87 Wedding Photo Ideas You Definitely Need to Capture

Once the big day has passed, your wedding album will hold all of your memories. Make sure you don't forget to capture these precious moments...

Wedding Photo Ideas

Your wedding photographs are such an important part of your wedding day. Once all the fun has passed, they’re the thing (along with your memories) that you’ll be able to treasure forever.


After booking your wedding photographer, you might think there’s nothing else to be done on the snaps front. But if you really want to get the most out of the photographer you’ve hired, it’s a good idea to provide them with a checklist of the pictures you definitely want to see in your wedding album.

You might have saved some snaps on Pinterest that you’d like to recreate, or there may be a group of friends you’d definitely like a posed picture with. Whatever it is, you don’t want your dream photographs to go forgotten!

To give you some ideas of the photographs you might like to capture, we’ve compiled a list of 87 wedding photo ideas. They’re giving us all the wedding inspo…

Getting Ready Wedding Photo Checklist

Your wedding day begins the moment you wake up, so consider having your photographer with you while you’re getting ready. We’re obsessed with these wedding morning snaps…

1. The Bride(s) Opening Her Wedding Morning Gift

Image: Jessy Jones

If you and your other half are surprising each other with gifts on your wedding morning, make sure your photographer captures the moment.

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2. The Champagne Shot

Image: Neil Atkinson

Cheers to your wedding day! We love this snap of the bride’s first glass of champers.

3. The Bride(s) Getting Her Makeup Done

Image: Laura Dean

There’s nothing like a close-up shot of the bride as she gets her makeup done. How glamorous does this lovely bride look?

4. The Bridesmaids Getting Their Makeup Done

Image: Laura Dean

It’s also a great idea to make sure the photographer gets some shots of the bridesmaids as they get ready. Perfect for the ‘gram!

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5. The Bride(s) Putting Her Perfume On

Image: Tom Jeavons

You’ve spent ages carefully choosing your wedding day fragrance, so make sure your photographer gets a close-up snap of you putting it on.

In other news – how lovely do this bride’s nails look?

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6. The Bride(s) Putting Her Jewellery On

Image: Tom Jeavons

This bride looks so elegant, taking a moment to gather her thoughts as she gets ready to walk down the aisle.

7. The Bridal Party Helping the Bride(s) Get Dressed

Wedding Photo Ideas

Image: Leslie Choucard

No wedding album is complete without a shot of the bride having her wedding dress buttoned up! It’s a classic.

8. A Close-Up of the Bridal Shoes

Image: Jessy Jones

The bridal shoes are just as important as the wedding dress! Particularly if you’ve splashed the cash on a pair of designer wedding shoes. Give them the attention they deserve.

9. A Close-Up of the Flower Crown or Tiara

Image: Ela Waldender

This might be one of our favourite shots ever. Hosting a festival-themed wedding? Don’t forget to snap a shot of your flower crown!

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10. A Close-Up of the Finished Bridal Makeup

Image: Emma Kenny Weddings

The last thing you should do before you leave your bridal suite is to take a photo of your makeup… before it gets smudged by tears of joy, obvs.

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11. The Bride(s), Ready to Go!

Image: Bubblegum Balloons

Ta-da! And just like that, she’s ready to get married. We love this shot of the bride walking down the stairs to her wedding ceremony.

12. The Bride(s) Seeing the Bridesmaids in Their Dresses for the First Time

Image: Jessy Jones

Nothing compares to the feeling you get when you see your best friends dolled up in their bridesmaid dresses for the first time. This bride’s face says it all!

13. The Bridesmaid Flowers

Image: Anna Mathilda

Ask your photographer to get an arty snap of your bridesmaid bouquets before your girls walk down the aisle with them.

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14. The Bridal Bouquet

Image: Stock Florist

You spend so much time choosing your wedding flowers, so make sure your photographer captures a photograph of your bridal bouquet before the ceremony.

15. The Arrival of the Flower Girl

Wedding Photo Ideas

Image: Laura Helen

So. Cute. We’ve got nothing more to say.

16. The Father of the Bride(s) Seeing the Bride(s) for the First Time

Image: Rob Dodsworth

One of the most precious moments on any wedding day is when the father of the bride sets his eyes on his daughter for the first time. We love this shot!

17. The Groom(s) Getting Ready

Image: Tom Jeavons

It’s all well and good capturing snaps of the bridal party getting ready, but what about the groom?

If your other half is getting ready in the same building as you and you have one photographer then arrange timings beforehand so that they don’t miss any vital getting ready shots of either of you.

18. A Close-Up of the Groom’s / Grooms’ Outfit Details

Image: Sally Rawlins

We’re obsessing over this snap of the groom’s buttonhole. Rustic wedding goals.

