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Wedding Activities for Kids: 20 Parent-Approved Ideas and Shoppable Options

I’m a wedding editor and mum of two – here’s everything you need to know about keeping the little ones entertained on your big day

Young girl blowing bubbles from a bubble wand

Young girl blowing bubbles from a bubble wand

Kids at weddings; it’s a common debate. As a mum of two young boys, I can categorically say for certain that going to a wedding with your children is a very different experience to attending as a child-free guest.

Nobody wants to be the parent who pulls out the iPad before the speeches have even started, so to see that the younger guests have been thought about in some way (even if only for a little while – everything feels ever-so-slightly easier after a ladleful of sangria or a glass of fizz) makes me breathe a little sigh of relief.

Because the reality of a wedding is that it can be a long and potentially dull experience for kids. It’s a common dilemma for couples who love the idea of inviting family and friends with little ones but who, at the same time, fear the tears, tantrums and parents generally not having a very good time. So, if you’re looking to make the experience less painful for all involved, we’ve rounded up the best ways to keep children entertained at a wedding.

Whether you want to keep kids calm and quiet during the ceremony or you just want to give parents the chance to let their hair down at the after-party, we’ve put together a list of attention-grabbing activities and children's entertainment to help keep your mini guests occupied for longer. After all, when the kids are happy – so are the parents!

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Ideas for Wedding Activities for Kids

From cost-effective to push-the-boat-out options, these children's entertainment ideas will keep everyone happy

1. Kids’ Wedding Activity Packs – Etsy

A colouring book with a picture of a bride and groom on it

Don’t underestimate the power of the humble colouring book! These personalised activity books are perfect for keeping little ones quiet during the ceremony and work either as part of a larger goody bag/activity pack, or as favours.

From £4.20 | Shop Now 

2. Giant Wooden Tumbling Tower Blocks – Smyths

Two teenagers playing giant jenga

Giant Jenga is a heap of fun for kids and adults – and will keep several entertained at one time. Just like other outdoor games, such as Connect4 and Twister, it's budget-friendly and brings a touch of nostalgia to an outdoor drinks reception. Need inspiration? We’ve got these outdoor game ideas everyone will love to add to your list, too.

£34.99 | Shop Now 

3. Call in the Experts – Little Wedding Creche

Two young girls in a tipi with a member of staff from the Wedding Creche

If you’re having lots of kids, it makes sense to call in the pros – and Little Wedding Creche are one of the best in the biz. The service offers a range of packages that can be tailored to suit your needs, which includes all the fun stuff like toys, party games, entertainers, face painting and bubble artists, alongside help with practical things like feeding and changing.

Some packages even include much-needed chill-out areas for toddlers and children, and a sleep area decked with calming night lights and soothing music for when the dancing starts. We’re in.

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4. Disposable Camera Treasure Hunt – Hitched Shop

A disposable camera decorated with gold hearts.

Buy some disposable cameras and give the children a list of photos they need to ‘collect’ – think a photo of the cake being cut or the newlyweds sharing a smooch. Post-wedding, you could print out their photos for them as a nice reminder of the day. And hey, you might even find a photo you want framed among them!

From £19.99 | Shop Now 

5. Bubble Blowers – Pursuit of Adventure

A girl blowing bubbles from a wand

Bubbles are great for kids in the sense that they’re obsessed with them, but let me tell you from experience, children couldn’t be worse when it comes to actually blowing them and your adult guests will only be tied down puffing out bubbles or trying to prevent inevitable mixture spillage.

That’s why we’re all for hand-held bubble machines – an easy way for little ones to unleash a stream of bubbles and chase and pop to their hearts’ content.

That said, if you’re not looking to fill your tables with plastic, these adorable eco-friendly wands from Pursuit of Adventure can be filled with bubble mixture as an alternative mess-free option.

£16.99 | Shop Now

6. Bouncy Castle Hire

A bride and groom jumping on a bouncy castle.

If your budget allows, a bouncy castle is a great addition to an outdoor wedding or a venue with plenty of space in the grounds. Keep your drunken guests off it for as long as possible, though – you don’t want any injuries!

7. Foosball Table Hire – ChampFoos Table Football

A close-up image of a foosball table

If you’re on a budget, ask around – we bet a guest will have one of these lying around in their garage somewhere. Otherwise, these cool foosball tables are available to rent. They’re especially great for summer weddings as you can set up a mini tournament outside.

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8. Dance Floor Time!

Image of a little girl dancing.

Why not set up a kids-only disco on the dance floor, complete with a playlist of the latest pop tracks and family favourites? It’ll give them half an hour to burn off some energy before the band starts and the adults join in.  

