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40 Unique Wedding Place Names Your Guests Will Love

These beautiful wedding place cards will get guests to their seats as well as adding extra personality to your reception tables - browse unique place names here

wooden wedding place name on table

Wedding place names are one of the sweetest finishing touches to include at your wedding reception - they're a great way to add a personalised final touch without going over the wedding budget. 

Like all good wedding stationery, wedding place cards are both practical and pretty. On the practical side, they tell guests where they're sitting, so everyone can easily find their seats and get ready for the wedding reception. On the pretty side, they give you an opportunity to personalise your tables and make your guests feel extra special.

Unforgettable Wedding Place Names: Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Some couples may want to keep their wedding place names classic with simple folded cards, but for those who want to get creative, there are plenty of amazing wedding place card ideas that will really make your tables stand out.

With so many inspiring wedding place name options available, the fun part is choosing the ones that best suit your vision and resonate with your guests. That's why we've put together an edit of the best wedding place names for you to choose from. 

Browse the very best wedding name card ideas, including both classic and alternative styles, - we just know you'll find something here to perfectly complement your theme and grab your guests’ attention.

1. Calligraphy Place Card - Wonder Wedding Stationery

A calligraphy wedding place card reading 'harriett' displayed on a plate next to gold cutlery

There is nothing more beautiful in its simplicity than a calligraphy wedding place card. We love these simple-yet-chic designs from Wonder Wedding Stationery, and so do their clients. They have 38 five star reviews on Hitched, and have won two Hitched Wedding Awards for their excellent customer service.

  • Expert Take: These timeless wedding place cards will look beautiful at any style of wedding - and there's currently a 3% discount available to Hitched couples, check their listing for more information!

From £1 | Shop Now

2. Vellum Place Card with Wax Seal - The Liquid Letter

White vellum place card with white calligraphy and a white wax seal with a dried leaf

Vellum place cards are effortlessly stylish - we especially love how this unique wedding place card from The Liquid Letter has white calligraphy, and a white wax seal decorated with gold lea and a dried leaf - it's perfection.

  • Expert Take: A wax seal is a great option to tie all your wedding stationery together - you can have a personalised one!

From £2.89 | Shop Now

3. Daisy Wedding Place Name - Whisky & Bloom

Daisy themed wedding stationery on a wedding table with a daisy print menu card and a place name in the shape of a daisy

If you're looking for an unusual wedding place name idea, you must check out Whisky & Bloom. This daisy place card is adorable and will bring a smile to everyone's faces. It's perfect for a summer wedding.

  • Expert Take: You can go for a whole matching stationery suite - it's a great idea to continue your theme with place cards that match. This vendor also offers a 10% discount for Hitched couples, so head to their listing to see more designs!

From £3.99 | Shop Now

4. Illustrated Wedding Place Card - The Illustrated Invitation

Folded standing wedding place card with an illustration of a stately home wedding venue on it

What could make your place names more unique and personal than having an illustration of your venue on them? The Illustrated Invitation will create a bespoke sketch of your wedding venue, which you can then use throughout all your wedding stationery.

  • Expert Take: With 70 five star reviews on Hitched and two Hitched Wedding Awards, you know you're in good hands with this vendor!

From £1.50 | Shop Now

5. Log Slice Place Cards - Soon to be Wed

A miniature log slice tied with hessian string stamped with a guest's name

If you're planning a rustic wedding, these log slice place names from Soon to be Wed will look right at home! We love how it's paired with a sprig of rosemary - so simple, but so effective, and it will make your venue smell incredible. 

  • Expert Take: This vendor has a number of deals on their Hitched listing, including a free wedding website with each wedding invitation package. 

From £300 | Shop Now

6. Floral Place Card - Created by Magic

Peach toned floral wedding place name on a table next to orange and peach wedding decor

For those looking for floral themed wedding place names, consider Created by Magic. These folded place cards will both stand out to guests, whilst tying in with the overall theme of your wedding. 

