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97 Amazing Wedding Favour Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Show your guests how much you appreciate them by treating them to one of these awesome wedding favours! There's almost 100 to choose from, too

Three wooden fan wedding favours personalised with couple's name and wedding date, two fans are closed and one is fanned open on a brown table top

Three wooden fan wedding favours personalised with couple's name and wedding date, two fans are closed and one is fanned open on a brown table top

Are you providing your guests with gifts and are looking for wedding favour ideas? Not only are they a fun way to show your guests gratitude and how much you love them, but they're also a sweet reminder of the most special day of your life. 

The very first wedding favours date back centuries ago and were known as 'bonbonnieres'. Given as a symbol of good luck, guests could usually look forward to sugar cubes or sugared almonds!

Our Favourite Wedding Favour Ideas

Today, you can really tailor them to your chosen wedding theme or preference. From luggage tags, succulents and shot glasses to cake pops and fortune cookies, there are so many amazing and unusual wedding favour ideas for you to explore! 

Thankfully for you, we’ve made the task a little easier by coming up with 97 wedding favour ideas from the UK to inspire you and to guarantee your guests will be delighted. You won’t see any of these left on the table at the end of the night!

Feeling overwhelmed? Don't worry, we’ve split them up into categories to help you decide, and in each category, you'll find plenty of cheap wedding favours for those on a tight wedding budget.

Edible Wedding Favours

When choosing wedding favours for your guests, you want to make sure they're not going to get left behind, so edible wedding favours are a brilliant option. 

1. Cocktail Jars - Etsy

Frozen strawberry daiquiri in a mason jar with two straws and personalised name 'Sarah' on the front

Most guests will love finding a delicious wedding cocktail waiting for them as they take their seats for the wedding breakfast. This is a great idea if you're in search of personal wedding favour ideas! Mix up a big batch of one or two of your favourite cocktails and then decant them into these jars from Etsy that can be personalised with your guests' names. 

  • Expert Take: A winning idea for those planning DIY weddings where you're able to supply all or some of the booze. You can choose your jar font style, and they are laser engraved, so the personalisation is completely permanent and won't rub off when washed. 

£13.99 | Shop Now

2. Fortune Cookies - Etsy

A pile of fortune cookies

Fortune cookies are great budget wedding favour ideas. You can go to a supermarket and buy loads at a very affordable price or spend a little more and order personalised ones with fortunes of your choice. They'll double up as a fun wedding table icebreaker and a tasty snack. 

  • Expert Take: Fortune cookies tick 'edible' and 'fun' wedding favour choices; plus, these ones can be personalised and are available in lots of different colours, so you can choose a shade to match your colour scheme. 

From £110 for 100 | Shop Now

3. Wedding Favour Heart Lollipops - The Gourmet Pizza Chocolate Co.

Two milk chocolate heart shaped wedding favour lollipops with sweet decoration and red bows tied around the lollipop stick

Spread the love with these gorgeous (and delicious!) heart-shaped chocolate wedding favour lollipops. You can choose from milk or white Belgian chocolate, and they're brilliant if you're looking for wedding favour ideas on a budget. 

  • Expert Take: Cute, handcrafted and tasty...what's not to love?! Just remember to keep them in the shade if your wedding falls on a hot day. We also have a guide to heatwave weddings if the temperature is set to soar. 

2 for £4 | Shop Now

4. Honey Wedding Favours - Etsy

Mini honey jar with a 'meant to bee' label and a wooden dipper

Jars of honey allow you to use wording like ‘Meant to Bee’ for a cute touch on your wedding day. If that’s not enough to convince you, perhaps these adorable rustic honey jars will? The mini dipper is seriously sweet and the ideal way to serve up the raw wildflower honey contents. 

  • Expert Take: A personalised wedding favour and one that will last beyond the big day, giving your guests a flashback to your wedding every time they reach for the jar!

From £38.57 for 8 | Shop Now

5. Meringue Kisses - Flower & White  

Boxes of meringues

Meringues taste amazing, and they look pretty, too. We love these boxes of ‘meringue kiss’ favours from Flower & White – their flavours include chocolate, rainbow fruit, and raspberry and white chocolate.

  • Expert Take: Looking for wedding favour ideas on a budget? Then, instead of giving your guests a full box each, gift the kisses individually, presenting them in little cellophane bags. 

£9.60 for 3 boxes | Shop Now

6. A Sweetie Bag - Etsy

Personalised sweet bag with a green wreath design, filled with jelly beans and dolly mix

Wedding favour ideas that are cheap can actually be the most popular with guests, so why not give each guest a sweetie bag and allow them to fill it to their heart’s content at a sweet buffet.

  • Expert Take: We adore the eucalyptus design on these personalised bags, perfect if you're planning a botanical theme. They're also grease-resistant, which is ideal for sweets and avoids any discolouration of the bag. 

From £8.95 for 50 | Shop Now

7. Personalised Tablets and Fudge - Etsy

Packaged fudge wedding favour in a heart shape with 'T&S' imprinted

As above! Get crafty and make your own or buy it ready-made (like these ones from Etsy) and package it up prettily. Tablets are an excellent option if you have Scottish heritage or are marrying in a wedding venue in Scotland - these treats are made with only natural ingredients using a recipe that has been passed down three generations. 

  • Expert Take: Simple on oh-so-sweet, a sugary treat is a great way to boost your guests' energy levels ahead of the evening party. 

£27.50 for 10 | Shop Now

8. Personalised Coffee Paper Bags - Etsy 

Paper wedding favour coffee bag with personal wedding details printend on including the wedding date and couple's names displayed on a background of coffee beans

The wedding favour gift of coffee ensures your guests are wide awake the following day. These personalised paper bags can be easily filled with your favourite coffee beans and will give an individual touch to your wedding tablescapes

  • Expert Take: Wedding favours that reflect a couple's hobbies and interests add an extra special touch to the day, so coffee connoisseurs, this one's for you!

