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77 Wedding Photos You're Going to Want to Capture

Once your big day has passed, your wedding album will hold all of your memories. Make sure you don't forget to capture these kind of wedding photos

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An ecstatic bride and groom leaving their wedding ceremony room hand in hand beaming. The groom wears a black tuxedo and a bow tie and the bride wears a simple wedding dress and veil and carries a bouquet of blue and white flowers. Their guests are visible in the fairy light strewn, rustic ceremony space behind them, all applauding

Choosing your wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you’ll make about your wedding, because they’ll capture all the moments that will become memories once the big day is over, so we’ve rounded up 77 wedding photo ideas to inspire you.

Whether you’re still trying to find a photographer, or you’ve got one sorted, this list of wedding photo ideas will help you decide what you like, as well as what you do (and don’t!) want your photographer to focus on.

Ahead of your wedding, take through different wedding photography ideas with your photographer, and look at plenty of samples of their work so you can ask them to replicate certain shots you love. 

77 Wedding Photos to Inspire You

Make sure you take the time to get the following wedding pictures on your big day! These photos for a wedding will give you an idea of the moments you're going to want in your wedding album

The Accessories

A necklace and a jewellery box containing earrings displayed on a lace trimmed wedding veil

Your wedding accessories are made up of so many little details that might get missed when it comes to the full look, so ask your wedding photographer to take some photos of your accessories nicely laid out.

This photo from Ivy & Pine wedding photography shows the bride’s jewellery beautifully laid out on her veil - it’s a great way to capture that veil detail, and show off all the jewellery you might otherwise not notice.

Getting Ready

A bride with a pearl tiara putting in her earrings

Getting ready is such a significant part of the wedding day, but it can sometimes be overlooked in wedding photo ideas as the focus is typically on the ceremony and beyond.

Factor in time for getting ready photos in your wedding morning, as they make for such beautiful pictures. This wedding photo by Thistle + Stone Photography allows you to see the bride’s flawless makeup up close, and nicely shows off her engagement ring too. 

A bride checking her hair and earrings in the mirror as her mother looks on over her shoulder

This photo of a bride getting ready as the mother of the bride looks on by David Tinkler is really special, and makes for a photo they’ll both cherish forever. 

A bride looking in the mirror, pictured between a set of open double doors, as the mother of the bride and a bridesmaid adjust the skirts and train of her wedding dress

Your getting ready photos are a great way to show off your wedding day look before the chaos of the day takes over! Just look at how this photo by Thistle + Stone shows off the bride’s dress - thanks to the mother of the bride and the bridesmaid’s expert arranging. 

  The hands of the father of the bride adjusting the buttonhole flower arrangement on the groom's suit

Getting ready isn’t just about the girls - there are great opportunities for lovely wedding photos of the groom and groomsmen getting ready too. This image - also by Thistle + Stone - captures a lovely moment between the groom and his father.

The Wedding Dress

A midi length wedding dress hanging by a hanger on a wooden wall in a rustic barn space

You’re going to have plenty of pictures of your wedding outfit on the day, but it’s a lovely wedding photo idea to have a shot of your dress hanging up too - especially if you’re getting ready in a beautiful wedding suite. Be inspired by this image by Kiss the Bride Photography.

Bride Portraits

A glamorous bride leaning against a door frame adjusting her hair and holding up her bouquet as she looks into the camera

Not to be confused with the prep photos, the bride portraits are photos of the bride alone once she is ready for her wedding. The above picture by Ekaterina Romanov exudes glamour. 

A bride with long blonde hair looking over her shoulder towards the camera as she stands in front of an antique fireplace in a room that is mostly painted white and decorated with black candlesticks and green floral arrangements

These can be taken pre-ceremony if you have time, but also after your ceremony when you go off for your couple photos. This one by Jessy Pappasavva is just so timeless.  

Chat to your photographer to determine the best time and setting for yours, if you want these photos taken!

Groom & Groomsmen Portraits

A groom looking at the camera as his groomsmen run up behind him, seemingly about to tackle him

Make sure you allow time for groom portraits too. Whether you want more natural photography, or a fun set up like this one by Kiss the Bride Photography!

A group of groomsmen, including a page boy, all wearing tuxedos and bow ties and posing in front of a bar

This groomsmen portrait by Unveil Weddings UK is a great way to capture all of the guys together - those suits are so chic.

A group of groomsmen sitting on leather arm chairs in a bay window in a wooden panelled room all laughing together and holding drinks

Candid photos should definitely be part of your wedding photo checklist - how special is this photo of the groom and his wedding party laughing together by Wrapp Weddings?  

