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Your Ultimate Guide to a Safari Honeymoon: How to Book, Where to Go and What it Costs

From costs and locations to expert tips on packing, our safari honeymoon guide will have you racing to the airport in minutes!

Aardvark Safaris view of romantic bath overlooking a game reserve
Aardvark Safaris

Aardvark Safaris view of romantic bath overlooking a game reserve
Aardvark Safaris

A incredible honeymoon experience should be a once in a lifetime trip for you and your partner to mark your first married holiday, so why not start your marital adventure with a bang and embark on a breath-taking safari honeymoon? Offering both luxury and adventure, honeymoon safari trips are the perfect getaway for couples who love experiencing something new together.

According to our National Wedding Survey, 20% of couples chose an adventurous honeymoon, such as a safari, so you're in good company if you're considering going on safari for your honeymoon.

Before you head off on a South African honeymoon safari or venture off on a safari and Seychelles honeymoon, there’s a few things you need to know. With the help of Angelee Rathor, founder of SevenTravel and Kate Hughes, owner of Lepogo Lodges, we’ve cultivated the ultimate guide to your safari honeymoon with all the tips and tricks you need to know about. 

If you’ve always dreamed of seeing the big five in their natural habitat or always wanted to explore the natural residence of your favourite wild creatures, a honeymoon safari is the perfect trip for you. But how much does it cost? What should you pack and when is the best time to travel to a safari honeymoon? Read on for all the answers...

Your Ultimate Safari Honeymoon Guide: Everything You Need to Know

A view of a safari jeep driving through a game reserve at sunset
Unsplash / Hu Chen

Our guide also includes some of the most incredible honeymoon safari packages built specifically for newlyweds seeking an adventure, as well as some of the best safari experiences on the planet - and, spoiler alert, not all of them are in Africa!

From how much a safari honeymoon costs and the best time of year to travel, to expert tips and advice on what to pack and the best places to book your trip, no rock has been left unturned in our guide to honeymoon safaris.

Safari Honeymoon Packages and Operators

Safari honeymoon packages should always be somewhat bespoke and tailored - it's not the kind of trip that's a mere few clicks away and we've rounded up five of the top camps and safari honeymoon providers who are genuine experts in this field. Trust and reliability are key for booking a safari honeymoon and these five businesses are a great place to start. 

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Lepogo Lodges

An exterior view lookingout from a lodge at Lepogo Lodges onto the reserve
Lepogo Lodges, South Africa

Conscious travellers will fall head over heels in love with the ethos at Lepogo Lodges. One of Africa’s few entirely non-profit safari lodges, this luxurious safari camp should be top of your safari honeymoon bucket list.

Located in South Africa, Lepogo Lodges consists of five luxury, stilted villas which sleep a total of 12 guests and can be rented in its entirety. Each lodge features unspoilt views of the exclusive and very private lodge setting - it truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience here!

During your stay at Lepogo Lodges and Noka Camp, there are a plethora of experiences on offer including hands-on educational trips with local ecologists and astrologers, game drives, water safaris, traditional bush camping under the stars, treetop yoga, bush baking classes and more.

By day, you can explore and track the camp’s whopping 60 mammal species and by night, you can relax in the in-villa spa. Offering both adventure and relaxing luxury, it’s a serious contender for your safari honeymoon holiday.

Lepogo Lodge prices start from approximately £837pppn for a luxury tree top villa and for people doing a buddymoon or familymoon, you can rent the entire lodge exclusively for £8,250 per night for up to 12 guests. 

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Two giraffes eating food from a breakfast table through a large window at the Giraffe Manor hotel in Kenya
SevenTravel / Giraffe Manor, Kenya

SevenTravel are a luxury holiday operator with an ethos that is all about experiences, they believe that how one travels really matters.

A company that was born out of the pandemic, they completely understand the wanderlust that so many of us now feel having been cooped up for far too long. Specialising in tailor-made and milestone holidays (hello honeymoon!), they are absolutely one to consider when booking a bespoke safari honeymoon trip. 

SevenTravel’s wildlife and safari holidays branch out further than the delights of African wildlife, offering animal-observing trips to destinations such as Costa Rica’s rainforests, Sri Lanka’s jungles, the Chilean paramo and the pains of India.

