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93 Unique Wedding Cake Flavours Your Guests Will Never Forget

With everything from traditional styles and Royal wedding inspired flavours, to unique flavour combinations you've never heard of - you're guaranteed to find your wedding cake flavour here!

Wedding cake flavour ideas: A couple standing next to their wedding cake

Wedding cake flavour ideas: A couple standing next to their wedding cake

When it comes to wedding cake flavours - the possibilities are literally endless. Wedding cake suppliers are so innovative and imaginative with cake flavour combinations and every year we see more and more unique wedding cake flavours surface.

As wedding cake flavours have developed, it’s become increasingly easier for couples to have a large number of different flavours in their wedding cake. If you can’t decide on just one unique wedding cake flavour combination, you can have a different flavour for each of your tiers.

For those who want the entire wedding cake to be made from just one flavour combination for consistency (or budget) - additional flavours can be added through your choice of icing, filling, soak or compote.

What Flavour is Wedding Cake Traditionally?

Before we delve into the world of delicious new wedding cake flavour ideas - let’s first take a look at where it all started. Traditionally, wedding cakes were typically made using a fruit sponge which was then covered with marzipan and fondant icing. Traditional wedding cakes were decorated with white fondant and marzipan icing and stacked in tiers. 

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The Best Wedding Cake Flavour Ideas: 93 Wedding Cake Flavour Combinations

A wedding cake dessert table with a four tier wedding cake

From traditional fruit cake wedding flavours, to wedding cake flavour combinations we guarantee you've *never* heard of - we have 93 of the most delicious flavour combos for you to choose from.

Couples on the hunt for the best wedding cake flavours will be spoilt for choice when they see what we've come up with - and if you're after something specifically citrussy or a delightful chocolate wedding cake - we've split our selection of unique wedding cake flavour ideas into categories.

Don't want to scroll through all 93? No worries, skip straight to your favourite section by using the links below. 

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Traditional Wedding Cake Flavour Ideas

Despite the modern twists and latest trends, there are some traditional wedding cake flavours that will just never go out of style. For those who like to keep their cake tastes simple and delicious, one of these classic flavours is bound to do the trick. 

  • Traditional fruit and marzipan wedding cake
  • Chocolate wedding cake
  • Vanilla wedding cake
  • Victoria sponge wedding cake
  • Lemon drizzle wedding cake
  • Carrot wedding cake
  • Red velvet wedding cake
  • Sticky toffee wedding cake

Chocolate Wedding Cake Flavour Ideas

A slice of chocolatey wedding cake

There are bound to be a few chocoholics on the guest list — and chocolate wedding cakes double up as the perfect pudding for your wedding breakfast. But chocolate wedding cakes don’t have to be stereotypical - if you’re all about the flavour, consider one of these chocolate wedding cake flavour ideas that your guests might not be expecting.

  • Raspberry and white chocolate wedding cake
  • Chocolate and peanut butter wedding cake
  • Oreo cookie and Toblerone wedding cake
  • Dark chocolate and vanilla wedding cake
  • Mocha chocolate wedding cake
  • Mint chocolate wedding cake
  • Chocolate orange cake wedding cake
  • Chocolate fruit and nut wedding cake
  • Chocolate and berries wedding cake
  • Coffee and chocolate wedding cake

Fruity Wedding Cake Flavour Ideas

If you’re looking for wedding cake flavour ideas that have a fruity element to them, you’ll love these delicious ideas. From autumnal apple combinations to summery berry flavours, these are the best wedding cake flavours for fruit-lovers. 

  • Passionfruit and white chocolate wedding cake
  • Banana and poppy seed wedding cake
  • Apple, cinnamon and raisin wedding cake
  • Raspberry ripple and white chocolate wedding cake
  • Apple and caramel wedding cake
  • Cherries and cream wedding cake
  • Cherry, blackberry and raspberry wedding cake
  • Strawberries and cream wedding cake
  • Blueberry and passionfruit wedding cake

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Citrus Fruit Wedding Cake Flavour Ideas

A vanilla wedding cake slice with citrus and floral flavoured icing

A gorgeous citrus wedding cake will refresh the palette and is ideal for a hot, midsummer wedding. Slightly zingier than the more traditional fruit wedding cake flavour ideas, these combinations will allow you to follow in the footsteps of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who had a delicious lemon-elderflower wedding cake.

  • Lemon and elderflower wedding cake
  • Lemon limoncello wedding cake
  • Lime and ginger wedding cake
  • Lemon and orange wedding cake
  • Lemon and lime key lime wedding cake
  • Lemon meringue wedding cake
  • Lemon and blueberry wedding cake
  • Grapefruit and white chocolate wedding cake
  • Clementine and blood orange wedding cake
  • Passionfruit and lime wedding cake

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Tropical Fruit Wedding Cake Flavour Ideas

Great for a summer wedding, a wedding abroad or a beach wedding in the UK, a tropical fruit wedding cake flavour combination gives your sweet treat a twist. The exotic flavours in this list of sensational wedding cake flavour ideas will leave your guests wanting more. 

