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65 Proposal Ideas Guaranteed to Get a 'Yes'

Trying to decide how to pop the question? We've got 65 romantic and inspiring proposal ideas to help you get that resounding yes!

A bride to be holding out her ring finger revealing a diamond engagement ring as a friend stands either side of her hugging her
Colin Maynard / Unsplash

A bride to be holding out her ring finger revealing a diamond engagement ring as a friend stands either side of her hugging her
Colin Maynard / Unsplash

If you’re hunting for the most romantic proposal ideasin the UK and abroad, then you’ve come to the right place. We've got 65 unique proposal ideas to help you pop the question, from simple proposal ideas to do at home, to romantic ways to propose marriage in public.

Of course, there’s a lot to consider before you get down on one knee. You might be wondering how to buy an engagement ring or where the best places in the world to propose might be, and we’ve got the best proposal ideas to help you pop the question like a pro.

The most important thing to consider when considering engagement proposal ideas is to make sure that it feels right. Not just right for you, but also for the person that you’re planning to ask. When deciding how to pop the question, think about what you’re like as a couple. 

Do you prefer to stay in, or go out? Perhaps you’re planning a romantic proposal idea to do at home, or a beach proposal in front of friends and family! Whatever your relationship style may be, we’ve come up with 65 unique proposal ideas to help make sure your proposal goes off without a hitch.

Nowadays, a lot of people want to record their partner’s reaction to the proposal - after all, you might just end up going viral! If that’s your plan, then we’ve curated the perfect list of proposal props. From personalised balloons  to “marry me” pet collars, these ideas are all ideal for surprising your partner in the most romantic way. Just don’t forget to press record!

For those of you at the beginning of their wedding proposal journey, start by exploring the best engagement rings to find one that your partner will love. 

Romantic Proposal Ideas

A diamond engagement ring displayed in a red velvet ring box
Tara Winstead / Pexels

1. Recreate Your First Date

To take the next step in your relationship, why not go back to where it all began? Jog their memory by taking your loved one back to where you shared your first date, whether that’s a restaurant, bar, or a countryside walk. They’ll be touched that you still remember, and the fond memories will create the perfect setting to propose.

2. Go to a Gig 

If you and your partner have a special song that always gets you dancing, see if you can book tickets to hear them play live! Or if they aren’t on tour, take them somewhere with live music and request the band to play it whilst you get down on one knee. If you’re in London, a generous tip at Ronnie Scott’s will get you far! 

3. Visit a Museum

Museums are often in beautiful buildings at the heart of incredible cities, so they make perfect settings for the best marriage proposal ideas. If your partner has a favourite museum that they like to visit, why not contact the manager to see if you can arrange a private tour?

4. Welcome in the New Year

Couple standing on a harbour pier watching the fireworks over a city skyline at night.

There’s nothing like asking the person that you kiss at midnight to become the person that you’ll kiss every night. 3, 2, 1… use that countdown to get down on one knee in a private spot, and ask your special someone to be yours forever. A fireworks display and a bottle of champagne will top the night off, as you celebrate the New Year together.

5. Propose on Christmas Day

If you think your partner would want to be with their nearest and dearest on the day you propose, then Christmas Day could be the perfect opportunity. Our advice is to let their family and friends know that you’re planning to propose marriage, and then arrange for them to be waiting at a nearby pub while you steal your partner away for a festive walk. 

That way, you can both enjoy the privacy of this special moment before sharing in the joy with the ones you love - we've got some lovely Christmas proposal ideas to inspire you. 

6. Pop the Question on Valentine’s Day

Dial up the romance by proposing on February the 14th. While your partner is sleeping, deck the room with balloons, chocolates, red roses - and once they’re awake, be waiting on one knee as they walk into the room to see all the effort that you’ve made. 

7. Propose on their Birthday

Make this birthday like no other by giving them the gift of a future together. The best part is that they’ll think all of the extra effort is to celebrate their special day, so proposing marriage will take them completely by surprise! 

8. Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Prove how well you know your partner by placing little gifts and clues at each place that you once shared a date or a special moment. Each spot will lead to the next, and at the end of the treasure hunt you’ll be waiting with a ring.

9. Plan a Picnic 

Plan a sunset proposal on a warm summer’s evening, made even more perfect with a delicious picnic. If you’re not much of a chef, don’t worry. Head to the supermarket and pick up her favourite snacks, and make sure to grab a bottle of champagne to pop open once they say yes! To make it extra special, why not order a personalised bottle? That way, you can keep it as a souvenir. 

10. Hide the Ring

A woman's hands pulling apart a piece of chocolate cake to reveal an engagement ring
Michelle Leman / Pexels

You’ve seen this one in the movies - a glittering ring bobbing inside a flute of fizzy champagne, or nestled in the icing of a chocolate cake. Hiding the ring is one of the best proposal ideas out there… just make sure they don’t swallow it! 

11. Bonfire Night

Bonfire night is a one-way ticket to romance. The smoke, the fireworks, the sparklers - everything comes together to make a magical night for two people in love. Surprise your partner with tickets to your local fireworks show, or purchase some sparklers to set alight in your own garden for the perfect romantic proposal.

12. Pub Quiz

If you’re popular at your local pub, chances are they’d be happy to accommodate a special request for unique engagement ideas. If you’re both fans of trivia, take your partner along to a pub quiz and arrange with the manager for the last question to be “will you marry me?”, followed by their name.

13. Make a Sentimental Scrapbook

A personalised photo book is the perfect way to propose. The front cover can be personalised with your names and the inside cover can incorporate your own proposal message! Once they’ve said yes, your other half will love flicking through this book of memories and reminding themselves of all the special moments which got you to where you are now.

14. A Picture Says A Thousand Words

If you’re not much of a wordsmith, don’t worry. A Personalised Proposal Print will say everything that’s in your heart. Wrap it up and give it to them in private, before getting down on one knee. Then, you can hang it on your wall and remember the special moment forever!

15. Write a Song or Poem

There are lots of ideas for a proposal that you’ll love for years to come, but putting your love down in a song is a truly unique and memorable way to propose. If a song isn't your thing, a poem is great too. You can even hire someone to help you write your song or poem.

Holiday Proposal Ideas

16. Propose On The Beach

Beach proposal, man carrying his partner on his back as she smiles and shows off her ring in front of the sea.

For a coastal proposal, it doesn’t matter if you’re thinking of proposal ideas in the UK or somewhere exotic. If you’re heading to your local beach, pack up a hamper of blankets and pillows, and - if you’re brave enough - your swimsuits. Pop the question over a campfire or during a seaside walk for a proposal to remember.

If you're on holiday abroad, don’t hesitate to ask your hotel for help arranging something special for your engagement idea. Suggest a romantic sunset walk along the beach, whilst the hotel staff prepare a candle-lit table on the beach surrounded by lanterns and pillows, complete with a bottle of Champagne for you to pop upon arrival.

17. Plan a Safari Proposal

As the best marriage proposal ideas go, this one is sure to impress. If your partner is an animal or nature lover, nothing would make them happier than getting engaged surrounded by their favourite wild animals. Once again, speaking to your tour guide and gamekeeper can help to make the proposal even more memorable. 

18. Say Yes at Airport Arrivals

Collecting your loved one from a flight? Turn up with a big sign with their name on it and a Mr/Mrs in front of their first name and a question mark at the end. Get down on one knee and watch the crowd cheer – it’s one of our favourite ‘will you marry me’ ideas. Alternatively, air hostesses and pilots are often very happy to help with an in-air proposal.

19. Hire a Hot Air Balloon

Arrange a hot air balloon ride or helicopter flight to watch the sunrise. This works really well as a holiday proposal idea if you want the element of surprise. It might be obvious something is up if you randomly book a hot air balloon at 5am across Somerset – or maybe claim you won it in a work raffle?

20. Propose on the Slopes

Best proposal ideas for abroad proposals, woman leading man through the snowy mountains on a ski holiday for an alpine proposal.

