How to Pick Your Wedding Colour Scheme: Stunning Inspiration and Ideas

Make sure your wedding day is achingly stylish with these expert tips from Louise Hughes of One Stylish Day


Your wedding colour scheme is the perfect way to incorporate some of your personal style into your wedding, but what if you don’t know where to begin? We spoke to Louise Hughes from One Stylish Day to get her top tips on how to style your wedding and share some of her striking styled shoots featuring bold and beautiful colour pairings to inspire you.


How do you decide which colours work best together for a colour scheme?

Colour has such a huge impact on the overall feel of a wedding. Colour is emotional and has such strong connotations, so it’s really important to begin with understanding the feel and atmosphere that a couple is looking to create and to build a colour palette with this in mind.

There is colour inspiration everywhere. I look to interiors and catwalk fashion for direction as these colour combinations can be interpreted in a really beautiful and unique way, which often feeds through into the wedding market.


Once three or four key colours are selected as the basis of the palette, varying the shade and tone is really important. If you stick strictly to these colours, the overall palette and finished creation can look contrived and basic. Light and shade, tone and variation within these colour pockets is fundamental to create a scheme that has depth and looks rich, detailed and effortlessly pulled together.

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Which colour combinations are you loving right now?

I’m feeling really strongly drawn to light, soft colour palettes for this spring/summer wedding season.

By far the most prominent colour palette in the wedding world this season is white on white with greenery. It’s minimal, chic, and very cool; I adore it, especially with a hint of grey and copper. It works so beautifully in so many spaces, from urban warehouse venues to marquees weddings. It is so effortlessly versatile.



Shades of neutrals are really current. Pantone’s ‘egret’ is beautifully graceful and calm. Think organic, natural materials and textures, raw draping fabrics and handmade cotton paper stationery. Details in brass work well to add a rich depth.

I’m also loving dusky chalk shades. They offer a new and updated take on femininity and a modern day approach to romance. Shades of blush and varying levels of grey with lots of texture are the grown-up answer to pastels.


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What do you expect to be a huge trend for weddings in 2017?

There is definitely a focus on individuality and a steer away from following ‘trends’. Couples want to create something unique, an experience for their guests. Rulebooks are left at home and anything is possible, which I love! But, we are all influenced by what’s around us and there are definite patterns emerging.

Minimalism and greenery are steadfast favourites this season and work beautifully together. A white on white colour palette sits alongside an abundance of wild, bold, unstructured greenery and foliage. It’s fresh, it’s beautiful, it’s modern and it’s here to stay.


Juxtaposing is gaining popularity as urban and industrial spaces are being chosen as venues. Concrete floors, worn walls and steel beams contrast with soft, trailing floral installations and an abundance of candlelight to create something quite breath-taking.

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What should a couple consider when they pick their wedding colours?

As a rule, the colour palette must compliment the venue; it should add to the beauty of the space rather than fight for attention.

If you have a blank canvas such as a marquee or warehouse, this is an ideal backdrop for a bold colour palette and I say go for it!


If your venue is already full of detail and design, such as a manor house, adding more interest to this could be overkill and I would suggest paring it back whilst ensuring your personalities and colour preferences are still there in the subtle details.


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