  • Coconut and guava buttercream wedding cake
  • Vanilla sponge and mango mousse wedding cake
  • Spiced coconut and papaya wedding cake
  • Passion fruit and pineapple wedding cake
  • Pineapple and banana sponge wedding cake
  • Banana, coconut cake and white chocolate wedding cake
  • Kiwi and lime wedding cake
  • Pomegranate, banana and mango wedding cake

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Nutty Wedding Cake Flavour Ideas

A three tiered wedding cake with a slice cut out of it and a number of flavored layers

Baking with nuts is something that has been done for years. There are a number of nuts that work particularly well when baking sweet treats and there’s no reason why these tasty flavour combinations can’t be incorporated into your wedding cake. 

  • Pistachio and dark chocolate wedding cake
  • Almond and Nutella wedding cake
  • Pecan, date, apricot and raisin wedding cake
  • Macadamia and caramel wedding cake
  • Walnut and matcha wedding cake
  • Hazelnut, caramel and cream cheese wedding cake
  • Pecan, hazelnut and honey wedding cake
  • Almond, date and sticky toffee wedding cake
  • Pecan, walnut and butterscotch wedding cake

Floral Wedding Cake Flavour Ideas

These unique and fun flavour combinations will be a talking point at any wedding — and they work particularly well with a vintage wedding theme.

  • Vanilla and rose wedding cake
  • Lavender and honey wedding cake
  • Rhubarb and rose petal wedding cake
  • Lavender, cardamom and champagne wedding cake
  • Rose petal, cranberry and prosecco wedding cake
  • Cinnamon, cardamom and rose wedding cake
  • Lavender, lemon and vanilla wedding cake

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Healthy Wedding Cake Flavour Ideas

Four mini wedding cake slices with healthy floral toppings

Health-conscious couples can ensure they get their five-a-day with a healthy wedding cake flavour combination. Not only do these unique wedding cake flavours taste delicious, they also have health benefits too. Vegetable cakes are becoming increasingly popular and will ensure a wedding cake experience your guests will never forget.

  • Orange and butternut squash wedding cake
  • Carrot and mango wedding cake
  • Dark chocolate and avocado wedding cake
  • Beetroot chocolate fudge wedding cake
  • Courgette and pistachio wedding cake
  • Cocoa, vanilla and sweet potato cake wedding cake
  • Pumpkin and peanut butter wedding cake
  • Pumpkin, sweet potato and vanilla wedding cake
  • Avocado and vanilla wedding cake
  • Carrot, cardamom and cinnamon wedding cake

Tea and Coffee Wedding Cake Flavour Ideas

If you’re a tea or coffee addict then these wedding cake flavour ideas, paired with classic flavours, are perfect for you. Whether you’re after a light pud to end your afternoon tea style breakfast, or a rich, flavoursome delicacy to delve into, we have the wedding cake flavour combinations for you. 

  • Green tea and dark chocolate ganache wedding cake
  • Matcha green tea, caraway and sweet azuki beans wedding cake
  • Vanilla café latte wedding cake
  • English lavender with Earl Grey buttercream wedding cake
  • Coffee-infused mocha wedding cake
  • Espresso with white chocolate icing wedding cake
  • Chai tea with vanilla filling wedding cake
  • Earl Grey and lemon wedding cake
  • Coffee, walnut and pecan wedding cake
  • Coffee, cinnamon and milk chocolate wedding cake
  • Coffee and Biscoff wedding cake

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Alcoholic Wedding Cake Flavour Ideas

 A Slice of wedding cake with three different layers, one pink, one sponge and one chocolate

Whether it’s sipping on a post-ceremony cocktail or raising a glass of champagne during the speeches, weddings can be a boozy affair. Embrace the British fondness for a tipple with an alcoholic wedding cake flavour combination. For those who don’t want actual alcohol in their wedding cake, ask your wedding cake supplier for alcohol-free options that mimic the alcoholic flavours you know and love.

Discover the perfect alcohol wedding favours to accompany it here!

  • Champagne and crème de cassis wedding cake
  • Ginger and rum sponge with spiced rum buttercream wedding cake
  • Chocolate, Guinness and blackcurrant cake
  • Amaretto-soaked fruitcake wedding cake
  • Vanilla sponge and Pimms jam wedding cake
  • Piña colada and coconut wedding cake
  • Brandy apple and cinnamon wedding cake
  • Lemon and elderflower gin wedding cake
  • Pink Champagne and raspberry jam wedding cake
  • Chocolate red wine and chocolate ganache wedding cake
  • Lemon gin and orange Aperol spritz wedding cake with Prosecco buttercream

Wedding Cake Flavour FAQs With the Experts

We spoke to some of our Hitched wedding cake suppliersSugared and Spiced Cakes and Yummity Scrummity, as well as Elizabeth from Elizabeth's Cake Emporium to gain some insight into the world of wedding cake flavours as an expert in the industry. 

What’s the Most Unusual Wedding Cake Combination You’ve Made?

