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Vicky Pattison & Ercan Ramadan: Vicky's Engagement Party Tips & The Latest on Their Wedding

Who's on the guest list? Are they getting married in the UK? Will their dog be attending? We have all the answers about Vicky Pattison and Ercan Ramadan's wedding right here...

Vicky Pattison in a wedding dress

Vicky Pattison in a wedding dress

Ever since the engagement announcement and that celebrity engagement ring, we've been glued to our screens hoping for an update on Vicky Pattison's wedding to boyfriend Ercan Ramadan. 

It’s no secret that we love celebrity weddings here at Hitched HQ - we're still gushing over the pictures from Stacey Solomon's wedding to Joe Swash - so it was only right that we took a deep dive into everything we know so far about Vicky and her beau's upcoming nuptials. 

Making headlines for all the right reasons in February 2022, Vicky and boyfriend Ercan Ramdan announced their engagement whilst on holiday in Dubai. Just a few days after Valentine's day, Ercan popped the question to Loose Woman Vicky in a picture-perfect beach proposal. 

Vicky and boyfriend Ercan have been dating since January 2019 and their relationship has gone from strength to strength ever since they made things official - it’s clear that the former TOWIE star has really stolen her heart. 

We even sat down with Vicky to find out all about her famous engagement party - if you want to plan an engagement party like Vicky Pattison, read on!

Vicky Pattison's Engagement Party: Her Top Tips & Advice

Vicky Pattison set the bar pretty high when it comes to engagement parties - her lavish celebration at 14 Hills Restaurant had an A-list guest list and looked incredible. 

We had the chance to sit down with Vicky and talk about what makes an amazing engagement party, as well as taking her wedding dress shopping. Watch our video below for Vicky Pattison’s engagement party tips and advice and see which dresses she chose to try on!

Vicky Pattison’s Engagement Party Decor Advice

Vicky Pattison and boyfriend Ercan Ramadan at their engagement party gazing into each other's eyes

“I think there are loads of ways you can make your engagement party decor stand out, but for me, I always think it should complement your venue. But everybody’s different, you know? 

“For ours, it was so perfect - the venue had this real rainforest, jungle vibe, so we just really fed into that. Think palm trees everywhere, bright colours, neon pink.

“The overall aesthetic was like, wild and fun. That’s what we wanted from our engagement party. Looking at [the Hitched] app, I feel like I missed a trick on a couple of things - we had, rather than a flower wall, we created a space full of palm trees - but there was still space for a floral wall as well. 

“What else do I love? Oh, neon signs, got to be done - what I think is really cute about them is that we took ours home, and we’ve got it in the house now, so it’s kind of like a little keepsake, but also a beautiful memory. I’m cheesy like that though!

“Oh, I can’t tell you how many weddings I’ve been to where they’ve got the gorgeous light up letters - I love that. I think it’s a nice place to get your photo taken in front of - you need to think about that when you’re doing the decor. Instagram is so important in this day and age. 

“That’s where everyone’s photos are going to end up, and you have to have with your party, something that catches people’s attention, looks great on Instagram and everyone knows they’re always a crowd pleaser."

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Engagement Party Entertainment Ideas from Vicky Pattison

“What entertainment would I recommend for an engagement party? I feel like you’ve got to have a DJ, you’ve got to go with a big crowd pleaser, and give the people what they want. There’s so much choice these days, so many amazing different things out there.

“I was looking on the [Hitched] app right, and you can get singing waiters! You can also have fireworks and I didn’t think about this for my engagement party, and now I’m absolutely fuming because I love a bit of drama. 

“I’ll tell you what we did have, which I absolutely loved - we had a sexy burlesque dancer, and honestly, she was hot to trot. If I’m honest with you, she nearly gave one of Ercan’s uncle’s a heart attack!

“But yeah, I would recommend that. You could have aerial acts, like circus stuff! The possibilities are absolutely endless. I do love a good magician as well. I mean, each to their own, but I think it brings a little something extra, and it’s good if you’ve got kids and that, isn’t it."