Wedding Stationery

A folded order of service with the couple's names on it, positioned next to a bottle of perfume, a wedding shoe, a veil and a wedding hair accessory

Order extra wedding invitations and take them with you to your wedding so your photographer can set up some beautiful shots of the details, like this one by Wild Daisy Photography.

A wedding invitation displayed next to wedding shoes, a buttonhole and pearl earrings

This shot by Gemma Sandell has the wedding rings in the photo too - the personalised ring dish is such a nice touch.  

The Wedding Rings

The wedding rings displayed next to each other in their ring boxes in front of a window

Speaking of rings, make sure you include your wedding rings in your photo list! If you are following tradition and assigning the best man the job of looking after the rings, you can ask your second shooter (if you’re having one) to get this photo - like the one by Ivy and Pine Photography above. 

A diamond wedding ring and engagement ring displayed within a rose

If you don’t have an additional photographer, don’t panic - there are plenty of other wedding ring photography ideas, like placing the rings in your bouquet, as photographer Debbie McGregor has done.

A wedding ring stack including a diamond engagement ring positioned in the middle of a pink rose

Thistle & Stone Photography has also done this - it’s a lovely way to get that engagement ring in some photos too!

An image of two hands, showing the groom slipping a wedding ring on to the finger of a bride

Your photographer should also get some shots of the rings being put on - this is a really special moment so you want it captured for all time - just look at this beautiful photo by Eleanora Ferolla.  

A close up of the couple's hands - the groom's wrapped around the bride's body from the back, and her hand coming up to hold his wrist - showing off their new wedding rings and her wedding mehendi

It’s also lovely to have a photo of the rings on your hands together after the ceremony - be inspired by this beautiful picture by Carla Thomas.  

The Decorative Details

A close up of a wedding breakfast table with a blue patterned china cake stand and rustic tree slices, with gin bottles decorated with sprigs of baby's breath

When talking to your wedding photographer about the wedding photos you want, make sure you ask them to capture the details - it’s so nice to have a picture of the wedding décor all set up before your guests come in, like this photo by Thistle + Stone photography

An image of a glamorous wedding table set up with lots of floating candles, plus tall candelabras and lush green floral arrangements

Taking photos of the tables might sound a little odd - let’s face it, you’re unlikely to frame them on the mantelpiece - but you’ll want to remember how the room looked. Just look at how special this photo by Daniel Edwards Photography is.

The Flowers

A close up of a bride's wedding bouquet, with thistles, white roses, eucalpytus and baby's breath, with the bride's torso out of focus in the background

It’s important to get photos of your wedding flowers - it’s a great way to preserve the memory of your bouquet and other arrangements. We love how the wedding dress details are visible in the background of this close up by Just James Weddings

a close up of a white rose bouquet in the hand of a bride, on her lap, with a locket open around the stems showing a photo of a loved one

If you’re including sentimental details on your wedding bouquet - such as a charm to remember a lost loved one - make sure you let your wedding photographer know so they can capture a memento of such a special tribute. Be inspired by this photo by Carlos Azevedo Photography.

A bouquet of white peonies and peach roses with a bride out of focus in the background

This gorgeous close up of a bouquet by Jon Clements Photography is also a great way to ensure you always remember the details of your wedding bouquet. 

The Bridesmaids

A bride in the middle in white pyjamas with two bridesmaids on one side and three on the other all in blue silk PJs, opening a bottle of champagne whilst the others hold glasses

If you’re having bridesmaids as your wedding, you’re going to want to get a variety of photos of them, including getting ready in your matching wedding robes and pyjamas, like this shot by Ivy & Pine with the bubbly ready to go!

A bride in the middle with four bridesmaids on one side and five on the other, all holding bouquets of white flowers and wearing navy blue halterneck dresses

Your photographer will also set up some photos of you in all your finery - be inspired by this group captured by Beatrice Photography of everyone snapped mid-laugh!

A bride at a winter wedding surrounded by four bridesmaids all wearing faux fur wraps

Your bridesmaids are (presumably!) made up of your best friends in the world, so the more pics you can get of you all together, looking your finest, the better. Just look how beautiful this photo by Thistle + Stone is.  

