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20 Best Bridesmaid & Bride Dressing Gowns, Robes & Pyjamas

From floral styles to super chic robes, these dressing gowns are perfect for brides and bridesmaids alike, and there's even some for your mama as well

A bride wearing a bride dressing gown with bridesmaids either side of her in matching bridal party robes holding their arms up

A bride wearing a bride dressing gown with bridesmaids either side of her in matching bridal party robes holding their arms up

There’s something so special about those getting ready wedding photos with the bride in her bride dressing gown, and the bridesmaids in their matching bridal party pyjamas!

We’ve rounded up the very best bride dressing gowns, bridesmaid robes, mother of the bride dressing gowns and bridal party pyjamas here so you can have a coordinated I do crew on the morning of your wedding.

From personalised silk robes, to bride and bridesmaid PJs, you’ll find everything you need here. Hop to the section you want to shop using the links below:

Bride Dressing Gown & Pyjama Sets

Let everyone know who the bride is on the morning of the wedding (not that they don’t already) in these incredible bride dressing gown and bride to be PJs - they’re ideal for getting ready in on the big day, but also make for a cute hen party gift for the bride too!

1. White Lace Robe - Etsy

A bride wearing a white lace bride dressing gown

For something a little bit extra - we are talking about the bride, after all - how about a full lace embroidered robe? This one from Etsy is handmade by a small business in the UK.

  • Sizing: Standard or Plus
  • Expert Take: You can add embroidered personalisation to this wedding robe in black, gold, rose gold or silver.

£39.99 | Shop Now

2. Wifey Embellished Satin Robe - Boohoo

A bride crouching down wearing a bridal dressing gown made from white satin with the word 'wifey' picked out in glitter across the back

This bride dressing gown is embellished with the word ‘wifey’ across the back, making it a savvy pick as you can wear it long after the wedding!

  • Sizing: 8 - 16
  • Expert Take: This sleek dressing gown looks way more expensive than it actually is, with the luxe diamante detailing. At the time of publication there was 20% off too - hurry!

£25 | Shop Now

3. Personalised Bride Pyjamas - Etsy

A bride wearing white silk personalised bride-to-be pyjamas with a bridesmaid either side of her in burnt orange personalised bridesmaid PJs

Bride pyjamas are a great alternative to a bride-to-be dressing gown. This personalised bride pyjamas set from a small business on Etsy also have matching bridesmaid pyjamas available too. 

  • Sizing: S - XXL
  • Expert Take: They come in a broad range of colours and you can choose where the personalisation is - on the back, front or both!

From £19.99 | Shop Now

4. Personalised Bride to Be Pyjamas - Not on the High Street

A cropped image of a woman wearing personalised bride to be PJs featuring a cartoon illustration of a woman with 'future mrs valentine' on the chest and pink striped trousers

These soft cotton bride-to-be PJs would be perfect for a hen do or for the wedding morning. They feature a t-shirt with customisable personalisation detail, and pink striped trousers.

  • Sizing: 8 - 16
  • Expert Take: These are a little different to your typical satin PJs. We love that you can personalise the character - customise the skin tone, hairstyle, lips and whether or not they wear glasses!

£34 | Shop Now

5. Tonal Satin Oversized Robe - Boohoo

A bride wearing a floor length satin gown in a creamy blush shade with a subtle stripe in the fabric

If you don’t want your brides dressing gown to be too in-your-face, this subtly striped silky soft robe gives quiet luxury vibes. 

  • Sizing: S - XL
  • Expert Take: The subtle stripes make this bride-to-be dressing gown look seriously high end, and the delicate blush shade means it’s wedding-morning worthy, but has wear beyond that too.

£28 | Shop Now

6. Tulle Bridal Robe - Etsy

A bride posing in front of a balloon wall in a floor length bride dressing gown trimmed with luxe tulle ruffles

This is a more lavish purchase, but if you want to be *that girl* on your wedding day, this is the bride dressing gown for you. Just look at it!

