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33 Unusual Wedding Place Card Ideas Your Guests Will Remember

These beautiful wedding place cards will get guests to their seats as well as adding extra personality to your reception tables. From traditional flat cards to vintage-inspired ideas, there's something here for every style of wedding

Floral Place Cards

Wedding place cards are among our favourite finishing touches for a reception. 

Like all good wedding stationery, place cards are both practical and pretty. On the practical side, they tell guests where they're sitting, so everyone can easily find their seats and get ready for the wedding breakfast. On the pretty side, they give you an opportunity to personalise your reception tables - without breaking the bank.

Of course, you may choose to keep your tablescapes classic with simple folded name cards. However, if you're looking to get creative, there are plenty of amazing wedding place card ideas. Some are so utterly stylish and covetable that they can do double duty as favours. You can get the prettiest floral designs, cool vintage-inspired styles and even place cards made from non-paper materials, such as pebbles and wood. 

As with all things, having so much choice can make it difficult to arrive at a final decision. That's why we've curated an edit of the cream of the wedding place card crop. These are the very best name card ideas, including both classic and alternative styles. We know you'll find something here to perfectly complement your theme and grab your guests’ attention.


33 Wedding Place Card Ideas

1. Rose Gold Hoop Wedding Place Cards, Set of 4, Boho Wedding - £5, The Wedding of My Dreams

Gold hoop with dried flowers on one side and a place card in the middle

Ideal for those looking for a boho-style place card, these gold hoops are stunning. They can be combined with dried or fresh flowers, depending on your preference, making them easy to customise. 

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2. CaligrafiaUK Coloured Wedding Place Cards - From £1, CaligrafiaUK at Etsy

Coloured Wedding Name Cards

Simple but effective, these colourful flat wedding place cards would make an elegant addition to any reception table. Names are handwritten by the Etsy vendor in iridescent ink.

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3. Rainbow Place Cards - £2.50, Etsy

Rainbow place cards with bright colours for weddings

Looking for ways to bring a little more colour into your wedding design? These rainbow place cards are sure to do the trick. They are also ideal if you are hosting a pride-themed wedding celebration!

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4. EngravedSensations Wedding Place Card Napkin Holders - From £2.63, EngravedSensations at Etsy

Wedding Place Card Napkin Holders

Fully integrate your name cards into your place cards by having them as napkin holders, like these easy-chic laser-cut rings. The natural wood makes them a great choice for a rustic wedding.

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5. Sophia Victoria Joy Personalised Christmas Tree Place Setting - From £3.95, Not On The High Street

Wood-base place card with engraved name and three-dimensional tree on top

Planning a winter wonderland wedding? These place cards feature little Christmas trees along with the guest's name engraved on the wood base. It's a charming way to welcome loved ones to their seats.

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6. Glass Bauble Christmas Place Card Holders With Pampas Grass - £9.99, Ginger Ray

Clear bauble with pampas grass inside and place card on top

In keeping with the previous theme, how adorable would these glass bauble place card holders be at a Christmas wedding? They're perfect for the festive season, yet still pared-back enough for an elegant table.

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7. Lavande Place Card - From £11.25 for 15, Papier

Lavande Place Card

Put a twist on the classic folded place card by choosing a style that includes a design element - like Papier's Lavande. The pretty design is available across a whole wedding stationery suite, for a cohesive look.

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8. Gatsby Place Cards - £2.67, Hitched

Gatsby Place Cards

These place cards have a wonderfully vintage design ideal for couples going for a Great Gatsby theme. They come in a range of vibrant colour themes and paper types. 

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9. Granite Place Names - £1.60, Etsy

Granite place names

These granite place names are ideal if you are hosting a nature-themed wedding or even if you want something simple. Plus that text is gorgeous!

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10. TheLittlePaperBoat Wedding Place Cards - £0.99, Etsy

Rectangular place cards with cursive font and pressed-flower details, set in a wood block

These wildflower wedding place cards would be just the thing for a country wedding full of pretty touches. We can't help but love the vintage feel of the printed vellum too!

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11. Acrylic Place Settings - From £0.90, Etsy

Hexagon place cards with painterly background

If you are in the search for simple and sophisticated, these place cards are it. The hexagonal cut is clean and concise while the painterly background feels artistic.