Elizabeth has had some great combinations: "My most memorable unusual flavour has got to be wasabi and white chocolate cake with a plum jam filling. This was tricky as wasabi is known for producing a burning, nasal flaring sensation due to the chemical allyl isothiocyanate and it's not exactly the sort of thing you want in a cake.

"We experimented a LOT to get the balance of sweet and tingly just right and thankfully it worked.

"Another unusual cake combination was a vanilla cake with African star apple (or African cherry) filling. The fruit is fleshy and quite tart and is well known for being super rich in vitamin C. We made a curd from the flesh and skin and it was absolutely delicious."

The team at Sugared and Spiced Cakes told us: "I once made a honey, rose and pistachio wedding cake for a lovely Turkish couple who wanted the taste of Baklava in their wedding cake!"

Yummity Scrummity added: "Though we haven't had any strange or unusual wedding cake requests, we're very adventurous and would be willing to try (almost) anything. Our favourite combination at the moment is coconut and lime. It's a light and moist coconut layer cake with a lime cream and tangy lime curd - delicious!"

What Are the Most Common Wedding Cake Flavour Requests You Receive?

Sugared and Spiced Cakes say: "Vanilla wedding cakes never go out of fashion, but citrus and fruit flavours are very popular for summer weddings, leaving the more robust and warm flavours for autumn weddings. Raspberry and white chocolate has been a massive hit this year with lemon wedding cakes in close second, followed by strawberry and rose.

"We've adjusted our flavours this year and now do champagne, strawberry and rose which is proving to be a great hit as the subtle pink colour of the sponge is a real delight for couples with a pastel pink theme. In autumn, tastes shift and our Biscoff wedding cakes, pumpkin spiced latte design and the faithful carrot cake take centre stage with orders."

Elizabeth from Elizabeth's Cake Emporium says that in her experience: "The most commonly requested cake is still the classic vanilla, followed by chocolate. However, couples wanting the best of both worlds have gone for our Tuxedo cake, which is layers of Vanilla and Chocolate filled with caramel and chocolate or raspberry conserve.

"Lemon is also another favourite, especially in the summer. A few years ago, red velvet was all the rage but now funfetti cake and some alcoholic cakes have toppled it from the cake chart."

While the team at Yummity Scrummity admit their most popular choices are similar, explaining: "The most common cake flavour request we get has to be a Victoria sponge with strawberry and champagne jam and vanilla buttercream - although our signature fruit cake is very popular (and very boozy!) too."

Did Harry & Meghan’s Wedding Cake Choice Impact Orders for Lemon and Elderflower Wedding Cakes?

Sugared and Spiced Cakes explain the 'Harry and Meghan' effect they've experienced: "We definitely saw more requests for this wedding cake flavour for weddings this year and next and it’s not just this combination that’s been affected. There’s been a real trend for citrus flavoured tiers in the last couple of years which has seen our vegan coconut and lime wedding cakes proving extremely popular."

Adding to this, Elizabeth said:  "Harry and Meghan's wedding cake significantly impacted wedding cakes both in terms of the inside of wedding cakes and appearance. Their buttercream cake was made with 200 Amalfi lemons and 10 bottles of Sandringham Elderflower Cordial and was decorated with peonies.

"Many couples were intrigued by the combination of elderflower and lemons and for the next 18 months, it was all the rage, with sales of elderflower increasing by 1,000%. Like anyone else I was also intrigued to find out more about this flower and found that it had a whole load of health benefits and is also used in perfumes."

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What Wedding Cake Flavour is the Most Popular?

We recently did a poll with over 1,400 Hitched couples to reveal which wedding cake flavours were the most popular. We were curious to see just how many of our nearlywed and newlywed couples opted for traditional wedding cake flavours over modern combinations.

The results of our poll revealed that only 5% of voters opted for a traditional fruit wedding cake with marzipan icing. Considering that this style of wedding cake is considered the most traditional of all flavour combinations - a surprisingly small number of couples admitted to choosing it. Explaining why the number may have been so low, it was then revealed that 84% of voters don’t actually enjoy eating this flavour of cake. 

When asked what the least popular wedding cake flavour request is in her experience, Elizabeth explained: "Hands down it has to be fruit cake which I actually adore. The fruit is soaked in a combination of wines and spirits for months and combined with the spices in the batter, the pairing is heavenly. Sadly many see it as stodgy and not very trendy."

We went on to ask our audience which wedding cake flavour they would favour. The top result was trusty vanilla, snatching 45% of the votes, followed by chocolate which was voted for by 32% of users. Red velvet received 19% of the vote whilst traditional fruit cake was only voted for by 3% of couples. 

We then asked Hitched followers to vote for their favourite wedding cake flavour, with the choice of lemon and elderflower, salted caramel, champagne and strawberry or coffee and walnut. The most popular choice was lemon and elderflower which received ⅓ of the vote, followed by salted caramel, champagne and strawberry and finally, coffee and walnut. 

Ready to find your perfect wedding cake? Discover all our wedding cake suppliers here!