£15.28 for 25 | Shop Now

9. Personalised Love Hearts - Etsy

Just Married Love heart sweets

Love Hearts are a classic wedding favour idea, and with good reason, too. The retro sweets are the epitome of sweet romance and a great treat in between meals.

  • Expert Take: A sweet and stress-free favour option, the Love Hearts arrive with each wrapper already attached to the sweet packet, so you don't have to worry about attaching them yourself. You can also ask for a proof to be sent before printing to avoid any typo mishaps! 

From £7.89 for 20 | Shop Now

10. Lollipops - Etsy

Clear lollipop wedding favours with rose petals

A pretty lolly at each setting will really add to your wedding table décor. These clear edible flower lollipops are a perfect choice! They can be adorned with gold or silver leaf and personalised to make them look even more luxe.

  • Expert Take: Do you have a guestlist of varying dietary requirements? Then these could be the answer to your wedding-favour-prayers as they're sugar and gluten-free, as well as being vegan, so everyone can enjoy them!

From £12 for 10 | Shop Now 

11. Millions Sweets - Etsy

Four metallic and clear packaged millions sweets in blue and pink with label on that reads

Go retro and give out Millions sweets as wedding favours on the day. These individually packaged treats are simple yet effective wedding favour ideas from the UK and ones that are sure to go down well with guests. 

  • Expert Take: We love that each pack includes a single sweet in a different colour (and flavour) to reflect the sentiment on the labels. Just adorable!

£1.25 | Shop Now 

12. Popcorn Cones - Etsy

Three waffle ice cream cones filled with popcorn and wrapped in clear bags and tied with a small polka dot bow

Did you have your first date night at the cinema, or are you planning a fun summer wedding? Then, these cute popcorn-filled cones make highly satisfying wedding favours, both in terms of taste and budget. There's a choice of cone and popcorn flavours, spanning sweet and salty options. 

  • Expert Take: A winning choice that will delight guests of all ages, whether consumed at the table or saved as a late-night snack. 

From £1 | Shop Now

13. Marshmallows - Etsy

Personalised cellophane bags filled with pink and white mini marshmallows

If you prefer your treats to have a softer texture, consider giving your guests marshmallow wedding favours. These luxury marshmallow wedding favours come sealed with a white or brown sticker, and they'll be suitable for most of your wedding guests as they are vegan, nut-free and gluten-free. 

  • Expert Take: Marshmallows would be a particularly fitting favour if planning an outdoor wedding with firepits where guests could toast their sweet treats.

From £3.20 | Shop Now

14. Macarons - Mademoiselle Macaron 

Wedding favour packets of pink macarons

Get fancy and treat your guests to some pretty pastel macarons like these from Mademoiselle Macaron. The macaron wedding favours come in boxes of two or three, and you can choose bespoke flavours and colours to suit your wedding theme.

  • Expert Take: Super chic but a little bit spenny, these are perfect wedding favour ideas for those with a bigger favour budget...or a modest guestlist. 

£4.50 | Shop Now

15. Gin Personalised Wedding Favour - Spirit Smith

Miniature pink bottle of gin next to a personalised fabric bag with wedding couple's names and wedding date printed on

Treat your guest to a miniature – you could use your favourite and your partner’s favourite tipple, or name your tables after spirits and base the favours on the table names. We love these personalised gin miniatures. Discover more alcohol wedding favour ideas here. 

  • Expert Take: Not all couples can afford a free bar, so giving guests a miniature spirit as a wedding favour is a lovely way to get them an extra drink on you. Just be sure to check with your wedding venue that they're happy for you to gift your own sourced alcohol on the tables. 

£10 | Shop Now

16. After Dinner Mints - Etsy

Mints in a test tube with a personalised brown card label

Another excuse for a great pun - ‘Mint to Be’. Hand these out to guests to cleanse their palettes after the delicious reception meal, and everyone will feel fresh. Choose from a green, white, or brown label that can be personalised with your names and wedding date. 

  • Expert Take: We love the simple, rustic nature of these wedding favour ideas and can see them fitting in perfectly on the tables of rural barn weddings. 

£3.69 | Shop Now 

17. Truffles - Etsy 

Truffles in gold foiling

Handmade or not – it depends on how creative you are - chocolate truffles will be well received either way and can be paired with post-dinner coffee. We love these milk chocolate truffles, which are filled with Marc De Champagne and decorated with gold cocoa powder.

  • Expert Take: Gifts for wedding guests don't come much more irresistible than this; we can't see a single one going to waste!

£10 for 10 | Shop Now

18. Condiments - The Tiny Marmalade 

Personalised marmalade jars with white and blue labels and blue twine

Mini jars of preserves are great, especially if one of you is a jam fiend – and here, you can buy 20 mini jars of assorted flavoured jams with personalised labels.

  • Expert Take: Jam not your...erm, jam? Then how about gifting olive oil, ketchup, marmalade, balsamic sea salt, spice mixes, or herb-infused sea salt to your guests instead?

£80 for 20 | Shop Now

19. Chocolate Bars - Etsy

Multiple personalised mini square chocolates wrapped in white paper and gold foil

Keep it simple and treat each guest to your favourite bar of chocolate. You can buy bulk boxes from wholesalers like Costco or order personalised bars like these from Etsy. Pick from milk chocolate or dark vegan chocolate - both are delicious. 

  • Expert Take: The personalised golden motif on these adorable little chocolates gives them a luxurious feel without the pricey price tag. 

£14.50 for 25 | Shop Now 

20. Tea - Etsy

Personalized glass vials with tea leaves and cork topper

Whether it's bags of your favourite brew or super cute tea in a glass vial, there’s nothing better than a cuppa – so it makes the perfect wedding favour. These vials can be filled with all kinds of flavours, including sage, hibiscus and lemon balm. 

  • Expert Take: These gorgeous botanical-filled vials provide another gorgeous option for romantic rustic and garden weddings. We can easily see them sitting pretty in barn and marquee settings!