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12. Ink Place Cards - £2.67, Hitched

Ink Place Cards

Looking for something that really stands out? This vibrant place card is sure to fit the bill! Your loved one's name is showcased in romantic calligraphy against an abstract inky pattern. 

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13. Circle Acrylic Wedding Place Cards - From £0.50, Etsy

Circle acrylic place cards for glasses

How cute is this idea? These circle acrylic place cards can be placed on glasses, which integrates them beautifully into your tablescapes.

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14. Wild Sea Calligraphy - £4.50, Not On The High Street

Agate place settings in blue with calligraphy writing

Those looking for unique place setting options and love for gems, rocks and geology are sure to delight in these agate place cards. You can even choose between white and gold text!

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15. Love Mountains Place Cards - £2.67, Hitched 

Love Mountains - Place Card

Whether you are planning a mountaintop wedding or you just appreciated mountain-themed art, this place card has a distinctive quality that your loved ones will surely adore. 

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16. Chalkboard Floral Luggage Tag Wedding Place Card - £72 for 40, Norma & Dorothy

Chalkboard Floral Luggage Tag Wedding Place Card

If you love the style of chalkboard, but don't want to have an actual mini chalkboard at each place setting, Norma & Dorothy's card version could be right up your street.

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17. beaumilieu Preserved Eucalyptus Place Settings - £1.50, Etsy

Stem of dried eucalyptus tied with twine to a white place card with black cursive writing

Nature-loving couples, you really need to consider these leaf place cards. It includes dried eucalyptus with a tied name tag, giving it a soft and romantic look.

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18. Handwritten Kraft Gift Tags with Fabric Leaf Twine - From £0.70, Etsy

Kraft paper place cards with fabric leaf twine

If you are hosting a country or nature-themed wedding, you are sure to love these place cards. The fabric leaf twine is just so pretty against the natural tones of the kraft paper, and you won't have to worry about it wilting!

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19. Peacock Feathers Place Card - From £13.61 for 15, Papier

Peacock Feathers Place Card

This peacock feather design is giving us glamorous 1920s vintage vibes - but the card is pared-back enough not to compete with the rest of your wedding table decor.

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20. The Hummingbird Card Company Wedding Place Card with Lasercut Heart - £2.50, Not On The High Street

Wedding Place Card Lasercut Heart

These place cards have a romantic and intricate heart cut into the cardstock, making them perfect for weddings. It is an event celebrating love after all!

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21. Dapplepopstudio Plantable Place Cards - From £1.50, Etsy

Textured, plantable folded place card with gold-foil detailing on edge and black font

A combination of seed paper and gold leaf, these sophisticated place cards would complement an opulent wedding look. The best part is they can be planted after to double as a wedding favour and makes them eco-friendly!

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22. WickedCartoons Cartoon Caricature Wedding Place Cards - From £20, Etsy

Fun Place Cards

What could be more personal than an individual caricature of each guest? Coming in at £20 per cartoon, these unique place cards are probably best for smaller weddings, but they'll certainly be a talking point.

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23. Painted Beach Place Cards - £2.50, Hitched

Painted Beach Place Cards

Waves can be a powerful and evocative symbol, so why not get yourself some place cards that feature them? This design displays your guest's name amid a watercolour wave pattern. 

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24. Mini Succulent Place Card - From £1.25, Etsy

Place cards for putting in succulent plants for weddings

Here at Hitched we're suckers for a succulent - so if we rocked up to a wedding to find one of these beauties at our place settings, we'd be pretty delighted. This store, LoveCelebrations, sells these personalised place cards which can be easily added to succulents picked up at your local nursery!

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25. WildSeaCalligraphy Natural Agate Slices - From £4, Etsy


You can get agate place cards in a range of colours, like the blue mentioned above, but we like this neutral hue - after all, you want it to be a keepsake for your guests, so it's better to choose something pared back that will look good in any setting.

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26. Ten Vintage Style Travel Place Tags - £9.90, Not On The High Street

Vintage-inspired place cards made to look like luggage tags

Have a love for travelling? These vintage-inspired place cards are designed to look like luggage tags. It's a great idea to get carried away with!

