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30+ Wedding Centrepiece Ideas: Unique, Unusual & Stylish Ideas

From food and drink to disco balls and feathers, these unique wedding centerpiece ideas will have you spoilt for choice

festive table set up with a large floral wedding centerpiece, hanging chandelier and floral arch

Wedding centrepieces play a key role in the look of your day and are one of the most important things to consider when you start thinking about wedding decor ideas - so if you're looking for the best wedding centerpiece ideas, you've come to the right place.

Placed, as you'd expect, at the middle of the tables, your centrepieces are what really draw the eye. The good news is, wedding table centrepiece ideas come in all shapes and sizes, so whatever your wedding style, you're bound to find the right one for you. What's more, you'll be surprised at what you can achieve if you decide to try some wedding DIY.

While centrepieces at weddings are often floral arrangements, they don't actually have to include flowers. You can get creative with everything from lanterns and candles to vintage books and rustic crates. You might even be able to save money on your budget by using objects you already have around the home.

31 Wedding Centerpiece Ideas for Every Style of Wedding

To help inspire you, here are 31 amazing wedding centrepiece ideas for brilliant and unusual reception tables — and the best bit is, you can make or put together some of these yourself.

1. Drink Toppers Wedding Centerpiece Station

a rustic bar with lots of drinks bottles and fruit toppers in jars

If you're looking for unique wedding centerpiece ideas, and know your guests love a drink, why not turn the middle of your tables into a pimp-your-drinks station? 

This is also a great option if you want to do it yourself wedding table centerpiece ideas as all you need are some jars and ingredients that'll go with your guests' drink of choice.

The team at Lillibrooke Manor and Barns have the perfect picks here with toppers that'd work for fizz, gins and other spirits, too. 

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2. Floral Candle Wreath Centerpiece

a round table and long top table in a barn venue with floral installations on each

Here we have another idea from the team at Lillibrooke Manor and Barns which inspired us.

They have used floral wreaths to surround a chunky candle - it's such a simple idea and we love the fact that they've repurposed a wreath and laid it down flat instead.

If you're looking for wedding table centerpieces ideas on a budget, this is one of them. Get all your friends round for a wreath making session and pair them with shop-bought candles for a DIY look. 

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3. Wine Bottle Candle Holder Centerpieces

a long wooden rustic wedding table with bottles used as candles as the centerpiece

Though shown in a rustic wedding setting here at River View Venue, using wine bottles as candle holders and wedding centerpieces can work for almost any theme. 

Pair the right bottle with the style and colour candle that works for your theme and you have yourself centerpiece ideas for wedding styles far and wide. 

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4. Vintage Record Wedding Centerpieces

a record used as a centerpiece on a light wooden table set up for a wedding breakfast

Music loving couples will adore this unique idea.

Having vintage records in the middle of your tables has got to be one of the coolest wedding centerpiece ideas out there. This couple at Pratis Barn have decided to have their records personalised, but you could choose your favourite vintage records and have the centerpieces double up as table names after each of your favourite tracks. 

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5. Assorted Bottles and Flower Centerpieces

mised selection of bottles used as wedding table centerpiece ideas with flowers inside

We've seen wedding table centerpiece ideas where bottles have been used as candle holders, but what about repurposing your favourite booze-holders and using them as vases for your centerpieces?

Here at The Manor Gardens, the couple have used a range of bottles to house their wedding flowers and they work so well as wedding centerpieces ideas. 

If you wanted a more elegant feel, as opposed to rustic, opt for matching bottles instead. 

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6. Simple Ceramic Pot Centerpieces

small ceramic pots and vases acting as wedding table centerpieces with dried flowers in them

Italian wedding events company Eevents have nailed the 'boho chic but keep it luxe' theme here by using minimalist ceramic pots on the table. 

If you want something simple and timelessly cool, look to ceramic pots like these for centerpiece ideas for wedding celebrations. You could opt for neutral colours like the ones here, but for more autumnal or boho weddings, consider the classic terracotta coloured ones. They will really stand out and are so easy to find at local garden centres. 

