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13 Beautiful Wedding Ring Photography Ideas to Inspire You

Don't forget to get photos of your wedding rings! We asked expert wedding photographers to share their top tips, and rounded up gorgeous wedding ring photo ideas

A close up photo of a bride's hand, showing her emerald wedding ring and intricate bridal mehendi

Wedding ring photography is a great way to capture the beauty of your wedding jewellery, as well as the importance of what it represents. Whether you’ve gone for a simple gold band or a diamond-encrusted ring, wedding rings are a significant part of a wedding ceremony and deserve to be captured in photographs. 

When it comes to perfecting your wedding ring photos, choosing the right wedding photographer is key. The right photographer will have the technical skills to highlight the intricacy of your rings, making all the difference in the quality and style of your ring wedding photos. 

We’ve rounded up some beautiful, fun and creative wedding ring photos to help you get inspired, as well as tips and techniques from the experts. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Wedding Ring Photography Ideas

Looking for some wedding ring photography inspiration? From minimalist to fun and quirky, we've got something for everyone. 

1. Back In The Box

Two wedding rings in a yellow ring box

A must-have shot is to have your photographer take a picture of your wedding ring, or rings, on their own in the original box. Having them pictured in the original box reminds you where it all started and where you are now. Sometimes the simple shots can be the most meaningful and it’s always important to give yourself lots of choice when it comes to photographing your wedding rings. 

This lovely image by James Polley Photography shows a his and hers set of wedding rings photographed together in a vibrant coloured ring box - it's a simple photo but it captures so much!

2. Pinky Promise

A bride and groom hold their fingers in a pinky promise over their wedding bouquet

This idea is so cute! It takes a childhood tradition and uses it to create a photograph full of romance. We love this picture by LA Creative Photography so much because marriage is full of promises and that is represented by this important shot of the wedding rings.

3. On Your Bouquet

Engraved silver wedding ring on top of a wedding bouquet

Pictures of wedding rings on top of your wedding flowers are so nice to look back on after the wedding because they remind you of all the attention to detail that went in to the big day. Not only that, but flowers will add some gorgeous colours and textures to your images too!

James Ireland Photography has placed the wedding ring so the engraving on the inside is visible too - it's a lovely way to show off any secret messages you might have contained in your wedding ring. 

4. Keep It Simple

Two silver wedding rings photographed against a white background

At the end of the day, the aim of wedding rings pictures is to show off your beautiful wedding rings. Adding props and poses is a great way to liven things up, but a simple white background will shine a spotlight on the rings, showing them off for the beautiful pieces of jewellery they are. 

This simple black and white shot by James Polley Photography allows your rings to be the star of the show, and it'll be a lovely way to look back at them when they were immaculate and brand new.

5. I Spy

Two men in bow ties smile at the camera looking through their wedding rings

Weddings are a day of celebration, so it's time to get fun with your wedding ring images! Take a leaf out of these guys' book and have a peep through your rings while giving the camera a big smile. 

Be inspired by this shot by Sandra Reddin Photography and get creative and playful with your own wedding rings for a fun photo. 

6. On Your Wedding Invitation

Three gold wedding rings photographed on top of a wedding invitation

If you spent lots of time and effort putting together your wedding invitations, why not show them off again and have a picture taken with your rings placed on top of one of them? If you want this glamorous shot, be sure to keep an invite spare as guests tend not to bring invitations to weddings. 

We love the way Mykola Tsap Photography has included the engagement ring too, as well as the wedding rings in her photography. Don't leave your original ring out!

7. During the Ceremony

Cropped shot of bride and groom holding hands with wedding ring

If you want your photographer to take pictures of your wedding rings during your wedding, there's no better time to do it than at the end of the aisle! Both you and your partner will be standing still and holding hands, providing the perfect opportunity to capture your beautiful rings in a moment of intimacy. 

Another effective shot from James Polley Photography - even though you can't see their faces, you get a really strong idea of the emotion in this photo.

8. With the Dress

Black and white image of a bride's ringed hand against a wedding dress

The wedding dress and the ring are probably two of the most spoken about things when it comes to wedding attire – so it’s only right that you pair the two together for their paparazzi moment. James Polley Photography shared the image in black and white, adding an extra air of elegance to this ring wedding photo. 

9. The Kids Are Alright

A child in a white dress holds and looks at a gold wedding ring

Want to turn up the cute factor of your wedding ring photos? If you've decided to have children at your wedding, be sure to get them involved, whether that's your flower girl, ring bearer or even your child. Just think of how big the rings will look in their tiny hands! We love this adorable photo by Sandra Reddin Photography.

10. Let's Get Creative

Two hands with rings reach out in the style of Michelangelo's Creation of Adam

If you and your partners are art lovers, why not try recreating some of your favourite paintings or works of art? You'll end up with a great selection of creative wedding ring photos! Take a leaf out of this couple's book and recreate Michelangelo's Creation of Adam for a magical effect.

The Kensington Photographer has taken this photo from underneath the couple's hands, and it's a lovely idea for an engagement shoot, to show off the engagement ring in your photography.

11. Show Off Your Henna

A pair of crossed hands decorated with henna and wearing a blue ring

This pose is a double whammy, allowing you to show off your ring and your bridal mehendi at the same time, two gorgeous and intricate works of art that you'll want preserved forever. With so much detail and careful design, it's hard to tear your eyes away from these wedding ring images by LVRS Photography!

12. Action Shot

cropped shot of a bride with a large green ring placing a wedding ring on the finger of a groom

Placing a wedding ring on your partner's finger is one of the most symbolic, tender and intimate parts of the wedding ceremony. Whether you want this to be captured during the ceremony, or you want to stage it afterwards, be sure to get this romantic moment on camera. We love this beautiful wedding ring photo by Sandra Reddin Photography.

13. A Warm Embrace

Cropped shot of bride and groom with bride in front and groom's hands wrapped around her waist

A photography of one partner's hands wrapped around the other's waist isn't just a great way to show their love and togetherness, but also a great angle for pictures of wedding rings. Be sure to get all four hands in the shot for maximum effect, like this one by James Polley Photography

How to Take Wedding Ring Pictures?

When it comes to your wedding ring images, they really are what you make them. Once you've worked out how to choose your wedding photographer, it's always best to have a discussion with them about your style and vision. As soon as that's sorted, you're good to go. 

Wedding photographer James Polley shares some of his top tips for wedding ring photos: "You can get some beautiful shots of the rings alone, but they look so much better on the fingers where they belong. You can show off the dress or suit, with plenty of light and the feeling of love hand in hand.

"I like to capture the couples relationship, photographing those moments that are unique to them. Some of my favourite shots are during the ceremony, when the couples least expect the ring shots and are standing naturally. If they are holding hands, it make an even better shot."

If you want to capture more minimalistic imagery, James advises "Detail shots look great on bed sheets, adding some really nice patterns." And his number one piece of advice? "Always carry a cloth to clean the rings."

It's also important to take precautions and be careful with your rings on your wedding day, as they have huge sentimental and monetary value. James says, "If for any reason your ring is loose, take it off over a bed, put it back in the box and place that straight into your bag." 

Check out all the different wedding photography styles on offer to help you narrow down your choice of wedding photographer.