  • Expert Take: These beautiful stationery designs have to be seen to be believed - if you love all things Bridgerton, this is the vendor for you. 

From £30 | Shop Now

7. Cartoon Wedding Place Names - MKCaricatures

A bride and groom posing at their top table with their caricature place cards

This is such a unique wedding place name idea and is guaranteed to delight your guests as they take their seats. MKCaricatures will create a custom cartoon of each of your guests, and they can even do a seating plan to match with mini versions, which becomes an amazing keepsake for you.

  • Expert Take: Whilst these place names are a little higher in price point, it's well worth the investment for the work as they'll double up as a wedding favour for your guests too!

From £8 | Shop Now

8. Vintage Vinyl Wedding Place Names - Etsy 

vintage pink vinyl wedding place name

These record table name cards are the perfect way to add some rock and roll to your wedding. The arched top adds a touch of elegance, and the best part? They're totally customizable – any song or artist you love can take centre stage. This lets you create a truly personal touch for each table, referencing your favourite tunes or bands that defined moments in your relationship.  

  • Expert Take: These record table cards are a fun way to personalise your wedding and showcase your love of music! They're totally customizable, so your favourite artists or meaningful songs can take centre stage. While the record design is a bold choice, keep in mind it might work best with a more casual or music-inspired theme.

From £2.30 | Shop Now

9. Coloured Wedding Place Cards - Etsy

Coloured Wedding Name Cards

Simple but effective, these colourful designs are an example of how simple wedding place names can be just as eye-catching as more complex designs. They will make an elegant addition to any reception table and to make them even more bespoke, all of the names are handwritten by the Etsy vendor in metallic ink.

If you are thinking of going with a metallic wedding colour scheme these cards will complement it perfectly!

  • Expert Take: The handmade touch elevates your wedding with a genuine, one-of-a-kind feel. While the colour options might be a tad limited, the curated selection surprisingly complements a wide range of wedding palettes

From £1 | Shop Now

10. Rainbow Place Cards - Etsy

Tented place cards with repeating illustrations of a rainbow

Looking for ways to bring a little more colour into your wedding design? These rainbow place cards are sure to do the trick. They are also ideal if you are hosting a pride-themed wedding celebration or if you just love bright colours and positive themes. The bright boldness of the rainbows is balanced out perfectly by the simple and plain background so it's not too overpowering as a design.

  • Expert Take: Rainbows also come with the added benefit of being cheerful in design, which makes them perfect for a wedding. They come unprinted with the names, but this also gives you the chance to hire someone with pretty handwriting, or try it out yourself.

From £1 | Shop Now

11. Wedding Place Card Napkin Holders - Etsy

Wedding Place Card Napkin Holders

Fully integrate your wedding place names into your place cards by having them as napkin holders, like these easy-chic laser-cut rings. The natural wood makes them a great choice for a rustic wedding. These napkin holder place cards are so sweet and unique, they could definitely double up as personalised wedding favours.

You can also tailor the look to your wedding theme by using napkins that match your wedding colour scheme. 

  • Expert Take: While the rustic wood tones in these wedding place names create a charming, earthy vibe, they might not resonate with every wedding theme. However, the company is refreshingly open to customisation! Don't be shy about brainstorming unique shapes with them to perfectly match your vision.

From £3.05 | Shop Now

12. Personalised Christmas Tree Place Setting - Sophia Victoria Joy

Wood-base place card with engraved name and three-dimensional tree on top

Planning a winter wonderland Christmas wedding? These Christmas tree ornaments feature little trees along with the guest's name engraved on the wood base - what a great festive personalised place card. It's a charming way to welcome loved ones to their seats and we love the cursive font used to engrave all of the guest names. 

  • Expert Take: These bottle-brush tree place names not only guide guests to their seats, but also serve as adorable take-home favours. While undeniably cute, their vintage vibe might feel a tad out of place for a more modern or whimsical Christmas wedding theme. However, the potential for personalisation is a big plus! .

