Our Favourite Woodland Wedding Venues

If you're dreaming of a romantic wedding in the wood, check out our round up of gorgeously rustic woodland wedding venues


Woodland weddings have a dreamy, rustic vibe and are guaranteed to amaze your guests. If you are considering a woodland wedding, we have rounded up some of the most amazing woodland wedding venues to inspire you.


If the outdoors isn’t for you, but you still want that natural feel, don’t miss our edit of the best rustic wedding venues.

Wasing Park

Wasing Park is a Berkshire based wedding venue that has something for everyone – there’s a barn, a romantic walled garden and an area of woodland specifically reserved for weddings in the wood!

Your wedding will take place under towering trees and beside a picturesque pond. The area has its own toilets and a bar and stage set amongst the trees, ideal if you want a festival feel at your wedding.

Wasing Park woodland bride Christine explains why she chose to hold her wedding in the romantic glade: “Wasing Park was the perfect venue for our woodland themed wedding. From our very first viewing we knew it was absolutely perfect; it was stunning by day with the sun shining through the trees and we knew it would look magical at night. We always wanted to have an outdoor wedding and the dream was to create a ‘music festival’ feel.”


Image credit: Matt Lee Photography

If you’re considering a dreamy woodland wedding at Wasing Park, the venue has the following tips:

Embrace your surroundings: For that woodland feel, try bunches of fern punctuated with colourful wildflowers. Make signs from wood and eat meat and fish sourced from the estate at Wasing Park.

Dress accordingly: It’s important to emphasise the nature of the wedding venue to your guests – this is no place for nine inch heels and huge hats!

Be prepared: Prepare for all weathers and rejoice in what Mother Nature delivers on your special day. Rain doesn’t have to be a dampener – check out the Hitched edit of beautiful rainy wedding photos.

Make a night of it: Encourage your guests to stay over. Tents are a cost-effective accommodation option and glamping will add a bit of luxury to your beautiful woodland setting

Cornish Tipi Weddings

Imagine you and all your guests in a clearing in the woods, with hay bales for seats and the sun breaking through the trees. Sound amazing? Cornish Tipi Weddings can deliver this. The photo opportunities are incredible – pose next to the stream, along the banks which are covered with wildflowers or on the quaint wooden bridge. Dance the night away in a rustic tipi adorned with twinkling fairy lights and candles.


Cornish Tipi Weddings recommend couples think about the following if they want a woodland wedding with them:

Pick your date carefully: There’s often a lot of rain in August, and the trees aren’t at their leafiest until mid-May, but a bit earlier on and you’ll have bluebells!

Have some dress sense: Don’t choose a dress with a six foot train, unless you want to sweep up bits of the forest all day.

Fun for all the family: Everyone loves a country wedding, from your grandparents enjoying a day out in the sun to little ones paddling in the stream.

The Keeper and the Dell

If you choose to host your wedding at The Keeper and the Dell, a secluded location in Norfolk, you can enjoy a canvas marquee in the woodland dell, the camping gardens, the firepit and the charming little wooden cabin.

It’s the ideal choice if you’re an outdoorsy couple with similar friends who love the idea of gathering around the fire toasting marshmallows and sipping hot chocolate (booze optional) until the early hours.


Photography credits: Jessica Elisze Photography, Camilla Andrea Photography, Beth Moseley Photography

Take note of these top tips from the venue to make the most of your woodland wedding there:

Many hands make light work: Enlist friends and family to help you with the setting up and decorating, as well as the take-down and clean up after.

Be ready for nature: Be ready for whatever nature throws at you – have umbrellas, cosy blankets and good footwear handy. Let your guests know it will be outdoors and have baskets of sun lotion, mosquito spray and little first aid items handy too.

Lighting is important: Have lanterns in the trees, fairy lights in your tents and tea lights in jars for a magical evening look.

Prepare your power sources: Have power sources for everything you need – lighting, cooking, heating, music and so on. Generators are useful but they can be very noisy or smelly. Make sure you have enough toilets delivered too!

Middle Coombe Farm

This farm in the heart of Devon was made for country garden style weddings in the woods. There are 200 acres of woodland on site, as well as a hot tub, a swimming pool and a BBQ courtyard. You can celebrate your marriage in the glade by the oak tree, which is a ten minute walk – some couples choose to set up a treasure hunt along the way!

Couples who marry at Middle Coombe Farm use the whole venue, the cider barn venue for their legal ceremony; then walk with their guests in a procession into the woodlands to the oak tree site with woodland seating where they often choose to have their speeches or a humanist ceremony. They may pop a few bottles of champagne afterwards (there’s nothing like the sound of popping corks in the woodlands), then back to the rustic bar for drinks and socialising. The wedding breakfast can take place in a marquee overlooking the woodlands.


