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15 Beautiful Rust Coloured Bridesmaid Dresses for Chic 'Maids

Rust bridesmaid dresses are a fun and trendy choice for your wedding party. From terracotta to tangerine, our edit includes styles and shades to suit all

Model wearing a halter neck rust bridesmaid dress with satin and pleats

Deciding on what colour your bridesmaids are going to don for your wedding day is a fun but often tricky decision as there are so many lovely options. If you've been anywhere near Pinterest lately (guilty!) you've probably seen rust bridesmaid dresses popping up everywhere. 

This stylish hue falls between a coppery brown and a terracotta tinge with an array of undertones as well. For this reason it's a versatile choice for your bridesmaids as you can find a shade that is flattering across all skin tones. 

A rust bridesmaid dress is especially popular for an autumn wedding, however we've seen them appearing at celebrations for all seasons -  a rust orange bridesmaid dress would fit in perfectly for a warm wedding in the summer. 

Since rust dresses for a wedding are available in all sorts of styles, silhouettes and fabrics, they also make an excellent rust wedding guest dress. Our edit features a design for every occasion, whether you're part of the party or are attending as a guest. 

15 of Our Favourite Rust Coloured Bridesmaid Dresses

1. Satin Twist Back Maxi Dress - £82, Chi Chi London

Model wearing a satin cross back rust bridesmaid dress with a fishtail

This dress from Chi Chi London looks just as gorgeous from the back as it does from the front - a lovely feature if your bridesmaids will be walking down the aisle. The twist open back and plunge front detailing is just the right amount of sexiness and sophistication. See more sexy bridesmaid dresses here.

Sizing: 6-16

Pros & Cons: The satin fabric doesn't stretch so be mindful of this when choosing sizes. It is lined with woven fabric for a comfortable finish. 

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2. Maternity Occasion Tie Back Frill Midi Dress - £35, Boohoo

Model wearing a frill sleeve rust bridesmaid dress

This style from Boohoo is a very wearable option that will likely please all maids. It features gorgeous angel sleeves and a strappy back that will stop the shoulders from falling. It is also available in black or burgundy. 

Sizing: 8-16

Pros & Cons: This rust bridesmaid dress may be from Boohoo's maternity collection but it will work whether you're expecting or not. The flowing silhouette is super comfortable and will cater for a growing bump. Discover more maternity bridesmaid dresses here.

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3. Bridesmaid Bodice Maxi Dress - £75, ASOS

Model wearing a pleated and satin rust bridesmaid dress

Combining pleats and satin, this dress from the ASOS bridesmaid edit is stunning. The halter neck bodice gives the outfit a more relaxed feel but the satin skirt keeps the look totally wedding-ready. Discover more satin bridesmaid dresses here.

Sizing: 4-18

Pros & Cons: If your bridesmaids don't feel comfortable with a low neckline, the coverage can easily be adjusted with the straps. More over, a few simple stitches at the base of the V-neck would work! 

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4. Rust Satin Slip Midi Dress - £34, River Island

Model wearing a rust satin slip dress

Keep your rust coloured bridesmaid dresses simple with this style from River Island. It's on the browner side of the colour scale so will complement a white wedding outfit wonderfully. For just £34 it's a real bargain that could save you a few pennies if you are buying for a large number of bridesmaids. It would also pair beautifully with a gold bridesmaid dress!

Sizing: 6-18

Pros & Cons: If this design is a little too simple for your liking, it can dressed up with accessories - we love the idea of metallic silver or gold for some sparkle. 

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5. Rust Satin Midi Slip Dress - £46, Little Mistress

Model wearing a satin rust slip midi dress

A deep rich coppery hue, this gorgeous bridesmaid dress from Little Mistress will shimmer and shine on your special day. The asymmetrical neckline adds an interesting touch and the leg split allows for movement - vital when it's time to hit the dance floor! 

Sizing: 6-20

Pros & Cons: Little Mistress often have brilliant sales - at the time of writing you can nab this beauty for just £13 each! Although this design would work for all seasons, it says autumn wedding to us. 

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6. Delphine Satin Maxi Dress - £195, Ghost

Model wearing a Ghost satin rust bridesmaid dress

Ghost are the brand to go to for luxury bridesmaid dresses that will flatter all body types. The Delphine dress is vintage in silhouette giving a timeless look that will never go out of style. Trust us, if you tell your bridesmaids this is what they're wearing, they'll be seriously pleased! 

Sizing: XS-XL

Pros & Cons: Ghost dresses will set you back a little more than a high street brand, but the quality and finish is second to none. It's an ideal pick for a day that is as special as your wedding. 