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7. Raised Floral & Candle Centerpiece Display

a very elaborate floral wedding centerpiece display with candelabras and purple flowers

From simple and chic to opulent and luxurious, this is perhaps one of the most extravagant wedding centre piece ideas we've seen. 

Caribou Events have used raised floral installations and glamorous candelabras to create the wedding centerpiece to top all wedding centerpieces. Lifting the displays is a clever way to ensure guests can still see each other from across the table and talk 

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8. Floral Wedding Centerpieces on Stilts

two long banquet tables with tall floral wedding centerpieces spread across each one

Another great way to embrace large floral wedding centre piece ideas without them getting in the way of guests socialising is to display them on stylish stilt boxes.

The team at The Tythe Barn Launton demonstrate how pretty floral bouquets can look on tall bases and it's also a great way to add height to your tables, especially if your wedding venue has super high ceilings. 

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9. Raised Pampas Grass Wedding Table Centerpiece

round tables with pampas grass table centerpieces in the middle of each one

For a more pared-back look that still feels luxurious, consider having wedding table centerpiece ideas that include pampas grass. It's such a trendy bloom to incorporate nowadays and having them on box stilts, as mentioned before, adds height to your tables and still allows your guests to talk to one another. 

This display at Bunny Hill Weddings shows the importance of colour palettes. The nude chairs, table runner, gold box stilt and neutral pampas grass all go together so well and really help to set the scene for the day. 

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10. Simple White Feathered Wedding Table Centerpieces

a long wedding breakfast table with a runner and white feathered centerpieces going all the way down

This tablescape at Marshwood Manor has brought such simple wedding centerpiece ideas to life with the way it's all been styled together.

The white feathers are such a unique thing to use as a table centerpiece but it really works - especially when paired with such neutral place settings and a nude table runner. 

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11. Block Colour Rose Wedding Centerpiece Idea

two women talking outdoors next to a table with a colourful rose centerpiece next to them

Love roses and want them in your wedding bouquet? If so, you'll love this wedding centerpiece look by Poppy Sienna Events.

Roses in a range of both bold and neutral colours have been arranged together to create a truly beautiful centerpiece that is classic and modern all at the same time. 

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12. Fruit Themed Wedding Centerpieces

floral and lemon wedding centerpiece idea on a white tablecloth

Looking for May wedding centerpiece ideas that are super easy to do but will make your tablescape stand out? If so, look to this set up by Poppy Sienna Events for inspiration.

Lemons are in season between April and July, making them ideal decor for spring and summer weddings, but if you're planning an autumn or winter wedding, you could easily swap the lemons for an in-season fruit and get the same unique effect. 

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13. Overhead Floral Centerpiece Installation

overhead wedding centerpiece idea with pampas grass hanging from the ceiling above a long wooden table

Why stick to centerpiece ideas for wedding tables that are actually on the table when you could think bigger and bolder - like having your table centerpiece hanging from above?

We love it when couples flip the script and this display at Kingdom demonstrates just how cool it looks when people think outside of the box.

Having a centered installation hanging above the table creates drama and means you don't need a centrepiece on the table itself - although you could be extra and have both. It's your day after all. 

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14. Disco Balls & Dried Flower Decor

hanging floral installation with pampas grass, dried flowers and disco balls

Okay, so technically this doesn;t qualify as one of our wedding table centerpiece ideas, but we would love to see a display containing disco balls on a table. 

Disco balls are an amazing prop that help to marry modern and retro themes. As you can see here in this display put together by Poppy Sienna Events, they also work really well with bohemian style dried flowers, adding a fun and playful element to any boho themed wedding. 

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15. Botanical Table Centerpieces With Succulents

succulent in a glass and gold vase

Let's move on from glam and chic to more natural wedding centerpiece ideas. If you're a lover of house plants, consider wedding centerpieces like these succulent terrariums put together by Keshire Creative Events

These are brilliant do it yourself wedding table centerpiece ideas as, if you're particularly green-fingered, you won't find this too tricky. 

