Wedding Photos Checklist: 121 Must-Have Photo Ideas

Capture the most important memories on your special day. Download our easy to use checklist so your photographer does not miss any moments

Reflection Of Bride Applying Lipstick While Standing In Front Of Mirror

As your big day starts to draw ever closer, you might think your wedding photographer is something you can tick off the wedding checklist as you have booked a professional that you trust and whose style you love.


However, to help your photographer capture all your must-have wedding pictures, it’s useful to give them a wedding photo checklist to ensure you have treasured pictures of all your loved ones, especially those that might not fall into the traditional groups a photographer would naturally think to photograph.


If you have specific group shots that you want on the day or even a must-have photo as a newly married couple that you don’t want to miss then then make sure you get each of these noted down to give to your wedding photographer before the wedding day.

Read the essential information below which explains the key moments you really won’t want to miss on your big day and don’t miss our complete 121 point checklist for you to download in a handy PDF.

Wedding Photo Checklist: The Essentials


The wedding day might not officially start until after midday but consider having your photographer there to capture the build up and all that prepartion you and your family are putting in on the morning of the wedding.


Getting Ready

You’ll be surrounded by a mixture of emotions during the run up to your big moment, so consider having your photographer snap images of you getting ready, having your hair and make-up done and sipping champagne with your bridesmaids.

You may want a few images taken of your wedding dress on a hanger, or even better the moment when you put on your wedding dress.

Remember to have the photographer capture images of the groom getting ready too.

Family Shots

Your family are likely to have played a key role in your wedding planning and on this day especially, it’s great to show your appreciation for all they time, love and help they have given to you. So why not arrange to have a few family shots taken of you with your parents or siblings before you walk down the aisle.


If you’ve booked wedding transport to take you to the ceremony then be sure to have this photographed. After all, it is playing an important role in your day (and probably cost you a fair bit of money!).

At the Venue

One of your last shots as a single lady! Havea photograph taken just before you walk into your venue and walk down the aisle.

The Ceremony

From walking down the aisle to signing the register, the ceremony will go by in a flash. Make sure your photographer catches all these essestial moments so you can remember them forever.


Walking Down the Aisle

This is a happy time that is full of emotions and is one of the moments that brides say fly past in a blur, so have your photographer there to make that moment last a lifetime.

The Vows and Exchanging Rings

One of the most meaningful parts of your ceremony will be the moment you say your vows and exchange rings so catch this moment on camera.

By the way, a separate image of the rings alone is also a good idea.

The Readings

If you’ve asked friends or family members to do readings then it would be great to have them photographed so you remember every detail of your ceremony.

The First Kiss

An image of your first kiss as husband and wife is a given, so be sure to have this on your list.

Signing the Register

It all becomes official when you sign on the dotted line! Make sure your photographer captures a clear shot of you and your chosen witnesses.

The Newlyweds

A couple of images of you walking back down the aisle after your nuptials or you both standing outside the church being covered with confetti is a must.

The Reception

You spend the majority of your time (and probably your budget!) planning the reception so ensure your wedding photographer captures all those little details and special moments, from your decor to your speeches.


Couple Shots

Following on from the end of your wedding ceremony, as newlyweds you’ll probably want some images alone, so arrange some time to have ‘couple only’ shots directly after your wedding ceremony but before your wedding reception.

Group Shots

These can go on forever. The answer? Be very specific with your photographer regarding group images that you’d like captured; to ensure that there is enough time between the ceremony and when you sit down for the wedding breakfast.

The Details

You would have spent hours organising your wedding reception, so add table decorations, centrepieces, the table plan, wedding favours, the cake on its own and any other details that you’d like photographed to the list.

The Speeches and Toast

The speeches are usually an emotional, sometimes comical part of the day, so have these captured on camera, as well as the toast to the bride and groom.

Cutting the Cake

Always a memorable part of the day for the guests and the newlywed couple.

The First Dance

Another essential part of the wedding celebration that will be remembered by the couple for years to come.

The Complete Photo Ideas List

Your photographer may have their own photo list and but our ultimate 121 point checklist is great for discussing all the shots you want them to take and will cover anything they might have missed.