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Vicky Pattison’s Engagement Party Photography Tips

“When it comes to photography, I know not everyone thinks it’s essential to have a professional photographer at an engagement party, but I completely disagree. Again, you can choose what you want, but it’s such a significant part of your life. It’s a beautiful night. It’s a wonderful moment, and I’m sorry but blurry pictures with like, your toes cut off, that your half-cut auntie has taken just don’t cut it. 

“You want professional, you want glam, you want beautiful photos so you can remember the night for like, forever. We got a professional photographer at our engagement party, she got there a little bit earlier. Totally recommend that, because she was able to get all the details, you know, our signature cocktail, the gorgeous photo wall we created, the beautiful bits of decor, that actually, when all the guests had arrived, were a bit obscured.

“Then she got people arriving. It was so lovely to be able to look back on those moments a couple days later, when we got the photos, and actually really remember it all and take it all in, because you know, at any party where you are the hostess, whether it’s your engagement party, your wedding, whatever, it’s a bit hectic, and I think having those lovely photos to look back on and remember, it’s important you know. 

“So yeah, if you ask me, a photographer is necessary and I would recommend getting two. I am being a real princess now, right? But hear me out - one to be going around, taking real, candid, beautiful moments of people - your mum laughing, your dad and sister having a cuddle, your mates who haven’t seen each other in ages catching up. That is so beautiful.

“But then also, have one going around, getting really set up things. Because it’s important as well, not everyone’s going to want a picture of their double chin when they’re laughing, you know?

“I think having two covers all bases, and you can call us a princess if you want, but our pictures from our engagement party are absolutely fab - while we’re on the subject of like, photos and videos etc., I think it’s really important to mention that I proper dropped the ball - now, I don’t feel like I dropped the ball on many things, the engagement party was a pretty big success if I say so myself. But we didn’t get a videographer and it was just a proper oversight on my part.

“You know, I thought the pictures would be enough, and actually like, it’s such a lovely touch - I’ve seen other weddings have it, and other engagement parties have it, and I think to myself, ‘Oh, I wish we thought of that,’ so it’d be like one, of the first jobs when we plan the wedding is to get a good videographer. 

“Oh my god, I would 110% recommend a photo booth at your engagement party. I think it’s important if you’re having like, a lot of guests to have like, loads of entertainment things to keep people interested. At our engagement party, we had one of those like, 360 photo booths. 

“They’re new, but everyone is doing them - they’re so good! I think like, they originated at the Oscars, and if it’s good enough for the Oscars, it’s absolutely good enough for me. So yeah, you just get in and you grab your props, and it spins around so you get like a video of it, and honestly, there was a queue for ours all night. It was the star of the show. 

“If you can get hold of a 360 one, that’s incredible. But there’s loads of different ones - I was at my friend’s wedding recently, and they had like, the old-school one, like you know, as if you’re going to get your passport picture taken, and you crush in there, and get like, all your mates together.

“It is such a cute little thing. So yeah, they’re really great. You could go for the black and white vibe that the Kardashians do, that’s very classic. God, there’s so many. I’m getting very excited about my wedding planning - now, I think I want the 360 one and the classic one - bit of both, why not?"

Engagement Party Dressing Tips from Vicky Pattison

Vicky Pattison trying on wedding dresses

“I think your engagement party outfit can be super wedding-y! Honestly, like, it’s your day. Like, you can make the rules and do exactly what you want. 

“Mine was so elaborate, and it was like tulle and sequins - you know, if anybody had looked at it, they would have thought our engagement party was a wedding.

“I’ve waited my whole life to meet Ercan, and I know like, loads of lovely brides will feel the same way. You deserve to have exactly what you want, every single step of the way. And if that is super over the top, gorgeous, wedding type gown for your engagement party, then do that.

“If it’s something slightly short, a slightly sexier one, but with a bridal theme, do that. And as well, if you start building these lovely relationships with gorgeous wedding dress shops before your wedding, you’ll have built that  bridge already, you’ll have seen what they’ve got, you’ll know the owner - I just think it all helps alleviate any stress. Hitched have got so many amazing bridal shops on the app, and you can search them by like area, so that takes all the stress out of that for you. 