£2,85 | Shop Now

13. Luxury Personalised Frosted Acrylic Name Setting - Etsy 

Luxury Personalised Frosted Acrylic Name Setting

These laser-engraved mirror acrylic place cards are a showstopper. Each one boasts your guests' names in a minimalist font, adding a touch of understated luxury to your table setting.

You can choose to add a playful tassel for a pop of colour (think a burgundy tassel for a fall wedding or a champagne gold for a touch of glam). With a rainbow of tassel options, you can personalise these to perfectly match your wedding theme.

  • Expert Take: We love the versatility these wedding place names have to offer. Now, the price tag might be a consideration, but for a truly unique and elegant detail, these mirror beauties are a worthwhile investment.

From 45p | Shop Now

14. Lavande Place Card - Papier

Lavande Place Card

Put a twist on the classic folded place card by choosing a style that includes a design element - like Papier's Lavande. The pretty design is available across a whole wedding stationery suite, for a cohesive look that matches completely and will continue your wedding theme from invite to the day itself.

We love the simplicity of the design, but if you wanted to make it stand out more, you could use a bright coloured pen or really large lettering when you add names to the wedding place cards. 

  • Expert Take: These lavender-themed place names can be customised with or without guest names, opening the door for beautiful calligraphy. That said, if your floral vision leans towards bolder colours, these might feel a bit out of sync with your overall aesthetic.

£14.50 for 10 | Shop Now

15. Gatsby Place Cards - Hitched

Gatsby Place Cards

These art-deco style cards have a wonderfully vintage design ideal for couples going for a Great Gatsby theme. The set of wedding place cards come in a range of vibrant colour themes and paper types, all of which are available to buy on the Hitched wedding stationery shop.

As well as a number of different colours, you can choose between gold, rose gold and silver for your foiling to ensure it matches your chosen background perfectly. 

  • Expert Take: This place name design offers a chic touch, but its iridescent nature might be a tad over-the-top for some. The good news? The wide range of colour and foil options allows you to find a version that subtly complements your wedding palette, even if you're not a full-on sparkle enthusiast.

£2.67 | Shop Now

16. Clay Place Names With Pressed Flowers - Etsy

Clay Place Names With Pressed Flowers

These pressed flower clay tags are a charming choice for eco-conscious couples seeking a touch of rustic elegance for their wedding. Each tag is handcrafted with real pressed flowers from the seller's cottage garden, adding a unique, natural element to your place settings. Names are hand-stamped and the tags are finished with a light coat of varnish for protection. 

  • Expert Take: These clay tags are a lovely choice for couples who love a touch of nature and rustic charm. They're a unique way to personalise your wedding and a thoughtful keepsake for guests. Just be mindful of the natural variations and the rustic finish before you buy.

From £1 | Shop Now

17. Spring Themed Wedding Place Cards - Etsy

Rectangular place cards with cursive font and pressed-flower details, set in a wood block

These wildflower designs would make perfect wedding place cards for a countryside themed wedding full of pretty touches. We can't help but love the vintage feel of the printed vellum too and would love seeing these at a wedding where the wedding flowers and decorations complimented this design. 

  • Expert Take: We love the promise of variation in prints that these wedding name places offer. It avoids a mass-produced feel and adds a touch of whimsy. While variation can be charming, it's important to understand the overall aesthetic. Requesting sample images or a clearer description of the floral styles would be wise. You want the variation to feel cohesive, not chaotic.

£1 | Shop Now

18. Geometric Acrylic Place Settings - Etsy

Hexagon place cards with painterly background

If you are in search of simple and sophisticated wedding place cards for a modern and stylish wedding, these hexagonal designs are perfect for you. The hexagonal cut is clean and simplistic while the painterly background feels artistic and adds a bit of colour to the design. 

  • Expert Take: While hexagons might not be for everyone, there are multiple ways you can customise this design. For example, they can be ordered without the paint splash in the background if you want an ultra-contemporary and understated look.

