Summer Weddings: 31 Inspiring Ideas That Will Perfect Your Day

Wondering how you can put the finishing touches to your summer wedding? We have the most thoughtful ideas to make the most of the season


There are so many pro’s to having a summer wedding which is why so many people opt for the hotter months to say their nuptials.


The glorious weather, umpteen amounts of greenery available in this country and pretty themes are just some of the many reasons why summer weddings can be amazing.

We have the ultimate sunny wedding ideas to make sure that you make the most of saying your vows in Britain’s favourite wedding season.


Bunting is mostly associated with vintage weddings – which is a really popular theme. There are loads of ways which you can choose to include bunting into your day, and we even have a DIY guide to making your own bunting if you’re feeling creative.


Image Credit: Owlpen Manor

Outdoor Games

If you’re planning a country garden wedding to embrace the hopefully sunny weather, having some outdoor activities for your guests to enjoy can be a really cute way to entertain everyone. This works especially well if you have an early ceremony and have a few hours of outdoor daylight to enjoy. Lots of venues are more than happy for you to hire services, or bring ‘props’ for guests of all ages to have a total ball at your wedding.


Image Credit (from top): Elvey Farm, Larmer Tree Gardens, Walcot Hall

Petal Aisle

Aisle runners come in all shapes and sizes, depending on how creative you want to be, but we all know how pretty flowers are, so just imagine how pretty they can look in an aisle. Gather petals of your favourite flower, or one that matches your bridal bouquets, and cover your aisle.

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is a cute way to feed your guests at the wedding breakfast, without having to serve anything too heavy. Your guests may be less inclined to eat a hot meal if the sun is blazing and it could also work out cheaper for you to do sweet and savoury scones and cakes as a lighter lunch option.


Image Credit (clockwise): Theobalds Park, Pencarrow, The Lygon Arms

Pretty Parasols

Get your hands on some stylish parasols that each guest can use out in the sunshine to shade themselves. Not only are they practical – but they look super pretty and cute. You can even get mini ones for the mini-guests.


Festival Theme

Planning a festival wedding is becoming increasingly popular and can be done in a variety of ways. You could have the reception in a green field with lots of hay bales as seating and a casual dress code, or you could go all out and have live band play on a stage or even funky tipi’s. The choice is yours.


Image Credit (clockwise): Pencarrow, Vallum Farm, Events Under Canvas, Minna Rossi Potography

Ice Lollies

Nothing says summer like a freezing cold ice lolly. The amazing thing about these is that they are cheap to buy, and even cheaper (and super easy) to make yourself. You could mix up the flavours and colours to match the theme of your wedding too.

Pimp Your Prosecco

Who doesn’t love Prosecco, it’s a girl’s best friend right? Have a docking station at your summer wedding with glasses of Prosecco and lots of cute edible props, fruits and flavourings that people can come and customise their drinks with.


Bright Flower Bouquets

Vibrant colours are a very summery thing, so why not incorporate that into your wedding flowers and use eye-catching colours that match your theme, but also match the season you’re marrying in.


Image Credit: Photography by Marie Barley (top right), Lakeside Kitchen & Bar (bottom)

Outdoor Ceremony

Make the most of the time of year by getting married outside. Outdoor ceremonies have the potential to look stunning – just make sure you have an indoor alternative or back up marquee just in case the British weather defies you.


Image Credit: Ettington Park


In case the anticipated sunny weather does fool you and the clouds do what they do best, make the most of rain on your wedding day and have a pair of glam wellies on hand to make sure nothing stops you from having the time of your life!


Image Credit: The Rosevine

Fruity Dessert

Instead of having a heavy third course at your wedding breakfast, arrange for your caterers to put together a fruit course made up from jellies, fruit salads, fruity smoothie drinks and ice cream. This will keep your guests feeling fresh and full of energy for the crazy dancing that comes later on.


Fruity Mocktails

To keep everyone refreshed after the ceremony, offer fruit-filled mocktails for all guests to enjoy – even the little ones. Meet with a mixologist before the day and come up with some mind-blowing recipes that you can name after you, and your partner. You could even have one for the males and one for the ladies.

Glass Venue

Having your ceremony or reception in a room with a glass ceiling or walls keeps the room so bright and allows tonnes of natural light to pour in. The last thing you want at your summer wedding is to get married in a dark room.


Image Credit: Kew Gardens

Flowery Centrepieces

Lots and lots, and lots of flowers in your centrepieces will show your guests what a summer wedding really looks like. You could have them all as the same, or you could experiment with different variations of flower, or different colours using the same flower.