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7. Textured Side Split Maxi Dress - £40, Dorothy Perkins 

Model wearing a halter neck rust bridesmaid dress

Teetering on the tangerine side of things, this Dorothy Perkins design is in a hue that would work well if your are looking for rust orange bridesmaid dresses for summer celebrations. It's a trendy halter neck silhouette that would pair perfectly with gold accessories. 

Sizing: 8-20

Pros & Cons: This is one for relaxed and casual celebrations but it can still work for more formal occasions if you add heels and an elegant blazer. 

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8. Satin Cami Strap Ruffle Dress - £98, Chi Chi London

Model wearing a satin rust bridesmaid dress

Another beautiful buy from Chi Chi London is this fishtail style. It's one of the more glamorous pieces in our edit so would suit an evening affair. The colour is very impactful so will ensure your bridesmaids make an entrance. 

Sizing: 18-26

Pros & Cons: Movement will be a little limited in this design so we suggest your bridesmaids try it on beforehand so they can feel the most confident on the day. Discover more of our favourite plus size bridesmaid dresses here.

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9. Satin Cowl Neck Midi Dress - £25, Boohoo

Model wearing a cowl neck satin bridesmaid dress

For affordable bridesmaid dresses, Boohoo is your new BFF. This satin cowl neck dress is a fun alternative to a traditional look, with a trendy cowl neckline and a stunning strappy cross back. You can get each dress for just £25! 

Sizing: 8-16

Pros & Cons: This style will accommodate all bust sizes as the straps are adjustable at the back so a comfortable fit can be found. They are spaghetti straps so we wouldn't recommend tying them too tight as they might start cutting in by the evening. 

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10. Rust Ruched Midi Dress - £34.99, Quiz

Model wearing a ruched rust bridesmaid dress

Available in navy as well as this fabulous shade of terracotta, we adore Quiz's take on the rust bridesmaid dress trend. The ruching is not only a clever and flattering feature, it provides stretch so your bridesmaids will feel comfortable from day to night. 

Sizing: 8-18

Pros & Cons: This dress is the perfect example of a rust wedding guest dress, or a rust bridesmaid dress that can be worn to occasions post-wedding. 

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11. Bridesmaid Satin Maxi Dress - £70, ASOS

Model wearing a thick strap rust bridesmaid dress

This rust bridesmaid dress from ASOS may look simple but it has lots of attention to detail. The back features delicate buttons, it has a super sexy leg split and the neckline is curved for a flattering finish. 

Sizing: 4-18

Pros & Cons: If you've left it a little late to purchase your bridesmaid dresses, ASOS offer premium next day delivery. The leg split may be a bit too high for some - if that's the case it can easily be altered for more coverage. 

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12. Rust One Shoulder Midaxi Dress - £25, Pretty Little Thing 

Model wearing a one shoulder rust bridesmaid dress

One shoulder bridesmaid dresses are chic and stylish - get ahead of the trend with this design from Pretty Little Thing. It will hug curves beautifully and provides the ideal base for statement accessories. 

Sizing: 4-16

Pros & Cons: The back straps are gorgeous but may be tricky to tie up on your own so make sure someone is on hand to help!

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13. Florence Waterfall Satin Dress - £160, Rewritten

Model wearing a satin waterfall style rust bridesmaid dress

Rewritten design fabulous dresses that are inclusive of size and shape. Their Florence waterfall style comes in a gorgeous burnt orange hue that we can't get enough of. It's a popular choice with couples and we can see why as it is elegant and traditional without being boring. 

Sizing: XS-XL

Pros & Cons: If you are going for mismatched bridesmaid dresses, you can find this exact design in a variation of colours. It's not the cheapest option, but the quality of the fabric and clean lines explains why. 

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14. Satin Pleat Detail Split Maxi Dress - £35, Boohoo

Model wearing a satin pleat detail maxi dress in rust

A beautiful light orange hue, this bridesmaid dress has us dreaming of a sunset celebration on the beach. We adore the strappy gold heels this model has paired with it - it's giving us Grecian vibes. 

Sizing: 8-18

Pros & Cons: Your bridesmaids will need to wear a strapless or stick-on bra with this dress if they don't want any straps showing. Body tape should do the job if they are worried about the sleeveless style slipping down. 

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15. Wrap Front Button Down Midi Slip Dress - £49, Boohoo

Model wearing a strappy satin rust bridesmaid dress

We can't believe the price of this rust bridesmaid dress from Boohoo - at the time of writing it's only £7 in the sale! It's also available in teal or black, but this lovely orange colourway stands out for all the right reasons. 

Sizing: S-L

Pros & Cons: The delicate buttons add a vintage appeal to this design. Satin may snag on accessories so be mindful of this when putting any jewellery on. 

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Did the satin designs catch your eye? We have lots of satin bridesmaid dresses that you can shop now