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22 Confetti Photos We Absolutely Love (& How to Nail Yours)

Add some instant magic to your wedding shots with a flurry of confetti. If you can't decide if it's a shot you want, these will convince you...

A couple walking out of the venue holding hands high in the air as guests throw confetti over them

Chances are, when you think of wedding photography, you probably think of confetti photos. The confetti shot is one of the key photographs that couples choose to capture on the day and, when you look at the ones we’ve gathered below, it’s easy to see why.

Whether they’re taken as you leave the wedding ceremony or are part of a group shot, confetti photos are filled with joy, happiness and movement.

Movement is key to confetti photo success according to Sam Gibson of Sam Gibson Wedding Photography: “My advice to couples is to try and do the confetti when you’re entering/exiting a certain point of the day - it always feels more natural that way and gets some movement into the images which always looks better.”

To see some gorgeous examples of confetti photos, keep scrolling. You’ll also find some more expert advice from photographers and some beautiful confetti you can shop now.

The Best Wedding Confetti Photos Taken at Real Weddings

1. Colour Coordinated Confetti 

A couple walking through two rows of their guests who are throwing peach and coral toned confetti at them

A magical picture full of happy faces. The coral petal confetti matches the groom’s tie and complements the peach tones in the bouquet.

2. Dance Floor Confetti Canon 

A couple surrounded by friends and family with gold star-shaped confetti all around them

We often see confetti used post-ceremony but don’t discount using it during the evening’s festivities. This amazing star-shaped, metallic confetti - most likely from a confetti canon - creates a fun and glittering backdrop to this couple’s first dance!

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3. One Colour Confetti 

A couple exit the venue smiling at each other as guests throw confetti over them from cones

Make a big impact with your confetti photo by using a single coloured confetti, like this vibrant pink shade!

4. Glitter Effect Confetti 

A couple walking through the doorway of a church with a floral arch as guests throw fine confetti all over them

This photo features so many fine pieces of confetti that it almost looks like glitter falling over this cute couple – a magic photo full of sparkle.

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5. Plenty of Petals 

A couple walk away from the church smiling as guests throw confetti over them from white cones

Arm your guests with lots of confetti for an image bursting with fun, like this picture of a new husband and wife leaving the church. Petal confetti is great if you're looking for eco-friendly wedding ideas.

6. Golden Discs 

A couple smiling and laughing as they leave their wedding venue under a shower of golden confetti

Petals are pretty popular thanks to their environmentally friendly nature but you can find alternative types of confetti that are completely biodegradable if petals aren't your thing. We love the effect of these golden discs showering the couple as they head out of the venue. 

7. Brilliant Bubbles

A couple leaving the church with blossom trees outside as guests blow bubbles over them

Feeling something a little different? Swap traditional confetti for bubbles! Your guests - particularly the younger among them - will love blowing them over you as you walk by. 

8. Reaction Shot

Two brides walk hand in hand between two rows of guests who are throwing pink confetti over them

So many couples close their eyes or forget to look up but we think engaging with your guests as you walk through your confetti shower makes for a great shot - we love the reaction from these brides!

9. Colour Contrast 

A couple walking through the gates of their venue as their bridal party and guests throw white confetti over them

Before ordering your confetti, take some time to think about the time of day and place it will be thrown. White confetti like the above looks amazing contrasting with the low lighting underneath the trees. 

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10. Family Photo

A couple walk through two rows of guests holding hands with their toddler as guests throw confetti

Already have a child? Get them involved in the confetti shot! It makes for an adorable family photo that you can look back on for years to come. 

11. Colour Smoke Canon

Two grooms walk through two rows of guests blowing bubbles with a colour smoke canon behind them

Want to add some more vibrancy to your confetti or bubble shot? Have a member of your wedding party let out a colour smoke canon as they walk behind you. 

12. Celebration Time 

A couple walk from their venue with hands held high and smiling as guests throw confetti over them

There's nothing quite like that just married feeling, so let it show for your confetti photo! 

13. Action Shot 

A couple walk out of the doors of the registry office smiling as guests throw multi-coloured confetti over them

We love the timing of this joyful shot. The photographer has managed to capture the confetti just before it falls over the couple, making the multi-coloured pieces feel as though they're suspended in the air.

14. Confetti Close Up 

A couple walking through the doorway of their venue with a floral arch in the background as guests throw confetti over them

Don't get us wrong, we love a group confetti shot but sometimes it's nice to get close-up to the people it's all about: the couple. We love the way the happy couple are beaming at each other in this snap. 

15. Cascading Confetti 

A bride and groom stand at the foot of a grand staircase as guests stand on the stairs and balcony and throw confetti over them

The confetti photo doesn't always need to be taken during the exit from the venue, you know. We love the effect of this shot involving the entire wedding party throwing confetti from above. Just check your venue is happy with it before you get scattering!

16. Colour Pop 

A couple walking hand in hand past their guests as they throw brightly coloured confetti

We love how the brightly coloured confetti ties in with the vibrant details of the flowers and accessories the couple are wearing. Bright colours also contrast beautifully against white and ivory gowns. 

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17. Air Punch 

A bride and groom walk past guests holding umbrellas and throwing confetti, the bride is holding her bouquet high in celebration

We love how this bride seems to be punching the air for joy with her bouquet - and we reckon the guy on the left is loving it too! Bold gestures and big smiles make for great confetti shots. 