From 90p | Shop Now

19. Ink Wedding Place Name Cards - Hitched

Ink Place Cards

Looking for an elegant wedding place card design that really stands out? This vibrant ink design is sure to fit the bill! Your wedding guest names are crafted in romantic calligraphy against an abstract inky pattern which would perfectly match a black tie wedding theme or a colour scheme that's really elegant and classic.

  • Expert Take: The bold, inky design adds a touch of drama to these wedding place names. It's undeniably eye-catching, and might make guests squint a bit to decipher their names – but that's just a reason for them to take a closer look! The unique design elevates them from simple name cards to mini conversation starters on each table.

£2.67 | Shop Now

20. Circle Acrylic Wedding Place Cards - Etsy

Circle acrylic place cards for glasses

How cute are these round metallic wedding place holder cards? These circle acrylic designs can be placed on glasses instead of regular place name stands which really sets them apart from the rest. On a practical level, it's also a great way for your guests to know whose drink is who's - there's always one person on the table who 'mistakes' your glass for theirs. We're watching you! 

  • Expert Take: This product is yet another option which can double as a wedding favour, saving you a little in your budget. The modern design feels fresh and clean, perfect for a wedding with a fashion-forward vibe. with a rainbow of colour options and a font buffet to choose from, you can personalise these to perfectly match your colour scheme. 

50p | Shop Now

21. Hand-Lettered Place Cards with Pressed Sea Shell Detailing - Etsy

Hand-Lettered Place Cards with Pressed Sea Shell Detailing and Pearl Accents

We love these hand lettered, ocean-themed place cards. Each one features an intricately detailed pressed sea shell, adding a natural touch of the ocean to your table setting. The meticulous hand-lettering personalises each card, making your guests feel truly special. 

  • Expert Take: These place cards are a perfect choice for couples seeking a touch of coastal elegance with a personal touch. Just be mindful of the minimum order and potential wait time for custom ink colours.

£3.21 | Shop Now

22. Love Mountains Place Cards - Hitched 

Love Mountains - Place Card

Whether you are planning a mountaintop wedding or you just appreciate landscape art, this simple mountain design has a distinctive quality that your loved ones will surely adore. There are so many ways you can build on a mountainous theme, we're thinking Ain't no mountain high enough as your first dance? 

  • Expert Take: This minimalist design keeps things refreshingly clean, letting your other table decorations really pop! These wedding place names are perfect if you are hoping to create a sleek, modern tablescape. Now, some folks might crave a bit more frill on their place cards, but hey, that's the beauty of choice! This design lets your centrepieces and floral arrangements take centre stage. 

£2.67 | Shop Now

23. Mini Wedding Chalkboard Name Stands - Etsy

Two small chalkboards with scalloped edges on an easel

If you love the style of chalkboard, this sweet design could be right up your street. Perfect for teachers who are getting married, or even place name cards for children at your wedding - we just love how cute and sweet they are! Plus, how charming are the little easels? All you need are some coloured chalks to add the name and you have a fully realised place card. 

  • Expert Take: Besides place cards, these can also work as labels for dessert stands and as table numbers, making it simple to create a cohesive look. And while you may have to add the text yourself, this gives you plenty of opportunity to be creative.

£12 for 5 | Shop Now

24. Preserved Eucalyptus Wedding Place Settings - Etsy

A hand holds a dark green place card that says 'Bride' in black calligraphy, and has a small piece of gypsophilia attached with a green wax seal.

Nature-loving couples, you really need to consider these botanical cards for your wedding day. The stunning design includes dried gypsophila attached to the wedding name card - all in a gorgeous array of green hues. What's more, we absolutely love a wax seal, even more so when they are used outside of wedding envelopes

  • Expert Take: While these only come in this gorgeous shade of green, the shop also sells similar designs in other colours, so it is worth taking a look. Reviews confirm an absolutely top-tier ordering experience, with artist Sinead at SeventySixStationery being a dream to work with.

