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30 Fun Children's Wedding Favour Ideas

Treat younger wedding guests to one of these brilliant children's wedding favour ideas, guaranteed to keep them occupied all day long

A children's wedding favour idea in the form of an adorable iced bear biscuit holding a horse shoe reading 'just married'

Many of us put a lot of thought into unique wedding favours for our guests, from homemade fudge to personalised gifts, but we can be guilty of giving less consideration to wedding favours for kids - or simply finding it hard to find suitable children's wedding favours.

While you might think they’ll enjoy a simple colouring book, being more imaginative with your wedding favours of children will make their day.

“I firmly believe in the importance of providing wedding favours for children,” says Kimberley Bhagat of the Little Wedding Crèche.

“Not only does it make them feel special and appreciated as guests, but it also contributes to a more inclusive and enjoyable atmosphere for all attendees. Wedding favours tailored to children demonstrate thoughtfulness and consideration, showing that couples value the presence of young guests and want them to feel welcome and cherished. It's a small gesture that can make a big difference in creating lasting memories for families attending the wedding.

“With the right kiddie favours, you might also buy yourself some quiet time when you need it most, such as during the speeches,” Kimberley adds.

20 Unique & Fun Favours for Kids

Don’t worry if you’re feeling stuck over what to give kids as wedding favours. There are plenty of options that are sure to delight children, from edible goodies to meaningful presents that’ll last for years to come.

We’ve picked out 20 of the very best kids wedding favours to gift your young guests; you’re sure to find something to suit every budget and taste here.

1. Ice Cream Bubbles — Little Lulubel 

Ice cream bubbles for wedding favours for kids

Could these cute ice cream bubble bottles be any more perfect for a wedding? They’re adorable to look at and we love the colours! Leave these on each child’s seat for hours of endless fun and entertainment.

When the adults raise a toast during the speeches, young guests can blow bubbles, plus it makes for a fun entrance for you as a couple, to be met with a wave of bubbles dancing in the air.

One real couple rated these ice cream bubbles, writing in their review: "Perfect favours for the little ones at our wedding. It was nice to see them blowing the bubbles and entertaining themselves."

Expert Take: These adorable bubbles will be multi-functional - they'll look super cute at a summer wedding, keep children entertained at your wedding and you can have some amazing wedding photos with the bubbles!

£13.95 for 5 | Shop Now

2. Personalised Unicorn And Rainbow Bracelet Making Kit — Cotton Twist

Rainbow bracelet making kit for kids

Ideal for the creative kid, this lovely little kit makes ten bracelets, and is suitable for ages three to eight. It features hearts, unicorns and geometric beads in a selection of rainbow shades and comes in a personalised box for that extra special feel. If you’re having a kids’ table, buy one or two of these for the centre and they can each make a bracelet to take home.  

People who have purchased the kit rate the fact that's wooden, not plastic, plus they recommend it for keeping little ones occupies. "Nice one for keeping kids busy," one reviewer praised, while another added that it's good as parents don't need to help, allowing the adults to leave their children to it during the wedding.

"They loved the metal ends as it made it so easy for the child make the bracelet on her own without mum having to be really hands on. And the colours and variety of beads was very well received."

Expert Take: If you have young (or even old, actually) Taylor Swift fans in attendance, these will be a definite crowd pleaser as they'll appreciate the nod to the Eras Tour. It's a higher price point, but the packs can be shared out or used to build a craft station. 

£17.95 | Shop Now

3. Mini Connect 4 – Amazon

Colourful games for kids at weddings

Everyone loves Connect 4 – and these mini versions are ideal for little fingers. Have them play a championship and the kids will be occupied until bedtime! Reviewers do note that the chips are tiny, so better for older children who aren't at risk of swallowing the pieces. 

Expert Take: Set up a games area with lots of different classic games to keep kids (and playful adults) busy!

