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25 Unique and Sweet Ways to Announce Your Engagement

Including inspiration from the stars, ways to include your pets and some hilariously funny engagement announcement ideas...

Bride to be rowing a boat showing off her engagement ringx
Instagram / @tessamigoni

Bride to be rowing a boat showing off her engagement ringx
Instagram / @tessamigoni

So, your partner has finally put a ring on it! Now comes the fun task of deciding how to announce your engagement. With so many engagement announcement ideas out there, it can be hard to decide how you and your partner are going to break your news to the world - aka your followers… 

When it comes to the things you should do when you get engaged, announcing your engagement is usually pretty high up on the list. From wording the perfect engagement caption to getting *that* dreamy engagement ring selfie, deciding on your engagement announcement style can be difficult.

Seeing as you’re probably enjoying newly-engaged bliss, we figured this is the last thing you should be worrying about - so we’ve rounded up some of the best engagement announcement ideas to inspire your own. 

25 Engagement Announcement Ideas For Social Media & Real Life

From classic couple selfies and understated post ideas, to funny engagement announcements and ones including pets - here are the best ways to announce your engagement both on social media, and off!

Our round-up includes inspo from some of our favourite engaged celebrity couples, some props and accessories you can use to aid your engagement announcement and a few tips on how to announce your engagement on different social media platforms.

Engagement Announcement Ideas

1. Use Your Pet to Break the News

A couple holding up a sign with their dog and the worlds 'Said Yes'

It’s one thing getting your pets in on your engagement selfie, but getting your pets involved in the actual paw-posal is a whole different ball game. This adorable snap was taken just after the couple got engaged and shows their adorable pup with a sign that says 'Say Yes!' 

We love that the couples' dog was incorporated into both the proposal and the engagement announcement. If there's one way to get your followers to stop scrolling and take a closer look at your post, it's a pup! This is also a great way to announce your engagement if you're planning on having dogs at the wedding

2. Get Inked

Olivia Attwood and Bradley Dack's matching engagement date tattoos

If you’re a couple who already know you'll be skipping wedding traditions, start early and announce your engagement in an unconventional way. Olivia Attwood and Bradley Dack had their engagement date tattooed on their wrists. They may not have used their ink to announce their engagement - but we seriously wish they had!  You can read all about Olivia and Bradley's wedding plans here. 

What a cool way to share your news, particularly if you're a couple who like to do things a little differently. You could be bold and get the date of your engagement tattooed on your body in numbers or Roman numerals, then post a picture for all your friends to see. Fairly cryptic, but cute all the same. Even better, when you get married, you can add your wedding date to the collection - see our favourite wedding tattoo ideas here. 

If you're not the tattoo type, what about a temporary tattoo? You can get them printed with just about anything and it can be a funny prank to play on friends if you're definitely not the tattoo type - except the engagement will obviously be real.

3. Get the Family Involved

A baby with a shirt that says 'Daddy will you marry mummy' on it
Paint My Dreams 

Not all engagements are just between two people, so if you want to make your family part of the news, why not include them in your engagement announcement? Using cute engagement onesies like this one, take your children on your engagement shoot, or DIY your own family portrait and get your children to hold up signs to announce the news. 

And as Sam Thompson says in his Staying Relevant podcast, "Baby pictures get more likes on the gram!"

4. PDA On the Day

Kourtney Kardashian being held up by Travis Barker infront of a dea of roses after they got engaged

No couple does PDA quite like Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker - from sitting on laps and snogging in public to long-lasting hugs and bikini-clad embraces - these two love a public display of affection, and their engagement announcement was no different.

If you and your partner love a bit if PDA as well, why not stay true to yourselves and share the sentimental moment on your feed? If there was ever a time to PDA-it-up online, your engagement announcement is it!

For more celebrity inspo, check out the most iconic celebrity engagement rings - you've never seen diamonds like this before....