We’ve added a PDF of the checklist for you to download at the bottom, with space to write any extra photos you think of.

Download the PDF


1. Dress hanging up

2.Close-up of bouquet

3.Close up of rings

4.Close up of shoes, jewellery and accessories

5.Bride in dressing gown

6.Bride with mother

7.Bride getting ready with bridesmaids

8.Bride talking to flower girls

9.Bride drinking champagne

10.Bride getting hair done

11.Bride having final touches of make-up applied

12.Mother of bride fastening bride’s dress

13.Bride having dress arranged

14.Bride’s reflection in mirror when she sees herself in her dress

15.Father of the bride seeing her for the first time

16.Bride walking down the stairs of the hotel

17.Bridal party walking down the stairs

18.Bride getting into the car

19.Groom with father

20.Groom with groomsmen

21.Groom finishing getting ready, eg fastening flower into button hole

The Ceremony

22.Exterior of venue

23.Groom talking to best man outside venue

24.Venue filled with guests

25.Groom waiting at the front

26.Close up of decorative details, eg flower arrangement

27.Bride’s car arriving

28.Bride getting out of the car

29.Bride with father or escort

30.Groom looking back down the aisle at the bride

31.Bride walking down the aisle (from front)

32.Bride walking down the aisle (from back)

33.Bride walking down the aisle (from side)

34.Guests’ reactions to bride

35.Bridesmaids walking down the aisle

36.Flower girls and page boys walking down the aisle

37.Bride and groom stood side by side

38.Registrar smiling at couple

39.Guests singing

40.Close up of hymn/song sheets


42.Exchange of vows

43.Close up of ring being placed on bride’s finger

44.Close up of ring being placed on groom’s finger

45.First kiss

46.Bride’s parents’ reactions

47.Groom’s parents’ reactions

48.All guests, from bride and groom’s view

49.Signing of register

50.Guests applauding

51.Bride and groom walking back up the aisle together

52.Confetti being thrown over bride and groom

53.Flower girl/pageboy throwing confetti

Friends and Family

54.Bride and groom facing front

55.Bride and groom facing each other

56.Close up of bride and groom facing each other

57.Bride on own

58.Groom on own

59.Bride with mother

60.Bride with father

61.Bride with both parents

62.Groom with mother

63.Groom with father

64.Groom with both sets of parents

65.Bride and groom with bride’s parents

66.Bride and groom with groom’s parents

67.Bride and groom with groom’s close family

68.Bride and groom with bride’s close family

69.Bride and groom with groomsmen

70.Bride and groom with bridesmaids

71.Bride and groom with groomsmen and bridesmaids

72.Bride with bridesmaids

73.Groom with groomsmen

74.Bride with maid of honour

75.Groom with best man

76.Bride and groom with flower girls and page boys

77.Bride being picked up by groom

78.Bride being picked up by groomsmen

79.Groom being picked up by bridal party

80.Bride and groom with friends

81.Youngest and oldest guest together

82.Whole bridal party

83.Bride and groom hugging family and friends

The Party

84.Empty venue

85.Table decorations

86.Party favours

87.Anything that’s been handmade by friends or family


89.Close up of detailing on cake

90.Close up of other detailing, eg bows on chair backs

91.Bride and groom’s place settings

92.Guests standing as bride and groom enter

93.Top table with each person sitting

94.Father of the bride’s speech

95.Best man’s speech

96.Groom’s speech

97.Maid of honour’s speech

98.Bride’s speech

99.Reactions to speeches

100.The toast

101.Bride throwing bouquet

102.Guests applauding

103.Bride and groom talking to each other

104.Guests talking

105.Cutting the cake

106.The first dance

107.Bride dancing with friends

108.Groom dancing with friends

109.Bride and groom dancing with friends

110.Bride dancing with father

111.Groom dancing with mother

112.Groom’s parents dancing together

113.Bride’s parents dancing together

114.Guests dancing

115.The band/DJ

116.Bride and groom leaving


The checklist has all 116 photos here…and 5 others we didn’t have room to include in this post. Go ahead and download the complete list.