29 of Our Favourite First Look Wedding Photos

We dare you not to well up when you look at these 29 beautiful and heart-warming first look wedding photographs

The moment a couple first clap eyes on each other during that emotional walk up to the aisle or the altar is one of the most anticipated moments of the wedding. It’s a truly special moment that all the hard work and planning leads up to, as you are just moments away from finally tying the knot with your soul mate.

But the ceremony doesn’t necessarily have to be the first glimpse you have of each other on the big day. Nowadays, lots of couples are choosing to break the wedding rules and are holding ‘first look photo shoots’ before the ceremony, so that they make the most of the moment.

Wherever you choose to have that wonderful first look, make sure that your photographer captures it on camera so that you can look back at that photo and remember exactly how you felt.

Tissues at the ready, we’ve rounded up 29 of our favourite first look wedding photos.


Image credit: One Thousand Words Photography

The wait for both couples as they prepare to meet each other for the ceremony can be an exciting yet nerve-wracking one.

If the bride is opting for the traditional walk up the aisle, their other half may feel like they’re waiting for a lifetime to get a glimpse of their loved one in their wedding dress.

We love these photos by One Thousand Words Photography which perfectly capture that exact moment the groom’s anticipation turns to joy when they see their beautiful bride – it’s like you can almost feel the groom’s excitement!





Images credited to: One Thousand Words Photography

Sometimes, the groom opts to have his eyes closed so that the build up to seeing his bride is even more exciting!


Image credit: Parkwin Photography

The bride is likely to have had her dress for weeks in the run up to the wedding and is now finally getting to wear it in all its glory with her hair and makeup done to perfection.

When the groom finally sees her, the moment is just pure elation – both of them are feeling at their very best and it’s one of the happiest days of their lives.

We love these photos of grooms seeing their brides in their amazing gowns for the first time.


Image credit: MBH Wedding Photography


Image credit: One Thousand Words Photography

We can’t help but have a chuckle at this groom’s wide eyed reaction to his gorgeous bride. The first look doesn’t have to be super serious – an elated groom’s reaction can sometimes make for some funny wedding photos.


Image credit: Vintage Heart Photography

Regardless of how long the couple have been together, the moment their eyes connect as the bride walks down the aisle to meet her partner is an overwhelming and unforgettable moment for everyone in the room.


Image credit: Jon Harper Wedding Photography



Images credited to: MBH Wedding Photography

If you’re a bride getting married at an intimate wedding venue, then ask your photographer or videographer if they can capture the reaction of the room as a whole when you make your entrance. 

We love this gorgeous photo by Guy Milnes Photography, which really encapsulates that incredible moment when the groom and the wedding party first see the bride as she is walking down the aisle.

The groom’s smile is one of pure delight!


Image credit: Guy Milnes Photography

Although it’s good to let your photographer know that you want the first look captured on camera, don’t forget that these photos don’t need to be meticulously planned and you can never predict your reactions when the moment actually happens.

The best thing about a great first look wedding photo is that it snaps a moment that is really special for a couple – a moment where the two of you will be focusing solely on each other and no one else.


Image credit: Suzanne Fells Photography

Then there are some reactions that are absolutely wonderful when captured on camera and are perfectly timed – like this groom who is blown away by his stunning bride!


Image credit: MBH Wedding Photography

Or this groom, who clearly can’t believe how lucky he is…


Image credit: Parkwin Photography

Sometimes it all gets a bit too much for the groom and they are overcome with emotion after seeing their bride for the first time in the wedding dress.


Image credit: Vintage Heart Photography

An old wedding superstition states that it’s bad luck for a couple to see each other on the morning of their wedding or before the ceremony. However, a trend that is rapidly becoming more popular in the UK is to have a photo shoot before the actual ceremony to capture the first look wedding photos.

This tradition that originated in America could be ideal if you feel that you’re going to be too emotional as you walk down the aisle in front of your friends and family. Or perhaps you may want to do it so that your first look of each other is a truly personal moment that just includes the two of you and your photographer.

Some couples choose quirky locations to have their first look wedding photo shoot, and others choose to involve their bridal party and family involved too. However, it’s entirely up to you if you want to arrange this or just follow tradition and wait until the ceremony – remember, it’s all about what works best for the two of you and what you feel comfortable with.



Images credited to: Guy Milnes Photography

If you are planning a first look photo shoot, why not make the most of a picture perfect wedding venue and choose a spot that is really romantic.


Image credit: Martin James Photography


Image credit: Foden Photography


Image credit: Vintage Heart Photography

Regardless of whether you choose to do it in private or in front of your friends, family and guests, the first look will always be one of the most beautiful and memorable moments of your entire wedding day.


Image credit: One Thousand Words Photography


Image credit: MBH Wedding Photography


Image credit: Guy Milnes Photography

Even though your photographer will probably be planning on capturing the first look wedding photos anyway, make sure you let them know if you have a particular angle or effect in mind.

If you’re thinking of choosing a wedding videographer, then this is also a great way to capture the first look in full without missing a thing.

Check out these beautiful shots by Suzanne Fells Photography which show the undeniable connection between the bride and the groom as they finally see each other at the ceremony.




Images credited to: Suzanne Fells Photography

It’s not just the groom who provides a great photo opportunity during the first look, we love this shot of a bride who is bubbling with excitement at seeing her groom!


Image credit: Mathew Binks Wedding Photography

If you’re inspired by these first look wedding photos and are in the early stages of planning, we’ve got plenty of tips on what to consider when you’re choosing a wedding photographer

Once you’ve picked the photographer, download our wedding photos checklist for more ideas.

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