9. Create a Video Games Room

An image of a games console and a sign for retro games

If you’re not short on space, have an outdoor tepee, or you’re getting married in a big house that has plenty of rooms, you could create your very own video game and movie room.

Hire some retro arcade games from the likes of Gaming 4 Weddings (just don’t be surprised when you find half your wedding party battling it out on the dance mats or rocking out to Guitar Hero) – or, if budget is an issue, dig out your old Nintendo, ask friends and family to loan their consoles, and project a kids' film on the wall.

From £400 | Shop Now

10. Toy Box Rental – Toy Box Tots

Close up of a toy box filled with toys and books.

Toy Box Tots allows you to rent boxes filled with toys that young children will love. Aimed at pre-schoolers (probably the most challenging group to keep entertained), these handy boxes contain everything from books and toys to activity sheets and are themed around a classic kids’ storybook – which you get to keep!

From £19 | Shop Now

11. Alpaca Hire – Charnwood Forest Alpacas

A bride and groom with two alpacas.

No, we’re not kidding. In lieu of an actual budget-busting petting zoo, what better way to keep your younger guests amused than by inviting these furry friends along? Alpacas are sweet natured animals that won’t mind a bit of enthusiastic petting – plus you’ll you get some ace photos!

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12. Nanny Hire – Safe & Sound Events

A nanny with a small child

If you’re keen to give parents a real break, a dedicated wedding nanny service is a great shout. Safe & Sound Events is just one of many reliable options out there for you to consider. Not only will the team take care of the kids for a few hours (on-site, so you can always check on them), but they’ll take away that pressure to keep them occupied during the ceremony, speeches, and more.

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13. Sweet Cart Hire – The Party Carty

Image of a white vintage sweet cart and jars full of sweets.

What party isn’t improved by a little bag of pick 'n’ mix? The cost of a dessert table can elicit the occasional gasp, but a bountiful sweet buffet complete with paper bags and pick n’ mix scoops is an affordable alternative – and kids will love it.

Otherwise, if you’re looking to avoid the inevitable sugar crashes later on, make it a popcorn stand instead. This nibble du jour can be laced with everything from salt to cinnamon for sporadic kid-friendly snacking. This vintage-inspired cart from Kent-based company The Party Carty can be decorated to suit your theme.

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14. Lego Table

A close up of a wedding guest playing with Lego

Lego is a great way to keep kids entertained. You could choose to keep the blocks on your tables or – if you’re keen to keep your wedding tables clutter free – a designated Lego table in a separate area will go down a storm. Why not design a poster asking the little ones to build you the ultimate ‘dream house’? You could even judge the best creation at the end of the night with prizes for all participants.

From £24.99 | Shop Now

Shoppable Kids' Wedding Activities

Consider this your no-tears shopping list. These budget-friendly buys are perfect for tables and make great wedding favours for kids, too

15. Funny Wedding Activity Book – The Chiswick Gift Company

A child's activity book with rainbow writing

Filled with puzzles, word games, colouring-in and more, this witty activity book will appeal to ages 5-8 years. It even comes with colouring pencils.

£10 | Shop Now

16. Colour-In Tablecloth – Eggnogg

Children colouring in a giant poster tablecloth

If you’re having a kids-only table, cover it with this giant poster tablecloth! Pop some coloured pencils and markers on the table and you’ve got instant entertainment for children during dinner and the speeches.

£10 | Shop Now

17. My Day at a Wedding Keepsake Book – The Chiswick Gift Company

Image of an open activity book for children.

This interactive book for kids at weddings is an absolute no-brainer. It is packed with questions and activities about the wedding day for little ones to fill out and makes a sweet book to fill with photographs.

£10 | Shop Now

18. Our Wedding Day Kids’ Activity & Colouring Mat – Etsy

A brown paper placemat filled with children's activities and word games

This activity placemat template from BrideandBows at Etsy is super cute – just download as a digital file and print as many as you need.

£1.97 | Shop Now

19. Make Your Own Astronaut Peg Doll – Cotton Twist

Close up of an astronaut-themed peg doll kit

Perfect for kids aged three years and up, Cotton Twists cute peg doll kits are perfect for crafty little ones to get stuck into. Our favourite is the Astronaut Peg Doll – but you can choose from a range of dolls and animals.

£3.50 | Shop Now

20. Wedding Treasure Hunt Sheet – Etsy

Close up of a treasure hunt list with tick boxes and illustrations

Send the kids on a scavenger hunt with these brilliant-quality printable sheets. They’ll have tons of fun looking for all the items – don’t forget a little prize at the end for all completed sheets – you know, for extra motivation…

£3 | Shop Now

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