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30 Cheap Wedding Favour Ideas for £1 or Less

You can still have fabulous favours if you’re on a tight budget! We've rounded up 30 beautiful and cheap wedding favours that cost £1 or less

Wooden name tag on a blue plate with gold cutlery

If you’re working to a tight wedding budget, the idea of buying dozens of sweet or unusual wedding favours might be keeping you awake at night. But don’t fear - we’ve rounded up the best cheap wedding favours for under £1 to help keep your budget in check. There are plenty of ways to save money on a wedding, and cheap wedding favours are one of them.

We’ve scoured the web and it turns out there are plenty of bargain options out there which could cost you as little as a pound or even less – that’s right, cheaper than your morning cappuccino by a mile. Who knew cheap wedding favours from the UK could look this good and set you back just a few pennies?

The Best Cheap Wedding Favours Under £1

We've rounded up this selection of fun, quirky and seriously unique wedding favour ideas that are cheap - but look anything but! 

From fans and things your guests can eat, to fridge magnets and handy accessories you never knew you needed, there’s plenty of budget friendly ideas in our round-up, including a number of cheap wedding favours that you can buy in bulk, saving you even more money. 

You can browse the very best wedding favours for under £1 - and even some wedding favours for under 50p - or hop to the bottom to discover everything you need to know about wedding favours - cheap or not!

1. Wooden Place Setting – from 93p, Etsy 

Wooden name place setting with blue and gold crockery

Save money and double up your table place names as wedding favours. These wooden place settings will look contemporary and stylish on your tables and we reckon your guests will love having these on their desks after the wedding as a reminder of the special day.

Expert Take: These personalised wedding favours can be painted with gold, silver, copper or black to suit your wedding theme. Make sure you have every name spelt correctly before sending off to order as returns are not accepted. 

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2. Personalised Engraved Wooden Pencils – from 70p, Etsy 

Personalised engraved wooden pencils

These personalised pencils are super handy. Not only will they keep your younger guests entertained, but they'll be useful when your guests come to sign your wedding guest book. You can have each pencil engraved with your names and the wedding date making this a cheap wedding favour idea that everyone can enjoy.

Expert Take: All pencils come with an eraser just in case guests make a mistake in the guest book. Pop a sharpener nearby though as we all know from our school days that lead can be fickle.

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3. Custom Wedding Coffee Favours – £89.21 for 100, Etsy 

Coffee favours

Who doesn't love a good cuppa? Your guests will enjoy their morning cup even more with these personalised coffee bags, and you can add your names and wedding date for an extra personal touch. Sold in various sizes, these are perfect for large guest lists.

Expert Take: The coffee bags are reusable and resealable, and can be filled with an assortment of products once the coffee is done. 

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4. Chocolate Hearts Wedding Favours – £48.20 for 50, Etsy 

Chocolate heart shaped wedding favours on a card backing that reads 'love is sweet'

What better way to spread the love than with these dainty chocolate hearts? With their adorable 'love is sweet' message in a gorgeous cursive font, these are sure to go down very well indeed with your guests.

Plus, with options to choose your foil and card colour, they are a steal at 99p each. Those with a sweet tooth will love these chocolate wedding favour ideas, and you can buy them in bulk in packs of 50 - winning!

Expert Take: If you're having a summer wedding, these chocolates might not last on the tables long but we think that guests won't be able to resist eating them regardless of the temperature. It's never too warm for chocolate, in our opinion...

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5. Wooden Heart Place Names – 80p, No Ordinary Gift

heart shaped wooden wedding favours wrapped around a napkin and cutlery

These personalised wooden hearts work as both a cheap wedding favour for guests to keep, and a wedding place card so they know where to sit – a great money-saving hack. They come in a neutral shade so will fit into any colour scheme. 

Expert Take: The rustic wood finish is gorgeous but if you wanted to add more colour, simply mix up the string threaded through the hole - metallic silver or gold would look lovely. 