From £49.43 for 25 | Shop Now 

21. Jelly Beans - Etsy

Wedding favour jelly bean favours with a 'thank you for bean here' tag

Hogwarts-themed weddings need Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, but if don’t want your guests to accidentally get a vomit or earthworm flavour jelly bean, you can find little bags of regular flavoured beans. They're suitable for vegetarians, and there's a cute 'Thank you for bean here' wedding tag option. Click to see!

  • Expert Take: Both the pun and the contents are sure to make your guests smile as they take their seats for the wedding meal. 

From £30 for 20 | Shop Now

22. Retro Sweets - Etsy 

A large jar of dolly mixtures

Throw it back with your favours and give each guest a delicious cup of dolly mixtures or a jar like these ones from Etsy. They come in several different sizes, however we recommend XS would work best for a wedding favour. 

  • Expert Take: Weddings are known to bring up lots of nostalgic memories from times gone, so dishing out old-school dolly mixture as favours will help keep the sweet memories coming!

From £9.49 | Shop Now 

23. Pancake Mix - Etsy

Chocolate orange pancake mix

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially after a heavy one the night before. Give your friends these fancy packets of gourmet American pancake mix, and they can whip up a delicious batch the next day. Flavours include raspberry and white chocolate, apple crumble and chocolate orange. 

  • Expert Take: Planning a wedding that falls around Pancake Day? Then, wedding favour ideas don't come more flippin' fitting than this!

£7.95 | Shop Now

24. Cupcakes and Cakes - Etsy 

A white rectangular box with

If you have a tower of cupcakes or a large wedding cake, give each guest a cake box so they can safely take a slice or cupcake home. It's a brilliant cheap wedding favour idea as you'll already have the cake and will want to make sure it gets eaten. 

  • Expert Take: Nobody wants waste at a wedding, so we love that these gorgeous cake boxes mean guests can pack up a piece and keep it fresh for later if they're still feeling stuffed from the main meal!

£5.90 for 10 | Shop Now

25. Cake Pops - Etsy 

White cake pops on a cake stand

Custom cake pops add a quirky twist to your wedding tables – and we especially love these pearl drip pops! They come in flavours like carrot cake and indulgent chocolate, topped with white chocolate and sugar pearls. If you’re stuck for space, display them on a treat table and encourage guests to help themselves. They would go perfectly with a pearl wedding cake.

  • Expert Take: Pearl bridal dresses and accessories are also hugely hot in the world of weddings right now, so we love the thought of having wedding favours like these to complement your big-day attire!

From £30.95 for 6 | Shop Now

26. Brownies - Bad Brownie

A plate of different flavoured square brownie bites

Bake a brownie for each of your guests to enjoy and make your wedding day one to remember. Or, if you're not the baking type, order them from a site like Bad Brownie! There are flavours like salted caramel, triple chocolate, peanut butter and white chocolate raspberry to pick from.

  • Expert Take: Squidgy, rich and chocolatey, brownies tend to be real crowd-pleasers, so we doubt these edible wedding favours would go unappreciated. 

£18 for 12 | Shop Now

27. Biscuits - Etsy 

Personalised hexagonal biscuits with gold leaf

DIY wedding biscuits are such a great shout if you’re on a tight wedding budget. Everyone likes biscuits – these marble ones with gold leaf are a gorgeous treat for guests. They also come in silver leaf and can be customised with either your name or the guest's name. 

  • Expert Take: If you choose to personalise these biscuits with your guests' names, they can double-up as table place settings, saving you some extra pennies!  

From £1.80 | Shop Now 

28. Drinks Voucher - Etsy

'Enjoy one free drink' marble design drink vouchers with gold foil edging

If you don’t want to buy favours as such, give everyone a couple of drinks vouchers to use at the bar. Try to choose paper or card ones instead of plastic tokens for a more eco-friendly wedding favour. This pack comes with 25 tokens in a stylish marble design that is edged in gold.

  • Expert Take: These chic tokens provide a stylish way to gift your guests a drink (or two!) and keep track of how many free drinks are being supped at the bar.

£2.95 for 25 | Shop Now 

29. Elephant Chocolate Egg Holder - Etsy

Gold glitter elephant holding a Kinder Surprise chocolate egg

Chocolate and a toy? Do this, and your guests will love you! These Kinder egg holders aren’t just for youngsters but they do make a pretty perfect wedding favour for kids. Pick from a blue or pink glittery heart name tag and add your own egg to complete the magic. 

  • Expert Take: It's no secret that young guests can get a little bored at the dinner table, but these dazzling elephants and a toy-containing Kinder egg are sure to keep them occupied. 

£5 | Shop Now 

30. A Blend of Spices - Spice Kitchen 

Nine oriental spice bags

Make sure your friends and family have food that is perfectly seasoned by giving out jars or tubes of spices. These personalised blends feature spices from India, Sri Lanka, Jamaica, China and more.

  • Expert Take: Each order contains a free recipe guide that you can share with guests so they get the most out of their spices and think of you whenever they get cheffy with it!  

£14.95 | Shop Now 

31. Sugared Almonds - Etsy

Personalized organza bags with almonds

Sugared almonds are the traditional choice, so why not go all out and pop them in something beautiful? These organza bags add a beautiful touch to the classic wedding favour gift of sugared almonds, and you can choose from pink, blue or white nuts. 

  • Expert Take: Keeping it classic with sugared almonds is a fail-safe and stress-free wedding favour idea, just be sure to check that your guests don't have a nut allergy. 

From £3.55 | Shop Now 

Cool Wedding Favours

Want wedding favours everyone will be talking about? These cool wedding favours are sure to amaze your guests. 

32. Playing Cards - Etsy 

Personalised pack of playing cards

A custom deck of cards is not only a practical gift for your guests to take away, but it's also a great way to keep people entertained at the table with games and tricks. These decks can be printed in navy, black, powder blue, blush pink, silver, berry or white. 

  • Expert Take: We love ideas for wedding favours that will entertain guests, and a pack of classic cards definitely ticks the box. These would also be particularly fitting for those hiring a wedding magician or having an Alice-in-Wonderland-themed wedding. 