£7.53 for 6 | Shop Now

4. Wedding Activity Packs — Studio26 Print House

Wedding activity book to keep kids entertained at your wedding

For quieter, shy children, who like to keep to themselves when at big gatherings, this wedding activity pack is the perfect choice. The pages are filled with different activities ranging from colouring, dot-to-dot, word search, and word puzzles. All for £1.75! Real couples on Etsy certainly approve, with praising reviews flooding in.

"Great idea for a wedding favour for children. Great quality!" and: "Cute little touch for our wedding day for the children," read two of their comments.

Expert Take: This is an absolute bargain, so it's great if you're looking for cheap wedding favour ideas, but if you have more budget to spend it could become part of an activity pack.

£1.75 | Shop Now

5. Make Your Own Superhero Mask Kit — Cotton Twist

Make your own superhero mask kit for a wedding favour

We love this mask kit. Not only will it keep the kids entertained, it gives them something to hold onto and enjoy for years to come. If they are bought in bulk, the mask kits can be purchased with a personalised sticker for the front of the envelope so they'll fit right in with your wedding theme.

Plus, we love the idea of lots of masked heroes hitting the dancefloor later in the evening and posing in the wedding photo booth.

Fans of this fun kit loved how it kept their young guests busy, writing: "Excellent kit for the little ones at our party. It had them distracted with painting and sticking, and with actual play afterwards."

Expert Take: This is a super creative favour for children, and will result in some awesome photos!

£3.50 | Shop Now

6. Finger Puppets – Amazon

Animal finger puppets for wedding favours for kids

Very young guests will adore these finger puppets. There are 15 different animals including hippopotamus, elephant, rabbit, duck, cow, dog, panda, bear, frog and mouse. If you have the budget, give each child a set; if not, two or three on each place setting will keep them entertained, plus they can swap with other guests, creating a way for youngsters to bond. 

Expert Take: You get a lot of puppets for under a tenner! If you have lots of children attending your wedding, this is a fun way to keep them occupied - for slightly older children, you could pair them with some disposable camera and set them a photo challenge.

£9.99 for 15 | Shop Now

7. Personalised Wooden Yoyo – Just Wood GB

Personalised yoyo as a gift for kids at weddings

These yoyos are great for teaching kids a new trick and keeping them entertained. We bet the adults will be borrowing a few of them to see if they can remember their yoyo skills! Plus, you can use them as wedding place names too and because they're personalised nobody will lose theirs - plus it feels extra special.

The wood makes them better quality than plastic toys, with one reviewer noting: "These are well made and look so expensive. I’m fed up buying plastic ones that break as soon as touch them."

Expert Take: This is a personalised gift that the child will cherish - it looks a lot more expensive than it is!

From £5.98 | Shop Now

8. Classic Plane Gliders – Amazon

Kids Wedding Favours

Who says toys have to be high-tech to be fun? These classic WWII plane gliders come in individual packets so you don’t have to worry about bits getting lost. They're ideal if you’re having a vintage-themed wedding - but be prepared to have them whizzing across the dance floor.

Reviewers love this blast from the past, writing: "The kids loved them and had a blast playing with them in the garden," and: "My daughters were absolutely mesmerised by them, they've never been more fascinated by anything. The gliders were easy to assemble and even easier to fly, making them the perfect toy for kids of all ages."

Expert Take: Young and old guests alike will enjoy these favours. You could set up an area for racing them outdoors!

£1.39 for 12 | Shop Now

9. Little People, Big Dreams Books — Waterstones

Kids Wedding Favours

There are no lovelier books for children than these tales. Each tells the story of an influential person of past and present, be it Dolly Parton, David Bowie or Anne Frank. The illustrations inside are truly glorious. Tailor the book to each child and their interests and the little ones can all swap facts from the pages.

Expert Take: This is a wedding favour that will be used time and time again - and there's a story that will resonate with every kind of child. Add a personalised note inside each one to make it a truly special gift.

£9.99 | Shop Now

10. Sweet Cube — Seriously Hampers

box of pink sweets

These boxes filled with sweets are a nice way to thanks the kids for coming, and they don't have to be pink - choose sweets to match your colour scheme, if you prefer. Adults are likely to want to get their hands on these too, so we don't see why these have to be reserved solely for the littles ones!

