The Best Engagement Announcement Ideas: 21 Ways to Break the News

Getting engaged is super exciting, so use one of these creative engagement announcement ideas which are just as special as the news itself!

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Engagement Announcement

Once you’ve (just about) stopped your flow of happy tears following your spectacular proposal, it’s time to share the exciting news with your friends and family.


You’ll probably want to shout it from the rooftops, update your Facebook relationship status and WhatsApp anyone who will listen. Getting engaged is one of the most exciting moments of your life, after all!

Of course, these are all valid ways to break your exciting news… but how about opting for something a little different? We’ve pulled together some of the cutest, funniest and most creative ways to announce your engagement. All you need to do is choose your favourite.

1. Take a Selfie

You only need to cast one glance in the direction of influencer Megan Ellaby and her fiancé to see how utterly in love they are with each other – and how excited they are to be engaged! This selfie is so cute.

Keep your engagement announcement simple and share a loved-up selfie to your social media. You’ll rake in the likes (trust us), and a selfie taken just moments after the question was popped is a lovely thing to be able to look back on.

2. Take a Snap of Your Ring

A great way to announce your engagement is to take a photo of the star of the show: your glittering engagement ring!

This option is a bit of a life-saver if your eyes are looking a bit puffy after all the tears of joy, since only your hand will need to feature in the snap.

A ring photo like this is also a lovely idea if you got engaged against an impressive backdrop as you’ll be able to show it off!

We love this ring snap which has been taken in the rice paddies of Bali – and how engagement-ring-worthy is that manicure? We have serious nail envy.

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3. Share a Close-Up Portrait

We’re obsessed with this close-up portrait of this newly engaged couple. Sharing a similar close-up snap is a lovely way to announce your engagement!

4. Use Your Pet to Break the News

It’s one thing getting your pets in on your engagement selfie, but getting your pets involved in the actual proposal is a whole different ball game.

If your pet proposed with a collar tag like this, you’ll be left with a snap that is screaming to be ‘grammed. It’s the perfect engagement announcement!

5. Snap Your Sunset Proposal

How about sharing a shot of the moment the engagement ring was placed on your finger?

This sunset photograph is stunning!

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6. Share a Shot of The Moment

If your proposal is set to be pretty spectacular and you’re the one proposing, why don’t you make sure you’re all set up to get a shot of the special moment unfold? It’ll leave you with the perfect snap to share your engagement news.

Victoria Magrath of InTheFrow got engaged in front of the Vancouver skyline, and her now-husband had a camera set up to capture the moment he proposed. You can do this easily will self-timer, or you could hire a photographer to do the work for you!

7. Have a Professional Engagement Shoot

If you want to bask in newly-engaged bliss for a little while before you share the news, wait until you’ve had your engagement shoot to make your announcement.

An engagement shoot is the perfect opportunity to work with your photographer for the first time, and it’s also a fantastic way to capture that elated glow you have in the lead up to your big day.

When your share your photo to Instagram, you can post it alongside a throwback caption which lets your followers know you’ve been engaged for a little while in secret…

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8. Get the Family Involved

Not all engagements are just between two people, so if you want to make your family part of the news, why not include them in your engagement announcement?

Take your children on your engagement shoot, or DIY your own family portrait and get your children to hold up signs to announce the news!

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9. Share a Quote

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Alright friends, time to start those weekly manicure session back up cuz it’s officially engagement season!! Raise your hands (preferable your left ????) if you got engaged in winter!! ????????‍♀️⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #gettinghitched #justengaged #isaidyes #hesaidyes #shesaidyes #theysaidyes #wereengaged #engagedaf #howtheyasked #weregettingmarried #justsaidyes #engagementparty #stationerydesign #stationerydesigner #customstationerydesign #Eventstationery #socialstationery #socalweddings #Weddinginvitations #eventinvitations #losangelesweddings #californiabrides #poppyandbirchca #eventinspo #Weddinginspo #weddinginspiration #customweddinginvitations #custominvitations #uniqueinvitations

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Don’t fancy posing in front of the camera? Take an artistic shot of your engagement ring on the top of your favourite romantic quote about love and marriage.