£3.07 | Shop Now 

33. Temporary Tattoos - Etsy

Hands with temporary tattoos of a couple

Temporary tattoos have moved on so far from when you used to get them free with your favourite teen magazines. Now you can get custom temporary tattoos with your faces on, or personalised with your names and wedding date.

  • Expert Take: If you want wedding favours that your guests won't expect, we're pretty confident it's these!

From £94.47 for 20 | Shop Now 

34. Succulents - Etsy

Succulent plants in pots with sticker saying

Succulents are so on trend now and are cheap to buy and grow. They look amazing on tables at a rustic wedding. Why not use them in the centrepieces and then invite your guests to take them home at the end of the night? Place them in these pots with accompanying personalised stickers to complete the look. 

From £38.35 | Shop Now 

35. Watering Cans - Bunting & Barrow 

Minatare watering can wedding favour with a packet of seeds

These mini watering cans are seriously charming. Fill them with flowers to match your theme, napkins or even cutlery. These ones come with flower seeds for forget-me-nots, summer flowers, cornflowers, sunflowers and poppies. 

  • Expert Take: If you're a green-fingered couple, we love the idea of gifting gardening-themed favours like these that will encourage your guests to roll up their sleeves and give it a go too!

£3.30 | Shop Now 

36. Wedding Favour Bubbles - Etsy

Small clear tubes of bubbles with 'Mr & Mrs Smith' Printed on in black, they have white heart shaped lids

Give everyone bubbles and a wand and encourage your guests to get blowing bubbles for some amazing pictures. They won't take up much room on the tables, so make a great wedding favour if you're looking for something discreet. 

  • Expert Take: Cheap wedding favours that are incredibly cheerful, you can gift these bubbles instead of confetti, which provides a great alternative for magical just-wed photos if your venue doesn't allow confetti to be thrown in its grounds. 

From £0.50 | Shop Now 

37. Golf Balls - Etsy

Personalised wedding favour golf balls on grass

If you're getting married at a sporty wedding venue, why not gift your guests some personalised golf balls? If you have access to a golf course on the wedding weekend, they can even test them out.

  • Expert Take: If you or your partner are known for your love of the course, then these are a fun wedding favour choice that will suit you to a tee!

From £41.52 for 6 | Shop Now 

38. A Recipe - Etsy

Recipe printed out onto a tea towel

Pass on some family secrets and share one of your most-loved recipes with your guests. Ask your stationery designer to write them up on a card in a cute handwritten font or you could even print a recipe on a tea towel.

  • Expert Take: If you, or a relative, is making your wedding cake, sharing that recipe would be a lovely touch so your guests can try to replicate the bake at home after the big day.

£16.50 | Shop Now 

39. Second-Hand Books

Shelf of books

If you and your partner are bookworms, why not pick up books from charity shops and car boot sales and give each guest a good read? It's also the perfect choice if you're tying the knot in a library wedding venue.

  • Expert Take: For an extra personal touch, pick books for your guests that you know are their favourites, or base your choices on their personality traits. 

40. Palm Reading Cards - Nest 

Navy palm reading card set

You know those little redfish you place in your palm and they tell your fortune? They’re great icebreakers to have on the table at weddings, seriously cheap and really light so you won’t need to worry about transporting them. But if you want something a little more involved, try placing a few decks of these palm reading cards on the tables for some live entertainment. If you want, you could even have guests announce their fortunes to the whole dining room.

  • Expert Take: We love the idea of these cool palm reading cards for spiritual or celestial-inspired wedding celebrations. 

£12.95 | Shop Now 

41. Pens or Pencils - Secret Creation

Engraved wooden pencil wedding favours

Personalise pens or pencils and hand them out to your guests - they are the perfect addition to your guest book table and really great for wedding favour ideas on a budget. These pencils even have a little eraser on the end and are professionally engraved with your names and wedding date, separated by a little heart. 

From £24.95 for 30 | Shop Now 

42. Bottle Stoppers - Natural Gift Store

Personalised cork bottle stopper

Be kind to your guests and ensure their wine never goes off by giving them all personalised cork bottle stoppers. You can choose between 'Eat, drink and be married', or 'Love, laughter and happily ever after.'

  • Expert Take: This would be a particularly fitting touch if getting married in a vineyard setting, whether on home turf or jetting off overseas. 

£9.99 | Shop Now 

43. Glass Charms - Lisa Angel

Four circular personalised wine glass charms with pastel coloured tassels placed on a fabric tablecloth on a wooden table

These delicate and pretty favours will make a subtle difference to your wedding table – place a personalised charm on your guests’ wine glasses to add a special touch to the day and a keepsake they can cherish beyond. 

  • Expert Take: Wine glass charms are having a real moment right now, making them an on-trend wedding favour. The whimsical tassel detail of these beauties would work effortlessly at boho-themed weddings. 

£20 for 4 | Shop Now 

44. Wildflower Wedding Favour Seeds - Kate Moby 

Bee Friendly wildflower seeds

Packets of wildflower seeds or biodegradable seed papers are a great choice for nature lovers. They’re eco-friendly and excellent for bees if you plant them in your garden. This mix is 100% wildflowers, without any grasses added. 

  • Expert Take: Giving a wedding favour that guests need to grow themselves means they'll value it all the more as it flourishes. Plus, it's a keepsake that lives on long after the celebrations have ended.

£2.95 | Shop Now 

45. A Beanstalk - BEEcycle 

Green bean in a plant pot, that is personalised with the name Joan

Go for that fairytale feel and treat each guest to a beanstalk of their own. You can have personalised ones with every guest’s name, or go for this set of 1,000 beans for £200. These come with your names or initials on and you can give everyone a bag with a few in it.

  • Expert Take: A particularly fitting choice for those called Jack, but also a wonderfully magical wedding favour for guests of all ages. 

£6 | Shop Now 

46. Charity Donations

Prostate cancer logo on a place card at a wedding table setting

Of course, your choice of wedding favour can have a deeper meaning. Donate to a charity that is close to your heart so your wedding spreads love beyond those present. Check out our favourite charity wedding favours here.

