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10 Wedding Content Creators & What They Do Explained

Curious about having a content creator at your wedding? We've rounded up 10 wedding content creators to discover more about them

A wedding content creator captures pictures of a bride and groom posing next to a wedding cake on her mobile phone

Are you thinking about hiring a wedding content creator? Our wedding marketplace has plenty of content creators for you to browse, but we’ve shortlisted a few of our favourites here.

Not to be confused with your wedding photographer or videographer, a wedding content creator will work alongside you and your wedding team to create short form wedding content that you can post on your social channels straight away.

Typically a wedding photographer or videographer will have a longer lead time to get the content to you - although many do now offer select previews up front - as they will spend time editing and perfecting their final offering. 

A wedding content creator provides a different service - you won’t receive a gallery of perfectly edited wedding photos or a cinematic video covering the whole day, but instead short, social media-ready clips, often edited to tie in with popular trends on platforms such as TikTok or Instagram.

“As a wedding content creator, you have a unique opportunity to showcase the behind-the-scenes moments that make a couple’s special day truly unforgettable,” says Chloe, the content creator behind The Relaxed Bride.

“Capturing the details and emotions of the day not only highlights the love between the couple but also showcases the hard work and talent of the suppliers who helped bring the wedding to life.” 

10 Creative Wedding Content Creators in the UK

If you love all the quirky wedding videos on TikTok of wedding parties doing transitions into their outfits, or lip synching to trending audio, you’re going to want to check out these UK wedding content creators.

1. The Relaxed Bride - Derbyshire

A black and white image of a bride and groom walking away from the camera towards a wedding venue

Based in Derbyshire, The Relaxed Bride has a contemporary approach to creating content for weddings and events. 

Owner Chloe can travel across Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Leceistershire, as well as other parts of the UK, to work alongside your photographer and videographer, discreetly capturing every special moment of your day. 

There are three different packages to choose from, with content including highlight clips and reels to be shared with you within 24-48 hours of your wedding day.

She has 100% positive feedback from Hitched couples, with one review reading: “I came across Chloe a couple of weeks before our wedding as the venue posted one of her videos and I knew I needed to book her straight away! 

“We were going to ask family to take small snippets of our day but Chloe did all of that for us and got some amazing pictures and videos and made the best highlight video. People who have seen it have said they felt like they were there with us.”

  • Pricing: From £200

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2. Happily Ever After Content Creators - Northamptonshire

a bride and groom laugh as they pour champagne into a champagne tower

This is a relatively new business, but Happily Ever After Content Creators has already racked up 18 five-star reviews on Hitched!

They will act as your ‘personal paparazzi’ and document every moment from your wedding, before returning the footage to you within 24 hours for you to share on your channels.

One delighted newlywed left a review saying: “Nicola was amazing and so kind. She sent everything over pretty much straight away and I was moved to tears with the videos she created. 

“We’ve loved looking through all of the videos and images and we didn’t have to worry about getting out our phones and could enjoy the day. I would highly recommend them for your wedding.”

  • Pricing: From £245
  • Deals: Exclusive 5% discount for Hitched couples - head to their listing for more details!

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3. The Mystery Guest Weddings & Events Content Creator - Cambridgeshire

a groom holds the bride in his arms outside the wedding venue as she extends a leg in the air and holds her bouquet aloft

Charley started The Mystery Guest after realising that many couples contact their guests after the big day, trying to track down the photos and footage that they were too busy to capture themselves.

She created a service that allows couples to receive hundreds of photos and clips, within 24 hours of their wedding. This includes a 90 second highlight video from the day, with your choice of music overlaid, if you go for the eight or ten hour package.

She can also create video content in line with social media trends, if that is what you’re after. Choose from a range of packages, with prices to suit all budgets, from £320 to £700.

  • Pricing: From £320
  • Deals:10% discount available exclusively to Hitched couples - head to the listing for more information!

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4. Wedding Content Creator UK - West Midlands

an image of a wedding content creator taking a photo of a wedding party lined up outside the wedding venue

Wedding Content Creator UK is a social media business focusing on wedding content, based in the West Midlands.

The team has over 15 years of experience creating social media content, and they love using their skills to help newlyweds capture memories of their wedding day in new and exciting ways.

They can provide the content they’ve captured within 24 hours of your wedding, giving you entertaining and heart-warming videos to share on all your social channels, whilst you wait for the photography and videography content to be edited.

They have several glowing reviews from Hitched couples, with one newlywed writing: If anybody is wondering whether they should get a wedding content creator for their wedding: “I would say they should be on your must have list and I would 100% recommend Ollie and Lydia.”

  • Pricing: From £375
  • Deals: 10% exclusive discount for Hitched couples - head to their listing for more details!

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5. Bridal Bestie Club - West Midlands

a fun image of a bride and bridesmaid in dressing gowns holding mimosas whilst the bride pretends to drink champagne from the bottle

Bridal Bestie Club is a content creator and videography service, providing a range of options from full-event coverage to TikToks of your wedding prep!

They travel across the UK to capture content for weddings, and have a variety of packages available for you to consider. 

You’ll receive videos and social media clips, and if required, you can work with them to create a package tailored to your specific content needs. 

She has plenty of five-star reviews on her Hitched listing, with one delighted newlywed stating: “Nikki is the absolute epitome of a bridal bestie. She came to capture behind the scenes footage of our elopement, and she was absolutely incredible from start to finish. 

“She built a great working relationship with our photographer and videographer, and was always making sure she wasn’t an obstruction of any of the professional shots or interrupting the flow of the day, whilst still getting some incredible behind the scenes footage.”

  • Pricing: From £150
  • Deals: Exclusive 10% discount for Hitched couples - head to the listing to find out more!