Their moral compas is also in the right place as SevenTravel offer couples the chance to give pack on a luxury wildlife honeymoon through various conservation projects to help protect the fragility of the world’s verdant eco systems.

If it is an African safari you’re after, you won’t be disappointed with the offerings at SevenTravel. With both safari honeymoons and beach and safari packages available, you are able to tailor make an incredible trip that ticks every single one of your boxes.

Committed to your experience as a customer, they guarantee 24/7 support and advice for your trip, a charity donation on your behalf, ABTA and ATOL protection and a holiday that is completely bespoke and tailored to you. 

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A woman overlooking the breath-taking views from her treetop suite at Meru National Park, Kenya
Mahlatini / Meru National Park, Kenya

Mahlatini are a luxury honeymoon provider who ensure that your safari honeymoon won’t be paired with any moral or environmental concerns. Their African safari honeymoons have conservation at the heart of everything they do, meaning your experience of seeing wildlife in their natural habitat is helping to conserve some of the most endangered species on the planet. 

For couples concerned about pre-honeymoon jabs, Mahlatini offers a set of safari honeymoon destinations that are free of any malaria-preventative medication. These destinations include camps in South Africa, Namibia and Eastern Cape.

As well as the malaria-free option, Mahlatini also provide experiences for big five safaris, walking safaris, specifically tailored honeymoon safari packages as well as dreamy beach and safari honeymoon packages. 

On their blog, Mahlatini advises that a safari honeymoon can range from approximately £430 - £1,730 pppn excluding travel costs, but that their team will work with you to curate a trip that works for you. 

If booking online feels overwhelming, the Mahlatini experts are available on the phones and, as they say on their website, they believe ‘the best travel experiences begin with a conversation’ - what are you waiting for? 

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Aardvark Safaris

Aardvark Safaris view of romantic bath overlooking a game reserve
Aardvark Safaris

Ardvark Safaris are a safari operator who offer incredibly sought after safari trips across South and East Africa as well as the Indian Ocean Islands. They specialise in philanthropic safaris, Kilimanjaro climbs, gorilla treks, canoe safaris, beach holidays to pair with the adventure and of course, romantic honeymoon trips. 

Ardvark Safaris have exciting news for adventure-seeking honeymooners as they launch a flurry of newly opened safari camps and lodges throughout Southern and East Africa.

Couples after sustainability-first safari holidays will love the Loapi Tented Camp in South Africa. Opening in April 2023, this safari honeymoon package offers couples to see more elusive African wildlife as well as the expected. Prices start from £1,995 pppn and include meals, drinks, a private game viewing vehicle and a dedicated guide. 

The renowned safari operators have numerous packages at other lodges including 4 Rivers in Botswana (from £560 pppn), Banyan Tree Ilha Caldeira in Mozambique (from £485 pppn), Angama Amboseli in Kenya (from £1,575 pppn) and Tanda Tula in South Africa (from £875 pppn) as well as many, many more!

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A view of an elephant outside a suite at Sanctuary Makanyane Safari Lodge, North West Province
Turquoise Holidays / Sanctuary Makanyane Safari Lodge, North West Province

Turquoise are honeymoon heavyweights and most certainly know how to help couples plan the newlywed trip of a lifetime. Their knowledge of luxury destinations makes them a great place to look for that dreamy safari and beach honeymoon.

Not only do they offer some of the most incredible five-star luxury honeymoon accommodation, they also offer advice on which beach destinations pair best with certain safari spots. For example, they advise that Kenya and Tanzania safaris pair perfectly with a beach honeymoon in Zanzibar, while South Africa safaris are best suited to a Mauritius or Mozambique beach trip. 

As well as fantastic places for you to book, the Turquoise team consists of Africa honeymoon specialists who can really work with you to tailor your safari honeymoon package, ensuring it is exactly what you and your partner have always dreamt of.

If price is a concern, (because let’s face it, safari honeymoons aren’t cheap!), Turquoise also has a honeymoon gift list service whereby your guests can contribute towards your dreamy trip. 

