Wedding Ring Boxes: 17 Gorgeous Designs You’ll Cherish Forever

Keep your precious wedding rings safe with a beautiful ring box – take a look at these 17 stunning designs for inspiration


It’s the moment that you’ve been waiting for – you’ve made your entrance down the aisle, your partner has had their first look, now it’s time to say those all important wedding vows and exchange rings with the one you love. Receiving your wedding rings is one of the most exciting parts of the day, so it’s only right that you keep these treasured items safe by placing them inside a beautiful ring box. We share 17 beautiful wedding boxes that every couple are sure to fall in love with.


We love these beautifully elegant and fuss free ring boxes from Goldsmiths – the beauty of their understated colour is that they’d look good holding any wedding ring metal. The lightness of the inner fabric will also make the rings easier to photograph. After all, they deserve to be shown off!


Image credit: West Photography

If your wedding budget is tight, consider wedding ring boxes made out of wood as a rustic alternative to the traditional design. We are obsessed with this modern ring box from Clouds and Currents – plus it can be engraved with your names and wedding date too. However, if you have diamond wedding rings, then a loose box like this may not be suitable in case your jewellery gets scratched.


Image credit: Not on the High Street

We adore the stunning wedding ring box that Hiyam and Tommy had at their real wedding. They exchanged rings in a beautiful destination wedding in Sri Lanka and then placed them in this wooden trinket box. A great tip is to follow Hiyam and Tommy’s lead and put hay or straw inside your ring box to cushion your jewellery and prevent scratches.


Image credit: Firas Afeef

This mini treasure chest from Kate and Adam’s real wedding made the most fitting ring box for their beach wedding in Greece. Think outside the box (pun intended) when it comes to keeping your wedding rings safe and look for designs that relate to your theme and personal interests, especially if you’re an unconventional couple.


Image credit: Story Studios

We can’t get enough of the stylish wedding ring boxes from Clouds and Currents – here’s another striking design that would make a very modern accessory for your wedding rings. The initials and wedding date still have the element of personalisation, whilst the cupid arrows and heart engraving add a romantic twist.


Image credit: Not on the High Street

If you don’t want to keep your wedding ring separate from your other half’s, consider this gorgeous double ring box from GregolinoWedding. Featuring a stunning, distressed white design, this box has an air of vintage chic about it and even has the romantic words ‘we do’ emblazoned across the top – making it the ideal keepsake to treasure long after the wedding is over.


We also love the weathered look of the double ring box from Reena and Indi’s real wedding, which suited their enchanting winter wedding venue perfectly. Each of the rings look so elegantly displayed in this silver and black box, plus we love the close up style of photography. 


Image credit: VIP Studio

Fashion forward couples will be totally wowed by this incredible glass ring box by Waen. If you’re obsessed with rose gold weddings, then this is the box for you. Keep the wedding rings loose or fill the box with hay, sand, confetti or anything else you can think of to give it even more of a decorative edge. The box is so pretty that it’s definitely worthy of being carried down the aisle by your ring bearer.


This exquisite ring box is so dreamy and would be an ultra-decorative way to display your wedding rings. If you’re getting married at a seaside wedding venue, a shell design such as this would be so appropriate for displaying your precious wedding rings. It doesn’t matter that the wedding rings are a similar colour to the box – you can never have too much gold we say!


Image credit: Three Graces Wedding Planning, Styling and Design

If your day is filled with lots of luxe and sparkly wedding ideas, then this metallic ring box from Ginger Rose would be a lovely way to carry your jewellery. Made from high quality leather with a magnetic lid, this stunning box is a contemporary twist on the classic design. It’s also available in tan or as a round shaped box too.


Image credit: Not on the High Street

If you want your ring box to serve as a decorative item that you can carry on using at home, then take a look at this pretty porcelain box from Sue Candy Ceramics. Okay, so a ring bearer pillow may be a less breakable option for your rings as they’re carried down the aisle, but this lovely handmade box would look great in your wedding ring photos afterwards.


Image credit: Not on the High Street

Although the unusual wedding rings from Josh and Lynsey’s real wedding were totally unique, the couple’s ring box ticked the traditional element and exuded class and sophistication. We’re also big plans of the subtle gold lining around the box.

If, like Lynsey, you need a wedding band to fit a custom made engagement ring, take a look at our guide to shaped wedding rings for expert advice. 


Image credit: Peter Gore Photography

The wedding rings from Zoe and Philip’s real wedding were wonderfully displayed in this sleek black box which had room for both. If you’re keeping things traditional like Zoe and Philip, opt for square ring boxes that have a chic, neutral colour palette and plenty of padding inside to keep the jewellery secure. 


Image credit: Mark Pacura Photography

Sophie and Iain’s stylish real wedding was a beauty, and their wedding ring box was no exception. After exchanging rings from Ernest Jones, the couple kept them in this adorable ivory box – complete with a silver heart clasp and an engraved mirror inside the lid.


Image credit: Russell Neal Photography

A dark wedding ring box such as this is classic, simple and the ideal way to show off a dazzling pair of silver coloured wedding rings. A box with a dark colour and a traditional shape is also a versatile choice too, as it fits in with every style of wedding and couple – unless you don’t like black of course!


Image credit: Documentary Wedding Photographer

We’re in love with the sophisticated design of this leather wedding ring box from Life of Riley. The beautiful tan colour is the perfect match with the luxurious texture of the box, plus the lid can even be personalised with a message or your names and wedding date.


Image credit: Not on the High Street

Okay so this technically isn’t a wedding ring box, but it still serves the same purpose and would make for some seriously creative photo opportunities. An old fashioned purse would be a lovely way to keep your rings safe if you’re going for a classic style of day or a vintage wedding dress. Take note from this picture and add in bits of your vintage wedding décor for lovely photos.


Top Tips For Beautiful Ring Box Pictures

If you’re considering including wedding ring photography in your photo album, don’t leave out your ring box – it can add such a lovely element to your pictures. We spoke to photographer Kat Forsyth to get her top photo tips:

Choose your lighting – “You can take the shot inside or outside. However, if you do it inside, put the ring box on a surface near a window so that your rings sparkle in the natural light.”

It’s all about the angle – “I like to take this type of shot with one of the front corners of the ring box facing my camera, so that you can see the shape and depth of the box rather than looking at it head on.”

Find the perfect sparkle – “Move the ring box around slightly so that you can find the best spot where the stone sparkles the most. Once you have that perfect angle – aim for a close up picture and ensure that the ring looks really sharp and crisp.”

Material matters – “Ring boxes that aren’t too shiny photograph the best. I like unique ones made of interesting materials such as wood or mottled leather.”


Capturing a photo of the wedding rings would be a lovely moment for your album – take a look at our wedding photo checklist to see this and 120 other picture perfect ideas for your big day.