  • Sizing: XS - XXXL
  • Expert Take: It is more expensive, but you only have one wedding morning! It also comes in a very broad range of sizes.

From £220 | Shop Now

7. Luxury White Feather Silky Pyjama Set - Not on the High Street

Bride wearing silk and feather trimmed bridal pyjamas posing with disco balls

Feather-trimmed bride pyjamas are seriously popular, and it’s not hard to see why. We love these luxury silk and feather bride pyjamas!

  • Sizing: S - L
  • Expert Take: These luxe bride PJs are made to order and the feather trim is detachable for easy washing.

£120 | Shop Now

8. Bride Satin Robe - Boohoo

Bride wearing a simple silk wedding dressing gown with the word 'bride' embroidered across the back

If you want a classic bride dressing gown, this silk robe from Boohoo is ideal! It’s wedding-white, making it a perfect pick as a bride-to-be dressing gown.

  • Sizing: XS - XL 
  • Expert Take: We love the embroidery on the back of this dressing gown - it will look great in your wedding photos! It’s also a total steal at under £20…

£19 | Shop Now

9. Water Lily Bridal Robe - Nola Grey

A bride posing in bridal lingerie and heels, wearing a sheer bridal robe trimmed with white feathers

Live out all your 90s rom com dreams with this feather trimmed, sheer bride dressing gown by Nola Grey

  • Sizing: XS - XL
  • Expert Take: It’s more of an investment, sure, but it is incredible! And they also offer a ‘custom fit’ option so you can be sure of a perfect fit. 

£350 | Shop Now

10. Personalised Feather Pyjamas - Not on the High Street

A bride taking a selfie in a mirror showing off her personalised feather trimmed bride silk pyjamas

Want feathered bride pyjamas at a budget-friendly price? We can’t get over this amazing set that costs less than £40! They are also personalisable, making them an ideal gift.

  • Sizing: S - XXL
  • Expert Take: Choose from one of four different colours, and add initials to the front pocket and text to the back of the top!

£38.95 | Shop Now

Bridal Party Pyjamas

Whether you want all the bridal party in matching PJs on the hen do, or if you want to gift your best girls some bridal party pyjamas or bridesmaid dressing gowns on the morning of the wedding, these are our favourite options.

11. Bride and Bridesmaid Pyjamas - Boohoo

A bride and bridesmaid wearing matching bridal PJs, the bridesmaid ones in rose gold reading 'till death do us party' and the bride PJs in white reading 'till death do us part'

We love this ‘Till Death Do Us Party’ short pyjama set for a bride and her bridesmaids! It would make for an amazing photo opportunity on the wedding morning.

  • Sizing: 6 - 16
  • Expert Take: These silky short pyjamas are ideal for a summer wedding and come in a really chic rose gold shade that will suit everyone!

£22 | Shop Now 

12. Luxury Watercolour Dressing Gown - Not on the High Street

Selection of bridesmaid dressing gowns hanging up in three different shades of blue, with a blue floral dressing gown in the centre with the word bride on the back in silver calligraphy

Are you planning on having your bridesmaids as your something blue? If so, these blue watercolour bridesmaid dressing gowns could be the perfect pick!

  • Sizing: 4 - 30
  • Expert Take: These bridal party dressing gowns come in a really broad range of sizes, which is ideal if you have ‘maids with different body types. There’s also lots of personalisation available.

£45 | Shop Now 

13. Bridesmaid Embroidered Kimono - Team Hen

Bridesmaid wearing a pink silk bridesmaid kimono with 'bridesmaid' embroidered on the lapel

If you’re looking for a cheap bridesmaid dressing gown, this pretty pink pick from Team Hen is perfect! It comes with the word ‘bridesmaid’ embroidered across the back of the robe and on the lapel too.

  • Sizing: One Size
  • Expert Take: This is so reasonably priced, but you can also score a further 10% your first purchase with Team Hen when you sign up to the site.

