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash embracing each other in their wedding clothes in a field
Chelsea White Photography

Famous A-listers and well-known celebrities are renowned for setting trends and being trailblazers when it comes to fashion, beauty, home décor and even lifestyle. This, and the fact that we’re totally celeb-obsessed meant it was about time that we took a look at the biggest and best celebrity wedding trends and helped you figure out how to recreate them!

From Queen Victoria’s white royal wedding dress in 1840 to Kourtney Kardashian's embroidered veil just last year, celebrity weddings have been shaping wedding trends for hundreds of years and have much more of an impact on today’s nuptials than you’d think.

Though planning a wedding isn't just about following trends, some celebrity wedding trends are so easy to recreate, especially ones as timeless as the few we've picked out! From stunning destination weddings and personalised details, to classy coverups and alternative wedding roles, these celebrity wedding trends are definitely the kind you'll want to steal!

Celebrity Wedding Trends, Royal Influences & How You Can Recreate Them 

This wouldn’t be a celebrity wedding trend article without the expert opinion of renowned high-end social event and wedding planner Mark Niemierko. Mark is no stranger to an A-list bash, having planned nuptials for the Cordens’ and the Humes’, as well as overseeing weddings with some seriously famous celebrity wedding guests including our very own Duke of Sussex. 

Celebrity Wedding Trends You'll Want to Steal

Ready for some celebrity wedspiration? Here are the biggest celebrity wedding trends, both old and new, and advice on how you can copy them all!

1. Italian Architecture

A picturesque view of Marvin and Rochelle Humes' outdoor garden Italian wedding ceremony with mountains and trees in the background

Celebrities and us regular folk have always loved Italy as a wedding destination, but the desire for quintessentially Italian weddings has risen in popularity over the years, thanks to some pretty famous faces choosing Europe’s knee-high boot for their destination wedding

Mark explains, “The glamour of travel is very now when it comes to celebrity weddings and Italy is a favourite for famous couples. From Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s Portofino affair to Rochelle and Marvin Humes’ vow renewal in Lake Como which we designed and planned last year, celebrities are setting the bar high for Italian weddings.”

It's no surprise that Italy is a popular wedding destination, and Rochelle Humes' vow renewal and Kourtney Kardashian’s recent wedding have only added to that trend. But it wasn’t the sandy beaches and waters that took centre stage at these celebrity weddings - it was the timeless Italian architecture! 

Kourtney and Travis’ Italian wedding venue really embraced religious Italian architecture, giving it that Versace-esque feel, while Rochelle and Marvin opted for a more scenic backdrop for their outdoor ceremony. With mountains in the background and a charming Italian-tiled walled garden in the foreground, their ceremony was picture-perfect!

How to Recreate It: Fancy jumping on the Italian wedding bandwagon? We’re with you! We have a complete guide on getting married in Italy which includes expert advice from a destination wedding planner.

What’s more, we have a whole host of Italian wedding venues ready for you to browse and book. And the best bit? After the nuptials, you can continue to explore this gorgeous country on a romantic Italian honeymoon. When in Rome, as they say…

If a destination wedding is off the cards for you, but you still want to emulate that Italian wedding feel, you can do so by choosing the perfect wedding venue. If you’re crazy about the architectural look like Travis and Kourtney, opt for a chapel wedding venue that’s bursting with unique features, or a historic wedding venue with plenty of old-school charm.

For a UK play on Marvin and Rochelle’s picturesque Italian wedding, consider a coastal wedding venue right here on British soil. There are plenty of seaside wedding venues that offer that mountainous, coastal feel, especially if you’re looking for a wedding venue in Cornwall or Devon!

If it’s the tiled walled garden that caught your eye, take a look at our favourite outdoor wedding venues, a number of which have inspired garden walls and enclosures perfect for emulating that Italian feel.

2. Playing With Colour

Oritse on his wedding day reaching as his wife Kaz jumps into his arms

Mark explains that one of the emerging celebrity wedding trends is colour: “Celebrities are moving towards embracing bold, bright colours. From deep reds and hot pinks to sunny yellows and more. We’re seeing this come through in celebrities’ tablescapes, wedding décor and smaller details.” 

When JLS star Oritse married his partner Kazz last year, they chose to embrace colour and choose bright, smaller details that matched their vibrant personalities and sunny location. Instead of opting for subdued colours, Kazz carried a summer wedding bouquet as bright as the sun. 