The Wedding Cake

A semi-naked wedding cake with drip icing details in front of a neon light sign saying 'til death do us party'

You’re going to want a few different photos of your wedding cake on your wedding photos list! How amazing is this shot of a tiered wedding cake with ‘Til Death Do Us Party’ lit up in the background, by Kiss the Bride Photography

A close up of a semi naked wedding cake decorated with sliced figs and gold sprayed blackberries

Got an intricate wedding cake? Your photographer will most likely get some up close shots - like this one by Debbie McGregor Photography

A naked wedding cake decorated with fresh berries on a tall cake stand, displayed on a table decorated with glass jars and bowls full of sweets

Your wedding cake table can be a main attraction in itself too - if you dress it up as a wedding sweet table, it’ll make for some gorgeous pictures. See this one by Susana Rios for inspiration!  

A bride and groom cutting into a tiered wedding cake decorated with white and gold icing

Be sure to plan a time for cutting the cake into your wedding day timeline so you can ensure you get some gorgeous photos, like this one by Carla Thomas.  

Your Wedding Transport

A groom in a blue tuxedo and a bride in a traditional indian wedding outfit walking hand in hand next to a white vintage wedding car

Make sure you make time for photos with your wedding car, if you’re having one! Especially if you’re decorating the wedding car - you need to show it off. This photo by Precious Moments Photography is a beautiful example. 

A black and white image of a groom in a tuxedo leaning over to kiss his bride in the back seat of a wedding car

You can also get some lovely photos from inside the car - be inspired by this shot by Carla Thomas Photography.

The Veil

A bride and groom photographed from behind crossing a road in london, as the bride's veil is picked up by the wind

You’re going to want some wedding photos that show off your veil! This image from LVRS is a cool and subtle way to show off your veil.

A bride and groom kissing outdoors underneath the bride's wedding veil

Stealing a kiss under your veil is also a cute way to show it off, and makes for a pretty unique wedding photo idea - we love this example from Laura Helen Photography.

The First Look

A groom in a burgundy patterned tuxedo wiping away a tear as he sees his bride for the first time in her wedding outfit

Not every couple does a first look, but it’s one of our favourite wedding trends. How can you not love it when it results in photos like this one by Carla Thomas Photography?!

a groom standing with his back to the bride outdoors as she taps him on the shoulder ready for a first look wedding photo

You can just feel the anticipation in this gorgeous first look photo by Gemma Sandell. It’s a moment you’ll want captured on film forever.

The father of the bride with his hands over his nose and mouth looking emotional as he sees his daughter in her wedding dress

Even if you don’t want to do a first look photo with your partner, doing one with your parents is really special - how emotional does this first look photo with the father of the bride by Jonathan Bickle make you feel?

A surprised looking mother of the bride as she sees the bride in her wedding outfit for the first time

And here’s a thrilled mother of the bride, captured by Linus Moran Photography - these are the wedding moments you’ll want to relive time and time again through your photos!

The Ceremony

A wedding ceremony set up with four rows of chairs spanning the width of a room, which is decorated with fresh flowers and greenery

When it comes to your wedding ceremony, there are a few wedding photo ideas you’re going to want on your list. Firstly, you need a photo of the empty ceremony room all decorated, before anyone goes in, like this photo by Daniel Edwards Photography

A bride and groom in traditional indian wedding clothing sitting with their hands together in prayer during a wedding ceremony

Let your photographer know if you have any special surprises, details or traditions you’re including in your wedding ceremony, so they can make a plan to be in place to photograph it - how special is this moment, captured forever by Linus Moran Photography?

A bride and groom holding on to each other and laughing at the front of a wedding ceremony with all their guests applauding in the background

There’s no need to tell your wedding photographer to snap photos of you during your ceremony, obviously, but it’s a good idea to share the style of wedding photos you like, so they know how to set up and edit the shots. This photo by William Lane captures a beautiful moment with the newlyweds, and we love that all the guests’ happy faces are visible too. 

a bride and groom smiling at each other in the middle of their empty decorated wedding ceremony room

You should also sneak back into your ceremony room after all your guests have gone out for the drinks, so you can get a photo in the beautiful set up - be inspired by this shot by Charlotte Wotton Photography.

A bride and groom during an outdoor wedding ceremony holding their wedding vow books and reading their vows to each other

If you’re doing any readings or writing your own wedding vows, again, let your photographer know so they’re poised and ready to get those perfect shots - how romantic is this photo (also by Charlotte Wotton Photography) of a couple reading their personalised wedding vows to each other? 

Your Ceremony Exit

A bride and groom joyfully leaving an outdoor wedding ceremony as the guests applaud and blow bubbles

Not to be confused with your confetti photos - your ceremony exit photos are taken as you leave your ceremony room after being pronounced married! This is a great chance to capture a fun, triumphant shot like this one by Gemma Sandell.

