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Your Disney Wedding Guide: How Much Does It Cost & What Do You Get?

From magical packages and honeymoons galore, to having the characters as guests and saying 'I do' on a cruise - here's everything you need to know about Disney weddings...

If you’re dreaming of beginning your happily ever after with a fairy tale Disney wedding, it's important to know the basics. Before you start planning a Disney wedding, you need to know where you can get married, how much it costs and what's included.

Disney fans can get married in a number of magical locations around the world. From Disney cruise weddings and saying 'I do' in a themed resort, to getting married at the *actual* magic castle or reciting your vows next to your favourite theme park ride - the opportunities when it comes to Disney wedding ideas are close to endless!

If you’ve both been binging the likes of Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella since you were tiny, a Disney wedding might just be your dream come true – and you don’t need a fairy godmother to make it happen.

Planning a Disney Wedding: Where Can You Get Married and How Much Does it Cost?

Couple holding Mickey Mouse shaped pretzels after their Disney wedding

Organising a Disney themed wedding is way easier than you might think when you have all the correct information at your fingertips (you can thank us later for that!) and with so many options, including a Hawaiian resort and magical cruise ship, you can make a Disney wedding totally personal with the help of one of their expert wedding planners – and Mickey and co of course!

With the help of our guide, you'll be walking down the aisle to a Disney wedding song before you know it. 

Where Can You Have a Disney Wedding?

Two grooms holding hands after their Disney wedding walking around one of the Disney parks

You can marry at the world-famous parks Disneyland Paris, Walt Disney World Florida, Disneyland California or aboard a Disney cruise ship or at their paradise resort Aulani in Hawaii.

For full-on fairy tale Disney magic complete with castle, the parks are the way to go but if you fancy just a touch of Disney for your nuptials, a cruise ship or Hawaiian resort wedding may just offer the perfect balance.

There are also a number of Disney hotels, resorts, spas and partner venues that can offer couples a stunning Disney wedding without having to step foot on a boat or in a theme park. See all the Disney wedding locations here.

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How Much Does a Disney Wedding Cost?

Each Disney park, resort or cruise ship has a range of event spaces each priced differently. To give you an idea, take a look at the breakdown for each location below.

Get Married at Walt Disney World Florida

A couple kissing in front of Disney's Magic Castle after their Disney wedding ceremony

Weddings in Florida are priced on a minimum spend basis and each venue at the Walt Disney World Florida Resort has a different minimum spend. Your ceremony fee and any Disney Wedding Service elements such as flowers or décor can be used towards your minimum spend.

Minimum spends start at $7,500 and go up to $50,000, depending on day of the week and the locations themselves. For example, an intimate wedding for ten people at Crescent Cove starts at $3,500 for a ceremony venue hire and you would need to spend an additional $4,000 to meet the minimum spend requirement.

On the other end of the spectrum, you can book the Magic Kingdom park after hours with a $30,000 ceremony fee and will need to spend a further $20,000 on your celebration. If that sounds way out of budget, don't panic, there are plenty of other options at Walt Disney World Florida. 

There are almost 30 different locations that you can get married in across the four Disney theme parks and partner resorts in Walt Disney World Florida. From the German Courtyard in Epcot to The Tree of Life in Disney's Animal Kingdom - there are a whole host of spots to choose from.

If getting married inside one of the theme parks doesn't speak to you, there are also lots of Disney Florida wedding locations at the Disney spa hotels and resorts. Find out more about how much it costs to get married at Walt Disney World Florida here.

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Get Married at Disneyland California

A couple kissing during their Disney wedding ceremony with autumnal floral wedding arch

Getting married at Walt Disney World California comes with plenty of options similar to Paris and Florida. Planning a fairy-tale Disney wedding in California gives couples the option to plan their ceremony in one of two theme parks (Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure) or at one of the resort's luxurious hotels. 

Wedding events at Disneyland California are priced with a ceremony fee and a reception food and drink minimum spend. Per-person minimum spends are based on mealtimes: brunch $145pp, lunch $165pp, dinner $190pp.