Filled with hues of orange, red and yellow, the warm, bright colours from her wedding flowers were replicated in a number of other wedding details including the buttonholes for the wedding party and the decorative flowers which were dotted around their ceremony and reception venues

How to Recreate It: If you’re keen to incorporate colour into your wedding, but want a finish that’s as stylish as a celeb, we recommend choosing two or three colours that go well together. Once you have your wedding colour palette, think of four or five things you want to use it for and work from there. 

The easiest way to incorporate colour into your wedding is through the wedding cake design, wedding flowers and décor - but if you want to be really bold (and we strongly encourage this!), why not bring those bold pops of colour into your summer wedding suit, bridesmaid dresses or even wear a colourful wedding dress. What about a warm-toned rust bridesmaid dress?

There are plenty of celebrity brides who didn’t wear white on their wedding day and they all absolutely rocked it. 

3. Alternative Wedding Party Roles

Black and white photograph of Jamie Laing as man of honour walking down the aisle with his best friend at her wedding

By now, all of our Hitched users should know how much we love it when people break wedding rules! And one celebrity wedding which really sticks in our mind for this is when the hilarious Ross Matthews married his partner Dr Wellington Garcia. Rather than have a flower girl in the traditional sense, a child or young adult, they chose the flower girl to top all flower girls… Drew Barrymore! 

Jamie Laing also jumped on the trend last year when he played a very important role in his best friend’s wedding. In late 2021, Jamie announced that he’d been asked to be his childhood bestie’s 'man of honour' at her 2022 wedding. He went on the hen do and made the role completely his own - we love him for that.

Not all brides need a bridesmaid role and maid of honour, just like not all grooms need a best man role or ushers.

How to Recreate It: This celebrity wedding trend is so easy to recreate and we really encourage you to consider it when choosing your wedding party roles. Both people who are getting married should have the freedom to choose the closest friends or family members as their wedding party, and sometimes these won’t fit in with the traditional titles. So what?

We suggest both of you sit down and go with your gut, write down who you would want to assign your wedding party roles to and if they don’t fit the stereotypical moulds, change the names or don’t label it at all. We have a guide to inclusive wedding roles that should help with this, as well as a guide to all of the important wedding roles and what duties each one traditionally does. 

4. Sten Dos and Fox Parties

Binky Felstead on a boat with her hens on her celebrity hen party in Ibiza

We pegged this as an emerging wedding trend a while back and it’s safe to say that celebrities are bringing sten dos and fox parties to life. Paris Hilton and her now-husband Carter Reum had an extravagant wedding celebrations, both pre and post nuptials, but their joint sten do in Las Vegas was what really caught our eye.

Rather than opting for the traditional hen party and stag do separately, they decided to combine the two and celebrate jointly. Other celebrities have talked about doing this too, like Jamie and Sophie Habboo. They mentioned trying a sten do on their Nearlyweds podcast - though Sophie later admitted she *hates* Jamie when he’s had a drink, so we’re not sure that’ll be happening.

Another famous face who’s considered the idea is engaged star Vicky Pattison. She’s admitted on a number of occasions that she’d love to host a joint sten do with her fiancé Ercan in addition to having a separate hen party and stag do. Even Vicky's hen will be far from traditional as she has loads of guy friends who would want to join in the celebrations.

Another celebrity who had herself a sten was Binky Felstead. The Made in Chelsea star had her celebrity hen party in Ibiza and ensured the guestlist wasn’t limited to just her gal pals. We were delighted to see our favourite Mayfair duo reunite at her pre-wedding celebrations because Binky without Ollie just doesn’t feel right.

How to Recreate It: Recreating this celebrity wedding trend is simple. First, you need to decide what kind of sten party you want, and there are a few ways to do it. You and your partner can have one joint celebration with all of your friends there. Or, you can both have separate hen or stag parties and then have an additional one together. Another option is to make both of your celebrations a sten. 

Just because you want to have your own celebration separate to your partner, doesn’t mean you have to stick to the gender stereotyped ideologies of stag and hen parties. If you want to make your entire pre-wedding party gender neutral, opt for a fox party which takes all gendered notions out of the equation and lets you celebrate the way you want to.

Read our entire guide on sten and fox parties here!

5. Secret Weddings 

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash embracing each other in their wedding clothes in a field
Chelsea White Photography

Nowadays, hardly anything stays secret for long, especially if you’re a celeb! There’s pretty much nothing you can’t find out about your favourite celebrity now thanks to social media and the internet, so it’s no surprise that more and more celebrities are opting for secret, under the radar weddings.