A bride and groom beaming and leaving their wedding ceremony hand in hand as their wedding guests are visible applauding behind them

If you’re not punching the air types, don’t worry - you’re still super likely to get a lovely photo with beaming smiles - just look at this one by Stuart Hornby!

A bride and groom smiling and leaving their church wedding ceremony hand in hand as their guests clap

Make sure you take in the moment as you leave your ceremony - go slow and absorb it all, as this couple are doing in this beautiful image taken by Unveil Weddings UK

A bride with her bouquet up in the air in triumph, hand in hand with her groom as they walk through an arch way

You can set up this shot too - we love the exit captured at this elopement by Waterhouse Weddings. What it lacks in guests, it makes up for in joyfulness. 

Confetti Shots

Two grooms hand in hand as they walk through their guests in a flurry of confetti

Your confetti moment makes for the most amazing wedding photos - make sure your guests know to throw upwards so it can flutter down and create a beautiful shot, like this one taken by Unveil Weddings UK

A bride and groom, both holding bouquets, leaving a wedding ceremony as their guests scatter them with colourful confetti

Go for a colourful mix of confetti for a really stand out wedding confetti photo - this one by Gemma Sandell is beautiful.

a groom in a black tuxedo and a bride in a traditional indian wedding outfit leaving a wedding ceremony as their guests scatter them with white confetti

Monochromatic confetti can also really stand out - go for a colour that you know will pop against your wedding outfits. Just look at the white confetti against that black tux in this photo by Borgusha Bargiel.

The Little Details

A close up of a bride visbile from the shoulders down holding a black and white photo of a couple on their wedding day in a vintage frame

If you’re having any kind of special details or unique touches at your wedding, let your photographer know ahead of time so they can make a note to photograph them. Just look at this photo of a bride holding a relative’s wedding photo by Susana Rios.

A bride and groom in leather fringed jackets walking away from the camera. The groom wears a white jacket and the bride wears a black one and they're both emblazoned with the word 'hitched'

Planning on cool jackets? We love a wedding jacket - make sure you make time to get some photos with them, like this couple in their matching jackets, snapped by Gemma Sandell.

A blurred close up of a couple walking away hand in hand to show the lace train of the bride's white jumpsuit

A good wedding photographer will know the details that make for exceptional wedding photos - this image by Only Love is so simple, but also spellbinding.  

Mehendi Moments

A photo of a bride's hand decorated with mehndi with her new wedding ring and engagement ring visible, as she and her new husband are out of focus in the background

If you’re incorporating wedding mehendi into your celebrations, make sure your wedding photographer is aware so they can add that to their wedding photo list. This image by Graham Hunt Photography shows off the bride’s intricate henna artwork, and her beautiful engagement ring!

Pictures with Your Parents

A black and white image of a father hugging the bride, with his face (with his eyes closed in emotion) visible over her shoulder

You won’t have enough photos with your parents or close family members on your wedding day - these are the images you’ll really cherish in years to come, so ask your photographer to keep an eye out for special moments. This emotional embrace captured by Jonathan Bickle Photography is definitely one for a frame.

An image of a proud father dancing with his daughter at her wedding

Thistle + Stone also has a beautiful parent photo to inspire you - just look at this wonderful father-daughter wedding dance

First Kiss

A photo of a bride and groom kissing in black and white with all their guests applauding in their background

Obviously your photographer is going to capture your first kiss as newlyweds, but you can share ideas of how you want the photo to look. It’s also worth asking your officiant to be prepared to step to the side so they’re not in the photo. We love this image by Lovell Photography that is taken from the back, so you can see the guests looking on!

A groom wearing a brown tweed jacket and red suit trousers dips his bride (wearing a bright blue dress and veil) for a kiss in a field

You can also get some really cute kissing photos after your wedding ceremony - don’t be afraid to be a little dramatic. Let this vibrant photo by Debbie McGregor inspire you. 

A black and white image of a groom dipping the bride for a kiss on a beach as the water comes in behind them

If bright colours aren’t your vibe, dramatic black and white makes for a beautiful moment. Let this image by Just James Weddings convince you! 

Candid Moments

A black and white image of a bride pouring champagne into a champagne tower, whilst the groom sips the overflowing drink from a coupe

If you’ve chosen a photographer with a reportage wedding photography style, you’re guaranteed plenty of candid moments. These make for some of the best wedding photos, in our opinion - just look at this joyful moment by the wedding champagne tower caught by Kiss the Bride Photography!