£1.50 | Shop Now

25. Retro Place Cards - Etsy

Retro Place Cards

Planning a wedding with a touch of vintage flair? These Soho collection place cards are a perfect fit! Their understated retro style adds a cool touch to your tablescape.

Each card can be personalised with your guests' names and there is also the option to include your menu choices on the back, making things easier for both your caterer and any guests who might forget their selections.

  • Expert Take: These Soho place cards offer a winning combination of retro style and modern convenience. They're a great choice for couples seeking a touch of vintage charm with some practical perks. While classic white offers a timeless look, darker shades are available for those wanting bolder options. Be prepared for slightly longer shipping times if you choose a custom colour.

85p | Shop Now

26. Love Birds Place Cards - Papier

White place card with black ink splatters, black text and a sketch of two lovebirds

These love birds place cards are a charming choice for couples seeking a touch of sweetness for their wedding. You have the option to get your guest’s name printed on these cards, or you can order them blank to personalise yourself/

  • Expert Take: These love birds place cards offer a sweet and subtle, but some couples might crave a bit more visual flair for their place cards. However, with the option of personalising the names yourself, you can always add some flair if you wish.

From 61p | Shop Now

27. Wedding Place Card With Lemons - Not On The High Street

Wedding Place Card With Lemons

Planning a destination wedding in Italy? Or just looking to bring a touch of Amalfi Coast charm to your reception. These lemon place cards feature a vibrant lemon design, adding a pop of citrusy cheer to your tablescape.

  • Expert Take: These lemon place cards are a delightful choice for couples seeking a touch of Italian elegance with a citrusy twist. Just keep in mind the theme might not suit every wedding location and you need to contact the seller to discuss personalisation.

£1.80 | Shop Now

28. Plantable Gold Leaf Place Cards - Etsy

Two white tented place cards made of seeded paper with gold leaf along the lower half of the front face. 'Jessica' and 'Henry' are written in black font

A combination of seed paper and gold leaf, this sophisticated design would complement an opulent wedding look. The best part is they can be planted after to double as a wedding favour which your wedding guests can plant and watch grow long after the wedding is over.

  • Expert Take: The plants that grow from these place cards can serve as a lovely reminder of your big day and double as a wedding favour. They may even inspire those of your loved ones without a green thumb to try something different. Reviews highlight this vendor's fantastic communication, artistry, and quick shipping.

From £2 | Shop Now

29. Cartoon Caricature Wedding Place Cards - Etsy

Fun Place Cards with customised cartoon drawings of guests on pastel backgrounds

What could be more personal than an individual caricature of every single one of your guests? Coming in at £20 per cartoon, these unique caricatures are probably best for smaller weddings, but they'll certainly be a talking point and something that your guests will truly never forget about your wedding.

  • Expert Take: While these bring fun and humour to your big day, they also don't fit the traditional design of more classic wedding looks. If you're looking for fun, festive, and deeply personalised place cards, though, these will certainly hit the mark.

From £20 | Shop Now

30. Painted Beach Wedding Place Cards - Hitched

Painted Beach Place Cards

Waves can be a powerful and evocative symbol, so why not get yourself some beachy themed designs that feature them? This wedding place card design displays your guest names amid a watercolour wave pattern that really matches a coastal wedding theme.

  • Expert Take: We love how subdued this design is, which can help add a tranquil ambience to your celebrations. The design doesn't necessarily work for all seasons (though who is stopping you?), but would do well for weddings in the summer months.

£2.50 | Shop Now

31. Mini Succulent Place Card - Etsy

Place cards for putting in succulent plants for weddings

Here at Hitched we're suckers for a succulent - so if we rocked up to a wedding to find one of these beauties at our place settings, we'd be pretty delighted. This Etsy store sells these personalised wedding tags which can be easily added to succulents picked up at your local nursery.