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27. Delilah Name Tag - £2, Not On The High Street

Place cards with a wax seal and vellum

Wax seals are a lovely way to finish wedding stationery, and these refined place cards are no exception. You can even pick from different colours, allowing them to fit perfectly with your overall scheme.

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28. Custom Foil Wedding Place Cards - £1.20, Etsy

Custom foil wedding place cards in a lemon shape

Here is an idea to take a bite out of! These lemon place settings are cheerful and fun, making them ideal for lighthearted wedding themes.

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29. InkEtch Laser-Cut Wedding Place Names - From £0.90, Etsy

Personalised wooden lasercut place card in cursive font

These laser-cut wooden place names would also make for lovely personalised wedding favours. Constructed from wood, they can add a rustic and stylish touch to your big day.

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30. TheSunshineGarden Eucalyptus Place Card Template - £4.57, Etsy

Leaf design

Want to print your own wedding place cards but aren't feeling the design side? You want a wedding place card template - like this chic eucalyptus design. Simply download, customise and get printing. Doing it this way means you can make place names whenever you want, which could come in handy if there are any last-minute changes.

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31. Gold Art Deco Place Card - £1.75, Cartalia


Planning to bring some Great Gatsby glamour to your wedding? These Art Deco-inspired place cards would be an elegant finishing touch, featuring an intricate laser-cut design on a high-quality card. Matching stationery is available.

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32. Woodgrain Lace Place Cards - £2.50, Hitched 

Woodgrain Lace Place Cards

If you are planning to marry at a barn or farm, these rustic place cards would complement your dinner tables. Lacy florals and a woodgrain pattern decorate the design, while your loved one's name is showcased in a classic font. 

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33. Summer Blossom Place Cards - £2.67, Hitched 

Summer Blossom Place Cards

Bright and vibrant, these summer-themed place cards are guaranteed to bring your dinner tables to life. Your guest's name is presented in a classic font amid painted flowers and leaves. 

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Are Wedding Place Cards Necessary?

If you're not having a seating plan and are happy for guests to sit where they like, you clearly don't need place cards. This kind of thing works best at an informal wedding, such as a back garden celebration. However, if the food is being served by waiting staff, some venues will insist on a seating plan, so they know where people are who have allergies and need special meals. You may want to have a seating plan anyway. In those cases, place cards make it much easier for guests to find their seats.

What Are Wedding Escort Cards?

Wedding escort cards are an alternative to a table plan. You put all the cards in one place, often at the entrance to the reception room. Ahead of the wedding breakfast, each guest picks up the card with their name on, and this tells them which table to go to. Once they're at the table, they either find their designated seating by looking at the place cards, or choose their own seat, depending on what you've decided in advance.

What Do You Write on a Wedding Place Card?

You put your each guest's name on a place card - which is why they're also known as 'name cards' - so they can find their designated seat. You can have the names printed (or print the place cards with names yourself), or write them by hand. If you're not sure your handwriting is up to scratch (or you just don't fancy writing out every single name!), you could always hire a wedding calligrapher, or choose a service that sends the place cards to you with the names written. You could also look at learning modern calligraphy, for a stylish DIY finish.

Gold Cards

Do You Put Full Names on Wedding Place Cards?

According to Debrett's, the etiquette experts, the naming convention for guests at a formal event is surname, first name, title - so that's 'Smith, Jane Ms'. If you want to go totally trad, follow that formula! However, nowadays, first name then surname is absolutely fine - 'Jane Smith'. You can also leave off surnames if you want a more laidback feel, but that may cause confusion if some guests have the same first name.

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Can You Print Wedding Place Cards at Home?

Absolutely. You just need a printer, card stock and a place card template. You can create your own template if you're good with design, but you can also download wedding place card templates and print from those. Think carefully about whether you have the time to go DIY - if your guest list is on the longer side, it's easier to have them printed.

What Size Should Wedding Place Cards Be?

There are no rules - it all depends on your vision for your place settings. You need to decide whether you want a traditional folded card or a flat card (or other object). Classic place cards are around the size of business cards - approximately 10cm x 5cm unfolded. You may want to go bigger to make it easier for guests to see their names, or because that fits better with your overall look. Some couples use place card holders for an extra dose of prettiness.

Card holder

What's next on your to-do list? Take a look at our ultimate wedding planning checklist to make sure you don't miss an important detail.