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35 Must-Have Bridesmaid Pictures You're Going to Want on the Day

Looking for bridesmaid picture ideas? We've rounded up some of our favourite bridesmaid photo ideas to inspire you

Five bridesmaids posing for a bridesmaid picture laughing together wearing mismatched red bridesmaid dresses

Obviously, a wedding is the culmination of months of wedding planning and a chance to publicly celebrate your love. But we’d be lying if we didn’t also say it’s a great chance to get photos with the girls - so you need to see all these bridesmaid pictures!

These are the photos you can use on social media for years to come, to mark every birthday, celebration and shout out coming, so you owe it to the girls to have some beautiful bride and bridesmaid pictures to keep tagging them in.

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite bridesmaid photos, plus tips on how to pose for bridesmaid pictures to inspire you and ensure your socials are looking their best for the foreseeable. 

35 Bridesmaid Picture Ideas for You to Steal

Regardless of who you have in your wedding party, you can recreate these photos - they’re ideal for bridesmates, men of honour, bridesmen and more. Scroll down for plenty of bridesmaids picture inspiration, but also tips on how to pose for bridesmaid photos and funny bridesmaid photo ideas from expert wedding photographer Martin James

1. With the Couple

An outdoor bride and bridesmaid picture, with the bride riding on the back of the groom in a piggy back, flanked by four bridesmaids in green floor length dresses posing with their arms in the air

We all know it’s essential to have bride and bridesmaids pictures, but don’t forget the other half of the happy couple too.

This photo by Rob Nicholson Photography is super playful - we love that the bride is piggy-backing on the groom’s back, and the bridesmaids are all letting loose with fun poses.

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2. Reach For the Stars

Bride in the centre with two bridesmaids on one side and three on the other, all wearing orange toned bridesmaid dresses - three in block orange, two in orange floral - holding their bouquets up in the air and beaming

We love a good arms-up bridesmaid photo - it just looks so joyful and celebratory. This is also a great pose for elongating the body and limbs, and it shows off the beautiful bouquets perfectly. 

We’re also pretty obsessed with the mismatched bridesmaid dresses in this photo by Big Day Productions.

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3. With the Wedding Party

Bride and groom walking away from the venue with their bridesmaids and groomsmen as the groomsmen hold up peach coloured smoke cannons

This photo by Damien Vickers Photography encompasses the whole wedding party. 

We love the sense of movement as everyone walks towards the camera, and the contrast of the peachy-hued smoke cannons with the dark outfits. 

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4. Admiring the Bride

Bride in a traditional indian wedding outfit surrounded by five bridesmaids all in traditional sarees admiring the bride

This photo from Forever Photo Studio is so vibrant. We love how the bridesmaids are gathered around to admire the bride, and are posed at different levels around her. 

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5. First Look

A black and white photo of three bridesmaids in their dressing gowns emotionally looking at a bride in her wedding dress

How emotional is this beautiful black and white photo by Anita Masih Photography

Make sure you ask your wedding photographer to get photos of your bridesmaids when they see you all dressed up on your wedding day - it’s such an emotional moment. 

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6. Styled & Seated

Formal style portrait photo of the bride, bridesmaids, groom and groomsmen. They are seated on chairs on a lawn, with some groomsmen standing in the background, in the style of an old fashioned painting

This photo by Julian Roberts Photography is giving old-school family portrait (or Made in Chelsea series three), and we love it! How fun would this be framed in your house after the big day?

If you want vibes like this at your wedding, make sure you let your photographer know. 

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7. Best Foot Forward

A photo of eight feet in personalised sliders all pointing in together in a circle. The sliders say things like Bride Billie and Maid of Honour Carrie

A slightly more out of the box bride and bridesmaid photo idea - this photo from Forever Photo Studio shows off everyone’s personalised sliders (a great bridesmaid gift idea!), and their immaculate pedis too. 