It makes complete sense why someone would want to keep such an intimate day and moment in their life to themselves, to enjoy with their partner and a small circle of friends. In contrast to the celebrities who can’t wait to share every last detail of their day with fans, a number of celebrity couples have opted to marry in complete secret. 

Just a few couples who decided to tie the knot in secret are Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerley, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez and Beyoncé and Jay-Z. All decided to announce their marriage after the ceremony had taken place - that's one way to keep fans and the press on their toes.

If getting married in complete secrecy isn’t your thing, you could always do what Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash did for their wedding and host it in your own home. Whilst it wasn’t necessarily a secret, the intimate location and the fact that no guests shared any pictures of the day on social media really did give it that hush hush feel.

How to Recreate It: Even those who aren’t of famous status have the right to crave privacy when it comes to getting married, and there are plenty of ways you too can get married in secret.

The most classic secret wedding trend of all is eloping, where you and your partner go off into the sunset somewhere and tie the knot without anyone else knowing. Whilst this can be really romantic and quite refreshing, you may want to have a hush hush wedding that still involves your close friends and family - totally get it!

If you’re keen to get married on the DL, here’s some advice. Keep the wedding guest list small - the more people you tell, the more people you’ll have openly talking about your wedding. It’s even worth telling the small number of guests you are inviting that you don’t want news of your wedding publicised so they are aware you want to keep things quiet.

We’d also recommend not shouting about wedding details on social media or at events - you can’t blame people for asking or speculating if you yourself keep talking about it. Finally, ensure that any pre-wedding celebrations you have such as your engagement party or hen, stag or sten dos aren’t giving anyone not invited to the hush wedding the wrong idea - you don’t want to disappoint.

However, with any small, intimate event, there will always be people who are gutted they couldn’t be there - so you could always offset any disappointed friends or family with a fabulous wedding party after you’ve officially tied the knot. 

6. Stylishly Covering Up

Naomi Biden holding block wedding heels while she walks across a field in her high neck lace ralph lauren wedding dress

Though there will always be a place for celebrities in Berta wedding dresses and similar styles who love to show a bit of skin, covered-up wedding looks are a seriously hot trend right now. When it comes to fabric and your outfit, it's more is more. 

Mark explains, “Celebrity brides are choosing to stylishly cover up - out with the strapless dress! Covering up on the wedding day is a growing trend with looks including Nicola Peltz’s long lace gloves, Jennifer Lopez’s turtleneck, to Naomi Biden’s Grace-Kelly inspired lace wedding dress really setting the trend.”

We couldn’t agree more and the rise in popularity for Ralph Lauren wedding dresses and similar, more simplistic styles proves just how popular this trend is. From wedding dresses with capes and long glove accessories, to high neck designs and long lace sleeves, covering up is a huge celebrity wedding trend, and one that anyone can replicate. 

How to Recreate It: If you love the covering up trend as much as we do, you’ll be pleased to know there are so many ways to do it yourself. 

The easiest way to rock this trend is to opt for a long sleeved wedding dress or one with a high neck. Lace wedding dresses are the most common long sleeved designs as the intricate detailing looks so beautiful down the arm and across the décolletage. 

If you’d prefer a wedding look that gives you more options, using accessories to cover up at different points in the day can work so well and give you multiple looks to choose from. Wedding gloves are a great accessory for covering up, that you can whip off later on in the evening. Think of them like super stylish tights, but for your arms…

Cover up tops are also a great wedding dress accessory which can be worn for a more modest look, and taken off for one that shows a bit more skin. Wedding capes and overskirts also do a brilliant job at giving any wedding dress a covered-up look whilst also being incredibly stylish and flattering.

7. Getting Personal

Idris elba and his wife wearing a vera wang wedding dress

Personalisation in weddings isn’t a new thing necessarily, with personalised wedding stationery, personalised wedding favours and personalised wedding gifts having been popular for quite some time. But in recent years, celebrities have taken personalisation at weddings to a whole new level, adding personalised aspects to their wedding day that are completely bespoke.

Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo’s wedding invitations were completely bespoke. On their Nearlyweds podcast, the pair revealed that Sophie’s mum would be designing and illustrating their invitations herself - it doesn’t get more personalised than that. 