If you both have your ski legs, why not take your proposal to the slopes? Pick a clear day and head to the top of your favourite mountain before getting down on one knee. Top tip: choose a mountain that has a gentle run down… you’ll both probably be feeling a little giddy, and the last thing you want after getting engaged is a broken leg! 

21. A Hotel Surprise

Whether it’s the Shard in London or a countryside B&B, nothing says romance than whisking your other half away for a special minibreak. This is where confiding in the hotel about your proposal plans can really make a difference - you could ask for the room to be filled with tealights, or for a rose petal bath upon arrival - just use your imagination! 

22. Take a City Break

From the Eiffel Tower to a gondola in Venice, it’s easy to visit some of the most romantic cities in the world from the UK. For a romantic abroad proposal idea, just select a city you think your partner would love, and spend the weekend exploring everything it has to offer before getting down on one knee. 

23. Propose on a Hike

If you love hiking together, then planning a hike is an amazing idea for a proposal. Find out what the best viewpoints are in the area - they're often on top of hills or mountains - and set off in time to watch the sun rise or set. It's a simple idea, but combining awe-inspiring nature with a beautiful proposal will make for an unforgettable experience.

24. Propose on a Boat 

Does your partner love the sea? You’d be surprised how simple it is to book a boat ride for the two of you. While you could do this abroad and splash out on a luxurious private yacht at sunset, you can also book boat rides for as little as £10 per person in the UK from Whitstable Harbour. If you’re planning an idea for a beach proposal, this would be a great finishing touch.

25. Plan a Camping Trip 

If you both love being in nature, then why not plan a romantic outdoor proposal? Pack a tent, a hot plate, and some firewood and camp out under the stars. Nothing beats a proposal at moonlight! 

26. Propose on a Road Trip 

Sometimes, there’s nothing more exciting than the open road. And as you embark on a new journey with your partner, why not plan one at the same time? Fill the car with snacks and a change of clothes, then hit the road. If you head to the countryside, you can probably find a beautiful spot to propose marriage away from the hustle and bustle. 

Simple Proposal Ideas

27. Make their Day

Simple proposal ideas, a heart-shaped note being handed between two people.

At the end of the day, love is simple. If you know your beloved well enough, then you will know what it takes for them to have a really, really nice day. Perhaps that means breakfast in bed, followed by a trip to their favourite park? Finish up by cooking them their favourite meal followed by a film you know they love, and once they’re blissfully happy, ask them to marry you. 

28. A Pet Proposal

If you and your partner already own a furry friend, why not recruit them as the perfect sidekick in your proposal plan? For cat or dog owners, this sweet idea can be executed perfectly with this adorable ring proposal pouch that attaches to the pet’s collar, and reads “Will you marry my Dad/Mum” on the inside. 

29. Bake Something Special

If you’re an experienced chef who could give GBBO a run for its money, then have some fun in the kitchen by baking up a treat they won’t forget. Or, if you’re a culinary novice like the rest of us, pick up a trusty old Betty Crocker’s cake mix and get creative with the icing. Pipe the message “Will You Marry Me?” on top, and you’ll have made the best cake they’ve ever tasted - never mind the flavour!

30. Surprise Them During a Video

Surprise proposals go viral on TikTok for a reason - because they’re wonderful to keep and watch forever. Choose their favourite spot, perhaps on the beach or their favourite park, and position your camera somewhere secure before hitting ‘record’. Convince them that you’re just filming for the memories, then surprise them by getting down on one knee. You won’t regret capturing the special moment!

31. Play a Board Game with Them

Scrabble is an easy one for this - suggest a game and then spell out 'will you marry me' on the board. There are plenty of other games that work for proposals too: word games like Bananagrams; a fun co-op game like Mysterium that you can win together; or a game that involves trading and collecting gems like Splendour as you can pull out the diamond ring at a strategic moment.

32. Go On A Walk 

Newly engaged couple looking out over a city skyline at sunset, surrounded by candles, sharing an embrace.