  • Expert Take: Some charities will print off place cards, like this one from Prostate Cancer UK, and give pins or bracelets in return for you to gift to guests. 

47. Fridge Magnets - Etsy

Thank you for sharing our special day wedding magnets

If you sent out fridge magnet save the dates, why not say thanks with one too? Create your own personalised magnets for the ultimate touch.

  • Expert Take: We love that you can add plenty of personalised details to these pretty wooden fridge magnets, including your names, wedding date, and a special thank you message.

From £33.60 for 10 | Shop Now 

48. Lip Balm - Etsy

Personalised lip balms with leaf design

Show that you care for your guests by treating them to a lip balm to protect their lips! They'd also make great hen party bag fillers.

  • Expert Take: There's known to be plenty of kissing at weddings, so these lovely balms will ensure your guests are ready to pucker up! 

From £14.59 for 12 | Shop Now 

49. Mixed Tape Style USB - Etsy

White cassette tape style usb leant against a potted green plant on a white table top

Give each guest the gift of music by giving USBs loaded with your wedding playlist. We love these personalised mixtapes, which bring all the nostalgic vibes. By adding your guests' names, they can also act as table place settings. 

  • Expert Take: Wedding favours don't get more emotive than this! Nothing evokes great memories of a wedding than the music played during emotional elements of the day and the tunes blasted out on the dancefloor. Are we right?!

£14.99 | Shop Now 

50. Bottle Opener - Etsy

Floral bottle opener wedding favours

If you know your guests are partial to a beer or two, give out bottle openers. These bottle openers are really chic, and if you’ve got a Disney themed wedding, we love these key-shaped bottle openers.

  • Expert Take: Ticking practical, pretty and personal boxes makes these bottle openers great wedding favour ideas. Save yourself some money by giving one between two when it comes to couples.

£48.45 for 20 | Shop Now 

51. Photo Wine Bottle Labels - Etsy

Bottle of white wine with polaroid style photo of a couple on it with their names, the bottle is surrounded by cherries on a table

Give out small bottles of wine (or Champagne if you’re feeling fancy) and use these labels to add a personal touch to your bottles.

  • Expert Take: If having an intimate wedding with a small guestlist, we love the idea of personalising each bottle with a photo of each guest and their name so they make everyone feel extra special AND double up as name place settings. Win, win!

£7.24 | Shop Now 

52. Hangover Kits - Etsy

'I regret nothing' fabric hangover recovery kit

Be pre-emptive and put together hangover kits for your guests. Include paracetamol, a teabag, mints, sunglasses, a cereal bar and whatever else you might need to beat off the beer fear. You'll find even more ideas in our hangover kit guide

  • Expert Take: There isn't one adult guest that won't be thankful for these come the morning after!

From £12.50 for 10 | Shop Now 

53. Hipflasks - Hitched Shop 

Personalised white hip flask with a tropical floral design in the corner

If you’re having a smaller wedding, you might be able to spend a little more on the favours. Personalised hipflasks will be well received, and these ones come in tons of different designs, including this rather fancy tropical flower print. 

  • Expert Take: This is a particularly lovely idea for destination wedding favours - this hipflask design has Caribbean Islands written all over it!

£23.99 | Shop Now 

54. Wedding Favour Soap - Buddha & Bubbles Soap Co. 

six round soaps in different colours with a bee motif in the middle on a wooden table top

Artisan soap will be appreciated by all. These cute bee-motif handmade soaps are fragranced with sandalwood and myrrh and have added annatto seeds which exfoliate the skin. 

  • Expert Take: We love handmade wedding favours but remember to order them in plenty of time, as items like these are often made-to-order and so have a longer lead time.

£175 for 50 | Shop Now

55. Sparklers - Etsy

Personalised sparklers with 'let love sparkle' tags

Sparklers aren't just for bonfire night, you know! Get everyone outside with their sparklers for some amazing photos during a sparkler send-off. We love these ones from Etsy.

  • Expert Take: There's something so magical about sparklers, making them a natural addition to a wedding; plus they're loved by adults and children alike!

from £20.65 | Shop Now

56. Personalised Wooden Place Names - Etsy

Multiple wooden hearts with guests' names laid flat with floral arrangement in the background

Wooden hearts made from slate or wood can enhance the décor and can also be personalised with the guests’ names, doubling up as place cards

  • Expert Take: Super sweet and long-lasting, these romantic favours certainly get our vote!

£25.95 for 20 | Shop Now

57. A Notebook - Hitched Shop 

Personalised notebook with couple's name and wedding day date displayed

A cute little personalised notebook is a great idea – you can never have enough stationery, right?!

  • Expert Take: These will be great to keep any children you have coming entertained at the table. Just make sure to leave a few coloured pencils out too. 

£34.99 for 12 | Shop Now

58. Scratch Card Wedding Favour Sleeves - Etsy

Two white personalised scratch card holders

To raise your guests' excitement levels, leave out scratch cards in these personalised sleeves. Just make sure they agree to give you a cut if someone wins big!

  • Expert Take: You can pick up scratch cards pretty cheap at your local newsagent or supermarket, usually for 50p or £1 each and place them in these cute keepsakes. Just make sure you're comfortable with the idea of one of your guests potentially winning big!

£13.75 for 25 | Shop Now

59. Lucky Dip Ticket Wallet - Wedding in a Teacup 

Brown lucky in love lottery card envelopes

If the idea of getting scratch card peelings on your pretty tables makes you feel tense, opt for lucky dip lottery tickets. Present them in these cute lottery ticket wallets.

  • Expert Take: These favours will keep the excitement from the big day going as your guests await the next Lottery draw to see if they've bagged a prize. 

£8 for 10 | Shop Now

60. Candles - Hitched Shop 

Who doesn’t like candles? Little Yankee candles or special tea lights will go down a storm. These personalised wedding favour candles are seriously lovely and smell amazing.

  • Expert Take: Why not get the same candles as part of your wedding venue decor and light them during the ceremony so that when your guests light them at home, the scent transports them back to your wedding day?