  • Expert Take: While these place cards don't come with the plants themselves, greenery is easy enough to find, and this gives you more choice in what kinds of succulents you choose. This place card design is especially well suited to rustic wedding themes as well.

From £1.25 | Shop Now

32. Grey and Gold Natural Agate Slices - Etsy

Natural agate slices with gold calligraphy for the guests' names

Calling all couples seeking a touch of luxury for their wedding tables! These agate slice place cards are showstoppers. Each natural agate gets a personal touch with your guest's name hand-written in modern calligraphy. You can choose your favourite coloured ink, and voila – instant heirloom!

The best part? They're sealed, so the ink won't budge, meaning your guests get a gorgeous keepsake with their name on it. 

  • Expert Take: Agate slices add an undeniable wow-factor, but the natural variations might mean some names get a bit lost in the rock's design. The sealed calligraphy ensures a lasting keepsake for your guests but consider the budget – these are a bit of a splurge.

From £5 | Shop Now

33. Heart Shaped Stand Up Place Name - Not On The High Street

pink Heart Shaped Stand Up Place Name

We are obsessed with the idea of having the heart shaped stand up place names at a Valentine's Day wedding. These freestanding place cards are undeniably cute, each red or pink acrylic heart boasting a contrasting vinyl name. These will be sure to add a pop of personality to your table settings.

  • Expert Take: These adorable wedding place names can double as a sweet keepsake for your guests – a reminder of your special day they can reuse for future celebrations. However, they do come with a higher price tag, so they might be a better fit for smaller weddings or intimate gatherings.

From £6.50 | Shop Now

34. Pastel Pink Wedding Name Tag With Bow - Tabitha Kate

Place cards with a wax seal and vellum

Wax seals are a lovely way to finish any wedding stationery, but we love when it's used on wedding name tags and these pastel pink cards are no exception. You can even pick from different colours, allowing them to fit perfectly with your overall scheme. We love the bow detail - bows are totally in right now so if you're after something on-trend, this is the design for you.

  • Expert Take: The minimum order for these is 50, which might not suit smaller wedding celebrations. That being said, you can use them for more than just place cards, with them also working for table numbers and menu options.

£2 | Shop Now

35. Custom Foil Wedding Place Cards - Etsy

Custom foil wedding place cards in a lemon shape

These lemon-themed designs are bursting with cheerful energy - perfect for a light-hearted celebration. They're so versatile, you can use them at your engagement party all the way through the "I dos" and beyond – think bridal shower with a citrus twist or you hen party with a mimosa bar. 

  • Expert Take: These wedding place names don't stand up on their own, so that’s something worth condensing. However this will give you the chance to get creative with place card stands. According to reviews, make sure you order these with a bit of extra time to spare if they have to travel internationally, just to be on the safe side.

£1.20 | Shop Now

36. Laser-Cut Wedding Place Names - Etsy

Personalised wooden lasercut place card in cursive font

These laser-cut names would also make for lovely personalised wedding favours. Constructed from wood, they can add a rustic and stylish touch to your big day and it'll make your guests feel so special knowing you went to the effort of having each of their names laser cut.

  • Expert Take: While these have a rustic look thanks to the wood, the design also feels incredibly contemporary, suiting different wedding themes. They only sell them in sets of 5s and 10s, but if you need to round up, you can have labels for your dessert tables made.

From £1 | Shop Now

37. Eucalyptus Wedding Place Card - Etsy

Folded wedding place name with a rustic leaf design

Want to print your own wedding place cards but aren't feeling the design side? You want a wedding place card template - like this chic eucalyptus design. Simply download, customise and get printing. Doing it this way means you can make place names whenever you want, which could come in handy if there are any last-minute changes.

  • Expert Take: You'll need access to a printer to complete these, but this option lets you play with the font and more, letting you give it your own touch. As the reviews attest, these present an affordable and glamorous option for modern place cards, all from the comfort of your own home.