Expert Take: You can be as creative as you want with your wedding favours, but let's face it - nothing is going to delight a child and keep them quiet more at a wedding than a packet of sweets (unless you're handing out free iPads...).

£1.75 | Shop Now

11. I Spy – Love In Prints Designs

Kids Wedding Favours

Kids love I Spy! This wedding version requires them to have disposable cameras or use a parent’s phone (under their supervision) to tick off all the things they can see on the big day. You get a digital download of this so you can print it as many times as you like.

Expert Take: Real couples who have purchased this unique wedding favour for kids sang the praises of how easy it was to download and how great it was for mini wedding guests.  A fuss free kids wedding favour if ever we saw one!

£6 | Shop Now

12. Make Your Own Lip Balm Kit — Sweet Cecily's

Kids Wedding Favours

Got a young beauty fan in the making? A lip balm kit is the perfect wedding favour to gift to older kids and teenagers. It comes in a recyclable box and includes pre-weighed ingredients such as Shea butter and cocoa butter, as well as your chosen fragrance (there are six to choose from), five empty pots, five blank white labels, and instructions.

A great goodie bag for guests to take home and remember your big day when they make it.

Expert Take: This is a more expensive favour, granted, but it's a nice idea if you have a few older children in attendance to make them feel special - it could make a great bridesmaid gift for a younger bridesmaid.

£17.59 | Now

13. Personalised Party Bag Chocolate Chip Cookie Baking Mix — Katie Bakes

Chocolate chip cookie mix in a personalised bag for kids

Want something a little different the children can enjoy after your wedding? This personalised party bag includes a chocolate chip cookie mix so kids can enjoy fun afternoon baking. Reviewers praise them for being a brilliant alternative to plastic party bags, plus you can personalise the label to your wedding, making them extra special.

Expert Take: Hitched Editor Zoe Burke swears by these as a children's party favour: "I get so annoyed at how much plastic waste goes into favours, particularly ones aimed at children so I really love these.

"I usually buy some cookie cutters too, to pair with them, to match a specific theme - it's usually dinosaurs in my house, but you can get creative!"

£4.95 | Shop Now

14. Cube Letter Crayons – Happy Hedgehog Crayons

Cube letter crayons to keep kids entertained at weddings

These crayon cubes make such a good alternative kids wedding favour. They’ll be able to draw and colour in, as well as making anagrams from their names! Plus it’s great value and the kids can continue to use them after the wedding.

Buyers were pleased with the product, sharing that they purchased them for their page boys and flower girls to thank them for being in the wedding.

Expert Take: These are really reasonably priced, but you can make your budget go even further by doubling them up as a wedding place name

From £1.50 | Shop Now

15. Personalised Loaded Chocolate Biscoff Bear — Getting Personal

Loaded chocolate bear for a wedding favour

We can’t think of a single person who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive this as an extra special wedding favour, particularly kids! It is a chocolate Biscoff bear that can be personalized with a name on it. Who knew candy could be so cute!?

Expert Take: It's pricey, yes, but if you only have a few young guests attending, we think it's worth it! We suspect any adults sitting with them might even become a little envious...

£19.99 | Shop Now

16. Evening Set Hungary — Trouva

Wooden toys of nighttime animals for kids

These wooden toys of animals of nocturnal animals are simply beautiful. You can set them up for kids to play with during the wedding and then each child can take home their favourite as a keepsake from the special day. They're an ideal choice if you're attempting to have a plastic-free wedding, too. 

Expert Take: Whilst there's a higher price point for this set, you can spread it out across multiple children. Also - can you really put a price on entertaining children at your wedding?

£35.99 | Shop Now

17. Set of 6 Mini Fabric Animal Dolls — Trouva

Soft plush toys of animals in little outfits for kids to take home after a wedding

If money is no object, these soft toy animals in adorable little outfits are sure to keep children entertained and give them something special to take home with them.