£2.99 | Shop Now

61. Personalised Photo Coasters Set - £15, We Love To Create

Three personalised photo coasters one showing two girls eating ice creams and laughing, another showing a man and women on a beach and a third of a pug dog, there is a dotty cup with coffee in and some biscuits on the table

Don’t let your guests ruin their furniture at home. A personalised coaster will prevent drink-based damage and give them a chance to remember your day every time they take a sip. We love these personalised photo coasters.  

  • Expert Take: It might take some time, but it would also make your guests feel incredibly special if you were to pick out your favourite image of them to go on the coaster. Extra brownie points if you can find an image of you together with them to go on it!

£15 for 4 | Shop Now

62. Origami Cranes - Etsy

Colourfully patterned origami paper cranes on a white table

Looking for colourful suggestions for wedding favours to bring some extra beauty to your wedding tables? Then allow us to suggest these gorgeous origami cranes. If you fancy making a bunch of these yourself, pre-make to go on the tables or gift as they come (folded flat) for DIY wedding favours for your guests.

  • Expert Take: One of the most iconic Japanese origami, cranes like these are a symbol of happiness, fortune and celebration, making them the perfect addition to a wedding. 

£30 for 20 | Shop Now

63. Personalised Chopsticks - Etsy

Three sets of chopsticks in different wood tones with various names on them

If you're serving East Asian cuisine at your wedding, give each guest some beautifully decorated chopsticks. They're practical, reusable, and thoughtful! 

  • Expert Take: These personalised ones are seriously cute and can be made from light, dark or black wood. 

From £8.99 | Shop Now

64. Matches - Etsy

'Perfect match' personalised wedding favour matchstick boxes

A box of matches is an old-school wedding favour, but it’s quite useful and it also gives you the opportunity for some excellent puns about being a ‘perfect match’ or a ‘match made in heaven.'

  • Expert Take: There are so many design and personalisation options to choose from. Pick from the differing botanical designs and add your names, wedding date and a fitting pun.

£16.62 for 25 | Shop Now

65. A Compact Mirror - Etsy

A rose gold mirror personalised with the name Mary on front

Always handy, these compact mirrors are £2 each and can be personalised with your guests’ names. The rose gold colourway is a trendy and glamorous pick. 

  • Expert Take: A great wedding favour idea if you're giving different gifts to the guys and gals. 

£20 for 10 | Shop Now

66. Personalised Keyring - Etsy

A small wooden jigsaw keyring with a personalised message

Personalise keyrings with photos, messages, or simply your names and wedding date. These puzzle-piece keyrings are fun and unique, and they will arrive in gift pouches to suit your colour scheme. 

  • Expert Take: At just £2 each these tick the wedding favour ideas on a budget box and will stand the test of time. 

From £2 | Shop Now

67. Caricature Table Place Cards - Etsy

Three rows of hand drawn caricature cards on a white table with a vase of flowers behind them

Opt for something truly unique and wow guests with these hand-drawn caricature cards. They'll help you to dress the tables differently and give your loved ones a cute keepsake to remember the day by. 

  • Expert Take: Wedding couples are increasingly looking for cool ways to set their big day celebrations apart and we think these would make a particularly memorable addition to the tables. 

£7 | Shop Now

68. Colouring Sheets - Chi Chi Moi  

Personalised colouring in sheet place mat

Not just for children, colouring books are having a big moment. Let your guests enjoy it at your wedding with these personalised table placemats.

  • Expert Take: These will make a great table icebreaker - be sure to put the pot of colouring pencils in the middle of the tables so guests have to interact and share. 

£1 | Shop Now

69. Paper Flower

Five colourful paper flowers with stems

Make each guest a paper flower to take home with them. Here’s our easy step-by-step tutorial on how to make paper flowers.

  • Expert Take: Blooming marvellous DIY wedding favours that your guests will love you for. 

Find Out More

70. Bath Bombs - Etsy

Bath bombs with dried roses on a wooden chopping board

Let your guests have some pamper time when they get home with the gift of bath bombs. How amazing are these bath fizzers with dried flowers? They are scented with essential oils and come in lavender, peppermint tea, tea tree, rosemary, rose and ylang-ylang. 

  • Expert Take: Never has a relaxing bath been more welcome than after partying hard at a wedding, which makes bath bombs one of the best wedding favour ideas in our eyes!

£14 for 10 | Shop Now

71. Mini Bubble Bath - Etsy

Mini bubble bath bottles for wedding favours

Mini toiletries are useful, and a bubble bath is lovely, so why not combine the two? These are chemical-free and vegan - choose from argan oil and rose, avocado oil and lavender, jojoba oil and lemongrass or calendula oil and sandalwood. 

  • Expert Take: As above, another winning wedding favour idea that won't go unappreciated! 

£17.50 for 5 | Shop Now 

72. Badges - Etsy

Personalised wooden badges

Leave out a fun badge for everyone with these wedding badges - they're an awesome addition to any party and guests can try them on right away. You can also find more affordable favour ideas in our wedding favours for £1 or less article.

  • Expert Take: We love that these badges will help your guests identify who's who at the celebrations - particularly those in the main wedding party - without any awkward introductions. 

£3 | Shop Now

73. A Wristband - Wedfest 

Colourful wedfest wristband

If you're having a festival themed wedding, give each of your guests a cool Wedfest wristband to get them in the party spirit and remember the day by. They won't want to take these off.

  • Expert Take: These are a great option for those wanting cheap wedding favours as you're not paying a premium to have them personalised. Instead, they have generic 'Wedfest', 'VIP', 'Thanks for coming' and 'eat, drink, dance' messaging on them. 

£1.25 | Shop Now

74. A Magic Trick 

An arm holding a set of cards

Use the money you would have spent on favours to hire a magician and make sure they get around to everyone to perform a trick.

  • Expert Take: There are so many amazing wedding magicians out there who will have your guests in disbelief at the tricks they can pull off and help to make your day all the more memorable. 