From spring through to winter, proposing on a nature walk is one of the best proposal ideas for creating a romantic moment. Particularly if they’re the outdoorsy type, they’ll appreciate the peaceful privacy of the special moment when you ask them to marry you. 

33. Pop the Question At Home

Home is where the heart is, after all. You can make a trail of candles that leads to your chosen room and cover the walls in your favourite photos of the two of you, with balloons and flowers. If you want a subtler surprise, how about spelling out the question in fridge magnets or with glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling? If you want more ideas on how to propose at home, we've got plenty of tips and tricks for you to try.

34. Go Ring Shopping 

Three hands, each wearing a different engagement ring, engagement proposal ideas

If your partner is someone who loves to be caught off guard, why not drop to one knee outside of a ring shop? Whether it’s Tiffany’s or your local jewellers, it’s a wonderful way to surprise your partner by popping the question before inviting them inside to choose their dream engagement ring. This is also a romantic solution if you aren’t sure how to choose an engagement ring for your partner, or what style they would want. 

Top tip for any fiancés reading this  - if you need some brilliant “Reasons Why I Love You” puzzle, complete with a heart-shaped piece for the centre. 

36. Pop a Balloon

This personalised 'Will you marry me?' balloon comes packaged up in a discreet box. Your partner won't know what's inside until they open it up and the balloon pops out. It's such a lovely surprise, your partner can only say yes. Plus, you can keep the feathers inside as a souvenir! 

37. Go to an Outdoor Event

An outdoor concert, movie, theatre or fair is the perfect romantic location to pop the question. You don't need to do much planning here as you're guaranteed a fun day so the proposal will be the cherry on the top. We'd recommend you don't do it during the film/play as you might interrupt other people watching, but how about sneaking off during the credits?

38. Bring In The Baby

Couple walking with a toddler through nature, barefoot on the ground

Lots of couples have children before getting married nowadays, so you may want to include the kids in your proposal. If you have a newborn, there’s nothing cuter than this “Will You Marry Daddy/Mummy” baby onesie - it will certainly make the nappy change a lot more fun!

39. While Cooking Dinner

If food is your love language, why not make dinner time extra special by cooking up something romantic together. Whether that’s spaghetti bolognese, hand rolled sushi, or homemade pizza - there are so many playful ways you can pop the question. Spell it out in sauce or write it with wasabi!

40. Propose With Jewellery

Of course, you’ve probably already done some jewellery shopping for this special moment! But we’re not talking about a ring. If your  beloved is a fan of jewellery, then they’ll adore this personalised envelope necklace that comes with a hidden message inside. Customise it to suit their tastes and give it to them over dinner for a romantic surprise. 

41. Propose At A Family Dinner

Many people feel most at home with their families, and would want to share this special moment with them. If that’s the case for your partner, why not pop the question over a simple Sunday lunch with their parents and siblings? Be sure to put some Champagne on ice for everyone afterwards.

42. Propose With A Sign

Love Actually is one of the most romantic films in history, and the iconic scene where Mark confesses his love for Juliet using handwritten signs on her doorstep is one we can’t forget. If your loved one is a fan of this film, they’ll adore you recreating this romantic moment with some handwritten signs of your own - except yours will finish with a proposal! 

Private Proposal Ideas

41. Go Wine Tasting

Best proposal ideas for the UK, wine tasting in the countryside with a bottle of rose

Asking amongst the vineyards after a wine tasting is one of the best proposal ideas out there! You'll be pleasantly tipsy from the wine and the vines will make a seriously dreamy backdrop to get down on one knee.

42. Arrange a Cameo

If your partner has a favourite celebrity, why not book a message from them through services like Cameo to help make the proposal extra personal? The celebrity could send them a special message and finish with something like “now [INSERT NAME] has a special question to ask you”, and you can be down on one knee with a ring in your hand.

43. Take a Trip on the London Eye

For one of the best marriage proposal ideas, we love the idea of hiring out a capsule on the London Eye. You’ll have unforgettable city views as your backdrop for the big question, and the team will even treat you to a glass of Champagne and a box of chocolates.