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16. Hanging Chandelier & Arch Instalment 

festive table set up with a large floral wedding centerpiece, hanging chandelier and floral arch

You already know we're a fan of taking your centerpiece up into the air, but turning it into a full-blown floral arch with a hanging chandelier is just showing off, and we love it!

Ambience Venue Styling Cheshire have created the ultimate festive tablescape with both an on the table centerpiece and a hanging one and honestly, we're just here for the extra-ness. 

However we reckon this would look just as pretty without the display on the table. 

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17. Tall Floral Arrangements & Floral Runner

large floral instalments are the table centerpiece on a long banqueting table

Another example of a really elaborate and luxe wedding table centerpiece is this display by Couture Events Ltd.

They have combined two wedding table centerpiece ideas to make one enormously impressive tablescape and it does not disappoint. 

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18. Botanical Table Runner Centerpiece

a long banqueting table with botanical table runner

If you hadn't already guessed, we're fans of breaking the rules here at Hitched, which is why we love The Tythe Barn Launton wedding centerpiece ideas so much. Instead of having one solo centerpiece, they've decided to create an entire table runner out of botanical plants and the end result is so pretty. 

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19. Reverse Table Runner Centrepiece

a wedding planner adjusting details on a small rectangular table with an inverted floral table runner as its centerpiece

Continuing with the theme of table runner centerpieces, we love the way Oak and Opal have created a reverse runner and instead of concentrating the main arrangement in the centre of the table, they've focussed their attention on the ends. 

Not only does this look cool and different, but it also works really well from a practical standpoint, giving guests more space to house their food and drinks in the middle of the table. 

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20. Large Wedding Centerpieces Made From Live Plants

wedding planner putting finishing touches to a wedding centerpiece which consists of a real orchid in a see through vase

Here, Kept Weddings With Laura have taken succulent wedding table centerpiece ideas to new heights by using a large live plant as the centre of their wedding tablescapes. 

We love how this lends itself to a botanical colour scheme, but even more so, they are the perfect gift for members of your wedding party and family. They can take them home and keep them forever (or as long as they keep them alive for...). 

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21. Long, Grand Candle Table Runner

long banquet table set outside in a woods with a long line of candles and flowers as the centrepiece

If you want long wedding centre piece ideas that feel grand and will create an ambiance, look to this set up at The Woods at Oakley for inspiration. 

The floral display leans into the natural surroundings, while the row of romantic candles really elevates the centerpiece as a whole. 

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22. Gold Candle Lantern Centerpieces 

large white candle inside a clear lantern with gold edging and green foliage around it

Candle lanterns are a classic wedding decor item, but don't underrate them! Look how pretty this set up by Ambience Venue Styling Surrey is? 

You could ask your venue or stylist to do this, or have a go yourself and try to create wedding table centerpieces ideas on a budget. All you need are some candles, stylish lanterns and some faux (or real!) foliage to decorate around the edges. 

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23. Assorted Rustic Log Centerpieces

simple wooden logs in assorted sizes being used as wedding centerpieces on a long table with wite linens

If you're after rustic wedding centerpieces ideas like this set up at Morley Hayes are ideal for you. The stylists here have used wooden logs and trunks in assorted heights to create several wedding centerpieces. It's a simple yet impactful idea that is easy to recreate on a budget. 

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24. Foraged Greenery Table Decor

outdoor wooden table with large arrangement of leaves as the centerpiece

This table at Bower in the Woods may be one of the most unique wedding table centerpiece ideas we've ever seen, which is wild considering just how simple it is. 

The venue have used foraged leaves (faux foliage could also be used here) to create a rustic and natural tablescape which truly embraces the woodland surroundings. They go so well with the wooden place settings too. 

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25. Round Mirror Table Centerpiece

round wedding breakfast table with simple floral arrangement and round mirror as a centerpiece

If your wedding centerpiece ideas are on the simpler side, adding mirrors underneath them can be a great way to give the illusion that more is actually going on. Mirrors are a modern decoration and work really well for couples who want that kind of aesthetic. The round mirror used here at The Barn Tea Green works really well as it matches the shape of the table perfectly. 