Find a Magician

75. Disposable Cameras - Hitched Shop 

Disposable camera decorated with gold hearts

Everyone loves Polaroid cameras. Leave a couple out and let everyone snap selfies to take home, stick in a guest book or hang on a guest book wall. You could even leave out these cute disposable cameras to develop after the wedding.

  • Expert Take: We particularly love the fun, nostalgic vibes that come with disposable cameras at weddings. Plus, as they're not developed instantly, they give you something to look forward to - and reflect back on - after the big day. 

£19.99 | Shop Now 

76. Personalised Rubik's Photo Cube Puzzle - Etsy

Rubik's cube with personalised photos

Get everyone's minds working and solve a puzzle. These personalised Rubik's cubes are a surefire way to keep guests busy, and you can personalise them with a photograph of your choice. 

  • Expert Take: If the wedding favour budget doesn't stretch to gifting one of these to each of your guests, forgo the individual favours and have one of these on each table as an icebreaker - you could feature images of guests on the cubes as an extra special touch. 

from £10.49 | Shop Now

77. Shot Glasses - Etsy

Personalised wedding favour shot glasses

Bespoke shot glasses will get the party started, and these glasses can be personalised with your names and wedding date using a laser machine for a crisp and durable finish. 

  • Expert Take: Instead of a champagne or prosecco toast after the speeches, why not fill these glasses with your favourite spirit and invite guests to do a collective group shot?

£55 for 10 | Shop Now

78. Personalised Tea Towels - Lunella Stationery & Home

White tea towel pegged on a line that has two champagne glasses printed on with 'Mr & Mrs Harrington Est 2023 on in black

Looking for unusual wedding favour ideas? Then how about personalised wedding tea towels bearing your names and wedding date? We love this one from Not On The High Street.

  • Expert Take: A pricey wedding favour but one that's personal, practical and has longevity, so if you're looking to push the boat, these get our vote. 

£17.50 | Shop Now 

79. Personalised Keys - Etsy 

Wood rectangular keyrings on a knitted backdrop

Both useful and wonderfully rustic, these stylish wood keyrings let you add a personal touch to your wedding favours for a beautiful, lasting memory of your big day.

  • Expert Take: These gorgeous designs are available in oak, beech or cherry, you can also choose from different fonts to suit your style and taste. 

From £1.99 | Shop Now 

80. Personalised Letter Nail Varnish - Etsy

Nail polish in different colours with names and initials

Super fun for everyone, why not leave out nail varnish in your wedding colour scheme? These ones can be personalised with initials.

  • Expert Take: We particularly love this idea for destination wedding favours so your guests can use their polishes right away for sandal-ready feet!

£7.95 | Shop Now 

81. Photo Frames - Hitched Shop 

Star fish photo frame and table name places

Use them to hold each guest's place card, but then let them take them home. These starfish ones would be fabulous at a coastal wedding.

  • Expert Take: We're all for value, so the fact that mini photo frames provide a creative way to display guest place names AND provides them with an extra special keepsake to take home makes them a winning choice. 

£31.99 for 8 | Shop Now

Destination Wedding Favours

Heading overseas for your wedding? These destination wedding favours are ideal for a wedding abroad. 

82. Luggage Tags - Etsy

Personalised luggage tag wedding favours on a wooden axel

If you’re headed abroad for your big day or are having a travel theme, give everyone a luggage tag. We’re in love with these personalised tags that can have each person’s initials on them.

  • Expert Take: The tags could be used to form an Insta-worthy seating plan (as above), or simply stamped with the word ‘Love’ and placed for the table settings.

From £10.88 | Shop Now 

83. Hand Fans - Etsy

Three personalised wedding favour fans on a table, two are closed and engraved with 'Mr & Mrs Clark 16.06.23' the other one is fanned open

If your wedding is taking place in a hot country or on a summer’s day, leave out pretty fans for your guests. We love these gorgeous personalised hand fans which would be ideal at a beach wedding.

  • Expert Take: A heaven-sent wedding favour when it comes to keeping guests cool, which can be used from the ceremony to the dancefloor.

£2.50 | Shop Now 

84. Eco Water Bottles - Hitched Shop

White and black steel cylinder bottles

These eco-friendly water bottles from the Hitched Shop can be printed with guests' initials providing a handy and personal keepsake. 

  • Expert Take: If you’re in a hot country, get a bulk order delivered to your hotel and your guests can use them to keep themselves hydrated.

£16.99 | Shop Now 

85. Tiny Tote Bags - Hitched Shop 

Tiny tote bag wedding favour that says 'hello summer'

How cute are these tiny tote bags? Fill them with sweets or treats to match your theme, and place them on your table mats. 

  • Expert Take: The filler options for these are pretty much endless, so let your imagination run wild - chocolates, mints, hangover remedies, beauty products, lollipops, alcohol miniatures! 

£6.99 for 10 | Shop Now

86. A Personalised Note

Blank piece of paper with calligraphy pens

If you don’t have much budget, make up for it with time and write a personalised message for each guest. This works best for a destination wedding when firstly, you’ll have fewer guests, and secondly, they’ll have made a bigger effort to fly out to join you.

  • Expert Take: Handwrite your notes for that extra special touch. The contents could include a special memory with that specific relative or friend, what you love most about them, how thankful you are for their support and how much you appreciate them being there for the wedding. 

Seasonal Wedding Favours

Want a wedding favour to match the season? Whether you want winter wedding favour ideas or wedding favours for a summer celebration, they're all here. 

87. Elf Walking Sticks - Etsy

A pack of five festive boxed red and white striped candy canes on a pink and white background

A festive wedding wouldn’t be complete without candy canes, right? These candy canes are a great way to put a smile on your guests' faces.

  • Expert Take: We love the sound of these mulled-wine alcoholic candy canes for a gown-up sweet treat - just be sure to order an alternative flavour if you have any young guests attending. 

£5.95 | Shop Now 

88. Pine Cone Tealight holders - Etsy

Pine cone tealight holders

Ideal for a winter or rustic-inspired wedding – these pine cones are a gorgeous addition to the celebrations. Your guests could even light them in the evening to create a romantic ambience. 