44. Go Stargazing

Take a camping trip and arrange a night of stargazing. You can do this yourself with a stargazing app and lots of blankets under the night sky or you can hire a guide to talk you through the stories of the cosmos. 

45. Climb A Mountain

A simple yet challenging journey to embark upon together, you’ll both be fuelled by adrenaline and pride by the time you reach the top! Propose in front of the stunning view, and go back down the mountain as a newly betrothed couple. 

46. Hire a Boat

Whether that’s a rowing boat, canoe, speed boat, canal boat, yacht or punt, out on the water is the perfect private, intimate and serene place to ask someone to marry you. Lots of public parks have rowing lakes or you could go kayaking in the glorious blue ocean on a holiday in Europe or further afield.

47. Fill a Private Room with Flowers

A light box wilth the letters 'will you marry me' spelt out on it displayed next to an arrangement of roses

Either hire a private room in a restaurant or book a hotel suite and get a florist to fill it with flowers. You and your beloved can dress up for a fancy dinner and get engaged over the best meal of your life or you can put on your PJs and enjoy a night in with room service; both are romantic ideas for a proposal.

48. Set Up a Neon Sign

Neon lights? Doesn't sound very private, does it? But you can hang this amazing 'Will you marry me?' neon sign anywhere you want. It'll look so amazing in a dark room lit up by candles - you can lead your partner in with a blindfold on and take it off to reveal this incredible wall art. 

Unique Proposal Ideas

49. Ask at the Zoo/Aquarium

Keepers are often happy to help out using the animal enclosures. That could be a diver holding up a sign from the biggest fish tank, or arranging to feed your fave animals. At the London Zoo and Port Lympne, you can actually sleep in lodges in the lion and tiger enclosures –  top off that amazing experience with a ring.

50 .Carve It Into a Halloween Pumpkin

We love a spooky Halloween proposal. You could carve ‘Will you marry me?’ into a pumpkin or take your partner to a haunted house. Bonus points if you propose in a Halloween couples’ costume.

51. Pose for a Caricature

Ask a street caricaturist to draw the two of you and a “Will you marry me?” speech bubble for the ultimate surprise and an amazing memento of the moment.

52. Crack a Fortune Cookie

A fortune cookie with the words “Will you marry me?” inside has to be one of the cutest ways to propose ever! Surprise your other half at the end of a Chinese meal with this fortune cookie or 'discover' an extra fortune cookie at the bottom of your takeaway bag.

53. Carol Sing the Question

For a unique proposal, how about you enlist a group of friends to carol sing your question? It would be perfect if you combined it with a romantic afternoon of ice skating, mulled wine and visiting a Christmas market.

54. See Your Favourite Band

A crowd of people enjoying a music concert, a pair of hands raised above the crowd making a heart shape

Got a favourite band or musician? If you’re into grand gestures, you can contact their management and the venue and ask if you can get up on stage and propose in front of the crowds. Otherwise, turn around when your favourite song is playing and show your partner the ring.

55. Plan An Escape Room

Escape Rooms will often help you orchestrate a unique proposal idea – that can be done once you escape or even adding in extra clues. Just remember it can get tense in there as the clock’s running out…

56. Use Morse Code

Make your partner work for their proposal by handing them a cup of tea in this mug. This stylish design has "Will you marry me?" written in Morse code on the front. Their face will be a picture as they begin to realise what you’re asking; you’ll cherish the memory forever!

57. Make a Once-in-a-Lifetime Easter Egg

If it’s close to Easter, what about hiding the ring inside a chocolate egg (you can make one from a mould or a chocolatier can do it for you)? You could arrange a special Easter egg hunt with your ring egg as the finale. Or what about going to a local petting farm and getting them to hang a marry me tag around a bunny rabbit’s neck?

58. Hire a Flash Mob

Know first if your partner likes to be the centre of attention! You can hire flash mobs of dancers, singers and choirs, but we prefer a less in-your-face approach. Go to the bandstand at your local park and hire a brass band, barbershop quartet or saxophonists to pop up and serenade you...