“But yeah, I’d 110% recommend going for something balls to the wall for your engagement party!

Floral Decoration Tips for Your Engagement Party from Vicky Pattison

“You can use flowers at your engagement party - ours was really like, tropical and stuff. We had these gorgeous, really elaborate centrepieces - they were bright, they were over the top and they were stunning. Such lovely focal points. 

“I was able to give one to my mum, and one to Ercan’s mum, and they got to take them home at the end of the night and they were beaming from ear to ear. It was such a lovely touch.

“Flowers are obviously a massive part of weddings - the floral arrangements, everything from the bouquets to the installations, they can make or break the aesthetic. I believe florists don’t get enough credit for how, like artistic their work is. 

“If you start building that relationship like, early doors, at your engagement party, they’re totally going to know your style. They’re going to know what you want, like totally reading from the same page.

“I do think like, engagement parties are almost like, they’re like a practise, aren’t they, for your wedding? You sort of are working out what you like, who you like, what vendors you work well with, what suppliers are really your cup of tea. 

So yeah, I’d say, anything you are planning on using for your wedding, whether it be flowers, a photo booth, your décor, use the same for your engagement party, even if it’s just on like, a slightly smaller scale - but you are working things out, and inevitably you are sort of taking away a bit of the stress from the bigger day."

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Vicky Pattison’s Engagement Party Planning Advice

“I learned loads of things from the engagement party that sort of set us in really good stead for the wedding planning.

“Engagement parties are like, mini trials for the wedding, aren’t they? We worked out what we love, what we potentially don’t like, what we really want to do again, but on a slightly bigger scale, and we probably wouldn’t waste our time with.

“The biggest thing I learned, and probably the best advice I could give you is that we started building relationships with our suppliers and vendors - you know how busy wedding season is. In fact, I don’t even think wedding season is a thing anymore - I just think the whole year is wedding season now, especially post-covid.

“Suppliers get busy really early doors, but if you have built a relationship with them, if you’ve already used them and had gorgeous centrepieces for your engagement party, or if you book the DJ for your engagement party as well, they are far more likely to book you in, make time for you, to prioritise you if you’ve already started by booking them, using them, you know. 

“Your engagement party is like a mini trial for the wedding. Start to build those bridges because it’ll come in so handy for your wedding!”

Vicky Pattison & Boyfriend Ercan Ramadan’s Wedding: What We Know So Far

Vicky Pattison being proposed to on a beach in Dubai

As well as those adorable engagement pictures, we were stunned to see Vicky’s engagement ring. Giving us serious diamond-envy, Vicky now sports a 3.72ct emerald cut diamond ring on her engagement finger - well done Ercan, it’s a beauty. So with their wedding fast approaching (we hope!), here’s everything we know so far about Vicky Pattison's wedding plans.

Is Vicky Pattison Married?

When is Vicky Pattison getting married? This is the question we’re all itching to know the answer to. Vicky and Ercan haven’t yet set a date for their wedding, but they have discussed details about where it will be and who will be invited. We’ve got all of the details below…

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Who is Vicky Pattison’s Boyfriend?

Vicky Pattison kissing boyfriend Ercan on cheek

Before we dive into the wedding details, who is Vicky Pattison getting married to?

Those wondering who Vicky Pattison’s boyfriend is may recognise him from his brief stint on TOWIE. Her partner, Ercan Ramadan joined the cast of The Only Way is Essex during season 19 in 2016.

He appeared on our screens for the first time during the summer special, The Only Way is Marbs. Ercan. Ben Shenel, Courtney Green and Chloe Lewis went on a double date during the series but Ercan and Courtney’s romance didn’t quite take off - he was clearly destined to find future love with Vicky. 

Not one to bask in the limelight, Ercan left TOWIE and flew fairly under the radar until his romance with Vicky began to blossom in 2019.