  • Expert Take: You can choose from different flower colours to suit your wedding decor theme, and the tealight element makes it a wedding guest gift that can be used again and again.

From £11.47 for 5 | Shop Now 

89. Hot Chocolate Kit - Etsy

Hot chocolate kits in a test tube

Warm-up your guests on cold winter days by treating them to a hot chocolate kit. You can splash out on luxury hot chocolate kits or cute cones like these hot chocolate reindeer ones.

  • Expert Take: If you’re on a budget, buy instant sachets and give them out with mini marshmallows, keeping things cheap but equally cheerful! 

From £3.70 | Shop Now

90. Baubles - Etsy 

Personalized rounded Christmas bauble

Add to your guests’ Christmas décor by giving them all a personalised bauble. Alternatively, buy blank ones and order decals with your initials on and DIY your own. They make such good Christmas wedding favours

  • Expert Take: Just imagine how pretty these will look hanging on your guests' trees and bringing back memories of your big day year after year! 

From £56.36 for 25 | Shop Now 

91. Sunglasses - Hitched Shop 

Smiling woman wearing a pink unicorn t-shirt and pineapple shaped, pink-tinted sunglasses

If your wedding is outdoors or abroad, give everyone some sunnies to prevent squinty photos. We love these fun pineapple ones. See more cool wedding sunglasses here.

  • Expert Take: Fun sunnies aren't just a practical wedding favour, they make fabulous photo props too!

£3.99 | Shop Now

92. Personalised Flip-Flops - Hitched Shop 

Two women wearing flip flops and denim jeans

Leave out flip-flops for your guests if you’re having a beach wedding, or give them something comfy to wear after an evening of dancing. 

  • Expert Take: These gorgeous flip-flops are foldable and come with a lovely personalised pouch to keep them in - while they might be a bit too expensive to gift to all your guests, they would make great bridesmaid gift ideas

£15.99 | Shop Now

93. Hand Sanitiser - Etsy

Hand sanitiser bottles with

An everyday essential that will come in handy at the wedding and beyond. These cute labels are a great way to personalise your hand sanitiser wedding favour bottles. 

  • Expert Take: Save on cost by buying a big bottle of hand sanitiser and decanting it into mini bottles. 

£29.66 for 20 | Shop Now 

94. Christmas Crackers - Etsy

Personalised crackers

If you’re having a Christmas wedding, give each guest a cracker to pull. It can be a very cheap option if you bulk-buy crackers, but if you have a bit more budget, personalised crackers are a magical touch.

  • Expert Take: These beautiful crackers are sure to elevate your wedding table decor whilst providing a wonderful seasonal touch. Crackers are a great guest icebreaker too!

£20 for 10 | Shop Now 

95. Mince Pies - Hitched Shop 

Mince pies wrapped in brown packaging

Is it really a Christmas-themed wedding day without a few mince pies dotted around? Whip up your own and package them in these festive brown boxes, complete with candy cane string.

  • Expert Take: A homemade DIY wedding favour has so much thought behind it, so we're sure the love and effort poured into making your very own mince pies - and packaging them up - won't go unnoticed. 

£21.99 for 20 | Shop Now

96. Christmas Angels - Etsy

Angel brooches in individual bags

Give loved ones something to wear with these gorgeous Christmas angel brooches. They're available in a few different colours and are super special. 

  • Expert Take: This gorgeous wedding favour idea is at the higher end of the price scale. As such, you might choose to gift these to those in the main wedding party, like bridesmaids and mother-of-the-bride/groom.

£110 for 10 | Shop Now 

97. Lavender Bags and Jars - Hitched Shop 

Dried lavender in mini mason jars

For spring and summer weddings, a lovely-smelling hessian or organza bag of dried lavender is beautiful. Lavender is known for reducing stress and helping you fall asleep, so your guests can keep it in their wardrobe or under their pillow for a delightful scent.

  • Expert Take: For DIY wedding favours, if you grow lavender in your garden, you can dry some out and pop it in these gorgeous mason jars.

£24.99 for 6 | Shop Now

What is a Wedding Favour?

"A wedding favour is a small gift given to guests to show appreciation for attending the wedding celebration," says Lola Sanzey of Nomade Events, who is a professional events and wedding planner based in London. "It's a way for the couple to express gratitude and share a piece of their special day with their loved ones."

What Makes a Good Wedding Favour?

"Today, a memorable wedding favour is one that is thoughtful, personal, and reflective of the couple's personality or the theme of the wedding," says Lola.

"Sugared almonds were a traditional wedding favour in the past with origins dating back to ancient Greece. At that time, almonds coated with honey were offered to symbolise a sweet and enduring married life. Over the centuries, this tradition spread throughout the Mediterranean world, taking on various forms according to different cultures.

"For weddings in the south of France, for example, a little bottle of local olive oil or lavender hand soap is usually loved by guests. Overall, it should be something that guests can use or cherish, evoking pleasant memories of the event whenever they see or use it."

What Are Good Cheap Wedding Favour Ideas?

"Consider DIY wedding favour options such as homemade jams or cookies, personalised bookmarks or magnets, or even small potted plants or succulents," suggests Lola. "You could also opt for edible favours like candies or chocolates, which can be purchased in bulk and packaged creatively."

What Are Unique Wedding Favour Ideas?

"Think outside the box and consider items that reflect your interests or hobbies," says Lola.

"For example, if you're a couple who loves to travel, miniature globes or luggage tags could be fitting favours. Alternatively, you could offer experiences, such as seed packets for guests to plant their own flowers or herbs, or you, as a couple, could create your own fragrance for a home perfume, which can be prepared with personalised labels in small bottles ready to gift to guests. 

"Another option could be small bottles of locally sourced honey or olive oil. The key is to choose something that stands out and leaves a lasting impression on your guests."

Now you’re sorted when it comes to wedding favour ideas, why not take a look at ways to make your wedding even more personal to you?