59. Surprise Them With Song

Woman wearing an engagement ring playing the guitar for a serenade proposal

If you’re a fan of the Newlyweds podcast, you may have seen the viral video where they helped a young man pull off his dream proposal to his girlfriend with the help of The Tailors.

Famous for personalising popular songs into romantic lyrics about individual couples, your special someone won’t realise that the song is about them until the lyrics gradually become more personal - they’ll feel like the main character of a romantic movie when you get down on one knee at the end!

60. Write It in the Sky

An oldie but a goodie. Classic but still ideal for a unique proposal idea, hire a skywriter to pen your personal message in the air. Adrenaline junkies can go one step further and hold a banner as you skydive out a plane. Probably not one for us…

61. Run a Marathon

There’s the finish line, of course, but one man took it even further by writing out “Will you marry me?” with his route and tracking it on the Nike+ app.

62. Go Geocaching

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt where people use GPS to find hidden boxes of treasure. You can plant your own and hide a love note to your partner in it! They'll never expect it.

63. Work With a Proposal Company

Make sure your proposal looks picture perfect by enlisting the help of The Proposers, an award-winning London-based romantic events planning agency. The team are the experts in unique marriage proposal planning and have bags of experience, going to all sorts of lengths to make sure your proposal is one that neither of you will ever forget.

63. Catch Them While Sleeping

This does have the potential to go wrong if they’re a light sleeper. If not, slip the ring onto your partner’s hand while they’re sleeping and see how long it takes them to notice in the morning. A special Champagne breakfast in bed might make the realisation quicker!

65. Don't Say a Word

Let the ring do all the talking with this personalised ring box. Since it will house the most important piece of jewellery they’ll ever receive, they’ll treasure it forever!

Our Favourite Proposal Props

Looking for something extra to take your proposal idea to the next level? Here are some of our favourite proposal props!

Personalised Origami Heart Proposal - Not on the High Street

Origami proposal from NotOnTheHighStreet, simple proposal props to do at home

If you and your partner are the nostalgic type, why not plan a playful proposal with this delicate origami heart. Personalise by adding your own special message inside, then present it to your loved one over a candlelit dinner.

£8 | Shop Now

Will You Marry Me Candle - Not on the High Street

A candle with 'will you marry me' spelt out on the top

Nothing says romance like a proposal by candlelight, and with this gift, you can actually make the candles do the proposing for you! This is a thoughtful proposal idea to do at home, when it’s just the two of you.

£24.90 | Shop Now

10 Things I Love About You Cards - Not on the High Street

a black and white pack of cards with reasons why you love someone spelt out on them

If you can’t put into words how much you love your partner, this proposal prop can help. Complete with ten beautiful cards, you’ll have ten opportunities to tell your partner one of the many reasons why you adore them - and the final card can be used to pop the question!

£22 | Shop Now

Personalised Christmas Bauble - Not on the High Street

Wooden Christmas Tree decoration proposal prop to do at home

There’s nothing better than a festive proposal, but if hiding the ring underneath the tree is too easy, then why not hide your proposal on the tree instead with this bauble?

£24 | Shop Now

Personalised Proposal Cafetiere - Not on the High Street

a personalised red cafetiere reading 'let's take the plunge, anna will you marry me'

For many couples, a coffee in bed together is the most cherished part of the day. If this is a tradition that you share with your loved one, why not make it extra special by surprising them with a special question using this personalised cafetiere?

£48.75 | Shop Now

Marry Me Balloons - Not on the High Street

a display of red, pink and gold balloons above inflatable letters reading 'will you marry me'

Knock their socks off by filling the room with these gorgeous colourful balloons. Fill the rest of the room with their favourite treats, play some romantic music, then lead them inside for the big reveal! 

£100 | Shop Now

Now you’re inspired and know how you want to propose, make sure you read up on the most beautiful engagement ring trends for the year ahead to find the perfect one to complete your proposal.