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6. Social Sisters - Content Creators - Surrey

a photo of a bride and groom kissing in an open top wedding car with the back of a wedding photographer and content creator visible in the foreground

Social Sisters are a content creation service focused on weddings and other special occasions. They will be on hand to ensure every moment of your special day is captured, ready to find the perfect moments for social media, including showing your suppliers hard at work! 

They are dedicated to providing a stress-free service, so you can relax and fully immerse yourself in your wedding day, knowing that they are covering all your content so you don’t have to. 

From the perfect Instagram Boomerang to a TikTok trend, they are skilled at all kinds of social-led content creation and will deliver their work to you quickly following the big day so you can upload it instantly, ready for the likes to roll in.

  • Pricing: From £395
  • Deals: Exclusive 5% discount for Hitched couples - head to their listing to find out more

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7. Get Garcia’d Wedding Content Creator - West Midlands

a black and white image of a bride and groom kissing as confetti falls around them

Based in Birmingham, Get Garcia’d is a wedding content creation service focused on capturing all the big and small moments from your wedding for you to treasure forever.

Owner Soph positions herself as your new wedding bestie, who will keep you calm, carry your deodorant, and provide you with whatever you need, as well as capturing content!

She offers three different wedding packages, but all of them include a pre-wedding consultation, a gallery of unedited pictures and videos 24 hours after your wedding, a pre-agreed number of edited videos, reels and TikToks and her unwavering support on the day!

She also provides some optional extras in the form of a fizz spray, a sparkler exit, an audio guest book and polaroid favours!

  • Pricing: From £200

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8. Han-Picked Memories - West Sussex

a bride and groom walk hand in hand over the hills away from the camera

Hannah, the owner of Han-Picked Memories, is a recent bride herself, and remembers waking up the day after her wedding wanting to scroll through lots of pictures and videos of the day.

Working alongside your photographer and videographer, she will capture all the magical moments ready for you to view them the very next day. You will get the raw, unedited photos and videos 24 hours after you’ve said ‘I do’. 

  • Pricing: From £360

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9. The Wedit - Essex

the bride sits on a bed in a white bridal robe, surrounded by five bridesmaids in blue dressing gowns looking at the wedding order of service

Offering something different for your big day, The Wedit will work with you to create fun transitions for TikTok, or simply provide plenty of unedited shots of your wedding day with a fast turnaround.

Owner Gemma will become part of your wedding team, working alongside the photographer and videographer to ensure you don’t miss a single moment of your wedding day, and you can stash your phone away knowing she’s got it all covered for you. 

She covers Essex, Greater London, Kent, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and even abroad on her mission to capture creative content from weddings!

You’ll receive the content the next day, including photos, videos, reels and trending TikTok transitions. 

  • Pricing: From £300
  • Deals: Two deals currently available, including an exclusive 10% discount for Hitched couples

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10. The Wedding Storyteller Co. - Hampshire

a wedding content creator leans over a table capturing footage of a wedding table set up on her phone

Paula, the owner of The Wedding Storyteller Co., is a content creator specialising in weddings and other special events content. 

From getting ready at the start of the day, to that final, barefoot dance, Paula can be on hand to capture all the moments you’re too busy enjoying. She will deliver all her content to you within 24-48 hours after your wedding, including highlight reels to share on social media.

She is an experienced social media manager who specialises in short-form content creation, providing you with the clips and content you need to share on social media, whilst you wait for your professional photos and videos to be edited and delivered to you. 

  • Pricing: From £300
  • Deals: Exclusive 5% discount for Hitched couples

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How Much is a Wedding Content Creator?

Wedding content creator prices will vary depending on what kind of package you go for, but typically packages seem to be around the £300-£400 mark.

Most creators have a range of options to suit different budgets, so it’s always worth getting in touch and seeing what your budget can cover. Some of the wedding content creators listed on Hitched have prices starting from as little as £150.

Plenty of them also offer exclusive wedding discounts to Hitched couples, so it’s always worth looking for deals!

What is a Wedding Content Creator?

A wedding content creator is a service you hire in addition to your wedding photographer and videographer to capture content that might be less polished than what your photographer or videographer would provide, but can be delivered to you quickly and is perfect for your social channels. 

“Last year, the wedding content creator trend became an instant sensation in the world of weddings and is only expected to continue growing throughout 2024,” explains Chloe from The Relaxed Bride. 

“Couples are now requesting that their guests refrain from using their phones (which they should anyway), enabling content creators to capture candid moments throughout the day without being intrusive and blending into the background.”

Why Should I Hire a Wedding Content Creator?

If you're not particularly active on social media, you might struggle to see the appeal of a content creator, but they're not just for social media-savvy nearlyweds.

"It's a myth is that you only need a content creator if you are an influencer or obsessed with social media, that’s not true," says Chloe. "Couples have the unique opportunity to see the behind-the-scenes moments of their wedding day, making it truly unforgettable.

"By capturing the details and emotions of the day not only highlighting the love between the couple but it also showcases the hard work and talent of the suppliers who helped bring the wedding to life."

Does a Wedding Content Creator Replace a Videographer or Photographer?

Your wedding content creator won’t replace the work of a videographer or photographer. It’s worth letting those vendors know if you are hiring a content creator, so they can make a plan of how to work together.

“By collaborating with their photographer or videographer, content creators can create even more vibrant memories to cherish for years to come in an instant. Most content creators will deliver all photos and videos 24-48 hours after your wedding day,” says Chloe.

This service differs from that provided by a photographer or videographer, as they need more time to editing the images and footage they capture from your wedding. 

After more wedding content inspiration? See our must-have wedding photo list here!