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Safari and Seychelles Honeymoons

If your dream trip is a safari and beach honeymoon, a safari and Seychelles honeymoon package is the ideal option for you. Some may think African countries and the Seychelles are an unlikely duo, but the combination of these two exquisitely unique destinations makes for an incredible honeymoon experience.

The Seychelles is located just 300 miles off the coast of mainland Africa, making it perfect for a twin-centre honeymoon. The closest countries to the Seychelles are Tanzania, Kenya and Mozambique, all of which offer excellent safari experiences. The Seychelles also where Prince William and Kate Middleton (aka, the Prince and Princess of Wales) headed off on their honeymoon, FYI. 

Though it’s not the closest, many safari honeymoon operators offer a South Africa and Seychelles package consisting of a connecting flight out of Johannesburg airport. If you can’t decide between luxury beach and adventure-filled, this is the perfect solution. 

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Where to go on a Safari Honeymoon?

A view over a plane with a giraffe and some dry trees in the foreground at sunset
Unsplash / Harshil Gudka

Africa is the most renowned place for safari honeymoon holidays and some of the best locations include South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Namibia and Kenya. Africa is by far the best place to travel for a safari honeymoon if you’re after a glimpse of the big five (lions, leopards, rhinoceros, elephants and buffalos) whilst on your trip.

For a more alternative safari experience, you could visit countries outside of Africa. Asia’s Borneo is known for its incredible biodiversity and is a great place to find monkeys, boars and clouded leopards. Sri Lanka is a tropical island home to leopards, tiny-eared elephants, crocodiles and dozens of bird species.

If it’s big cats you’re after, consider India’s Ranthambore National Park which is home to Bengal tigers, leopards, sloth bears and crocodiles. Other unusual safari destinations include the Philippines, Mauritius, Australia, Alaska (yes, really!), Peru and Indonesia. 

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What to Pack for a Safari Honeymoon?

A view from the back of a safari jeep as they approach a herd of elephants
Unsplash / Redcharlie

Whilst most honeymooners will be getting ready to pack those glamorous honeymoon dresses and outfits, safari honeymoons require a little more practicality than swimwear and a stunning cover up - though you can definitely still take those! We have some helpful honeymoon packing hacks to get you started. 

Angelee Rathor, Founder of SevenTravel advises that couples should keep things practical when packing for a safari honeymoon. “You’ll definitely need a comfortable walking shoe, movable and breathable clothing, as well as the correct insect repellent and sun protection. We’d always advise packing lightweight and comfortable clothing for your activities and down time - as well as a standout look for those honeymoon date nights. 

"Game drives can get very hot but the evenings can get chilly so light layers and a windbreaker coat that’s light to carry is also handy to deflect the wind as you whizz along in your vehicle. If your safari is a walking tour, sturdy boots are a must!

"Whether you’re on foot or in a vehicle, game tours are lengthy and can often last hours offering little to no shade, meaning sunglasses, hats and sunscreen are absolute essentials. 

"To maximise your chances of spotting some wildlife, it’s best to blend in with the settings so we’d advise wearing neutral colours similar to the colour palette of the bush scenery - think khaki, beige and cream. A little known fact is that blue and black clothing can attract insects so avoid those for your active days. 

"Perhaps most important is a quality camera. Not only will you witness once-in-a-lifetime scenery, rare animals and the most beautiful South African and Seychelles sunsets, but it’s a standout life event and the photos will be memorable keepsakes."

Kate Hughes, owner of Lepogo Lodges adds, “Dressing up at a safari lodge isn't necessary, so couples can be as relaxed as they like in the evenings for dinner. Loungewear is a must, for relaxing in your beautiful villa or safari honeymoon lodge, cooling off in the plunge pool or sitting around the fire in the evenings.”

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When is the Best Time to Go on a Safari Honeymoon?

A view over a game reserve with mamals roaming and a hot air balloon flying above
Unsplash / Sutirta Budiman

The best time of year to travel for your safari honeymoon will depend on where you are travelling to and what kind of wildlife you’re looking to observe. Safari honeymoon trips can be made to a number of destinations in Africa such as South Africa, Tanzania, Botswana and Kenya - all of which offer different wildlife opportunities at different times of the year.