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8. Group Hug

Bride being hugged by two of her bridesmaids on the morning of her wedding in the wedding suite

Weddings are super emotional, and the beauty of having a wedding photographer on hand means you’ll get all those special moments captured so you can remember them forever, like this image by Leslie Choucard Photography & Videography

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9. All Together

Bride laughing as she's closely surrounded six bridesmaids in pastel green bridesmaid dresses

If you’ve got lots of bridesmaids, make sure you get a photo of them gathered around you, like this one taken by Wild Daisy Photography. It’s so nice to look back and see you and all your pals together.

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10. Wedding Morning Gifts

Photo of three bridesmaids opening boxed gifts in matching dresses as they sit on a sofa in a wedding suite

If you’ve treated your I do crew to some wedding morning gifts, make sure you get an action shot of their faces as they open them, like this one from Big Day Productions.

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11. Pup Pals

A bride with three bridesmaids in sage green dresses posing outside of a venue. They all hold bouquets and the bride holds the lead for a dog who is sitting in the foreground with its tongue out, with flowers on its collar

Of course, it’s not just bridesmaids, bridesmates, bridesmen, men of honour etc. that make up an I do crew - we can’t ignore your pup pals too!

If you’ve got a good boy or girl in your wedding party, make sure they’re included in the photos too - just look at this delighted doggo snapped by Anita Masih.

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12. Bride in the Middle

A glamorous bride in the centre between four bridesmaids on each side, all wearing sequin bridesmaid dresses and holding their arms up in the air with their bouquets aloft

This beautiful black and white bridesmaid photo by Leslie Choucard Photography & Videography simply exudes glamour. 

If you’ve got an even number of people in your wedding party, getting them to flank you on either side like this makes for a beautiful bride and bridesmaids photo idea. 

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13. Signature Pose

Bride posing with five bridesmaids in pale blue dresses with their arms out either side like an aeroplane in a funny bridesmaid photo idea

If you were at uni in the early 2010s, you probably have a signature pose, am I right? Before TikTok taught us better ways…

So make sure you’re snapped doing your signature girls’ night out pose with your besties, like this group photographed by UK Wedding Photography, for a funny bridesmaid photo idea. Those TikTok girlies could never…

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14. Glamorous Group Shot

Group shot of the bride, groom and four bridesmaids and four groomsmen all posing together in a darkly decorated bar

Make like you’re posing for a promotional photo for the new series of your reality TV show - think Kardashians.

We are honestly obsessed with this glamorous group shot, featuring bridesmaids, the bride and groom and the groomsmen all together, by Twigs Branch Photography.

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15. Traditional Style

A traditional photo of a bride with two bridesmaids on either side of her smiling and holding bouquets wearing navy blue bridesmaid dresses

You honestly can’t go wrong with a traditional bridesmaid photo - posing with the bride, in a line, bouquets visible. It’s a classic, and one you’ll want in your wedding photo album.

We love this simple but striking shot by Wild Daisy Photography.

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16. Bring on the Bubbles

A bar with a line up of personalised champagne glasses for the bride and bridesmaids, all full of champagne

This is such a cute bridesmaid photo idea and you’ll kick yourself if you don’t include it in your bridesmaid pictures!

We love all the personalised glasses, freshly filled with bubbles, lined up for the wedding morning prep. It’s such a creative photo idea from the Kensington Photographer.

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17. Just the Bridesmaids

Five bridesmaids laughing and posing together in differing red-hued bridesmaid dresses

Whilst it’s obviously lovely to have lots of bride and bridesmaids photos, make sure you get some photos of just the bridesmaids too!

This photo by Noah Werth Film & Photography lets each bridesmaid shine in their beautiful red bridesmaid dresses.

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18. Here Come the Girls

A line up of eight bridesmaids all in floor length pink bridesmaid dresses, walking along with the bride in the middle. The bride holds a white smoke cannon aloft whilst the bridesmaids hold up pink ones

Bring the girl power with a full line up of your bridesmaids with colour coordinated smoke cannons. 

This photo by Rob Nicholson Photography is such a vibe!

