50 DIY Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

Take a look at 50 fantastic DIY wedding centrepiece ideas that will look gorgeous and wont break the bank


As your guests walk into your wedding reception, you want to make an impact with the overall look of the room and a big part of this will be how you decorate your wedding reception tables.


To help inspire you, we’ve put together 50 amazing DIY wedding centrepiece ideas for brilliant and unusual reception tables — and the best bit is, you can easily make or put together every single one of them yourself:

1. Fresh flowers in a shabby chic tin, bottle or box

2. Small wicker boxes filled with silk flowers

3. Bottles decorated with shells, pebbles and starfish (perfect for a beach-themed wedding)

4. Living centrepieces of growing herb pots that guests can add to their meal or cocktails

5. Two or three orchids in an oversized glass vase

6. Different shaped and sized glass bottles with flowers in


Image credit: Mercure Letchworth Hall Hotel

7. An ice bucket filled with beers and wine

8. An vintage typewriter decorated with flowers or foliage

9. A selection of small plants that guests can take away as favours

10. Fill pumpkins with flowers for an autumn wedding

11. Old books and photo albums stacked on top of a small trunk

12. White porcelain vases filled with roses in different shades of the same colour

13. Vintage vases spray-painted with pastel or metallic colours

14. A blackboard in a photo frame painted with the table number or a special message

15. Tall vases holding peacock feathers

16. A display with mismatched cups and china filled with fresh flowers


Image credit: Susan Renee Photography

17. A large vase filled with the same flower — but pick a different flower for every table

18. An unusual antique (like a ceramic basket or bowl) filled with fresh flowers

19. Antique style hurricane lanterns lit with church candles

20. Traditional sweetie jars or jam jars filled with candy canes

21. An old bird cage decorated with leaves or flowers

22. A wedding cake stand topped with fresh flowers

23. A cheeseboard (or tiered cake stand) beautifully arranged with local cheeses

24. A container holding fun glasses, moustaches and lips on sticks for your guests to play with

25. Halve limes or lemons and display them — flat side facing outwards — in a glass vase with leafy greens and flowers on top

26. Flowers in a tall vase with small mobile decorations, such as candles or feathers, suspended from them


27. A vase of baubles for a winter wedding day

28. Paper lanterns illuminated with LED lights

29. Simple square vases covered in lace

30. Garden flowers, like hydrangea, in an oversized jam jar

31. Coloured ribbon (or streamer) chandeliers suspended over the tables

32. Small sections of tree trunk used as stands for scented tea lights or vases

33. A selection of decorations, like flowers, candles and fruit, all in the same shade

34. White flowers with silver sprayed twigs or foliage for winter weddings

35. Evergreen sprigs with winter blooms and berries

36. Mason jars filled with sand or shells for a seaside theme

37. A box of retro games, like Cluedo and Scrabble, to keep guests amused

38. Mini wedding cakes on each table for guests to cut

39. Small macaroon towers on each table

40. A collection of pillar candles in different sizes and colours, displayed on a metallic plate or tray

41. A hanging centrepiece that is suspended from above the table: this could be anything from a bead chandelier to a cascade of silver stars

42. Goldfish bowls filled with large fresh flowers

43. Large twigs (or small branches) in vases — with paper or millinery birds perched on them

44. Large candelabras draped with strings of pearls and crystals, holding taper candles

45. A silver cake stand covered in white crackers for a December wedding

46. Old teapots filled with flowers

47. Taper style candles in mismatched holders

48. A harvest centrepiece of dried wheat and grasses, secured with ribbon or rope

49. Fresh flowers in a zinc bucket


50. A cake stand filled with home-baked goodies such as brownies, flapjacks and iced fairy cakes (add even more of a personal touch by icing the bride and groom’s initials onto the buns)

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