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6. Lottery Ticket Wedding Favour – 90p, Love Lumi Ltd

Botanical wreath design lottery ticket wedding favour wallet

Add a little excitement to your wedding favours with these fun lottery ticket holders. They make a great alternative to the traditional wedding favour, especially for loved ones who are feeling lucky. This is both a fun wedding favour and a wedding favour idea that is cheap and could lead to some big wins. Just make sure you add a note saying if anyone wins, they have to split the prize with you, obvs!

Expert Take: If you go for the scratch card option, pop a penny into each of the holders so that your guests aren't trying to find loose change. Note - these are just the wallets, you'll have to buy the tickets or scratch cards as well!

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7. Popcorn Bag Wedding Favours – £50 for 50, Etsy

Popcorn bag wedding favours

Popcorn's always a crowd pleaser. Treat your guests to a moreish snack with a personalised popcorn bag that you can cheaply fill with purchased popcorn or (even cheaper) by popping your own. They'll look amazing on your wedding tables and can be purchased in bulk packs of 50, so you can buy plenty all at once.

Expert Take: You can choose from regular or large to fit within your budget. The bag has a simple design but it could easily be decorated at home using colourful pens, glitter, ribbon or stickers. 

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8. Colour In Place Mat Wedding Favours – £1, Chi Chi Moi

Colour in place mat wedding favour

Your guests will adore these personalised place mats which are just begging to be coloured in, from Chi Chi Moi at Not On The High Street. Put a pot of pencils on each table and watch everyone’s ‘concentration faces’ as they try to stay within the lines after a wine or two.

Expert Take: Choose from a floral or geometric design depending on your taste. These are certainly not just for children, adult colouring is a huge trend right now.

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9. Just Married Flip Flop Key Chain - £5.49 for 6, Hitched Shop

Flip flop keyring

Complete a beach themed wedding day with these mini flip flop keyrings. They'll be a lovely reminder for your guests of the special day every time they grab their keys. It's also a nod to adventures to come if you are going to an amazing honeymoon destination

Expert Take: This cheap wedding favour is sold in packs of six but if you have any left over you could give them to anyone who was not able to attend on the day itself. 

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10. Modern Geo Marble & Gold Favour Boxes - £10.99 for 12, Hitched Shop

Hands holding a marble and gold wedding favour box

We love the unique look of these classic marble and gold favour boxes. Fill them with sweets, chocolates or even a special personalised note letting the guest know how much they mean to you. 

Expert Take: You'll have to put a little extra time into folding these boxes up but once you get the hang of it, they are so quick and easy to do. 

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11. Festival Wristbands - £1, Wedfest Weddings

Festival wristband wedding favour

These festival wristbands will complete any festival-themed wedding day - you can send them off with your wedding invites or hand them out before the ceremony. They'll look amazing in the wedding photographs and make a lovely keepsake. After all, your guests are VIPs! 

Expert Take: These wristbands look super realistic and they're so fun. They'll have to be cut-off to be removed, but this only makes them feel even more like the real deal. 

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12. Personalised Sweet Cone - from 75p, Etsy

Personalised sweet cones

Treat your guests to something sweet by purchasing these colourful sweet cones. With prices starting from less than £1, they are sure to give your guests a touching sensation of nostalgia as you embark on a brand new journey. 

Expert Take: These would make an excellent addition to a sweet table. There's a great mix of different sweets per cone so there is sure to be a treat that your guests will enjoy. 

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13. Mini Champagne Bubble Wedding Favours – £17.99 for 24, Hitched Shop

Black bottle of bubbles shaped as a champagne bottle with cork

These champagne bubbles are just adorable and such a cheap wedding favour, too. They'd be perfect for entertaining little ones if you've invited kids to your wedding. Almost as good as the real thing.

Expert Take: Make sure guests don't get confused about what these wedding favours are, we can't imagine bubble liquid tastes that great. Reviews state that these are high quality and they come out as a steady stream of bubbles. 