Expert Take: They are more expensive, but per toy, it's a reasonable £14.50. It's a great option if you have a group of young bridesmaids, page boys or flower girls to cater to.

£87 | Shop Now

18. Wooden Camera With A Kaleidoscope Lens — Trouva

Wooden camera with a kaleidoscope lens and light blue strap

For budding photographers, this toy camera will make tiny guests feel part of the wedding action. They'll love copying your official photographer, snapping pics from the special day. You can change out the colour lens so kids can have fun changing their perspective, plus they'll enjoy this long-lasting wooden toy for years to come.

Expert Take: This is a super special toy and would work well if you only had one or two children in attendance at your wedding.

£35 | Shop Now

19. Child’s Wedding Activity Box — YoYo-Me

Kids Wedding Favours

If you're strapped for time and don't have the capacity to create your own wedding boxes for children, these boxes are a great idea as they're ready made for your mini guests! They are available in three versions suitable for different age groups. Examples of things inside include a mini yoyo, bubbles, confetti and a doodle pad with crayons.

Expert Take: This brand also does an awesome £5 doodle book if your budget is tighter - but time is money, and having a ready made wedding activity kit saves a lot of time!

£21.50 | Shop Now

20. Personalised Biscuit Bear — Honeywell Biscuit Co.

iced bear biscuit holding a wedding sign

What could be better than serving a delicious biscuit for your child guests? Honeywell do biscuit tins with loads of designs, from bug-shaped biscuits to pencils, pandas, vintage toys, bunny rabbits, and more. Or you can buy singular biccies, like this adorable little guy, £8.50, who makes for the perfect goodie to greet children at their seat. 

Expert Take: It's almost too cute to eat - almost. Honeywell produce delicious biscuits with design details that are second to none - we've sampled them at Hitched a few times and they're always a favourite.

From £8.50 | Shop Now

Children’s Wedding Favour Bags

“When children go to parties, they often come home with a party bag, so why not do the same for your wedding?" suggests Stephanie Wallis of Safe and Sound. “We suggest that couples do this instead of something at the table. If the guests are staying the night, it is lovely for them to wake up to a treat the next morning."

21. Wicker Wedding Favour Bags - Fardban

personalised wicker bags with pompoms

This personalised wedding favour bag would thrill even the most discerning of adults, so imagine the delight of your youngest guests when they see this! Fill it with treats for the day, or simply make the bag the favour itself. They'll be the coolest kid at school with this on their arm!

Expert Take: We love these favour bags for all guests honestly - but they're especially perfect for a beach celebration or a wedding abroad.

£3.75 | Shop Now

22. Kids Wedding Thank You Bags - Iandgeo

paper wedding favour bags

Keep your children's wedding favour bags simple (and eco-friendly) with these lowkey paper wedding favour bags, complete with chic thank you stamp. These work for adults as well as children, so are great if you're stuck for time and want to buy in bulk.

Expert Take: These neutral bags will go with all styles of wedding and will work for adults and kids so you don't have to separate things out. We love it when it's simple!

£1.58 | Shop Now

23. Personalised Kids Wedding Favour Bag - Maxwell Decorations

little drawstring bag with arlo written on it

We defy anyone not to be charmed by this delightful drawstring wedding favour bag. Though it's small, it's mighty, with one reviewer commenting: "Love these little bags, perfect size for putting little treats/activities in for the little people attending our wedding."

We couldn't agree more, and it makes for the perfect bag for keeping any small collections your young guests might treasure. It could even house confetti on the day, for a multi-purpose purchase.

Expert Take:Children love to collect things and they love little bags too - don't ask us why, it's just the way it is - so they'll get great use out of these bags.

£3.75 | Shop Now

24. Sweet Treat Wedding Favour Bags - Hooray Days

paper sweet bags

Leave little guests in no doubt that they're about to indulge in a sweet treat with these quaint brown paper bags. Jampack them with pick and mix for a tasty nibble for youngsters to enjoy during the speeches - because who could get fidgety while eating a foam banana?