Ceremony fees range from $2,600 to $10,000 and these depend on the day of the week and the locations themselves. Find out more about Disney weddings in California here.

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Get Married at Aulani Disney Resort & Spa Hawaii

A couple wearing lays during their Disney wedding ceremony

Affiliated with the Disney Vacation Club, the Aulani Disney Resort and Spa in Hawaii is a 21-acre Disneyland resort with a plethora of spots perfect for hosting a fairy-tale Disney wedding. 

The Aulani weddings team offer two packages: the Lōkahi Package for a tailor-made ceremony and full reception, and the Pilialoha Package for an intimate destination ceremony for up to 20 people including the couple.

Lōkahi celebrations start at $10,600 and include a one-hour ceremony, an officiant, four-hour reception, two hours of professional photography, white garden chairs and a white wedding arch, citrus water for guests and an indoor ballroom reception space.

Pilialoha Packages start at $5,400 and include an officiant to perform the ceremony, one hour of professional photography, white garden chairs and bottled water for guests.

Couples who want all of the magic that a Disney wedding brings, without the bustle of the theme parks may have just found the perfect spot to say 'I do'. Discover more here.

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Get Married on a Disney Cruise

A couple on the stern of a Disney cruise ship on their wedding day with the ocean in the background

Much loved by Disney super-fans and Love Island winner Cara and Nathan (who actually wrote a guide to Disney honeymoons) - Disney cruises are an aspect that fly under the radar with a lot of Disney fans - but they really shouldn't. The Disney Cruise wedding option is perfect for couples who want to travel and have a bit more flexibility with their wedding location.

You can't have a wedding in a Disney park and choose a different location - but with a Disney cruise wedding, not only are there a number of ports to travel from, most of the cruises travel to several locations meaning you can tie the knot and travel the world. Who'd have thought it!

Disney Cruises offer two wedding options: Onboard Celebrations and Upgraded celebrations. Onboard Celebrations start at $3,500 and Upgraded Celebrations start at $4,500.

Both packages include the services of an on-site ceremony coordinator, personal flowers for the couple, an officiant and pianist, cake and champagne celebration, dinner for the couple and commemorative Disney Cruise Line wedding certificate.

Upgraded Celebrations offer couples the chance to say “I do” on Disney’s private island in the Bahamas, Castaway Cay.

Packages are based on up to 16 guests and further guests can be added for an additional cost. Choose between the Disney Magic, Wonder, Dream, Fantasy or Wish for your magical Disney cruise wedding

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Get Married at Disneyland Paris

Two brides holding hands at the end of the aisle during their Disney wedding ceremony

If you're looking to plan your happily-ever-after Disney wedding in Europe, Disneyland Paris is a great place to start.

The weddings team at Disneyland Paris offer the 'Once Upon a Time' collection of wedding packages which are all available to be held in their Disney Hotels.

For a Disney wedding in the midst of all the action, you can explore the team's Romance collection which offers wedding packages within the Disneyland Paris parks.

Weddings at Disneyland Paris start at €27,500 and the price will depend on the size and location of your celebration. You can marry here at the park, in Disney hotels and small receptions can be held at Disney Restaurants.

Disneyland Paris Weddings

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What is the Cheapest Wedding at Disney World?

Stunning wedding aisle in Disney decorated with floral swirls with a horse drawn carriage at the end
Getty Images / Disney General Entertainment content / Freeform

Purely based on ceremony and hire fees, the cheapest Disney wedding is at Disneyworld in California. Their venue ceremony hire starts from $2,600 making it the most cost-effective Disney wedding on paper - however...

The cost of your Disney wedding is based on so many different variables. The number of guests, the level of extravagance, the duration of your trip, location and where you're travelling from are all going to significantly impact the cost of your Disney wedding.

The Disney cruises have one of the lowest base fees for weddings, but you have to factor into account the cost of the cruise itself as you will have to pay that on top of your wedding fee. Whilst Disney World weddings have a higher minimum spend, your park entry will be included in that cost and on the off chance it isn't, a park entry fee is going to be a lot cheaper than a Disney cruise.