5. Classic Engagement Selfie

Couple taking a selfie whilst on holiday after just getting engaged
Instagram / @paigebrown_

For couples who aren't a fan of the elaborate, extravagant posts, a classic engagement ring selfie could be the perfect way to announce your engagement online.

Take these two for example - their beaming smiles (and that stunning rock!) prove that less can definitely be more when it comes to engagement announcements. Don't feel pressured to put on a big song and dance for social media if that's not who you are.

6. Post the Actual Proposal

Taylor Lautner on one knee infront of candles and flowers proposing to his fiance

For those who are comfortable sharing everything on social media, sharing the moment you or your partner popped the question is a great way to break the news of your engagement. Taylor Lautner proposed to his girlfriend in a romantic, candlelit setting. Once she'd said yes, he shared the exact moment he got down on one knee on social media.

Giving people a glimpse into the moment the engagement happened is a lovely way to make them feel like part of the moment. 

7. The Ring Finger

Britney Spears hilding her ring finger up to the camera as she announces engagement to now-husband Sam Asghari

From one celebrity engagement to another, here's the moment Sam Asghari announced he and Britney Spears were engaged. Britney posed for the photo using the iconic 'ring finger' pose, showcasing her enormous diamond engagement ring. 

This is an engagement announcement any couple can replicate - it really puts the engagement ring at the front and centre of the shot. If you're obsessed with your sparkling new accessory, consider this pose for your announcement. Here are 10 ways to nail the perfect engagement ring selfie.

8. Hubby or Wifey Jumpers

Two men holding hands wearing matching 'hubby' jumpers in black and navy
Ellie Ellie

Announcing your engagement with a piece of clothing is a super fun way to break the news. we love these hubby jumpers from Ellie Ellie - you can get matching styles and take a selfie to post on your social media channels announcing your engagement.

This style of jumper is widely available online and comes in a number of variations including 'wifey', 'wife/husband to be' and more. Discover the best couple's PJs here if you want a cosier take!

9. Keep it Cute and Candid

Bride to be rowing a boat showing off her engagement ring
Instagram / @tessamigoni

There is nothing cuter than a cute, candid engagement announcement, and we love the way this bride-to-be shared her new accessory with the world. Casually rowing a boat whilst simultaneously showing off her gorgeous new engagement ring. Who said brides can't multi-task? 

10. Engagement Shoot

Frankie Grande and his fiance holding each other facing one another in their engagement announcement photoshoot

Although Frankie Grande's actual engagement announcement was done in People Magazine (subtle, right?) - he and his fiancé organised a romantic engagement photoshoot to celebrate their commitment. If you can hold out on sharing the news, having a professional wedding photographer take engagement pictures of you and your partner will give you dozens of professional pictures to mark the occasion. 

It's also a great way to dip your toe into wedding planning by building relationships with wedding professionals, and it gives you an excuse to go out and buy an engagement photo outfit. What's not to love?

11. Shy Ring Selfie

Lea Michele with her hand over her face showing off her huge engagement ring

Keep the ring front and centre with a hand-over-face engagement announcement selfie like Lea Michele's. It's perfect for shy brides or grooms who don't want their face in the picture, or for those nearlyweds who still have puffy eyes from all the happy tears - not that there's anything wrong with puffy eyes on the gram!

12. Artistic Engagement Print

White sign that says 'We decided on forever' hung up next to other mirrors and artwork
Polly Pickle Design

Artsy couples can announce their engagement to their followers with this cute 'We decided on forever' print from Polly Pickle Design. Picture it hung on the wall as it is above, or capture a shot of you and your partner holding it together - however you choose to capture the moment, using a cool print is a great way to get the message across. 

This is also a great option for couples who don't want to write loads in their engagement announcement caption - you can let the print do the talking. 

13. She Said Yes Bunting!

Girl stood infront of pink decorations and bunting that says 'She said yes'
Little Big Party Co

Similarly to the print, having a prop like this 'She said yes' banner can do all the talking so you don't have to. You can create a table setting to lay it on, hang it on a wall with balloons and other engagement decoration or even pose alongside it for your engagement announcement. The beauty of having a prop is that you can choose whether or not you want to feature in the picture.

