Save the Date Cards: Unique Save the Date Ideas You’ll Love

From save the date cards to coasters and blow-up balloons, our unique save the date ideas are bound to impress your guests!


The first wedding stationery task you’ll do whilst planning your wedding is send out your save the date cards.


As this comes before your wedding invitations, these will be your guests’ first glimpse at what your special day will be like so you need to get it right.

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With so many wedding save the dates out there, it can be hard to know where to start so we’ve gathered some of the most unique and unusual save the date ideas that will help you make a decision.

Wooden Save the Date Card


If you want your save the date cards to stand the test of time, why not opt for one made out of wood? This floral save the date card is pretty to look at and would suit a rustic themed wedding.

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Save the Date Wooden Magnet


Keeping with the wooden theme, a wooden magnet is a great choice for your save the date cards. People visit their fridges frequently throughout the day so the date of your wedding is something that will be hard for guests to forget.

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Save the Date Bookmark


If you’re planning to tie the knot in a library wedding venue and want a save the date idea that fits, why not consider having bookmark save the date cards? They’re both practical for your guests and super pretty to look at.

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Save the Date Laser Cut Design


If you’re into detailed wedding stationery, this laser cut save the date card could be the perfect choice for you. It’s simply designed, yet really intricate and special-looking.

Save the Date Postcard


A post card save the date is perfect if you’re having a destination wedding or a ceremony on the coast – it really ties in the holiday theme with your overall wedding stationery look.

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Save the Date Library Card


If you and your partner are total bookworms, these amazing library card-themed save the dates are perfect for you!

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Save the Date Penguin Book


Sticking with the book theme, we adore this gorgeous save the date. The design is simple, elegant and perfectly suited for couples who enjoy literature and reading.

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Save the Date Sticker


Remember when you were at school or at the dentist and getting a sticker was the highlight of your day? That feeling has never really gone away so indulge your guests with a quirky save the date in the form of a sticker.

Save the Date Comic Book


If you and your partner are obsessed with all things comic book related, why not extend your passion and include it in your wedding stationery? This cool save the date idea is fun and will really showcase your personalities.

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Save the Date Infographic


Infographics are becoming increasingly popular when it comes to save the date ideas and can be used as a cool way to map out the timeline of your relationship. If your guests don’t already know your story, now is the time to share it with this fun design.

Save the Date Tea Towel


Your guests will love you for this one – a save the date that is both practical and pretty! By sending out this awesome save the date tea towel, your guests will remember your wedding date every time they do their washing up – what better way to brighten up chores?

Save the Date Festival Flyer


If you’re planning a festival themed wedding, make sure your stationery fits the bill. These save the dates inspired by a festival flyer are a perfect fit and will get your guests hyped up for the big day.

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Save the Date Festival Wristband


If a festival flyer isn’t enough, why not go one step further and send your wedding save the dates in the form of festival wristbands? They can double up as ‘proof of entry’ to your amazing festival themed wedding and look amazing, too.

Save the Date Train Ticket


City-loving couples will love these fabulous save the date cards. Designed to look like train travel cards, they’re perfect for couples getting married in a city wedding venue, especially in London.

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Save the Date Aeroplane Ticket


Sticking with the travel theme but going one step further are these super cool aeroplane ticket save the date cards. If you’re planning to get married abroad or have friends and family travelling from overseas, this quirky design will fit in perfectly.

Save the Date Luggage Tags


An alternative to the aeroplane ticket design are these adorable luggage tag save the date cards. They give a more rustic vibe to destination weddings and will go perfectly with that kind of theme.

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Save the Date Word Search


If you’re both self-confessed word nerds, get everyone else in on the game by sending out word searches as your save the dates cards.

Save the Date Telegram


If you’re old souls and want to take it back to basics with your wedding stationery, why not send out Post Office telegrams? We love the formal look and your guests will too.

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Save the Date Chalkboard


Chalkboards are a wedding trend that will never go out of fashion so why not incorporate them in your wedding save the dates? We love the calendar design of this one.

Save the Date Stamp


Wedding stamps are a great way to DIY wedding invitations and save the date cards. This cool stamp can be personalised with your names and wedding dates to customise plain card or envelopes.

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Save the Date Pencils


What better way to make sure your guests ‘pencil you in’ their diaries than these personalised save the date wedding pencils?

Save the Date Balloons


Get everyone in a party mood early by sending out balloon save the dates. In this design, your guests have to blow up the balloons to reveal the wedding date in full.

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Save the Date Paper Aeroplane


This creative save the date idea will give your guests hours of fun and will ensure they remember your wedding date over any others they have to attend that year – how could you possibly forget a save the date idea as cool as this!

Save the Date Confetti


Confetti is something that plays a huge part at weddings so why not send your guests these amazing confetti pops as save the dates? They’re fun, pretty and totally worth the mess.

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Save the Date Confetti Card


Want all the fun with less mess? These confetti sachet cards are a great save the date idea and make the perfect gift for your guests to bring along to the wedding with them (and it saves you buying two lots of confetti!).

Save the Date Record


Couples who love music should definitely consider these funky record-themed save the date cards. What better way to show your love of music than this?

Save the Date Tattoos


We’re definitely not endorsing actual wedding date tattoos, but a temporary tattoo is an amazing way for guests to remember your wedding date – and it’s fun too!

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Save the Date Keyring


Giving your guests a key ring as a save the date will ensure they never forget when your wedding is taking place. Every time they unlock their car or open their front door they’ll be reminded of your big day.

Save the Date Chocolate Bar


We have no doubt in our mind that each and every one of your wedding guests will enjoy opening this save the date card. A chocolate bar will win the hearts of everyone and will have your friends and family itching for the day to arrive.

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Save the Date Constellation Design


If you’re a romantic couple and want that to be reflected in your wedding stationery, consider sending this constellation Perspex dish as your save the date.

Save the Date Calendar Card


Your wedding guests won’t fail to remember your wedding date with this save the date card – it’s literally set out like a calendar clock!

Save the Dave Pencil Card


We love the pun on this original save the date card. It’s definitely a memorable save the date idea and will have your guests giggling when they receive it.

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Save the Date Coaster


This cool London-themed coaster is the perfect save the date idea if you’re looking for a card-alternative. Couples getting married in a London wedding venue will find no better fit for their save the dates – we guarantee it!

Save the Date Fingerprint Card


There’s nothing more personal that a couple could have on their save the date cards than their finger prints and this adorable design allows you to do just that. It’s such a gorgeous idea and looks beautiful, too.


Now you have your save the date cards sorted, it’s time to browse wedding invitations!