The Wedding Reception

A bride and groom walking hand in hand through a beautifully decorated wedding reception space

It’s lovely to have photos with all your guests at the wedding reception, but you should also take a moment to go to your reception room just the two of you, and have a photo amidst the immaculate set up - we love this image by Charlotte Wotton Photography.  

A bride and groom walking some distance apart, looking at each other, through an outdoor wedding reception space decorated with fairylights

A good wedding photographer will know how to make the space work - just look at the set up in this photo by Eleanora Ferolla. The couple are set up perfectly in their incredible reception space.

Couple Portraits

A portrait of a bride and groom holding on to each other and beaming

You can have so much fun with your couple photos at your wedding - it’s a chance to really work with your photographer to create images that truly capture your personalities and relationship - look at this one by Gemma Sandell! It’s perfection.

A bride and groom holding on to each other and smiling in an outdoor portrait, where the bride's blue indian wedding outfit is caught by the breeze

You can go fun and playful with your photos, or you can go romantic - this image from Thistle + Stone Photography just exudes romance. 

A black and white image of a groom smiling in a tuxedo and a bride with her arm around him smiling back outdoors

Black and white wedding photography adds a timeless, classic feel to your wedding photos, especially your couple portraits. How beautiful is this photograph by Daniel Edwards Photography?  

Your Wedding Party

A joyful image of several bridesmaids in orange dresses and groomsmen in blue suits posing around a bride and groom on a beach

Use your time wisely during your drinks reception and give your ushers the job of rounding up your wedding party for group shots - we love this super fun photo captured by Borgusha Bargiel.

An image of the bride and groom flanked on either side by a bridesmaid and a groomsmen walking in front of the wall of a wedding venue

This works even if you have a small wedding party - we love this chic set up by Charlotte Wotton Photography with the bridesmaids and the groomsmen.  

Your Wedding Shoes

A close up of a bride and groom's feet wearing wedding trainers - the bride is on tip toes and she's clearly leaning up to kiss the groom out of shot

We’re obsessed with cool wedding shoes at Hitched, and if yours are special to you, make sure your photographer knows you want pictures of them. We love this snap by LVRS Photography - it’s so cool! 

The Dance Floor

The groom has the bride in his arms and is twirling her around the dancefloor as their guests look on

Lots of wedding photography packages end after the first dance, so a key question for your wedding photographer is if they can stay late, if you want party photos! Let them know if your first dance is choreographed or anything like that, so they’re prepared - look at this awesome photo by Jonathan Bickle!

The bride and groom stand next to each other facing the camera holding hands as they complete a choreographed dance routine

We also love the set up and the editing of this shot, by Lovell Photography - it’s so dramatic. 

A bride and groom crouch down low mid dance as their guests crowd around them smiling

We are obsessed with this shot by Gemma Sandell showing the newlyweds and their guests having the time of their lives on the dance floor - it’s worth asking your photographer what they charge to stay late for this kind of content alone!

A bride and groom dance together holding drinks as a bridesmaid reaches her arms out to them

Blurry, motion shots really allow you to get a feel of the wedding party - how cool is this one by Carla Thomas Photography? (We also really want that bride’s wedding two piece!)

The Speeches

A father of the bride's face is obscured by a long ream of paper as he prepares to start his speech and the bride and groom look on and laugh

Your wedding speeches are going to be a part of your wedding you’ll want to remember forever - we love this funny moment captured by Borgushua Bargiel from a father of the bride speech.

A bride wipes a tear from her eye as the groom looks on, whilst a bridesmaid reads out a speech behind her

As well as photos of your speech givers, you’re going to want to get photos of yours and your guests’ reactions too. This photo by Danielle Smith is seriously emotional.


Two brides smile and hold on to each other brandishing sparklers as their guests form two lines behind them all holding sparklers

Are you having sparklers at your wedding? Talk to your photographer about the best way to capture this - we love this photo by Charlotte Wotton, that shows the couple running through two lines of guests, all brandishing sparklers.

A bride and groom stand outdoors in the middle of lots of guests in the dark, all illuminated by sparklers

If you’re having a winter wedding or your photographer is staying late, you can do a super atmospheric photo of sparklers in the dark, like this one captured by David Tinkler Photography.

A bride and groom kiss as their guests hold up their sparklers behind them

You can also frame a kiss photo with sparklers - how special is this one by Unveil Weddings UK?

So there you have it - just a few wedding photos to inspire you as you plan for the photos you want from your wedding. Remember to discuss what you like, and perhaps more importantly, what you don’t like, with your wedding photographer ahead of your wedding! Here are the key things to ask your wedding photographer before your big day.

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