£5.94 | Shop Now

38. Grace Simple Wedding Place Card - Hitched

Green place card with a white arch and simple foil details

Planning to bring some contemporary glamour to your wedding tables? This simple by stylish design would be an elegant finishing touch, featuring an understated foil detail. Matching stationery is available so you can have everything matching - how satisfying is that?

  • Expert Take: While this design is modern, it also has a vintage appeal which gives it a classic twist. As such, you can easily pair it with a variety of looks and designs. There are only four colour options, but they are subdued tones that could complement many wedding palettes.

£2.67 | Shop Now

39. Woodgrain Lace Place Cards - Hitched 

Woodgrain Lace Place Cards

If you are planning to marry at a barn or farm, this rustic design would complement your dinner tables perfectly. Lacy florals and a woodgrain pattern decorate the design, while your loved one's name is showcased in a classic font. 

  • Expert Take: This design has a cosy feel about it that works year-round. Though some might prefer actual wood, the printed card helps you save on space too!

£2.50 | Shop Now

40. Summer Blossom Place Cards - Hitched 

Summer Blossom Place Cards

Bright and vibrant, these summer-themed place cards are guaranteed to bring your dinner tables to life. Your guest's name is presented in a classic font amid painted flowers and leaves. 

  • Expert Take: The classic nature of this design is hard not to love, though it would suit a more traditional wedding look best. That said, if you have a modern wedding theme, this could serve as a nice contrast that pops on the table settings!

£2.67 | Shop Now

Are Wedding Place Cards Necessary?

If you decide against having a seating plan and are happy for guests to sit where they like, you wont need place cards. This kind of thing works best at an informal wedding, such as a back garden celebration.

However, if the food is being served by waiting staff, some venues will insist on a seating plan, so they know where people are who have allergies and need special meals. You may want to have a seating plan anyway. In those cases, place cards make it much easier for guests to find their seats.

What Are Wedding Escort Cards?

Wedding escort cards are an alternative to a table plan. You put all the cards in one place, often at the entrance to the reception room. Ahead of the wedding breakfast, each guest picks up the card with their name on, and this tells them which table to go to. Once they're at the table, they either find their designated seat by looking at the place cards, or choose their own seat, depending on what you want.

What Do You Write on a Wedding Place Card?

You put each guest's name on a place card - which is why you may also see references to them as 'name cards'. You can have either the names professionally printed, or print them yourself, or you may even want to write them by hand.

How Do You Write Names on a Wedding Place Card? 

If you're not sure your handwriting is up to scratch, or you just don't fancy writing out every single name, you could always hire a wedding calligrapher, or choose a service that sends the place cards to you with the names written. You could also look at learning modern calligraphy, for a stylish DIY finish.

Do You Put Full Names on a Wedding Place Card?

According to Debrett's, the etiquette experts, the naming convention for guests at a formal event is surname, first name, title - so that's 'Smith, Jane Ms'. If you want to go totally trad, follow that formula! However, nowadays, first name then surname is absolutely fine - 'Jane Smith'.

You can also leave off surnames if you want a more laid back feel, but that may cause confusion if some guests have the same first name.

Can You Print Wedding Place Cards at Home?

Absolutely! You just need a printer, card stock and a place card template. You can create your own template if you're good with design, but you can also download wedding place card templates and print from those. Think carefully about whether you have the time to go DIY - if your guest list is on the longer side, it's easier to have them printed.

If you're downloading a design, be sure you have permission to use it. Often designers will ask for a donation for the copyright if they're not already selling the design - if you aren't sure, it's always best to ask.

What Size Should a Wedding Place Card Be?

There are no rules - it all depends on your vision for your place settings. You need to decide whether you want a traditional folded card or a flat card (or other object). Classic place cards are around the size of business cards - approximately 10cm x 5cm unfolded.

You may want to go bigger to make it easier for guests to see their names, or because that fits better with your overall look. Some couples use place card holders for an extra dose of prettiness.

What's next on your to-do list? Take a look at our ultimate wedding planning checklist to make sure you don't miss an important detail.