Image Credit: The Elms


Stand up to the wedding traditions and have an outdoor picnic instead of an official wedding breakfast. Get some old benches, paint them up, and decorate them with cute picnic blankets and invite all of your guests to join you with some food-filled hampers.


Image Credit (left to right): Simply Bloom Photography, James & Schulze

Outdoor First Dance

No matter the weather, have your first dance outside. Rain or shine, summer weddings are about being in the outdoors. With a decent sound-system and your loved ones surrounding you, there is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy that moment in the fresh air.


Image Credit: Blenheim Place

Naked Wedding Cake

Rustic weddings are very popular in the summer and sweet treats don’t get more rustic than a naked wedding cake! The lack of fondant icing and increased amount of icing sugar and varied fruits makes it the perfect choice for our sun-loving couples.


Image Credit: White & Winsome


With the sun shining, and the party not stopping, a box of flip-flops for your guests could literally be a godsend. It means that everyone can be comfy and cool while enjoying every last bit of your wedding day. 


Image Credit: Kamp Katur

Ice Cream Bouquets

You may think we’re crazy, but we swear to you this is a thing. Amorino gelato specialists make the most gorgeous, and scarily convincing wedding bouquets out of ice cream. Your bridesmaids will very much enjoy devouring them later in the day and your guests will be fascinated.


Image Credit: Amorino

Show Some Skin

Seeing as the sun is out, why not show off those gorgeous legs of yours with a tea-length dress? It’s easy to wear, super flattering, and completely season-appropriate. You will look super stunning and be as cool as a cucumber all day.


Image Credit: Forget Me Not

Beauty Station

Having a beauty station at the reception is especially relevant if your reception is outdoors in the heat. This gives guests a chance to freshen up and get back to dancing as quickly as possible. All you need is a pretty table, mirror and some essentials such as deodorant, face wipes, perfume, and anything else your guests may desire.


Pompoms are so cute looking and can really jazz up any venue at a really low-cost price. You could even get crafty and make them yourselves with your other half or even your bridesmaids if you fancy a DIY hen party.


Floral Staircase

Romance is key in any wedding and you can’t get props much more romantic than a floral staircase. Walking down this on your wedding day will make you feel like a true princess and it will look so stunning in the wedding pictures. If you really want to get the floral vibes going, checkout our 11 ways to make your wedding more Kanye West to see a whole wall of flower inspo. 


Image Credit: Bijou Weddings – Botleys Mansion

Pastel Colours

If vibrant shades aren’t quite your thing, but you still want to rock and roll with a summer wedding, use pastel shades to give a softer and more shabby-chic theme. They are just as summery and work so well together. Using pastel colours means you can combine a larger number of different ones because they look better together than different bright colours.


Lots of big, small and see-through balloons filled with confetti are essential to a summer wedding. They will add gorgeous colour and you can even arrange to pop them above the dance floor so that multi-coloured confetti falls on your guests. That will make an amazing shot.


Image Credit: Bingham Hotel

Sweets Table

Everyone loves sweets – that is a fact of life. And another fact of life is that there are plenty of sweets that come in hundreds of different colours that will perfectly match your colour scheme. This is an amazing wedding dessert table idea and it gives your guests some light treats to give them all the energy they’ll need.


Image Credit: Sunglow Photography

Braided Hairstyles

Whether it’s you, your bridesmaids, or the entire bridal party, rocking braided wedding hair is an amazing idea. The style comes in plenty of different variations so there will definitely be one that tickles your fancy and it’ll go so well with the weather.


Image Credit (left to right): Amy Faith Photography, Jennifer Sinclair Photography

Coloured Suits

Although a lot of grooms choose to wear black suits, lighter and brighter colours such as cream, green even red can look just as smart and are even better suited to the summer months. These Marc Wallace suits are the perfect example of how dapper the groomsmen can look out of black.


Image Credit: Marc Wallace Menswear

Sunglasses Box

If your ceremony or reception is outdoors, have a sunglasses box at the entrance with flashy shades in both men’s, women’s and children’s designs to ensure that no guest misses a single moment of your day because the sun was in their eyes. And they will also look like super cool men in black wedding guests.

Floral Cake

Floral wedding cakes are the perfect edible addition to your summery wedding with the copious amounts of designs available. The possibilities are endless and the final product will taste fabulous. Why not expand to a whole table just like this one – who could say no to this?


Image Credit (top to bottom): The Lamb Tavern, Brympton D’Evercy House


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