14. The Ring Hand Hold

Bride to be holding fiance's hand after just getting engaged
Instagram / @rachaelemily13

We love the ring hand hold selfie - it's such a romantic way to announce your engagement. This bride-to-be is beaming from ear to ear, and the hand holding pose means she can showcase her gorgeous ring for all of her feed to see. But there's more to it than that, holding hands is a way for couples to showcase a touch of PDA without going full Kravis. It's so cute - we love it

15. An Intimate Moment

Olly Murs hugging his fiance after announcing their engagement with a huge lake in the background

While we're on the topic of intimate moments, this picture taken just after Olly Murs proposed to his girlfriend is so sweet. It proves that both the moment you propose and the ring don't have to feature in an engagement announcement for it to be special. You can feel how sentimental this moment is for both of them and couples who enjoy sharing romantic moments can take note. 

16. Holding Hands

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner holding hands announcing their engagement showing off Sophie's diamond engagement ring

Joe Jonas kept his engagement announcement simple when he popped the question to now-wife Sophie Turner. He posted a sweet picture of the couple's hands on top of each other, and the gorgeous ring he proposed with, along with the caption, "She said yes!"

Isn't it funny how romantic a picture of a couple holding hands can be. Images like this that are so sentimental and simplistic can evoke more emotion than more elaborate displays, something which is worth keeping in mind when you decide how you're going to share the news. 

17. Champagne, Flowers and a Cap

Sophie Habboo surrounded by white roses, holding a bottle of champagne and wearing a Mrs Laing hat as they announce their engagement

True to their hilarious reputation, Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo's engagement announcement posts were nothing short of jokes! Sophie's funny engagement announcement post consisted of her in the hotel bed, surrounded by white roses, a bottle of champagne and a cool white cap which was embroidered with the phrase 'Mrs Laing-to-be' - where can we get ourselves one of those? 

Funny engagement announcements can still feel special and romantic - but for couples who like to have a laugh (like this pair), you don't have to go completely serious when you announce your engagement. Stay true to yourselves and if you love being silly together, have some fun with your announcement pictures. 

18. Beach Selfie

Sophie Lait and her fiance crouching in swimwear in front of a camera announcing their engagement

As well as sharing a reel embracing each other after the proposal, body positive influencer Sophie Lait and her boyfriend shared beaming beach selfies showcasing the ring she'd just been given. Adding some fun to their engagement announcement, the couple shared an entire carousel of pictures showing the two of them laughing and just really enjoying the moment. 

19. They Put a Ring on It!

White mug that says 'He put a ring on it'
Sophia Victoria Joy

If you're going to choose a prop to help you announce your engagement, it better be this mug inspired by Queen B. Everyone on your feed will recognise the famous Beyoncé lyrics and instantly know whatss happened.

Personalise your engagement mug to say he, she or they put a ring on it to ensure it accurately represents your relationship.

20. Cute Couple Picture

Justin and Hailey Bieber sat with their arms around each other in casual clothes in a black and white picture

Simple though it may seem, announcing your engagement with a picture of you and your partner can be really impactful. Whether it's because your private, you didn't capture any of the proposal on camera, or you just really like a particular picture of the pair of you - your engagement announcement picture doesn't have to showcase anything to do with the engagement at all. 

Lots of couples would rather keep the details to themselves, and many people don't want to show their ring to the world. If it's good enough for the Biebers, it's good enough for us!

21. Use a Christmas Ornament

A white ceramic tree ornament with a couple's names and their engagement date printed on it
Parsy Card

If you want to avoid putting you and your partner's faces in the spotlight, why not share a picture of a personalised Christmas bauble like this one to announce your engagement? For those who want to stay off social media, you could send baubles engraved with your news to your friends and family as a unique way to announce your engagement.

