25 Of The Best Bridesmaid Photographs That Will Totally Inspire You

Wedding photography is one of the most important parts of the whole day, so make sure your bridesmaid photos are just as good as the rest

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Creating the ultimate bridal squad can be really tricky… Picking the right girls, choosing their bridesmaid dresses and organising their presents – but once that is all sorted you can concentrate on the fun part.


How to photograph them!

You only get married once (mostly) and as well as the wedding photography of you, your partner and all of your guests, you also want to capture the best bridesmaid photographs.

We have some serious inspo for you to copy.


This image is very classy as you have all of your girls with their legs crossed, holding up your ceremony book. It is sentimental because you could have them holding anything from your wedding service programs to the bible which has your chosen readings in it.


Image Credit: Central Library

Drink Up

We love the fun element of this photograph. It shows the bride and her two bridesmaids getting stuck in with all the fun and serving up cold beers. The smiles on their faces are from ear to ear – exactly what we want to see.


Image Credit: Christchurch Harbour Hotel & Spa

You May Now Carry The Groom

This groom looks overjoyed – he’s knackered and doesn’t want to do any more walking… We’re just joking, but we love that the bridesmaids are carrying him. Grooms need some TLC and attention on the wedding day too and this particular one is quite clearly having the time of his life.


Image Cred: DLUX Photography

At The Ceremony

We love this image because it is simple and beautiful. It is also taken at a really important time of the day, during the ceremony. The wedding photographer has focused on the third bridesmaid and her flowers and has blurred the others which gives a gorgeous effect.


But First, Let Me Take A Selfie

These bridesmaids look super cool carrying out the modern trend of selfie-taking. No wedding is complete without a selfie and what bridesmaid wouldn’t want to capture the moment she accompanies her BFF down the aisle. Work it girls!


Image Credit: Dominika Miechowska Photography

Smiles All Round

This is one of the cutest bridesmaid photographs because it shows the moment when the bride-to-be reveals her bridal look to her best girls and the look on their faces says it all.


Image Credit: Gavin Conlan Photography Ltd

All The Vintage Ladies

There couldn’t possibly be more style oozing from this picture. The bride is rocking an incredibly cool look, with her bridesmaids in 1950’s style rockabilly dresses that we are obsessing over. The backdrop of a band and a Hollywood print along with that amazing retro wedding car is just too fabulous. We have loads of other vintage wedding ideas to match this style!


Image Credit: Larmer Tree Gardens

Get Your Wellies On

These girls couldn’t look cooler if they tried. The stunning bridesmaid dresses and wedding gown are accompanied by some flashy wellington boots and we wouldn’t change a thing. This adds humour to the wedding photographs and would be perfect for a country garden wedding.


Image Credit: The Barn Yard

Flower Faces

What better way to show off your stunning wedding flowers than by having a photo taken just like this one. It is the perfect way to showcase the talent of your wedding florist and quite frankly it just makes a super pretty picture if nothing else.


Image Credit: Shustoke Farm Barns


These bridesmaid and bride are really showing us some attitude in this image and we think it’s fabulous. The picture is framed in a really modern and unique way and the barn wood back drop go perfectly with the style and colours of the dresses.


Image Credit: Bruisyard Hall


Why not get the groomsmen involved in some of your bridesmaid photos and replicate this celebratory image. The bridal party have thrown the bouquets up in the air and everyone is jumping for job. Why not, there’s definitely cause to celebrate.


Image Credit: Elms Barn

Big Kids

Both these pictures have sported the same idea to have a completely happy-go-lucky take on the wedding photography and unleash their inner child. The bridal parties are enjoying a playful jump on the bouncy castle which has created two amazing pictures that anyone would be proud of.


Image Credit (from top): Lillibrooke Manor & Great Barn, Everybody Smiles Photography 

Pucker Up

These gorgeous girls have pouted and posed for what has ended up being a stunning photograph that this bride and her bridesmaids can cherish forever. Another selfie has crept its way into this album and it is clear why. Wedding selfies are the next big thing, right?


Image Credit: Wedding Films 4K


This photo is one of the most stunning we have ever seen. All of the bridesmaids, and the blushing bride, are standing against a beautiful natural backdrop, holding hands. The scene is simply breath-taking!

bridesmaids kristida photography

Image Credit: Kristida Photography

Here Come The Girls

Running through the fields with not a care in the world – we love this picture because of how fun it is. There isn’t one lady without a huge smile on her face and this picture is even more amazing as each bridesmaid, and the bride, are all sporting funky wellies. We’re seeing a trend here…


Image Credit: CG Wedding Photography

Bridesmaids in the Stream

This really happened – honest. As wacky as it is, these bridesmaids deserve some serious credit for getting knee-deep, with their fishing rod bouquets, and supporting the lovely married couple in this photo. If you’re looking for alternative wedding inspiration, here it is.

Would you do this for a bride you know?


I’m Getting Married!

These girls look stunning and the bride is glowing. Having a picture of you and your girls before you start to get into your wedding attire is so necessary and makes for such a gorgeous picture. The silk dressing gowns and perfect hair and make-up make this shot the best it could possibly be.


Image Credit: Mr & Mrs I Do Photography

Strike A Pose

We love the drama that comes with this image and we think every bride needs a stunning shot of her and her girls posing with every bit of attitude they have in them – just like this beautiful bunch.


Image Credit: Boreham House

We Can Do The Twist

Here at Hitched HQ we have been obsessing over these bridesmaid dresses – they are just so perfect for a vintage wedding. The colours are amazing and they are the ideal style to create an image like this. We’re big fans.


Pull, Pull

The comedy in this picture is amazing and you really need funny pictures in your wedding photo album as well as the romantic and more serious ones. This is the sort of picture you will look back on in years to come and still be laughing about.


Image Credit: Philip Chambers Photography

Stunning Close Up

The wedding photographer of this image has captured the beauty of the bridal party’s dresses, shoes and bouquets in the most perfect way. If we were the bride in this photo we would be so satisfied with how it’s come out. This is serious purple wedding inspo.


Image Credit: Rebecca Parsons Photography

The Moustaches Are Out

Using props in your wedding photography is a popular trend these days with the use of photo booths increasing but photo booth or no photo booth, props like these can be used anyway. They add a light hearted feel to the images and are super funny and cute at the same time.


Image Credit: The Horn Of Plenty

Girl Power

There is so much style and prettiness in this picture – the floral head bands and bouquets complement each other so much. They look like they’re having the time of their lives and this is exactly how bridesmaids and the bride should be captured on the wedding day.


Image Credit: The Wild Boar

The Bridal Party

This is the bridesmaid picture of all bridesmaid pictures. It represents unity and the personalised dressing gowns are the best finishing touch!


Image Credit: Wood Hotel & Spa


Now you know how to photograph your bridesmaids in the right way, check out how to master your wedding ring photography with our favourite shots.