Couples considering a wedding at Middle Coombe Farm should consider the following:

Keep it simple: Middle Coombe Farm is an exclusive 400 acre, historic, Grade II listed venue. There are fields, barns, 200 acres of private woodland and vistas from every aspect of the site. You are hidden and in glorious Devon countryside. There’s no need for over fancy decorations or too much of anything… Middle Coombe just ‘is’ and it’s beautiful.

Farm and wildflowers: Middle Coombe Farm has some truly wonderful local contacts. The couples are able to pick any greenery they wish directly from the woodlands. It’s all about local suppliers who understand exactly what is needed is seasonal, effortless & simple, fresh look on your wedding day.

Fete feel: Middle Coombe Farm has a large field just in front of our cider barn venue and many couples last year chose to have simple fete games such as skittles, a coconut shy, three legged racing…simple, fun and low cost.

Staying up late: There’s no carriages at midnight here. What better way to complete your wedding day than heading down the field with your friends and a few drinks to the stone circle fire pit under the amazing starlit sky.

Milling Barn

In the beautiful north Hertfordshire countryside, you’ll find Milling Barn at Bluntswood Hall, which offers dreamy weddings in Blunts Wood. Your wedding ceremony can take place under a pretty pagoda and you’re able to design your guest seating however you like in the clearing.


If the wedding in Blunts Wood sounds like your kind of thing, the venue has the following tips to ensure you get the most out of your wedding there:

Think about your dress: Maybe go for a knee length wedding dress or something shorter so you can avoid getting the hem of your dress dirty.

Practical footwear: Some brides choose to buy fun wellies just in case of bad weather – colourful ones are a lovely choice for a more relaxed feel.

Embrace your surroundings: Work with the natural environment and keep it simple. It helps to be prepared to relocate at short notice if the weather turns.

Harvest Moon Holidays

Does your dream wedding involve a laidback atmosphere? The woodland weddings that take place at Harvest Moon Holidays in Scotland, near Edinburgh, can offer that. Make a weekend of it and get all your guests together for a fun glamping experience.


Photography credit: Christopher Currie Photography

Couples considering a wedding at Harvest Moon Holidays in Scotland should:

Ask for advice: If you want something quirky or a bit different for your woodland wedding, don’t be afraid to ask as the venue can help. One groom arrived on a jet ski! Other couples have left in a horse and cart. You can also get trustworthy recommendations for bands, caterers and other suppliers – it’s worth asking!

We rounded up some of the best Scottish wedding venues for you to browse, if you’re searching for a venue in Scotland.

The Woodlands at Hothorpe Hall

On the border of Leicestershire and Northamptonshire, you’ll find Hothorpe Hall and their gorgeous woodlands. Nestled amongst the trees in the rural surroundings, there’s a clearing in the woods which can host weddings for up to 60 people in the day and double that at night. They only started doing weddings there in 2015 so you could be one of the first to embrace the woodland trend there!


Photgraphy credit: Firetree Photography, Shoot It Momma Photography, Lee Glasgow Photography

The expert wedding coordinators at Hothorpe Hall have the following ideas:

It’s about you: It’s your day so when you’re making decisions, think about what the two of you really want. Don’t worry too much about pleasing others.

Have a plan B: The great British weather is a little unpredictable so always have a back-up plan. There’s lots of outdoor space at Hothorpe Hall but there is also a purpose built venue with a licensed ceremony room on site so you get the best of both worlds.

Current trends: Although bunting and teacups are slowly falling out of favour, other vintage details like ice cream bikes are proving popular. Couples and guests are also loving photo booths with props and sparklers for the evening reception.

Night Pastures

Night Pastures is a stunning location for couples considering a woodland wedding – for a start, the field the weddings take place in is heart-shaped. It’s surrounded by ancient woodland and sits alongside a lake – it’s an amazing location for couples who want a rustic wonderland, a festival style fete or even just a really good party away from everyday life.

The Sussex wedding venue has sustainable homemade yurts on site so once you and your guests have finished partying the night away you can snuggle up and enjoy the full glamping experience.


The founder of Night Pastures, Charlotte, recommends that couples considering a wedding in the woodland at Night Pastures think about the following:

Think about the season: Each season has its own unique themes of decoration both inside and out. Reflect these in your wedding décor with flower garlands, elaborate floral arrangements, hedgerow foliage and hanging lights.

Be practical: If you want a woodland or festival wedding make sure you remind your guests to bring extra layers and appropriate footwear.

Create your own fantasy: Bring your dream wedding to life whether you want a lavish, glittering marquee with fine dining, a festival style wedding complete with camping, open fires and a retro van serving bacon butties in the morning, or a simpler style, enjoying the natural beauty of the environment.


Does the idea of a wedding outdoors really appeal to you? Be sure to check out our round up of venues that allow outdoor ceremonies for even more ideas!