Continuing the trend, Idris Elba’s bride Sabrina Dhowre wore a breath-taking Vera Wang wedding dress, but there was one detail that really caught our eye. Sabrina and Vera designed her wedding dress together - no big deal - and the bride-to-be asked Vera herself to embroider Idris’ arm tattoo onto the train of her dress, creating her very own personal tribute to her husband.

Another celebrity bride who used her now-husband’s tattoo as fashion inspo was Kourtney Kardashian. When she married Travis Barker, she had the words, ‘family, loyalty, respect’ embroidered onto the veil - words taken from one of Travis’s tattoos.

How to Recreate It: How you recreate this celebrity wedding trend is very much going to depend on your own personal style. Using your wedding fashion as a canvas for personalisation may be a bit bold for some nearlyweds, but there are ways to adopt this trend in a more subtle way. 

If you wanted to use embroidery on your wedding outfit to depict a tattoo or words dear to you and your partner, you could always do so in the lining of your wedding dress or wedding suit. Alternatively, you could follow in the footsteps of Kourtney Kardashian and have an accessory personalised, such as your wedding veil, wedding gloves, shoes or even a headpiece.

For more subtle personalisation, opt for what Jamie Laing and Sophie are doing and choose some personalised wedding stationery to add a bespoke feel to your day. You could even take this one step further and have all elements of your stationery personalised including everything from your save the dates and wedding envelopes, to your order of service cards and your thank you notes

Wedding Trends Set by The Royal Family

A side view of Pippa Middleton in her bridesmaid dress holding Kate Middleton's wedding dress train

Celebrity weddings offer engaged couples endless amounts of inspiration and have a clear impact on trends and styles which translate well into weddings - but what many don’t realise is just how much of an impact famous royal weddings have had throughout history! 

Mark explains, “Iconic famous weddings have been inspiring wedding industry trends for hundreds of years. In fact, Queen Victoria’s wedding to Prince Albert in 1840 actually set the trend for brides to wear white. Would you believe that prior to this, brides wore black dresses to their weddings!”

Though we’re all over a black wedding dress and love when couples opt for alternative outfit choices, it’s so interesting to think that one royal wedding played such a huge role in shaping one of the biggest, not even wedding trend, but wedding tradition that is still so widely used today. 

He continues, “Fast-forward to 2011 and the wedding of Price William and the Duchess of Cambridge. A trend was born from their wedding ceremony that no one could have predicted. Kate’s sister, Pippa Middleton, set the acceptable trend for maids of honour and bridesmaids to wear white.”

We all remember that day - there wasn’t a person in Britain *not* talking about Pippa’s stunning white bridesmaid dress - a colour once effectively banned from any attendee other than the bride. Yet now, all-white-everything weddings can be seen everywhere with bridesmaids, maids of honour and even wedding guests adhering to a white colour scheme - all thanks to one celebrity bridesmaid!

What Are the Most Iconic Celebrity Weddings?

Having planned and witnessed some of the most memorable celebrity weddings throughout his career, Mark shed some light on some that he feels are the most iconic celebrity weddings, including ones which have really solidified some of the most timeless wedding trends. 

He says, “Unquestionably, Grace Kelly’s nuptials to Prince Rainier remain, in my mind, the most iconic photographs of a celebrity bride and has inspired modern day looks from a number of other celebrities and non-famous brides. 

“When talking about influential celebrity weddings and moments in particular, we can’t not mention Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s Las Vegas wedding back in 1967. The image of them cutting their wedding cake was nothing short of iconic. The cake even back then cost $3,200, which would equate to approximately $22,000 in today’s money!

“But for me, the most iconic wedding of all time has to be when Elizabeth Taylor married Richard Burton. Perhaps this is because I, like many, view her as the ‘original’ wedding planner. Having been married eight times in total, to seven different husbands, I assume she was a total pro at seating plans and other wedmin tasks!”

Rounding off our trip down memory lane, taking a look at some of the most iconic weddings through the years and looking at the biggest celebrity wedding trends both old and new, Mark shared with us his top celebrity wedding trend. 

He said, “Whilst not being a big believer in couples following trends and in particular those of celebrities, I encourage my couples to embrace their own styles and taste as much as possible.

"I guess, for me, the individual and creative confidence that celebrities seem to have with their wedding, and when they occasionally break the wedding rulebook to do their own thing is the trend I encourage couples to follow the most.”

Ready to explore even more trends? Our round up of the biggest wedding trends for this year and next will have you bursting with ideas for your own special day!