Expert Take: These are also perfect if you're planning on having a sweet table or buffet at your wedding - and at less than £3 for 20, they're a total steal.

£2.92 for 20 | Shop Now

25. Pink and Gold Wedding Favour Bag - Queen Studio Co

pink and gold wedding favour bag

For a luxury take on children's wedding favour bags, you can't go wrong with these gorgeous pink and gold bags. They're undeniably pricey, but if we were a child, we'd love to keep this on display in our room to show all of our friends!

Expert Take: The quality is beautiful and adds a high end touch to your special day.

£38.55 for 10 | Shop Now

Children’s Wedding Favour Boxes

If you want to give you little guests a whole collection of goodies to take home with them, a children's wedding favour box is a brilliant idea. Shop our edit of the best ones to delight mini attendees.

26. Rose Gold Children's Wedding Favour Box - Jemz Wedding Designs

rose gold ribbon tied wedding gift box for children

For weddings with a rose gold or glitter colour-scheme, what could be lovelier than a children's wedding favour box that ties in with the theme? Real couples who purchased these couldn't wait to share them, writing: "They look so cute, the children at our wedding are so going to love these," and: "Stunning product, made to a high standard. Will buy again."

Expert Take: At under £3 per box, they're very reasonably priced. Fill them with sweets and an activity booklet to keep costs down.

£2.65 | Shop Now

27. Personalised Children's Wedding Activity Box - Dotty Hens

floral cardboard children's wedding favour boxes

Every element of these cute children's wedding favour boxes can be personalised, from the material they're made from to the colour of the name plate. The ribbons make them extra cute and they're sturdy enough for you to fill to the brim with goodies. 

Expert Take: To keep little ones even more entertained, organise a treasure hunt and give them these boxes to fill up with the goodies they find.

£1.85 | Shop Now

28. Personalised Children's Gift Box - Dotty Hens

wedding gift box with purple ribbon

This robust box makes the perfect container for any little ones who want to take cake home with them after the wedding - especially if they have to leave before the evening festivities get under way. This box waiting for them in their room, with a slice of wedding cake or other treats is the perfect way for them to be included in the evening affair.

Expert Take: This would also make a lovely presentation box for a gift for a young member of the wedding party.

£2.49 | Shop Now

4. Custom Gift Box - Caasey Design

pink personalised gift box with ribbon

If you're going all out with your children's wedding favours, you'll need a spacious box! This pretty pink offering will make your little guest feel like it's Christmas morning when they get to their seat at the table! And with a box this big, they'll certainly be kept occupied by the contents.

Expert Take: This box is so nice, it would also be perfect for a bridesmaid proposal too!

£6.47 | Shop Now

5. Clear Wedding Favour Box for Children - Dotty Hens

clear wedding favour boxes with sweets in

These personalised wedding favour boxes come empty, allowing you to fill them with any sweet you fancy - even better, if you have a sweet station at your wedding, children can fill the box with their own treat of choice. What a delight! Shoppers love them, commenting: "Simply beautiful! Exactly what I was after for my wedding, really happy," and: "Great additions to wedding favours, easy to make."

Expert Take: At less than £1 per box, these children's favour boxes are a total bargain - and look more expensive than they are!

£9.95 for 10 | Shop Now

What to Put in Children’s Wedding Favours?

“I recommend putting something unique to your day and the children attending in your kid’s wedding favours,” says Stephanie Wallis of Safe and Sound. “Think about their ages and their personalities and avoid things a parent will bin as soon as they get home!

"Choosing the perfect contents for children's wedding favours involves a blend of creativity and consideration. Opt for items that cater to their interests and provide entertainment,” adds Kimberley.

“Think personalised treats such as cookies, or treat bags adorned with their names, interactive activities such as colouring books or puzzles, or even small toys or keepsakes that reflect the wedding theme.

“These thoughtful touches ensure that children feel just as valued and included in the celebration."

Need even more favour ideas? Check out our guide to amazing wedding favours.