The pair began dating after being introduced by friends but split early on in their relationship amid fears things were ‘moving too fast’. Proving even the strongest of couples have their ups and downs, Vicky and boyfriend Ercan quickly rekindled their romance after a matter of weeks and have been going strong and steady ever since.

Vicky is truly in love with Ercan and often gushes about the fact that he is the man who made her believe in love again. After fears she would never trust another man, the former TOWIE cast member has restored her faith in romance.

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Where is Vicky Pattison Getting Married?

Vicky Pattison and boyfriend Ercan with their dog

Whilst Vicky and boyfriend Ercan’s wedding location hasn’t been officially confirmed, the pair did reveal to OK! Magazine that they are planning to get married abroad. They hinted at a number of romantic destination wedding locations including Palma in Mallorca, Lake Como in Italy or somewhere gorgeous in Cyprus. Choosing a celebrity wedding venue won't be hard in those dreamy spots!

Vicky also confirmed that the pair want a full three-day wedding extravaganza including a pool party the day after the wedding and a beach barbecue the day before - how dreamy! As well as a three day bash, Vicky and Ercan are also planning to embrace one of the industry’s latest trends - a sten do (that’s a joining stag and hen for those who don’t know) as well as having separate hen and stag dos. 

They also confirmed they will be enlisting the help of a wedding planner to help them coordinate having their dog at the wedding - Vicky wants their puppy Milo to be the honorary ring bearer.

As well as her cute pooch, there will be a number of celebrity wedding guests on the invite list. The star-studded guestlist is said to include celebrity pal (and ex!) Mario Falcone and his wife Becky Miesner, TOWIE cast members Ferne McCann, Pete Wicks, Georgia Kousoulou and Tommy Mallet, along with Love Island contestants Olivia and Alex Bowen and Paige Turley and Finn Tapp. 

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How Many Times Has Vicky Pattison Been Engaged?

Vicky Pattison and boyfriend on holiday

Vicky Pattison has been engaged three times. She first rose to fame on MTV’s Geordie Shore in 2011 and since leaving the series in 2014, her showbiz career has gone from strength to strength. Her time on Geordie Shore was memorable for many reasons, one being her first engagement to co-star Ricci Guarnaccio.

The pair had a tumultuous relationship with many ups and downs, though that didn’t stop the Geordie hunk from proposing to Vicky on a cast trip to Mexico. Alas, the wedding was not meant to be and the pair split and Ricci asked for the ring back ahead of quitting the show. They were later reunited on controversial dating show Ex on the Beach in 2014 but decided not to rekindle their romance. 

Vicky’s second engagement was to businessman John Noble, a former flame from Vicky’s younger years. The childhood sweethearts announced their engagement in July 2017 after dating for a year and moved in together a few months later. Vicky and ex John weren’t meant to be and split in January 2019 after John was recorded dancing and kissing a girl whilst on holiday in Dubai.

Though her past relationship no doubt brought Vicky heartbreak and disappointment, she claims her current partner Ercan is a far cry from any former flames and most importantly, her friends and family adore him. We all know that heartbreak can shape people into better versions of themselves and Vicky's journey is such a great example of that.

Proving she knows her worth and wouldn’t give up on love, often referring to herself as a ‘hopeless romantic’, she’s sure she’s found her soulmate now. Vicky has never looked happier and we can’t wait to see what the wedding entails.

How Much is Vicky Pattison's Engagement Ring Worth?

Vicky Pattison's emerald cut diamond ring

We spoke to Kyron Keogh, co-founder and MD at Rox, to see how much Vicky Pattison's engagement ring is worth: “Vicky’s engagement ring is an impressive emerald cut diamond set in a diamond band. I would estimate it’s approximately 4 carats from the photos, and it would retail around £200k. The simplicity and elegance of the emerald cut diamond make it a classic but sophisticated choice for an engagement ring.”

As the countdown to their wedding begins, we're wondering whether Vicky will change her name once she's married, or keep the famous 'Pattison' surname we know so well. Here's a list of celebrities who changed their names after marriage (including nine who didn't!).