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19. Dancing Together

Bride and bridesmaids dancing together outdoors wearing headdresses made from leaves and greenery, and mismatched bridesmaid dresses in varying shades

If you or any of your bridesmaids feel a little uncomfortable or awkward posing for your bridesmaid pictures, play some of your favourite songs and have a little dance!

This shot by Anita Masih Photography shows the bride and bridesmaids grooving together and we love it.

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20. Rear View

Photo of five bridesmaids taken from behind showing the backs of their dresses and hairstyles as they hold their bouquets up in the air

For a slightly different bridesmaid photo idea, get your photographer to get a picture of your bridesmaids from the back, like this photo by Big Day Productions

It’s a great way to capture dress and hair details that you wouldn’t normally see.

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21. Laughing Together

A bride laughing with her head back next to the mother of the bride and two bridesmaids, all with their arms around each other laughing and smiling

Be sure to get a bride and bridesmaids photo where you’re all laughing together! This photo by Noah Werth Film and Photography makes us feel all fuzzy inside.

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22. Down the Aisle

A black and white photo taken from behind of a little flower girl skipping down the aisle

If you have mini bridesmaids or flower girls, it might be a little harder to get them to pose for bridesmaid pictures. 

Instead you’ll need to be all about the action shots. This photo of a little bridesmaid bounding down the aisle by UK Wedding Photography is so sweet.

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23. Matching Robes

Bride sat on a bed in a white bridal robe surrounded by five bridesmaids in pink satin robes, all laughing together

Are you even having a wedding morning if you don’t all have cool matching dressing gowns? Make sure you get photo evidence of your wedding morning prep, like this photo by Leslie Choucard Photography & Videography.

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24. Girl Band Style

Bride and bridesmaids posing for a photo at the bottom of a marble staircase with their arms in the air. The bridesmaids wear slinky black satin bridesmaid dresses

What’s the point of having a wedding party if you’re not going to pull some pop band inspired poses? This bridesmaid picture by Julian Roberts Photography is giving girl band, and we’re here for it.

We’re also here for those satin bridesmaid dresses!

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25. PJ Party

Bride and six bridesmaids posing outside in their PJs and matching floral bridal dressing gowns, holding out their glasses of champagne as though to cheers each other

Make sure you snap a moment where everyone is in their PJs sipping their bubbles on your wedding morning. This photo by Wild Daisy Photography shows why this is an essential bride and bridesmaid photo idea.

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26. All in a Row

Four bridesmaids in pastel pink halterneck bridesmaid dresses looking delighted as they're photographed sitting together in the front row watching the wedding ceremony

Ask your wedding photographer to get a cute photo of the moment your bridesmaids see you meet your partner at the end of the aisle, or share your first kiss as newlyweds.

Just look at the magic in this photo by Leslie Choucard Photography & Videography.

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27. The Great Outdoors

Bride posing on a bohemian style rug outdoors with four bridesmaids on either side of her, all wearing mismatched rust coloured bridesmaid dresses

If your wedding venue has a beautiful outdoor space, make the most of it by having a little bride and bridesmaids shoot. 

This photo by Big Day Productions is just perfection - as are those rust coloured bridesmaid dresses.

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28. Looking Out

Four bridesmaids in sage green coloured dresses smiling and laughing as they look out over a balcony wall at a wedding venue

If you have any balconies, bridges or terraces at your venue, get your bridesmaids to pose looking out for a beautiful and creative photo idea, like this one captured by Damien Vickers Photography.

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29. Emotional Moments

A bridesmaid laughing as she is photographed wiping a tear away during a wedding ceremony, whilst the two other bridesmaids either side look on and giggle

These are the bridesmaid photos that will make you well up when you look back, as they’re likely to be the moments you missed. 

This photo by UK Wedding Photography is one the couple will cherish.

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30. Structured Standing

A bride in the foreground with three bridesmaids and a bridesman in pink themed clothing standing at different points in the background

We love how Forever Photo Studio has arranged this shot, so the bride is in the foreground and her bridesmaids and bridesman are at different points in the background.