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14. Wildflower Seed Wedding Favours – from 50p, Etsy 

Wildflower seed wedding favours

The ideal choice for nature-loving couples, these wildflower seeds will allow guests to grow their own blooms and save the bees in the process. A sweet way to plant the seed for sustainable living and sharing the love for the beloved honeybee. Discover more eco-friendly wedding favours here. 

Expert Take: These wedding favour packets are light and easy to transport. Your guests can simply pop them inside a pocket or bag and take them home. 

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15. Novelty Popcorn Boxes – from 94p, Etsy 

Pink popcorn boxes

These super-cute popcorn boxes are just 95p each, so you will have plenty of wedding favour budget left to buy delicious popcorn to fill them with. Choose from cream, blush, pink or magenta to match the boxes perfectly to your colour scheme.

Expert Take: No popcorn is included in the price of these wedding favours, but popcorn is the kind of wedding favour you can buy in bulk for very little - even supermarket popcorn won't set you back very much at all. Fill the boxes up last minute to ensure your popcorn tastes fresh.

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16. Birds & Bunting Pin Badge - £10 for 10, Macmillan Cancer Support

Macmillan cancer support pin badges

Finished with a beautiful foil detail and ribbon, these adorable birds and bunting pin badges are not only gorgeous, they support a brilliant cause and are a cheap wedding favour your guests will really appreciate. Inspired by the sentiment? If so, you can discover more charity wedding favours here.

Pros & Cons: As all proceeds go towards Macmillan Cancer Support, they're definitely worth it. 

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17. Diamond Shaped Wedding Bubbles – £19.99 for 24, Hitched Shop

Diamond bubble blower wedding favours

Let your loved ones take a taste of your glam wedding theme home with them with these sophisticated diamond-inspired bubbles. Who says a bottle of bubbly needs to break the bank? Certainly not these. At less than £1, these wedding favours are a true bargain and look so much more expensive than they are, and can be bought in bulk in packs of 24. 

Pros & Cons: Bubbles have the capacity to look novelty, but these diamonds look far from that. The chic gold bottle and shape of this cheap wedding favour idea will add elegance to your wedding tables. 

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18. Fortune Cookie Wedding Favour – £140 for 150, Bunting & Barrow

Fortune cookie wedding favour

Fortune cookie favours are a highly affordable option and such a great way to break the ice when your wedding guests sit down. It’s a favour, wedding table game and table decoration all in one. These cheap unusual wedding favours come up at just over 90p each - now that's value for money. And if you're looking for cheap wedding favours in bulk, these come in huge packs of 150!

Expert Take: You can pick the colour of the fortune cookie wrapper to fit in with your theme. If you want to write a custom message inside each cookie it might take a little longer but it'll be totally worth it when your guests open them up. 

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19. Mini Board Games – £23.70 for 30, Baker Ross

Mini connect four wedding favour

If your wedding guests have travelled from far and wide to be at your special day, then a retro game like Snakes and Ladders or Scrabble will keep them entertained on the journey back. Buy the games in a smaller, travel size to make them favour appropriate. This 4-in-a-row game is just 79p a favour. Discover more wedding games for your reception here. 

Expert Take: There are so many games to choose from that you might have a hard time choosing. We recommend putting a few types of each on every table. 

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20. Charity Donation Wedding Favours - from £70p

white cards with the words 'in lieu of favours' charity donation message on them

If you'd rather your money was donated to a good cause, get your hands on these charity wedding favour cards. The cards can be personalised to explain to your guests that instead of wedding favours, you have made a donation on behalf of them to a charity of your choice. 

Expert Take: This is a lovely way to ensure that your money is focussed on a cause that's important to you, whilst still giving your guests something physical to hold. 