19. The Button Holes

Image: Stock Florist

Or how about getting them papped before the groomsmen put them on? This wedding photo idea is so cute.

20. The Ceremony Room Before Proceedings Begin

Image: Jonathan Flint

You go to so much effort decorating your ceremony space, so ask your photographer to pop in and take a pic of it before everyone sits down.

This barn wedding venue looks so gorgeous.

Wedding Ceremony Photo Checklist

From walking down the aisle to signing the register, the ceremony will go by in a flash.

Make sure your photographer captures all of these essential moments so you can remember them forever.

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21. An Exterior Shot of the Venue

Image: Courtney Marie

Does your wedding photographer have a drone to hand? If your venue allows it, get them to send a drone into the sky to get a photograph of your wedding venue pre-ceremony.

22. The Arrival of the Bride(s)

Image: Alex Wysocki

We love this wedding photo idea! It shows the tender moment shared between the bride and her dad, just before she gets out of her wedding car.

23. The Bride(s) Preparing to Go Into the Ceremony

Image: Sacha Miller

It’s time to make the finishing touches! This wedding photo idea by Sacha Miller perfectly captures the bridesmaids as they help the bride into the church.

24. The Groom Waiting at the Alter

Wedding Photo Ideas

Image: Courtney Marie

Ask your photographer to get a photograph of the groom as he waits for his partner to walk down the aisle. A picture really does say a thousand words.

25. The Bridesmaids Walking Down the Aisle

Image: Phru Phru Photography

You’ll love to look back on the moment your bridesmaids walked down the aisle, particularly if they walked in front of you and you didn’t get a good view of it happening!

26. The Page Boy and Flower Girls Walking Down the Aisle

Image: Bruce Neville

This wedding photo idea is too cute for words. Do you have flowers girls or page boys? Ask your photographer to snap them walking down the aisle!

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27. The Bride(s) or Grooms Entering the Ceremony Room and Walking Down the Aisle

Wedding Photo Ideas

Image: Alex Wysocki

What a gorgeous photograph this is!

For same sex couples, you may either choose for one of you to walk down the aisle with a parent/both parents/on your own first, followed by your partner. Heterosexual couples usually opt for the groom to wait at the alter as the bride enters, but we encourage all couples to make their own rules!

28. The Bride Being Given Away

Image: Matt Fox

We love a photo of the bride being given away. This one by Matt Fox is simply beautiful.

29. The First Look Shot

Wedding Photo Ideas

Image: Courtney Marie

Perhaps our favourite moment of the entire day: when the person at the bottom of the aisle sets eyes on their other half looking a million dollars. Priceless.

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30. The Guests’ Reactions to the Bride(s) or Grooms

Wedding Photo Ideas

Image: Alex Wysocki

Almost as priceless as the couple’s reactions to each other is the reaction of the guests as the bride or groom walks down the aisle. This shot by Alex Wysocki is stunning.

31. Wedding Guests Applauding

Image: Indiego Photography

We love a candid shot of wedding guests during the wedding!

32. The Ring Bearer

Image: The Holford Estate

“And the most adorable ring bearer award ever goes to…” This wedding photo idea has got to be up there with our favourites.

33. The Vows

Wedding Photo Ideas

Image: Indiego Photography

Ask your photographer to capture lots of photos while you’re saying your vows, from all different angles!

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34. The Exchanging of the Rings

Image: Rosanna Lilly

We’re loving this close-up shot of the exchange of the wedding rings. A must-have, for sure!

35. The First Kiss

Image: Twig & Vine

Another must-have wedding photo idea is the moment the vows are sealed with a kiss.

36. The ‘Just Married’ Shot

Wedding Photo Ideas

Image: Samantha Pells

Don’t you just adore this shot by Samantha Pells of the bride and groom celebrating their vows? Hands in the air if you’re finally married!

37. The Signing of the Register

Wedding Photo Ideas

Image: Photo Bart

This wedding photo idea by Photo Bart of the signing of the register is gorgeous. You’ve gotta get a snap of the moment you make it all legal!

38. The Couple Walking Back Up the Aisle

Image: Photo Bart

Get your photographer to stand at the end of the aisle as you leave your ceremony to capture a shot like this.

39. The Confetti Shot

Wedding Photo Ideas

Image: Tom Jeavons

You just can’t beat a confetti photo! Check out our guide to everything you need to know about confetti, from where to buy it to making sure it’s eco-friendly.

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40. A Close-Up of the Rings

Wedding Photo Ideas

Image: Sarah Fulton

You’ve got a close-up of the rings being exchanged, but now you need a close-up of the rings being worn! How cute is this?