There are safari opportunities outside of Africa, such as Canada, Australia, Costa Rica and Sri Lanka - all of which have different high season times to Africa. 

Angelee advises, “The perfect time of year to book the safari and Seychelles honeymoon packages is between May and September. It’s slightly cooler day-to-day, which in turn attracts many of the big five that are incremental to see during your visit.

"If you’re not keen on a wet safari, you’ll want to avoid any rainy periods which are most frequent between November and February – although this is a good time to visit for birding trips if you’re after a glimpse of winged wildlife. The temperature sits around a manageable 22°C to 33°C”

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How Much Does a Safari Honeymoon Cost?

View of Lepogo Lodges Safari accommodation overlooking the game reserve with the sun setting in the background
Lepogo Lodges, South Africa

The cost of a safari honeymoon, like any trip abroad, has a lot of varying factors such as time of travel, length of travel and the level of facilities and tours you embark on. Angelee and Kate have given guidelines to prices of packages at both SevenTravel and Lepogo Lodges - two safari honeymoon providers who offer extraordinary, but very different trips. 

Angelee explains that, “Prices for the trip vary seasonally, however the price ranges from £11,450 per person excluding flights for the South African & Seychelles honeymoon package with SevenTravel. This 13-day trip strikes the perfect balance of safari adventure and relaxing beach paradise vacation.”

Kate adds that, “Nightly rates at Lepogo Lodges start from approximately £837 per person, per night for a Luxury Clifftop Villa on an all-inclusive board basis for stays booked to travel before December 2023.”

Couples who want to go all-out on their safari honeymoon package can opt for a two-week stay at a luxury safari lodge hotel with tours and activities daily. If you are on a tighter budget and are looking for a cheap honeymoon destination that offers the safari experience, consider staying near a great safari location and doing a day tour or a one-night stay during your honeymoon trip as opposed to having the whole holiday be a safari. 

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Safari Honeymoon Expert Tips

A couple walking through a dry forest across a wooden bridge
Unsplash / William Manuel

Go All Out

Angelee emphasises that this is a once in a lifetime trip and should be treated as such, “Don’t be afraid to deviate from your plans to linger for longer and get the full honeymoon experience.

For example, on the South African & Seychelles Honeymoon adventure by SevenTravel, your personal butler can plan a seemingly limitless number of additional activities during your stay, from wandering the Eden-like wilds of the Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve on Praslin or a helicopter ride to the rich birdlife of Aride Island Nature Reserve. 

Explore More Than Just Safari

Though your main purpose for the honeymoon may be to enjoy the safari, most lodges, hotels and safari accommodation offer more than just the wildlife. 

Angelee adds, “Even at your safari camp, there are often countless romantic experiences to make your honeymoon even more special, like intimate picnics in the African bush, helicopter rides over sprawling wildernesses or even remote sleep-outs so you can fall asleep to the sound of roaring lions.”

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Avoid Lie Ins

When it comes to safari honeymoon holidays, the early bird catches the best views so avoid lie ins to really make the most of this experience. Kate explains, “Early mornings are when wildlife is most active, so honeymoon couples are rewarded with the best viewings when they rise early.

We head out in the late afternoons too as the African wilderness cools down, the animals stir from heat induced slumbers and we enjoy unparalleled sunsets and night skies. Prepare to fall in love all over again – with the African wilderness as it reveals its magic and beauty before you.”

Go Bespoke

If there was ever a trip to have tailor made for you, it's a safari honeymoon. Most travel providers will offer bespoke and tailor made services and we'd strongly advise you to explore these. Words such as 'tailor made' and 'bespoke' can often ring alarm bells for couples as they assume this will be more expensive.

Safari holidays need to be done properly so they're not one to scrimp on, but having said that, sometimes a tailored trip can be less than a cookie-cutter package as there may be certain aspects of a ready-made safari honeymoon package you opt out of. 

If you're more beach than safari and beach, check out our guides to honeymoons in the Bali, Mauritius, Fiji and Bora Bora. And for those who really do need to watch the budget, we have a number of incredible cheap honeymoon destinations that feel super luxury.