22. Throw A Surprise Party

A giant diamond ring balloon engagement party decor
Peach Blossom

Not everyone wants to share their news on social media, which we totally understand. Instead of announcing the news online, why not invite all of your friends and family to a party disguised as something else and announce the news there? Unbeknownst to everyone else, what they're actually being invited to is a surprise engagement party!

You could have engagement party décor like this diamond engagement ring balloon all over the venue as your guests walk in. It shouldn't take them long to clock what's going on...

23. Use a Cake

Another super cute way of telling your friends you’re engaged is to invite them all over for dinner and bring out a cake with this amazing cake topper. There's loads of styles you can choose from, from 'She Said Yes!' to 'We're So Engaged' to 'He Popped the Question'

What better way to share your news than with a funny cake topper - not everyone wants a serious and romantic announcement and those who want to show their sense of humour and love of cake should seriously consider this idea.

24. Blow up Some Balloons

A wall with presents in front of it and gold balloons that say 'He asked, she said yes'

How cute are these balloons as a backdrop to a shot of you kissing, showing off your ring, or even just on their own as your announcement? They come in silver, gold or rose and you can always contact the seller to ask if the wording can be personalised for a 'She asked' or a 'He said yes' to suit you and your partner. 

How to Announce Your Engagement Online

Once you've told your closest friends and family your news, you may want to make a bigger announcement to your wider group. Why a whole section on online announcements, you ask? According to our National Wedding Survey, in 2021, a whopping 59% of newly engaged couples opted to share their engagements on social media platforms like the ones listed below.

Doing so online is the best way to have your news reach a wider audience without you having to contact people one-by-one. It's hard to believe that there were times when changing your Facebook relationship status to 'engaged' was the only way to share your engagement news with people.

Now, with more social media platforms than ever before, the scope for announcing your engagement online is wider than ever. Here's a few of the main platforms and the low-down on how you can use them to announce your engagement. 

25. TikTok

Though it's widely referred to as 'one for the kids' - TikTok has taken the world by a storm, entertaining people of all ages. If this is the platform you want to announce your engagement on, a reel is the only way to go!

Make use of the filters, sound bites, music clips and even your pets, if you have them, to add flavour and get creative with your announcement. Make sure you let your closest pals know when you plan to go live with your important video and then download it to your phone afterwards so that you can admire your work for years to come.

Reels can now be shared on Instagram and Facebook too so making the snazzy video can be relevant for more than one social media platform. 

26. Instagram Post

If you’re obsessed with the ‘gram and your feed is basically a beautifully curated online diary then it makes total sense for your engagement announcement to feature here. You could upload a classic #ringfie (that’s an engagement ring selfie, FYI), a snap of the two of you with the ring in full view or a pic of the set-up when you or your spouse-to-be popped the question.

Instagram now let you post reels to your grid so you can create a video montage of the proposal, or a cute ring reveal to share with your followers. If you're keen to share a classic grid post, consider a carousel - you can now share up to ten pictures in one post. 

27. Instagram Story

To create some extra excitement around the announcement, make use of the polls and question boxes on your stories. Tell your followers you have some news and have them guess what it is before you officially share it. 

Another way to create suspense is you could lead your viewers through the house or garden to the proposal spot or simply upload a video showing off your diamond (twinkling effect optional but totally recommended).

Instagram now allows you to create a private list of followers who can view your stories, so if you only want to tell close friends and family on the platform, you can now choose who can view the content. 

28. Go Live

Let all of your friends and family know that you’re going live at a specific time and then get online together and spread your news! We love this idea because you can get live reactions and comments from people, making it feel as though you’re celebrating together.

This can now be done on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok and you can guide watchers to the proposal spot and flash your bling or simply shout it from the rooftops and toast your upcoming nuptials with some bubbles and encourage your friends to join you.

29. Video Call

If you want to share the news online to a more intimate group, you could always invite friends and family to join you on a call and ask them to come prepared with a drink. Once everyone is online, you can reveal your news and ask them to join you in a toast to your future.

Now you have the announcement sorted, it's time to get planning! We have the ultimate wedding planning checklist to ensure you don't miss a single thing.