The Most Romantic Wedding Gift Ideas for Your Bride

Are you looking for romantic gift ideas to give your bride on the morning of the wedding? Browse our dreamy present ideas


The morning of the wedding is a fun, scary, exciting and nervous time. If you want to give your bride a little extra reassurance about the big day she has ahead then a small gift is a romantic way to remind her that you are thinking of her.


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Take a look at some of our favourite gift ideas for surprising the bride on the morning of the wedding.

Writing on the Bride’s Shoes


A romantic message on the sole of your bride’s shoes will be a fun and unique way to say I love you. If you don’t think your handwriting is quite up to scratch then these romantic message decals from Royal Brides are an easier way to leave your message.

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A Handwritten Note


Never underestimate just how special a handwritten note can be – the morning of your wedding it’s likely the bride will be feeling excited, nervous and emotional. Write some reassuring words about the day and how you can’t wait to see her. It’s a note she will treasure forever! We love the idea of writing your note in a romantic card like this one from Peach Wolfe Paper Co.

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A Handkerchief


If you think the bride may shed a few tears then a pretty lace handkerchief will look a lot better in your wedding photos than a screwed up piece of tissue! We adore this monogrammed handkerchief from The Hummingbird Company.

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A Piece of Jewellery


Do you plan on buying the bride a piece of jewellery to surprise her with on the day? Chances are she will have her main jewellery planned for the day already so the golden rule is to keep it simple. A diamond bracelet would be perfect as it’s special and will go with almost any look, this style from Goldsmiths is stunning.

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A Family Heirloom

If you want to give your bride something really meaningful then the gift of a family heirloom will mean so much. It’s a lovely way to welcome her into your family and is something special that she can treasure.

Framed Reading


A beautiful framed copy of a reading from your wedding ceremony will be something thoughtful and romantic for the bride to open on the morning of the wedding. How stunning is this Velveteen Rabbit quote from The Art of Observation.

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A Photo Book


A handmade photo album will be a thoughtful gesture that shows you put time and effort into your gift. Fill it with photos of your relationship throughout the years and of course leave a few pages blank at the end that you can fill with pictures of your wedding day and your honeymoon. This gorgeous album from Martha Brook can be personalised with your names to make it even more special.

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A Watch


We love the romantic notion of spending the rest of your time together and a watch is the perfect way to represent this. Make the moment even more special by having the watch engraved on the back with a romantic message. We adore this gold Olivia Burton watch from Ernest Jones.

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Wedding Perfume


There’s something so special about a scent, it can evoke all different memories. Make the memory of your wedding day even stronger by gifting your bride to be with a new scent that is just linked in your memory to the wedding day. One of our favourites has to be Coco Mademoiselle – available from The Perfume Shop.

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A Surprise Trip Away


If your honeymoon is a few months away then a mini moon will be the perfect romantic surprise on the morning of your big day. Whether it’s one night in a dreamy hotel or a weekend away somewhere sunny, it’s the thought that counts.

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Your Love Story


Share your romantic love story with these dreamy cards from Martha Brook. Personalise them with all the highlights of how you met, your first date, your proposal story and more.

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A Piece of Art


We love the idea of a wedding gift for your bride that you can then hang in your home for years to come and we love this sentimental gift from Letterfest. A bespoke watercolour sketch of your wedding venue will be a gift she definitely isn’t going to be expecting.

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