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21. Wedding Jigsaw Favours – from £33 for 50, Etsy

Wooden jigsaw wedding favour on purple flowers

Keeping with the rustic wedding theme, no doubt your guests will love these personalised jigsaw favours. Made with gorgeous rich oak, these unique pieces are a quirky way of showing just how important your friends and family are in your life.

Expert Take: These jigsaw pieces are super versatile so you can put them wherever suits you - hang them with string or use them as wedding table decorations.

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The Best Cheap Wedding Favours Under 50p

Thought wedding favours under £1 were a bargain? Wait until you see the selection of cheap wedding favours under 50p we've got for you. Helping you keep costs to even more of a minimum, a lot of these budget-friendly wedding favour ideas can be bought in bulk from the UK, making them great if you have a large guest list. 

22. Wedding Sparklers – £19.20 for 60, Sixpence Paperie

wedding sparklers with personalised labels on them

If your guests use their sparkler favours on the day itself then you can guarantee some amazing wedding photos. Sparklers give an amazing touch to an outdoor evening reception and these sparkler covers add a bit of fun and can be personalised with your names and wedding date. 

Expert Take: The sparklers themselves only cost pennies when you bulk buy them. Choose from gold, silver or rose gold foil. 

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23. Personalised Rock Candy - £13.75 for 75, Etsy

Personalised rock candy wedding favours

Give a subtle nod to the seaside at a coastal wedding venue by gifting everyone a slice of rock. Individually packaged with biodegradable and compostable plastic free wrappers, scatter them on your tables as a sweet treat. As they're so cheap and can be bought in bulk in packs of 75, you can give each guest a few.

Expert Take: These sweets are vegan so will be suitable for all. They are quite small, so you might want to give two or three to each guest and keep away from younger children.

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24. Personalised Magic Bean Seeds – £300 for 1,000, Beecycle

Branded beans wedding favour

You can get your names, initials or wedding date stamped on these cool seed favours. Get your guests to pot and water the beans and, within two weeks, they’ll have their very own plant to remember your big day by. Plus, buying in bulk packs of 1,000 is so cost-effective and gives you plenty to offer. 

Expert Take: Your guests won't be able to see the full effect of this cheap wedding favour straight away, but when they start to grow, they'll be amazed. 

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25. Chocolate Wedding Favours – £48.50 for 100, Etsy 

square mini chocolate wedding favours

One for the chocolate lovers out there... These sweet chocolate favours come in milk chocolate, mint or orange - yum! We love the choice of colourful floral designs too.  

Expert Take: Chocolate wedding favours are always a big hit with wedding guests. Yes, they might not last long, but we don't think they'll mind - and you can guarantee none will be left behind.

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26. Drinks Token Wedding Favour – £27.50 for 100, Etsy

wedding drinks favour tokens on a table

If you're having a vintage wedding, these retro-style drinks tokens are such a good wedding favour idea that is cheap.

Organise a cheap drink deal with your venue or a special wedding cocktail (even easier if you're at a no corkage wedding venue) and give your guests a free drink each with one of these cheap tokens. 

Expert Take: You'll have to spend a little extra on top of these vouchers to get the drinks deal, but your guests will really appreciate the gesture. 

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27. Personalised Love Hearts Sweets – £24.89 for 100, Etsy

Personalised love heart sweets

Love Hearts are a cheap wedding favour favourite, and it's easy to see why. These mini packets of sweets add a fun and retro twist to your special day, and you can have them personalised with your new married name. Prices start at just £6.99 for 20 on Etsy, making them wedding favours that are cheap that'll keep all your guests happy.

Expert Take: These are so adorable and will go down a treat with guests. Note that the packaging has been slightly changed from pink foil to clear wrap. 

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28. Key Bottle Openers – £19.99 for 50, Amazon

Key bottle openers

These romantic key bottle openers are the perfect wedding favour for traditional weddings in stately home or castle wedding venues. Not only do they look adorable, they’ll also come in handy when your guests are popping open the beers at your reception.