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26. Rustic Log Fire Centerpiece

outdoor set up with log fire as a table centrepiece surrounded by hay bales

If you are getting married outside and plan on having your guests eat or drink al-fresco, why not use a log fire as your centerpiece? Here at Pencarrow, the guests can sit comfortably on hay bales and stay warm by the fire. Imagine several of these set up in the style of a wedding breakfast! You could hand out things to be toasted to make it an interactive centre piece idea. 

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27. Canape Board Wedding Centerpieces

canape wedding centerpiece idea with charcuterie in the middle of the table

We spoke about drinks toppers as centerpieces right at the start of this edit, but what about food?

If you're planning to have canapes, starters or 'picky bits' as we like to call them, ask your venue to display them on a rustic wooden board or fancy grey slate in the middle of your table. Just look how cool this spread at Bunny Hill Weddings looks, and they've used a wooden bench which can be removed - clever! 

For us, the best wedding table centerpieces and ideas on a budget are the ones that utilise what you're already going to have - so get creative with your food and the way you display it. 

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28. Wedding Cake Centerpiece Ideas

small wedding cake in the center of a table that has multi coloured icing on it

On the topic of food (our fave), one of our favourite wedding centerpiece ideas is to give each table a single tier wedding cake to share. This cute wedding cake at Mount Pleasant Eco Park would make the perfect sharer for your guests and works particularly well if you're not keen on having one big wedding cake. 

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29. Drinks Bucket Centerpiece Ideas

drinks trolley with ice bucket filled with champagne

Thought we couldn't top wedding cake centerpieces? Think again.

This drinks trolley at a wedding at Fortnum and Mason got us thinking about how cool it would be to have a drinks bucket in the centre of each table at your wedding. 

Not only does it mean guests don't need to go anywhere for their drinks, but it also adds a sense of socialisation to the table with people offering each other drinks and chatting whilst doing so. 

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30. 1920s Feather Centerpieces

feathered centerpieces in black and white

Hello 1920s wedding theme!

If you're a huge fan of Art Deco and want wedding centerpiece ideas that reflect that, add these large feathered displays to the inspo list. 

This display at Bath's Historic Venues have gone for black and white ones, but you could opt for more neutral or bolder tones depending on your wedding colour scheme. 

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31. Tropical Oversized Leaf Table Decor

long white tables with leaf centerpieces

Having a botanical wedding theme or want to lean into the tropical side of things? Perhaps you're getting married in a botanical garden or just love natural elements. Whatever the case, we just know you're going to love these oversized leaf centerpieces by Caribou Events.

Super easy to create, we love these as do it yourself wedding table centerpiece ideas. 

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What Do You Put on Tables at Weddings?

It's entirely up to you how you style your tables - if you want to style them at all! - but décor elements to consider include:

  • Centrepieces - as the name suggests, these are the central displays on each table. Don't make them too high - you want guests to be able to talk over them!
  • Place settings - even the plates and cutlery can make an impact, and you can add extras, such as sprigs of herbs
  • Linens - napkins, table cloths and decorative table runners
  • Stationery - the place cards, menus and table names or numbers
  • Chairs - see if your venue will let you change these up for style and comfort
  • Favours - you may choose to put these on each place setting

Can You Make Your Own Wedding Centrepieces?

You can definitely make your own wedding centrepieces - in fact, if you're craft-inclined, this can even be a fun part of the wedding process! Once you've chosen your design, we'd suggest practising in advance, so putting them together becomes second nature; that's particularly true if you have a lot of tables to decorate.

While there's nothing wrong with being ambitious, choose simple centrepieces if you're new to crafting - there's no need to add to your wedding stress, and there are some lovely, easy-to-assemble ideas.

Do Wedding Centrepieces Have to Match?

Absolutely not! Mismatched wedding centrepieces can look very chic, whether you're mixing up colours or heights. It's a good idea to include one small element in common in each centrepiece if you can, to give your mismatched look some polish and bring everything together. This can be as simple as having the same candles at each centrepiece base or using the same vessels but different flowers.

Find out which other décor elements you can make yourself with our guide to the wedding decorations you can easily DIY.