Formal Wedding Photo Checklist

The most special part of your big day (besides marrying your best friend) is spending it with everyone you love.

Make sure all of your favourite people are captured on camera, and well as taking time for some shots of just you two!

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41. A Close-Up of the Couple

Image: Courtney Marie

When you manage to steal a few moments away from the madness to get some photographs as a newly married couple, a gorgeous close-up like this should be top of your list.

42. The Couple Facing Each Other

Image: Sally Rawlins

We love this wedding photo idea of the newlyweds against a brick wall.

43. The Couple Kissing

Image: Sally Rawlins

Is there any such thing as too many kissing shots? May be, but one more won’t hurt…

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44. The Couple Flashing Their Wedding Rings

Image: Courtney Marie

This snap of the couple flashing their wedding rings is so cool. One to add to your checklist pronto.

45. The Couple Against a ‘Statement’ Wall

Image: Tom Aizenberg

Whether it’s some graffiti, a gorgeous flower wall or just a simple brick wall, these make for some seriously cool photos. This snap is great!

46. The Couple with a Smoke Bomb

Image: Courtney Marie

If you really want to push the boat out, get your hands on some smoke bombs and ask your photographer to snap you setting them off.

They make for such a cool wedding photo idea!

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47. The Couple Under the Veil

Image: Courtney Marie

Here at Hitched HQ, we’re obsessing over this beautiful shot of the couple under the bride’s veil. Courtney Marie, we applaud you.

48. The Couple in the Grounds of Their Venue

Image: Sally Rawlins

Make the most of sunset and take a romantic walk as day turns to dusk. You might be lucky and get a shot like this!

49. The Bride(s) on Their Own

Wedding Photo Ideas

Image: Samantha Pells

Be sure to make some time for individual snaps! Up first: the bride on her own…

50. The Groom(s) on Their Own

Image: Twig’s Branch

The groom needs a cool photograph on his own, too!

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51. Individual & Group Shots with Both Sets of Parents

Wedding Photo Ideas

Image: Blue Lily Weddings

Whether it’s the bride with her mum, the couple with both sets of parents or the couple with the groom’s parents, make sure you get plenty of pics with the people who have helped you the most.

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52. The Couple with Their Siblings and/or Cousins

Wedding Photo Ideas

Image: Diana V Photography

There’s nothing wrong with suggesting a few posed photographs to your photographer!

How about one with both sets of siblings? Or a photograph of the couple with all of their cousins?

53. The Bride(s) or Groom(s) with Their Grandparents

Image: Diana V Photography

Whether it’s posed or candid, a photograph of the bride or groom with their grandparents is a must-have. This wedding photo idea is so cute.

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54. The Bride(s) and Bridesmaids

Image: Folega Photography

You’ve got to get a snap like this with your girl squad. It’s mandatory!

55. The Groom(s) and Groomsmen

Image: Jordanna Marston

A super-cool groomsmen photo is also mandatory. When you’re visiting your venue, try and hunt down some cool photo backdrops ready for the big day – we love this chapel wall!

56. The Bride(s) and the Flower Girl(s)

Image: Samantha Pells

*Insert row of heart-eye emojis here.*

57. The Couple with Their Wedding Party

Image: Diana V Photography

It’s a lovely idea to get a photograph of all your groomsmen and bridesmaids together.

58. The Couple and All of Their Guests

Image: Samantha Pells

It can be tricky to get everyone together in one place, but if your entire guest list isn’t too long, how about attempting a whole group photo?

59. Candid Shots of Groups of Friends (School/Work/University)

Image: Samantha Pells

If you’ve got any groups of friends attending your wedding who you’d definitely like to be photographed, let your photographer know in advance! It could be university pals, school friends or colleagues from work.

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Wedding Reception Photo Checklist

You spend the majority of your time (and probably your budget!) planning the reception, so from your decor to your speeches, ensure your wedding photographer captures all those little details and special moments.

Oh, and if friends and family members have made things for your reception, like the table plan or the name cards, it’s a nice idea to add those specifics to your checklist so you can give them a photo of their handy work.

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60. The Reception Room Before Guests Arrive

Image: Anna Mathilda

Ask your photographer to capture a long-shot of your wedding breakfast room before your guests sit down. This one by Anna Mathilda is lovely!

61. The Couple Exploring Their Reception Venue

Wedding Photo Ideas

Image: Twig & Vine

We love this wedding photo idea of the couple taking a few minutes to explore their wedding venue and take in all the details.

62. The Couple Making Their Wedding Breakfast Entrance

Image: Samantha Pells

Don’t they just look so happy? A photo of the couple as they enter their wedding reception is compulsory.

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63. Wedding Guests Mingling