Pros & Cons: Planning a Harry Potter wedding? These are the ideal nod to the film. As they are from Amazon, they'll arrive quickly if you've left buying your favours until the last minute. 

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29. A Slice Of Cake Bag – £23.34 for 50, Etsy

Slice of cake bags wedding favours

After your delicious wedding day meal, the guests may be too stuffed to scoff a slice of cake so let them take some home in a personalised paper bag. You can choose from rustic brown or contemporary white so there's something to suit any style of wedding. 

Can't decide on a cake? See our favourite wedding cake flavours for inspiration.

Expert Take: The font on the lettering is elegant and sophisticated. The bag doesn't have a seal but it will easily fold over and keep cake slices safe. 

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30. Wooden Place Names Wedding Favours – 50p, Etsy

Wooden place names wedding favours

Show your guests they always have a seat at your table with these elegant rustic place names. Handmade with a natural finish, they fit seamlessly in with any country wedding theme and make a dainty décor item for the home too. A gift that keeps on giving.

Expert Take: They're laser-cut with each guests' name so they can take them home and put them on display - the perfect desk accessory.

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Wedding Favour FAQs

What Are Wedding Favours?

Wedding favours are small gifts given by the couple to their guests as a token of gratitude for attending. For centuries sugared almonds were given as a thank you, but in more recent times, they’ve fallen out of favour. Traditionally, you’ll leave your little gift on the place setting for each person at their table.

What Do You Give as Wedding Favours?

It’s all about small gifts: think a little candle, scented soap, packet of seeds or a bottle opener. Edible ones, like chocolate truffles, pick n’ mix sweets, or biscuits, go down a treat; as do little bottles of alcohol wedding favours. Try to link them in with your theme or a passion for you as a couple.

If you’re having a rustic theme, how about little jars of jam, shot glasses, tea bags or a succulent? If you’re having a vintage theme, you could have popcorn in old-school striped boxes, polaroid snaps, tea cups, or cute milk bottles filled with personalised cocktails.

How Much Do You Spend on Wedding Favours?

It’s really up to how much you can spare in your budget. If you’re trying to save money then you can double them up with your place cards. Otherwise just keep track of your guest numbers and make sure not to go over your set budget. Any of the cheap wedding favours under £1 below will help you stay on track.

Do You Have to Have Wedding Favours?

That’s totally up to you. It’s not a strict rule but it is a cute reminder of the day that your guests can take away. If it’s something they can use regularly, even better. If you can’t afford them, don’t get into a panic over it – your guests won’t mind at all and most won't even notice there aren't any.

What are Traditional Wedding Favours?

Wedding favours are a way of sharing your love and representing your bond. Meaning is more important than expense with traditional favours taking the form of wedding bells, candles, miniature paintings, and cigars. Today, popular gifts such as chocolates, miniature bottles of a beloved tipple, and soaps are the most traditional. 

Is it Okay to Not Have Wedding Favours?

As traditional as wedding favours may be, they are not bound by strict rules or etiquette. Many couples are opting for more individual ways of expressing their appreciation for their loved ones' support with DIY creations or through experiences on the day.

How you choose to commemorate your special milestone is a deeply personal one and open to any number of unique ideas. The more reflective of your personality, the better. 

What is Another Name for Wedding Favours?

Looking for a fresh alternative to the wedding favour? Welcome gifts, party bags, and wedding keepsakes are all fun twists on the popular trinket. You could also dive deeper into the age-old practice and incorporate favours from other cultural traditions.

In French and Italian aristocracy, Bonbonnieres were the preferred wedding favour, often comprised of a box made of porcelain or crystal with a delicate sweet inside. In Spain, guest gifts receive detalles in the form of a cigar, pin or wine. When it comes to your special day, the sky is the limit. You could even create a unique name befitting your signature style. 

Need some more money-saving advice? Check out what you can give up to help you save for your wedding.