£22.99 | Shop Now 

14. Bridesmaid Satin Short Set - Boohoo

Bridesmaid wearing rose gold coloured satin short bridesmaid PJs and a bride wearing white satin bride pyjamas

If you want a classic bridesmaid PJs look on your wedding morning, you can’t go wrong with these satin short pyjamas. A button down top is always a good idea, as it can be easily removed without messing up hair or makeup!

  • Sizing: 6 - 24
  • Expert Take: We love that there’s such a broad size range for this bridesmaid pyjama set - it makes it so easy to have all your girls matching.

£18 | Shop Now

15. Lace Trimmed Bridesmaid Robes - Etsy

A rear view of a bride with bridesmaids either side of her all wearing matching lace trimmed bridesmaid dressing gowns holding their arms up in the air on a balcony

These bridesmaid dressing gowns come in such a broad range of colours, and you can mix and match them, which is ideal if you love the mismatched bridesmaid trend. You can order them in sets of four or more.

  • Sizing: One Size, Plus Size
  • Expert Take: They only come in two sizes, but the ability to bulk buy and mix and match the colours is a plus. They have over 240 positive reviews too!

From £75.51 for 4 | Shop Now

16. Personalised Blossom PJs - Not on the High Street

Blossom patterned pyjamas personalised with initials on the chest

As far as bridal party pyjamas go, these are some of our favourites! The beautiful blossom print, the personalised details - these are something that your bridesmaids will treasure.

  • Sizing: S - M
  • Expert Take: You can personalise these PJs for an extra cost, and we think it’s totally worth it for a special touch. They also have a matching dressing gown available!

From £54 | Shop Now

17. Personalised Bridesmaid Robes - Etsy

Two bride and bridesmaid dressing gowns hanging up with gold personalisation on the back with their names, titles and the wedding date

These gorgeous personalised bridesmaid dress gowns come in a vast range of colours, and you can choose whether to just add their name, or their title in the wedding party and your wedding date too.

  • Sizing: 8-14, 16-22
  • Expert Take: The sizing is a little more limited as it just comes in the two sizes above, but as you can belt them, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

From £18 | Shop Now

Mother of the Bride Dressing Gowns

You don’t want to leave the mother of the bride out! Protect her stylish mother of the bride dress by giving her a lovely mother of the bride dressing gown to wear whilst she’s having her hair and makeup done. 

18. Personalised Mother of the Bride Robe - Etsy

Matching mother of the bride kimono and mother of the bride pyjamas hanging on a floral decorated rack

This Etsy seller sells mother of the bride robes and pyjama sets, so you can include the mother of the bride on your hen do or wedding morning! Choose from a huge range of colours and add personalised wording.

  • Sizing: Regular, Large
  • Expert Take: We love that you can get a matching PJ and dressing gown for the mother of the bride - it provides a little more coverage but allows her to still coordinate with the rest of the bridal party.

£21.95 | Shop Now

19. Satin Mother of the Bride Dressing Gown - Boohoo

Black satin wedding robe with mother of the bride embroidered on the back in white

This slinky satin mother of the bride dressing gown is perfect for a glam MOTB who wants to fit in with the rest of the bridesmaids on the morning of the wedding!

  • Sizing: 6 - 16
  • Expert Take: Your mum will be thrilled that she can be part of the matching bridal party dressing gowns with this number!

£22 | Shop Now

20. Mother of the Bride Personalised Dressing Gown - Not on the High Street

White mother of the bride dressing gown decorated with floral detailing and personalisation in a gold font

We love that you can personalised this mother of the bride robe with her name! The floral detailing is a really pretty touch, too.

  • Sizing: S - L
  • Expert Take: You can also get mother of the groom dressing gowns too that match this style from the same seller, so you can coordinate!

£35 | Shop Now

Now you've got your bridal party robes sorted, what about the perfect bridesmaid gifts?