18. Hands Up 

A couple walk from the doors of the registry office hand in hand as their wedding party throw pink confetti high over their heads

As the guests aim their confetti high above the heads of the happy couple, the photographer has captured a decidedly celebratory feel with hands in the air and big smiles - we love!

19. Confetti Kiss 

A bride and groom kiss as white confetti is thrown over them

At the end of your walk back down the aisle together, remember to pause for a kiss as the confetti is thrown for a super romantic shot like the one above. 

20. Group Shot

A couple and their dog stand at the front of a group shot with confetti and balloons in the background

While many couples choose a traditional confetti photo as they leave the church or wedding venue, we think a group confetti shot makes for a fun alternative - extra points if your photo features a dog! 

21. Family Fun

A bride and groom walk past the mother of the bride who is throwing confetti

Just look at the lady on the right's smile as she gets up close to the bride with her confetti cone! Make sure you encourage your family and friends to really get involved for a fun-filled shot. 

22. Rainbow Hues

A couple smile as they reach the end of two rows of guests throwing confetti

Keeping the dark doorway at the centre of the image and with the bride's dark green gown in the foreground, the rainbow confetti contrasts beautifully and really stands out. 

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Wedding Confetti to Shop Now 

From confetti cannons to real petal confetti, there's a confetti choice for you below. While most of our choices are biodegradable and environmentally friendly, you'll need to check with your venue if you're planning on using foil confetti that won't naturally break down, this type of confetti is designed to be used indoors where it can be swept up.

Biodegradable Heart Confetti Canon – £9.95, All Things Brighton Beautiful 

A white confetti canon lay across wooden boards with heart shaped white confetti

Imagine walking through a shower of these gorgeous white hearts! As they're ejected from a canon they will spread far and wide creating a beautiful effect for your all-important confetti wedding photo.

Shop Now

Gold Foiled Star Confetti Canon Shooter – £2.49, Ginger Ray 

A white canon with gold foil star confetti coming out

These gold foil stars would look magical fired over you as you perform your first dance! Just make sure you check that it's ok with your venue before firing and have a plan for how to get rid of it responsibly.

Shop Now

20 Mini Biodegradable Mixed Rose Petal Confetti Bags – £25.99, The Flower Studio 

Mixed rose petals inside and surrounding a small organza bag

Placed inside mini organza bags ready to dish out to your guests, these mixed rose petals make it easy to get everyone involved in the confetti toss. 

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25 Biodegradable Petal Confetti Cones Kraft Box – £61.70, Shropshire Petals 

A bride holding a box of confetti cones filled with petal confetti

Another way to ensure everyone gets some confetti is by placing it in cones. This handy kraft box comes with 25 ready-filled cones with the petal confetti colours of your choice. 

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Biodegradable Flower Petal Confetti – £18, Georgina's Flowers

A basket containing cones of multi-coloured petal confetti

This petal confetti can be purchased alone or in 10 organza bags, it can also come as just flower petals or be mixed with lavender for a sweet smelling and beautiful natural confetti. 

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Biodegradable Confetti Circles – £20, Your Confetti 

Multicoloured confetti circles

You can select your own unique mix of confetti colours from the extensive selection, keep it to one shade or throw in all hues for a rainbow effect. You'll receive 150g (enough for around 25-30 guests) per £20. 

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Biodegradable Rainbow Confetti – £4.99 per Litre, Adamapple Ltd. 

A hand holding a pile of finely cut rainbow confetti

Finely cut confetti like this rainbow confetti can be super effective, as long as there's plenty of it – which shouldn't be a problem at just £4.99 per litre. 

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Snow Confetti – 65p, Adamapple Ltd. 

Two sachets with 'Snow in Love' stickers on resting on a pile of white confetti

If you're planning a winter wedding and dreaming of snowflakes, we've got the perfect back-up option in case the snow doesn't show. This confetti - or snowfetti! - is sold along with bags and stickers so you can assemble your own little bags of winter magic to give out to guests! It's totally biodegradable and safe to use without harming the environment. 

Shop Now

How to Get the Perfect Confetti Shot 

We asked some Hitched approved photographers for their best tips on how to capture an amazing confetti photo – naturally we've included some of our fave snaps from them too!


A couple stand surrounded by guests throwing confetti

"You definitely need more confetti than you think - you can’t have too much, basically. So double whatever you were planning to have! It makes for a much better visual impact." says Sam Gibson, of Bristol-based Sam Gibson Photography.
"The key to a great confetti wedding photo is to throw the confetti high into the air (not directly over the couple). Also big, gorgeous chunks of colourful confetti will show up much better in photos. I always ask the guests to stand close to each other in two lines. It’s good to speak to the married couple to ask them to walk slowly, laugh, stop and kiss and enjoy the moment!" explains Adela Pike, of Adela Photography, based in Hampshire. 

A bride stands open mouthed next to her smiling groom as guests throw confetti
"I engage with the guests and explain what’s going to happen - I know throwing confetti sounds straight forward but asking them to throw the confetti up as the couple come past rather than straight at the couple can make a big difference. Next, I explain to the guests that as the couple walk past to whoop, cheer, make all the noise they’ve got whilst throwing the confetti up and over the couple.

"Once the guests know the drill, I then go in and explain to the couple what’s going to happen - I then ask the couple to hold hands and walk slowly, look up and around, and smile at their guests and at each other, anything that's not them looking at the floor and closing their eyes (which is a common reaction when having things thrown at you!)." says Buckinghamshire based wedding photographer Sian Weatherhead

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