This idea makes for such a traditional announcement!

10. Capture the “Thumbs Up Shot”

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Well that holiday was pretty sick

A post shared by Anna Claudia Heaton (@annarrclaudia) on

If you and your other half are known for having a bit of a laugh with your friends, a funny engagement announcement like this one could be the way to go.

Get your other half to put their thumbs up as you show off your sparkly new engagement ring.

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11. Buy a Mug

Show off your ring and your exciting news with this fabulous “he put a ring on it!” mug.

This simple design makes it a perfect mug for couples who don’t want to share too much information about the proposal.

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12. Post a Story

Budding vlogger? Why not film a quick video to share your engagement announcement? Put your camera on selfie mode and tell your friends how happy you are!

Alternatively, you could purchase a “we’re engaged!” filter to post on your story. There’s nothing more perfect than using a personalised filter to share your news…

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13. Throw a Party

Why not avoid a social media engagement announcement altogether? Instead, wait until your nearest and dearest are surprised with a beautiful invite to your engagement party in the post. They’ll be over the moon for you and will probably appreciate it more than a social media post which can be seen by everyone!

We love these pretty and pink engagement party invitations by Tavern Creative. They’re so cute!

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14. Wear Your News

Surprise your friends and family by wearing your engagement announcement.

There are plenty of different t-shirts and jumpers available on Not On The High Street, including this subtle and funny design by Squiffy Print.

It doesn’t outright say that you’re engaged, so it’d be fun to see how long it takes for your friends and family to cotton on…

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15. Hang a Bauble on Your Christmas Tree

Did you got engaged at Christmas? Share a photo of your personalised Christmas bauble to announce your engagement.

This one from Not On The High Street  is made from glass and shaped like a heart. You can also change the colour of the text on the front!

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16. Get Inked

If you’re a bride-to-be who already knows they’ll be breaking all kinds of wedding rules, start early and announce your engagement in an unconventional way!

Be bold and get the date of your engagement tattooed on your body in numbers or Roman numerals, then post a picture for all your friends to see. Fairly cryptic, but cute all the same.

Oh, and when you get married, you can add your wedding date to the collection. There’s no better way to say ‘forever’!

17. Light a Candle

How stunning are these coloured, scented candles? They can be personalised with your names and the date of your engagement! We love the idea of buying one after your other half has popped the question and sharing a photo of it on social media.

These candles would also make a lovely engagement gift idea for your BFF who is getting hitched!

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18. Buy a Tote Bag

We love this cute tote bag from Not On The High Street, and it means you can carry your engagement announcement proudly on your arm! Not a person will go untold, and you’ll be able to keep your special memento forever.

We love this white and gold tote bag because it’s adorned in sparkly text. So glam!

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19. Top Your Cake

Another super cute way of telling your friends you’re engaged is to invite them all over for dinner and bring out a cake with this amazing cake topper.

You can then share your proposal story while tucking into a slice of Victoria Sponge. Or lemon drizzle. Or whatever flavour your heart so desires. Pretty perfect if you ask us!

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20. Share a Meme

Engagement Announcement

Not everyone likes to pose in front of a camera, and if you’re a bit too busy with your new found hobby of wedding planning to do anything ultra-creative, why not post a pretty meme instead?

Save this official Hitched design and share it across your social media platforms. The notifications of congratulations will soon come rolling in!

21. Blow Up a Balloon

We love this confetti balloon by Bubblegum Balloons! It’s the perfect way to announce your engagement. You can personalise it to say “she put a ring on it”, too!

You and your partner could pose for a snap with it, or you could take a photo of the balloon without featuring in the picture at all.

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However you decide to share your engagement news, make sure you enjoy the special moment!


Now that your engagement announcement is out of the way, it’s time to get planning for the big day. Our ultimate wedding planning checklist is the perfect place to start.