If you're really looking to save money when planning your Disney wedding, consider having your actual ceremony at a nearby non-Disney venue and then celebrating with a big dinner or smaller ceremony in the park itself.

Paris, Florida and California are all brimming with stunning wedding venues that aren't associated with Disney - you could say your vows in a stunning ceremony there and then head to one of the Disney parks for a wedding breakfast or wedding day out. 

Alternatively, consider some of the Disney resort and hotel wedding venues as opposed to the park. Disney theme parks are super busy - they make a lot of money so to close down an area for a wedding is, of course, going to cost more than the hire fee at a branded venue. 

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What is Included in a Disney Wedding?

Whimsical floral aisle in Disney world

The wedding packages at Walt Disney World Florida have the capacity to include wedding photography, videography, specialty portrait sessions, flowers for your bouquet as well as accessories for the wedding party, floral arrangements, music, themed entertainment and guest transport. 

Making Disney weddings that little bit more special, their packages also offer up the chance to have some of the famed Disney characters make an appearance at your wedding, as well as wedding transport options that include Cinderella's coach or a horse-drawn carriage. Talk about travelling in style!

Similar options are available at the other Disney wedding destinations, although Disney World in Florida has the largest offering to nearlywed couples. Packages at the other Disney spots have tailored offerings specific to their location with the Aulani Resort in Hawaii, for example, offering a live Hawaiian band, Polynesian revue and fire-knife dancers to name just a few. 

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9 Reasons to Have a Disney Wedding

A bride and her three bridesmaids walking through Disney World

1. It's Planned to Perfection

You will benefit from the services of Disney Wedding Specialists and a Day-Of Coordinator when you book your wedding. Disney also provide everything from catering to transport and flowers and décor, so they’re really your one stop fairy tale wedding shop! Very useful indeed when planning from afar as is their next major perk…

2. They Offer Honeymoons Too!

Disney also offer a honeymoon planning service, so you can extend your stay after your wedding, head to one of Disney’s other locations or go on one of their adventure honeymoons or cruises.

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3. You Get a Pre-Wedding Visit

Disney invite you to schedule an in-person site visit with your Disney Wedding Consultant ahead of the day. The venues that are open to the public can also be visited at any time.

4. The Backdrops Are Unbeatable

The tree of life in Disney's Animal Kingdom decorated in botanical florals for a wedding

Fancy capturing your first moments as a married couple in front of the Magic Kingdom? Or perhaps the Animal Kingdom or even amongst the sights of bustling Epcot? You can snap the iconic backdrops plus so many more at Disney.

5. You Can Use the Hotel Accommodation

Attending a Disney wedding is super convenient thanks to the host of accommodation available at all of their locations. Guests staying at Walt Disney World Florida will also be treated to a complimentary transfer from Orlando International Airport to their resort.

6. You Get Preferential Prices on Park Tickets

If you’re marrying and staying at a Disney park, your guests can purchase specially priced theme park tickets – magic!

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7. You Get the Disney Details

Couple walking down a beautifully decorated aisle at their Disney wedding

While you can totally plan a pared back wedding at Disney, you can really go to town on the Disney details too if you fancy it. With a castle wedding cake, a ceremony at the Magic Kingdom in front of the castle, a Cinderella carriage ride and a special guest appearance from Mickey, you can create the dreamiest Disney filled day.

8. Disney Welcome Everyone

Disney invites couples from around the world to bring their heritage and cultural traditions to their Disney wedding. From a Chinese tea ceremony to a traditional Indian or Jewish wedding, Disney can do it all.

9. The Famous Wedding Guests

Couple sat in front of a baby blue door with chocolate Minnie and Mickey chocolate bars

You can speak to your wedding coordinator about inviting Mickey, Minnie or another of your Disney favourites to your reception celebrations. All characters are subject to availability though, so we’d put in any special requests early on if we were you.

Now, get your princess on with these magical wedding tiaras perfect for a fairy-tale Disney wedding, or browse our favourite Disney wedding ideas.