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31. The Whole Wedding Party

Outdoor shot of a formally dressed wedding party with the bride and groom in the centre and each of the eight bridesmaids paired up with a groomsman outside of the wedding venue

If you have a large wedding party and have equal numbers of groomsmen and bridesmaids, be inspired by this photo by Leslie Choucard Photography & Videography and get everyone walking together for a glamorous and dynamic shot.

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32. Action Stations

Bride and bridesmaids grouped together energetically posing with their arms up in the air holding their bouquets aloft, as they lean into the bride with their bodies

We love the energy in this photo by Noah Werth Film & Photography. The bride and bridesmaids all just look like they’re having a blast - and isn’t that what you want from your bridesmaid photos?

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33. City Streets

A bride with her bridesmaids and bridesmen all dressed in blue suits and dresses with white trainers walking down a city street together

If you’re getting married in a cool city or venue, make sure you get some action shots of you and your bridesmaids strolling through the grounds. 

We love so much about this photo from How Photography - but especially those cool wedding trainers, they’re ideal for striding the city streets. 

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34. The Huddle

A bride and her bridesmaids huddled together in a close group hug

Whether it’s before you walk down the aisle, or after the I dos, make sure you get an adorable group huddle photo like this one, captured by Twigs Branch Photography!

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35. Classic Group Shot

A bride smiling in the middle of five bridesmaids, all holding bouquets and looking at each other

Finally, what better to end on then a classic bride and bridesmaids picture idea from Leslie Choucard Photography & Videography? This is so simple, but timeless and chic.

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How to Pose for Bridesmaids Photos?

If you're feeling a little lost when it comes to posing for your bridesmaids pictures, don't worry! We've spoken to the experts to find out their top tips. 

Martin James Photography offers up a wealth of wisdom: "Above all, it's essential for everyone to feel relaxed and comfortable. Authentic smiles and laughter are always more flattering than forced ones. A good posture can make a significant difference in how you look in photos - stand tall and straight, without appearing too rigid.

"Rather than facing the camera straight on, try standing at a slight angle – it's often more flattering. The same goes for holding your bouquet at a slight angle rather than straight up and down. Follow the photographer's guidance: A good photographer will guide you to the best poses and angles, so trust their expertise."

Martin also emphasises the importance of being natural and feeling comfortable in front of the camera, as this will often lead to the best pictures. He says, "The most beautiful photos are often those where the bridesmaids are behaving naturally – chatting, laughing, or simply sharing a moment together.

"Photos capturing movement, like walking, twirling, or adjusting your dress, often turn out beautifully. Don't be afraid to move. Interact with each other and the bride. These interactions can result in some fantastic candid shots that truly encapsulate the spirit of the day.

"Always remember, the goal is to enjoy the day and let your happiness shine through in the photographs. The more relaxed and natural you are, the better the photos will turn out."

If you or your bridesmaids are feeling nervous about how to pose for bridesmaid pictures, simply let the photographer know and they will work with you to put you at ease. 

Bridesmaids Funny Photos Ideas

Fancy jazzing things up a bit? There are plenty of fun and funny bridesmaid poses out there for you. Martin shares some of his favourites: 

  • Fun with props: Props can add a sense of fun and personality to the photos. Whether it's oversized sunglasses, colourful parasols, or even fun signs, they can create unique and playful shots.
  • Faux candid moments: Staged 'candid' photos such as the bride and bridesmaids caught in a fit of laughter or sharing a secret can make for unique and endearing photographs.
  • Reflections: Using a body of water or a reflective surface to capture the bridal party in a different perspective is another favourite of mine. It adds an artistic touch to the photo.
  • Silhouette shots: Photos of the bride and bridesmaids outlined against a bright background, such as the sunset or a brightly lit room, can create a sense of drama and intrigue.
  • Themed shots: If the wedding has a specific theme, incorporating that theme into the bridesmaid photos can make for some wonderfully quirky and personalised shots.

"The goal is to inject personality and fun into these shots while keeping everyone feeling relaxed and comfortable. This will ensure the photographs truly capture the joyous spirit of the wedding day."

Talking to your photographer soon? Here are the key questions to ask your wedding photographer.